Tester Team ME Win % PPG AGF AGA GD PL W D L
FelipeGuardiolas Tottenham 24.1.1 71% 2.4 2.1 0.8 50 38 27 9 2
FelipeGuardiolas Roma Holiday 24.1.1 58% 1.9 1.8 1.1 25 38 22 7 9


Postecoglou has given the Spurs dressing room a big life since he arrived. As a result of their hot start, they now have English Premier League odds of 20/1 for the title, much shorter than they were before the campaign began.

The Australian has given some players who were out of the starting XI last season a chance to shine under him. The squad seems to have come together, and that is going to help Spurs as they bid to challenge Manchester City and Arsenal for the title.

Spurs have invested the money they have received for Kane well into the team, with the pick of their business being James Maddison. He is turning out to be the best signings of the summer transfer window in the Premier League.
This season, Son Heung-min and Richarlison have played much further up the pitch, and it means they are getting good opportunities to score.

Tactical Overview of Ange Postecoglou's Approach at Tottenham Hotspur
Before examining the specific tactical intricacies, it's crucial to understand the underlying playing philosophy that Ange Postecoglou brings to Tottenham Hotspur.

Philosophical Grounding:
In the realm of football philosophies, Postecoglou strikes a balance between rigid systems and individual adaptability. Unlike the strict positional approach advocated by some, or the recent functional trend observed in other clubs, he navigates a middle ground. The philosophy encourages players to exploit space while adhering to a general framework, fostering a dynamic yet structured playing style.

Tactical Flexibility:
Postecoglou's system at Spurs maintains a foundational structure, with players assigned initial positions. However, what sets it apart is the fluidity in transitions. Players seamlessly shift positions in response to game dynamics, showcasing an intuitive understanding of their roles within the overarching structure.

Attacking Style:
The attacking strategy under Postecoglou emphasizes a balance between fluidity and rigidity to gain various pitch advantages. Rather than mere possession, Spurs aim to accelerate play at opportune moments. The tactical setup typically involves a 2-3 base, creating triangles and exploiting spaces dynamically to progress through the lines.

Build-up Patterns:
Utilizing a 2-3 base, Tottenham maneuvers through high-pressing opponents with strategic build-up patterns. The goalkeeper, Vicario, plays a key role in initiating plays, often luring the opposition forward and creating openings for the spare man. Midfielders like Bissouma contribute to ball progression, while players like Maddison and Sarr strategically position themselves in the half-spaces.

Fluidity in Attack:
In advanced phases, Spurs maintain a fluid 2-3-5 structure, allowing players to occupy various zones dynamically. The team attempts to control possession, favoring the Y-axis, with full-backs inverting to open passing angles. Bissouma stands out for his exceptional passing ability, creating lanes and angles in tight spaces.

Creative Movements:
Postecoglou's attacking tactics involve creative movements, exploiting spaces through drops, diagonal runs, and dynamic player positioning. Full-backs engage in progressive runs, and inverted movements in the half-space confuse opponents, leading to effective switches and goal-scoring opportunities.

Counter-pressing Significance:
The inverted full-backs play a crucial role in counter-pressing situations, facilitating swift ball recovery and directing play effectively towards the flanks.

In summary, Ange Postecoglou's impact on Tottenham is evident in the team's comfortable qualification for the Champions League and their overall impressive performance. The balance between structure and fluidity, coupled with creative attacking movements, positions Spurs for a promising era under his guidance.



Angeball Tactic Summary
Formation: 433
Mentality: positive
Playing Style: Dynamic and fluid, emphasizing quick transitions and positional awareness.

Team  Instructions

In possession: play out of defense, shorter passing, slightly higher tempo, work the ball into the box, focus play into the middle, be more expressive, underlap left and right, fairly wide width, pass into space, mixed crosses.
In transition: counter-press, counter, take short kicks, distribute to center backs
Out of possession: defensive line higher or much Higher (Adapt based on match dynamics), higher pressing line, much more pressing, prevent short gk distribution, get stuck in (if you see you get too many yellow and red cards you can remove this instruction), trap outside

Tip n. 1: the instruction “step up more” can be used if your defensive line is higher. I do NOT recommend using this instruction when your defensive line is MUCH HIGHER because it will leave too much space behind your defense, space that your opponent will exploit with long balls and counter-attacks. 
Tip n. 2: the instruction “trap outside” is more useful than “trap inside” because it allows you to use the sideline as an additional defender. In fact, if you force your opponent to play near the sideline he has only 3 directions where he can move, pass or dribble and this will make it easier for your players to win the ball back.


Player Roles and Instructions:

Goalkeeper: Guglielmo Vicario
Role: Sweeper Keeper (Support)
Instructions: pass it shorter
Central Defenders:
Right: Cristian Romero: Central Defender (Defend)
Instructions: pass it shorter, take fewer risks, close down less
Left: Van de Ven:  Ball-Playing Defender (Support)
Instructions: pass it shorter, dribble more, close down more
Inverted Wing-Backs:
Right: Pedro Porro (Support)
Instructions: get further forward, close down more
Left: Destiny Udogie (Attack)
Instructions: close down more
Defensive midfielder: Yves Bissouma  Half Back (Support)
Instructions: pass it shorter, take fewer risks, close down less
Central Midfielders:
Right: Hojbjerg Box-to-Box Midfielder (Support).
Instructions: close down more, get further forward, stay wider
Left: Madison: Roaming Playmaker (Support)
Instructions: pass it shorter, move into channels
Right: Dejan Kulusevski: winger (support)
Instructions: close down more, roam from position, pass it shorter, cut inside with tbe ball
Left: Richarlison Winger (attack)
Instructions: close down more, roam from position, pass it shorter, cut inside with tbe ball. 
Central forward: Son Heung Min:  Deep-Lying Forward (Attack) 
Instructions: Shoot Less Often, dribble more, pass it shorter.



Test Results


1 year ago
14 hours ago
24.1.1 71% 2.4 2.1 0.8 50 38 27 9 2


1 year ago
14 hours ago
24.1.1 58% 1.9 1.8 1.1 25 38 22 7 9

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