Don't know your Generation Adidas from your Young Designated Player? Think that teams shouldn't get a top draft pick because they stink, but instead should play in a lower league? Or, just want something different from your soccer? (yes, Americans do call it soccer)


That's what this file is for. It features 86 playable teams in a three-tier promotion-relegation pyramid, an American Developmental League (with no pro/rel) for top teams, and U21/Reserves.



Notes:  It's recommended that you tick "Add Players to Playable teams" as non-MLS teams will not have a full roster (and some don't have any) to start.



Known issues: 

Start dates will be greyed out for USA. This is because start dates can only be set in Advanced Rules, and that's a Pandora's Box I don't want to open. I suggest you add the Canadian Premier League team (which is filled with lower Canadian teams since the teams in the CPL are in the American Pyramid) and use their start dates.


Teams will have very few players to start, so make sure that if you play as a lower league team, that you are ready to make lots of offers for loans and free transfers. 


Continental Competitions may not work in 2023, but that is due to game coding, and can't be fixed. They should be available in game year 2024 and going forward.


The first time you play in any save, it may be referred to as MLS and not the American Premier League. This is fixed by saving and reload the game (this generally happens if you are using a Real Name Fix, or a similar "un-faker".


There is a possible issue where a team in the lower half MAY earn a spot in the playoffs if they have enough points. This is being researched further


Future: The only major feature that would be added is generating a bunch of free agents and assigning them to teams. Since this process is very laborious using the editor, unless there's a way to mass create new players, this will likely not happen. Other than that, this is feature-complete, and tested multiple times.


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hello, this might be a silly question however i just started play FM cause a friend suggested it. how would i add this league to my game? is it similar to adding logo packs?


edit: nevermind, found a guide under “guides” face palm

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