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im first time upload something on this site so forgive me if im doing something wrong, i was seen nobody make the 1 Bundesliga Cut out faces , this is why im doing it , i only need help for the player ID because they are to much pictures and i will need 1 week for this alone . Tank you ! (i dont need credits or something like this)  ( sorry for my bad english and if i mistake the forum rules )


17 years ago
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@ivnmgd1, we have a specific forum for cut-out images here, and images should be uploaded in packs, with each image's filename being the person's UID. If they're saved in the manner that you have, there is no way to get them to show in-game. 


You can easily get people's UID by using the browse section of the megapack and checking the respective Bundesliga team's page from here. Clicking the respective person's UID will copy it so that the respective image can then be renamed:



You should also make sure to follow the guidelines for cutters, as outlined here. These include the need for every cut to have a collar within 2-3 pixels of the chin, for example, which a large amount of your cuts don't. Make sure to follow these guidelines, because otherwise your cuts won't be added to the megapack, thus wasting the time you spent cutting them, and my time checking them. If I see that a large proportion of your images don't follow the guidelines, I simply don't have the time to check them all and will just reject the lot.


I also strongly recommend that, before cutting a person, you check whether he has been cut recently. If yes, it's not worth cutting again. Use your time more productively and only on images which need to be added or updated 😉

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