We have created a year long modification for PC/Mac to disable transfers until 30/06/2024.

This modification prevents any transfers unless in the future transfers at the start of the save, this works in Original and Real World modes, it does not affect youth intakes, or offering contract renewals.

Real World

This is how real world should really work, this mod will allow you to move onto 24/25 with the same teams as the winter update, for example no players should leave and in real world mode you are completely reliant on the transfer dealings the clubs have made.

The only side note is that SI have confirmed embargos will be cancelled if there is a takeover, testing found that across 60,000 clubs only 5 made transfers, Everton were fixed in testing by adding a second owner.

If there is a further data update we will obviously release an additional patch for the database



Through my initial testing this appears to still, however please let me know if there are any issues!

1 year ago
3 weeks ago
2 years ago
2 weeks ago

how do i apply it

Fm Console
2 months ago
20 hours ago

You add it to editor data files as you would other custom databases and it should work fine 

8 years ago
14 hours ago

works in new update? 24.4

Fm Console
2 months ago
20 hours ago

I've loaded the mod in a new save and it still works for me still blocks transfers.


Please let me know if you have any issues

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