FC'12 Kits

The FC'12 Kits are a beautiful collection of kits made by the guys at FM Slovakia. A great alternative to the SS Kits.
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FC'12 Kits

Updated 19.05.2024:

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At FM Slovakia, we're renowned for crafting top-tier graphic add-ons that breathe new life into Football Manager. Our signature creation? The iconic FC'12 kit style. Born from the creative minds of our French friends and perfected by Allstar Kitmakers since 2013, FC'12 has become a staple in the FM community.


With its sleek design and attention to detail, FC'12 kits have won the hearts of countless players, enhancing their gaming adventures with each match. This pack boasts 32 authentic kits for most clubs, including home, away, and third options, all meticulously crafted to elevate your FM experience.


Compatible with FM 2009 onwards, this pack is designed to seamlessly integrate with FM 2025 , ensuring you're geared up for the latest season. Join the FC'12 revolution and take your managerial journey to new heights!


Attention all users:

This fan art creation is intended for personal enjoyment. However, it's crucial to recognize that by downloading and using this file in your game, you may be infringing upon copyrighted material. While we, the authors of FM Slovakia, offer no legal protection, we urge users to exercise caution and discretion.

Ultimately, the decision to download and use this file rests solely with the user. Please be aware of potential copyright violations and assume responsibility accordingly.

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There is text“为胜利而超越” at the neckline

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Updated 19.05.2024:

-sponsor updates

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