400+ Legendary Players and Managers. Realistic attributes, traits, likes/dislikes, skills, relationships, dreams, entire personalities. A continuation of  majesticeternity's AMAZING FM21 work.


NOTE: Some of the players are blanks due to duplicate, I'll trying fix as I can and Face legend in progress and will be mixed between cutout and other style facepack legend and manager too. 


Database Features:

390 players and managers added by majesticeternity originally + 25 additional players = 415 total players

NEW FM24 Players:

  • Added 4 more goalkeepers
  • Added 8 more outfield players, including some unique players like Higuain, Johnny Rep, Mokhtar Dahari, Safee Sali & more.



Complete Player Details Information:
Name, Ethnicity, Hair, Skin, City of Birth, Date of Birth, Nationality

Realistic Club Contracts:
All players start at a club. It may be the one they first played for, or a club they spent the majority of their career with. Some players have Future Transfers, for those who started at a smaller club, then transferred to a club they are known for.

Each players has a Preferred Squad Number, the one they are most known for.


Complete Personality Information:
Adaptability, Ambition, Controversy, Loyalty, Pressure, Professionalism, Sportsmanship, Temperament have all been filled out for every player, according to their real life careers, actions, life events, etc.

Job Preferences:
Some players went on to be Managers, Coaches, or Scouts. These ones have a preference for those jobs when they retire.

Career Plans:
Every player has Career Plans set, based on clubs they played at in real life, nations they avoided, clubs they fell out with, or rivals of their favorite clubs.

Current Ability/Potential Ability:
Every player has an individual CA/PA, based on their specific skill set

Reputations set based on a combination of their real life career popularity, starting clubs, and CA/PA. For example, Messi playing at Barcelona as the highest PA, has the highest reputation. But Edward Szymkowiak, a Goalkeeper playing in a 3rd division Polish club, would be much more obscure.

Other information:
Height, Weight
Foot Preference
Trained at Nation and Club

The main positions they played are set, along with a Preferred Central Position, if they had a preferred side, or were very one-footed.

Completed Player Attributes:
All Mental, Physical, and Technical Attributes filled out, according to their real life play style. Many articles were read on their style of play, along with videos watched to get a better idea.

As these players are starting as youth, some attributes like Teamwork, Consistency, Leadership, and Mental Attributes had minor reductions. This makes it more realistic, that the players must learn and grow into better players. They are young, inexperienced, and unproven in the world of FM.

Realistic Injury Proneness:
Every player is still human, and susceptible to injuries. If they were plagued by injuries during their career, they will have high injury proneness in FM.

Preferred Moves:
Every player has individually assigned skills, based on their style of play, personality, attributes, and careers.

For example, a player with brilliant dribbling, endless speed, and lots of flair may also Try Tricks and Run with the Ball Often. Another player, who had many fouls, was prone to temper tantrums, and aggressive may Wind Up Opponents and Argue with Officials.

Favorite / Disliked People:

Players often created bonds with those they came in contact with during their careers. Some of the more important relationships were added. While this isn't always realistic(they may not know these people yet), it helps to recreate and encourage the friendships for FM.


Favorited / Disliked Clubs:

Clubs were added to these sections based on a few things: Statements made by the player, clubs they played at, or rivals of their favorite clubs. This will help to keep their transfer movements realistic, so you should not see Puyol move to Real Madrid. But, some players had no loyalties, and no disliked clubs, so they may move to club rivals.


hariz zakwan
4 years ago
2 hours ago

So, I update new files because we add new players and manager such as 


Gianluca Zambrotta



Jupp Heynckes


hariz zakwan
4 years ago
2 hours ago

So, I updated new files with 100k+ database edits:


Antonio Cassano

Ricardo Quaresma

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