Unzip ---> Drag into Applications or wherever you want to run this little program from.

select the style and type of graphic you are creating, hit the button, and select each image you wish to have included in the config.xml file: (you can either click on the top image, hold shift, then click on the bottom, or CMD and click each image individually), After you click Open, the config.xml will be generated in the folder where your images are located.

Big thanks to Putzy for creating the app.

NB: Runs on Lion & Mountain Lion without problems.
16 years ago
1 month ago
hey,iv downloaded the app and created the config file, but can't find it anywhere. I know this is cheeky but could you possibley help me with the creation? could i send you the picture and you do the rest?! thanks very much
6 years ago
1 week ago
Hola con macOS Catalina no funciona, alguno sabe alguna otra app
14 years ago
5 days ago
Hola con macOS Catalina no funciona, alguno sabe alguna otra app

English only on the forum please.

MacOS Catalina only supports 64-bit applications, and the creator of this app last updated it in 2016 so you may not have any luck... try contacting him directly? https://fm-view.net/forum/files/tools/fm-xml-for-mac-r24/
Tim-Oliver Metz
5 years ago
3 months ago
This is the only version I've found that works on mac. Thanks a lot!

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