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Montreal Impact are a team in Football Manager 2014. Montreal Impact play in the Major League Soccer in United States in FM 14. Montreal Impact are a playable team in FM2014.

Montreal Impact
United States
Major League Soccer
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Montreal Impact Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Montreal Impact will be Good

Montreal Impact Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Montreal Impact in Football Manager 2014?

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Montreal Impact Players in FM14

All Montreal Impact Players in Football Manager 2014
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Marco Di Vaio 36 ST £24k £363k £195k 31-12-2014
Patrice Bernier 33 DM £2k £140k £69k 31-12-2014
Justin Mapp 28 AM RL £2k £627k £302k 31-12-2014
Troy Perkins 31 GK £3k £127k £60k 31-12-2013
Matteo Ferrari 33 D C £4k £62k £32k 31-12-2013
Nelson Rivas 30 SW, D RC £930 £371k £186k 31-12-2014
Sanna Nyassi 24 AM RL, ST £2k £167k £59k 31-12-2013
Hernán Bernardello 26 DM £7k £2m £1m 31-12-2015
Wandrille Lefèvre 24 D C, DM £440 £67k £101k 31-12-2013
Hassoun Camara 29 D RC £2k £157k £73k 31-12-2013
Felipe 22 AM C £4k £689k £903k 31-12-2014
Adrián López 26 D C £2k £683k £343k 31-12-2014
Evan Bush 27 GK £580 £119k £9k 31-12-2013
Collen Warner 25 DM, M RC £2k £139k £63k 31-12-2013
Maxime Crépeau 19 GK £440 £90k £131k 31-12-2016
Karl Ouimette 21 D RC £580 £102k £106k 31-12-2016
Maxim Tissot 21 D/WB L £440 £8k £5k 31-12-2015
Zakaria Messoudi 19 AM R £440 £76k £83k 31-12-2014
Jeb Brovsky 24 D RL, M C £440 £226k £372k 31-12-2013
Andrew Wenger 22 DM, ST £3k £420k £384k 31-12-2014
Calum Mallace 23 D R, DM £770 £129k £30k 31-12-2013
Blake Smith 22 AM L £580 £245k £212k 31-12-2014
Eric Miller 20 D RC £810 £252k £344k 31-12-2016
George Malki 21 M L £440 £105k £107k 31-12-2015
Pete Caringi 20 ST £440 £68k £84k 31-12-2015
Jordan Ongaro 21 ST £440 £9k £9k 31-12-2015