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The Major League Soccer is a league in Football Manager 2014. MLS can be found in United States in FM 14. The Major League Soccer is playable in FM2014.

This page describes Major League Soccer in FM14 if you are looking for a Data Update that updates the FM14 Database with updated squads, latest transfers and promotions and relegations then download the FM14 Database Update instead.

Major League Soccer
United States
Total Teams
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Manage in Major League Soccer in Football Manager 2014

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Name Balance Budget Wage Avg Age Avg Att Training Newgens Yth Recruitment Rating Potential
Chicago Fire £16m £271k £48k 14,551 Great Average Limited 62 64
Chivas USA £23m £1m £33k 8,452 Best Good Limited 61 64
Colorado Rapids £8m £496k £15k 15,225 Excellent Average Limited 61 64
Columbus Crew £8m £698k £30k 15,553 Excellent Adequate Limited 60 62
D.C. United £16m £1m £10k 13,604 Great Great Limited 60 63
FC Dallas £8m £504k £12k 15,773 Superb Good Limited 61 64
Houston Dynamo £23m £496k £10k 19,989 Good Good Limited 61 62
Los Angeles Galaxy £124m £194k £9k 22,283 Best Great Limited 62 65
Montreal Impact £8m £388k £30k 20,933 Good Good Limited 62 64
New England Revolution £8m £488k £27k 13,237 Superb Average Limited 58 61
New York Red Bulls £78m £388k £149k 18,783 Great Great Limited 64 65
Philadelphia Union £8m £178k £18k 17,680 Great Great Limited 62 65
Portland Timbers £8m £155k £6k 21,000 Good Average Limited 64 65
Real Salt Lake £8m £488k £10k 18,947 Great Good Limited 60 63
San Jose Earthquakes £12m £543k £7k 13,245 Great Good Limited 62 63
Seattle Sounders FC £19m £1m £24k 42,263 Great Good Limited 64 65
Sporting Kansas City £8m £349k £7k 19,792 Great Good Limited 62 63
Toronto FC £19m £78k £12k 19,331 Superb Great Limited 63 65
Vancouver Whitecaps FC £12m £620k £42k 19,882 Average Good Limited 61 64