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Al-Ahly Sporting Club are a team in Football Manager 2014. Al-Ahly play in the Egyptian Premier League in Egypt in FM 14.

Al-Ahly Sporting Club
Egyptian Premier League
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1 Person Managing Al-Ahly Sporting Club in FM14

Al-Ahly Sporting Club Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Al-Ahly Sporting Club will be Average

Al-Ahly Sporting Club Transfers

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Al-Ahly Sporting Club Players in FM14

All Al-Ahly Sporting Club Players in Football Manager 2014
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Emad Meteb 30 ST £13k £116k £58k 31-12-2013
Mohammed Aboutrika 34 AM LC £32k £88k £47k 29-06-2015
Mohamed Barakat 36 D/WB R, AM RC £3k £53k £26k 30-11-2014
Sayed Moawad 34 D/WB L £2k £19k £9k 30-11-2014
Sherif Ekramy 30 GK £3k £102k £48k 29-06-2014
Wael Gomaa 37 D C £2k £44k £22k 30-11-2014
Ahmed Fathy 28 D RC, DM, M RC £6k £353k £183k 29-06-2014
Sherif Abdel Fadil 30 D RC £3k £140k £68k 30-11-2014
Hossam Ashour 27 M C £4k £297k £146k 30-11-2014
Ahmed Abdel Zaher 28 AM R, ST £4k £235k £114k 29-06-2016
Abdallah El Saeed 27 AM RLC, F C £5k £292k £24k 29-06-2015
Ahmed Adel 26 GK £2k £45k £23k 30-11-2014
Ahmed Shedid Qinawy 27 D/WB L £4k £152k £12k 29-06-2015
Geddo 28 ST £10k £305k £154k 29-06-2015
Mohamed Samir 25 D C £2k £47k £23k 30-11-2014
Walid Soliman 28 AM LC £4k £261k £127k 29-06-2015
Mohamed Naguib 30 D C £3k £109k £53k 29-06-2016
Dominique da Sylva 23 AM R, ST £4k £174k £118k 29-06-2015
El Sayed Hamdy 29 ST £5k £217k £105k 29-06-2015
Mahmoud Aboul Saoud 25 GK £3k £43k £21k 29-06-2015
Mohamed Talaat 24 ST £1k £23k £10k 30-11-2014
Ahmed Seddeek 29 D/WB/M R £3k £98k £47k 29-06-2015
Shehab Ahmed 22 M C £2k £58k £30k 29-06-2015
Ahmed Shokry 23 AM LC £2k £67k £16k 30-11-2014
Ayman Ashraf 22 D/WB L £820 £23k £11k 29-06-2014
Saad Samir 24 D C, DM £3k £75k £55k 29-06-2014
Manga 21 AM R £910 £26k £27k 29-06-2014
Hussein El Sayed 21 D/WB L £840 £26k £27k 29-06-2015
Ramy Rabia 20 D C, DM £1k £36k £48k 29-06-2014
Hussein Ghoneim 20 D/WB R £780 £20k £25k 29-06-2014
Ahmed El Aash 22 D C £790 £20k £9k 29-06-2014
Mohamed Abdel Fatah 22 D C £820 £21k £10k 29-06-2014
Mohamed El Shamy 19 AM LC £580 £24k £35k 29-06-2016
Sayed El Shabrawy 20 D C £700 £15k £18k 29-06-2014