This page refers to an older game Football Manager 2017. View Italian Serie C/C in all games.

The Italian Serie C/C is a league in Football Manager 2017. Serie C/C can be found in Italy in FM 17. The Italian Serie C/C is playable in FM2017.

This page describes Italian Serie C/C in FM17 if you are looking for a Data Update that updates the FM17 Database with updated squads, latest transfers and promotions and relegations then download the FM17 Database Update instead.

Italian Serie C/C
Total Teams
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Manage in Italian Serie C/C in Football Manager 2017

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Name Balance Budget Wage Avg Age Avg Att Training Newgens Yth Recruitment Rating Potential
Akragas Città dei Templi £232k £81k 1,601 Adequate Below Average Limited 59 65
Casertana £290k £174k 1,873 Adequate Poor Limited 61 63
Catania £2m £232k 8,750 Excellent Adequate Limited 64 67
Catanzaro £813k £174k 2,316 Good Adequate Limited 62 66
Cosenza Calcio £522k £174k 3,000 Good Adequate Limited 63 65
Fidelis Andria £232k £81k 3,000 Average Below Average Limited 61 64
Foggia £1m £232k £406 9,000 Below Average Below Average Limited 65 68
Juve Stabia £1m £174k £3k 850 Adequate Adequate Limited 64 67
Lecce £2m £348k 9,000 Great Average Limited 65 69
Matera Calcio £871k £406k 3,643 Adequate Below Average Limited 64 67
Melfi £697k £58k 900 Adequate Adequate Limited 60 64
Messina £2m £174k 3,529 Average Adequate Limited 61 66
Monopoli 1966 £232k £58k 1,900 Below Average Basic Limited 61 65
Paganese £1m £104k 1,000 Adequate Basic Limited 61 65
Reggina £522k £104k £14k 4,000 Good Adequate Limited 60 65
Siracusa £104k £35k 3,000 Average Below Average Limited 61 64
Taranto £464k £406k 9,500 Good Average Limited 61 66
Unicusano Fondi £348k £12k 650 Adequate Below Average Limited 61 63
Vibonese £290k £58k 400 Below Average Basic Limited 61 64
Virtus Francavilla Calcio £232k £81k 1,000 Poor Poor Limited 61 63