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Smouha Sporting Club are a team in Football Manager 2017. Smouha play in the Egyptian Premier League in Egypt in FM 17.

Smouha Sporting Club
Egyptian Premier League
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Smouha Sporting Club Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Smouha Sporting Club will be Poor

Smouha Sporting Club Transfers

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Smouha Sporting Club Players in FM17

All Smouha Sporting Club Players in Football Manager 2017
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Ahmed Raouf 33 ST £2k £14k £6k 29-07-2018
Ahmed Hassan Mekky 29 AM LC, F C £2k £87k £40k 29-07-2019
Banou Diawara 24 ST £2k £113k £52k 29-06-2017
Patrick Malo 24 D C £1k £48k £22k 30-11-2017
Mahmoud Ezzat 24 D C £940 £42k £18k 29-06-2019
Mansou Kouakou 25 D/WB R £830 £21k £9k 29-06-2019
Ayman Ashraf 25 D LC £810 £30k £13k 29-06-2017
Hany El Egazey 31 ST £1k £12k £5k 29-06-2017
El Mahdy Soliman 29 GK £540 £24k £10k 29-06-2017
Islam Mohareb 24 AM LC £860 £37k £15k 29-06-2018
Amr El Menoufy 28 AM C £1k £30k £12k 29-06-2019
Manga 24 D R, DM, AM R £830 £27k £2k 29-06-2017
Homos 24 M C £760 £25k £2k 29-06-2018
Hossam Hassan 27 D RL, DM £1k £24k £2k 29-06-2019
Khaled Sotohi 27 D C, DM £1k £21k £1k 29-07-2018
Mahmoud Sayed 28 M C £850 £20k £1k 29-06-2018
Mohamed Abo Gabal 27 GK £420 £13k £810 29-07-2020
El Sayed Farid 29 D RC £740 £11k £710 29-07-2019
Mahmoud Fathy 25 DM £660 £13k £790 29-07-2018
Yasser Ibrahim 23 D C £640 £10k £5k 01-07-2017
Ahmed Yehia 27 GK £360 £6k £360 30-11-2017

Smouha Sporting Club Staff in FM17

Smouha Sporting Club Staff in Football Manager 2017
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Jorvan Vieira 63 Manager (First Team)
Ahmed Samir 35 £3k 30-07-2019