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Real Hispalis are a team in Football Manager 2021. Real Hispalis play in the Spanish First Division in Spain in FM 21. Real Hispalis are a playable team in FM2021. Real Hispalis play at a stadium called "Benito Villamarín" in Football Manager 21.

Real Hispalis Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Real Hispalis will be Great

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Real Hispalis
Spanish First Division
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Real Hispalis Players in FM21

All Real Hispalis Players in Football Manager 2021
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Sergio Canales 29 M/AM (C) £29k £35m £41m 30-06-2023
Nabil Fekir 27 AM (RLC), ST (C) £113k £31m £36m 30-06-2023
William Carvalho 28 DM £43k £24m £27m 30-06-2023
Marc Bartra 29 D (C), DM £113k £20m £21m 30-06-2023
Claudio Bravo 37 GK £22k £702k £2m 30-06-2021
Guido Rodríguez 26 DM, M (C) £32k £18m £21m 30-06-2024
Aïssa Mandi 28 D (RLC) £30k £12m £13m 30-06-2021
Borja Iglesias 27 ST (C) £28k £16m £17m 30-06-2024
Andrés Guardado 33 WB (L), DM, M/AM (LC) £26k £4m £300m 30-06-2022
Emerson (Emerson Aparecido Leite de Souza Júnior) 21 D/WB (R) £28k £13m £60m 30-06-2024
Cristian Tello 28 M/AM (RL) £22k £12m £11m 30-06-2022
Joaquín (Joaquín Sánchez Rodríguez) 39 M (R), AM (RC) £37k £936k £936k 30-06-2021
Sídnei (Sídnei Rechel da Silva Júnior) 30 D (C) £20k £9m £9m 30-06-2022
Juanmi (Juan Miguel Jiménez) 27 AM (L), ST (C) £19k £11m £10m 30-06-2024
Loren (Lorenzo Morón) 26 ST (C) £19k £11m £10m 30-06-2024
Víctor Camarasa 26 DM, M/AM (C) £13k £6m £6m 30-06-2022
Víctor Ruiz 31 D (C) £24k £7m £12m 30-06-2021
Àlex Moreno 27 D/WB/M/AM (L) £14k £7m £7m 30-06-2024
Joel Robles 30 GK £12k £4m £2m 30-06-2022
Martín Montoya 29 D (RL), WB (R) £50k £4m £2m 30-06-2024
Paul Akouokou 22 DM, M (C) £8k £3m £6m 30-06-2024
Juan Miranda 20 D/WB/M (L) £7k £2m £26m 30-06-2021
Diego Laínez 20 AM (RL) £7k £3m £10m 30-06-2024
Aitor Ruibal 24 AM (R), ST (C) £7k £3m £2m 30-06-2022
Dani Martín 22 GK £5k £1m £4m 30-06-2024
Yassin Fekir 23 AM (RLC) £3k £626k £486k 30-06-2023

Real Hispalis Staff in FM21

Real Hispalis Staff in Football Manager 2021
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Antonio Cordón 57 Director of Football 30-06-2024
Manuel Pellegrini 67 Manager (First Team) 30-06-2023
José Cabello 47 Fitness Coach (First Team)
Miguel Calzado Head of Youth Development
Rubén Cousillas 63 Assistant Manager (First Team)
Alberto Benito 48 Chief Scout
José Manuel Álvarez 43 Head Physio
José Manuel Pizarro 39 Physio (First Team)
Álvaro Ladrón de Guevara 31 Scout £110
Manuel López 47 Physio (U19 Team)
Alexis Trujillo 55 Scout
Juan Merino 50 Loan Manager
Félix Cao (Félix Fernández Cao) 38 Fitness Coach (First Team)
Diego Tuero 41 GK Coach (First Team) 30-06-2022
José Ignacio Navarro 44 Scout
Manuel Alcantarilla 38 Physio (First Team)
Ángel Haro 47 Chairman
Juan José Cañas 48 Scout
Pablo del Pino 45 Manager (U19 Team)
Juan Manuel León 46 Coach (U19 Team)
Fernando (Fernando Fernández Escribano) 41 Coach (First Team)
Francisco Javier Lledó 41 GK Coach (U19 Team)
Toni Doblas 40 GK Coach (First Team)
Arzu (Arturo García Muñoz) 39 Assistant Manager (U19 Team)
Joaquín Bornes 45 Coach (U19 Team)
Francesc Martí 35 Head Performance Analyst