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This page refers to an older game Football Manager 2022. View San Jose in all games.

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San Jose are a team in Football Manager 2022. San Jose play in the Major League Soccer in United States in FM 22. San Jose are a playable team in FM2022. San Jose play at a stadium called "PayPal Park" in Football Manager 22.

San Jose
United States
Major League Soccer
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San Jose Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by San Jose will be Good

San Jose Transfers

Looking for players to buy for San Jose in Football Manager 2022?

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San Jose Players in FM22

All San Jose Players in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Cristian Espinoza 26 AM RL £18k £3m £228k 31-12-2023
Javier López 26 AM RC, F C £12k £2m £2m
Eric Remedi 26 DM £6k £2m £188k 31-12-2022
Jamiro Monteiro 27 AM C £20k £2m £129k 31-12-2022
Jackson Yueill 24 DM £9k £2m £140k 31-12-2022
Judson (Judson Silva Tavares) 28 DM £50k £846k £466k 31-12-2022
Ján Gregus 30 DM £9k £2m £153k 31-12-2022
Nathan (Nathan Raphael Pelae Cardoso) 26 D C £9k £877k £72k 31-12-2023
Jeremy Ebobisse 24 AM L, ST £10k £2m £144k 31-12-2024
Francisco Calvo 29 D LC £6k £1m £102k 31-12-2022
Marcos López 21 D/WB/AM L £3k £2m £177k 31-12-2022
Tommy Thompson 25 D R, M RC £4k £624k £49k 31-12-2022
JT Marcinkowski 24 GK £2k £462k £169k 31-12-2024
Cade Cowell 17 AM RL, ST £7k £6m £14m 31-12-2026
Siad Haji 21 AM RC £1k £2m £2m 31-12-2022
Shea Salinas 35 D/AM RL £4k £30k £2k 31-12-2022
Tanner Beason 24 D LC £1k £251k £87k 31-12-2024
Paul Marie 26 D R £1k £69k £5k 31-12-2022
Benji Kikanovic 21 ST £880 £673k £763k 31-12-2022
Matt Bersano 28 GK £1k £42k £3k 31-12-2022
Ousséni Bouda 21 AM RL, ST £2k £1m £1m 31-12-2024
Oskar Ågren 22 D C £1k £372k £314k 31-12-2022
Will Richmond 21 AM RL £1k £647k £704k 31-12-2022
Casey Walls 18 D C £1k £756k £1m 31-12-2022
Jack Skahan 23 M RC £880 £31k £18k 31-12-2022
John Martin 21 D R £880 £588k £625k 31-12-2023
George Asomani 22 DM £880 £53k £41k 31-12-2022

San Jose Staff in FM22

San Jose Staff in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Matías Almeyda 47 Manager (First Team) £0 31-12-2021
Carlos Roa 51 GK Coach (First Team) £4k 31-12-2021
Bruno Costa (Bruno de Souza Costa) 41 Chief Scout £2k 31-12-2022
Benjamín Galindo 60 Coach (First Team) £4k 31-12-2021
Álex Covelo 43 Head Performance Analyst £3k 31-12-2022
Guido Bonini 34 Fitness Coach (First Team) £2k 31-12-2021
Jared Shawlee 38 Chairman £0
Lew Wolff 81 Owner £0
Omar Zarif 42 Assistant Manager (First Team) £3k 31-12-2021
Chris Leitch 42 Technical Director £3k 31-12-2022
Derek Lawrence 35 Head Physio £720 31-12-2021
Daniel Hicker 41 Head of Sports Science £2k 31-12-2021
Alex Saunders 41 Head of Youth Development £1k
Fabio Álvarez 53 Physio (First Team) £1k 31-12-2021
John Fisher 56 Director £0
Maximilian Lankheit 38 Performance Analyst (First Team) £1k 30-06-2022
Daniele Carboni 34 Scout £830
Keith Wolff 45 Director £0