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Al-Wahda (UAE) are a team in Football Manager 2023. Al-Wahda (UAE) play in the UAE Professional League in United Arab Emirates in FM 23. Al-Wahda (UAE) play at a stadium called "Al-Nahyan Stadium" in Football Manager 23.

Al-Wahda (UAE)
United Arab Emirates
UAE Professional League
Average Age
Wage Budget
Training Facilities
Youth Facilities
Below Average
Youth Academy
Youth Recruitment
Stadium Capacity
Average Attendance

Al-Wahda (UAE) Newgen Rating

Below Average

Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Al-Wahda (UAE) will be Below Average

Al-Wahda (UAE) Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Al-Wahda (UAE) in Football Manager 2023?

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Al-Wahda (UAE) Players in FM23

All Al-Wahda (UAE) Players in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Allan 31 DM £74k £29m 31-05-2024
Adrien Silva 33 DM £74k £3m £319k 31-05-2023
Pizzi 32 AM RLC £29k £27m 30-06-2024
Ahmed Refaat 29 AM RL £7k £2m £196k 31-07-2025
Sebastián Tagliabúe 37 AM/F C £22k £960k £79k
Ismael Matar 39 AM/F C £14k £48k £4k
Fares Juma 33 D C £16k £258k £20k 31-05-2023
João Pedro 29 ST £16k £504k £38k 31-05-2023
Tahnoon Al-Zaabi 23 AM RL £18k £3m £2m 31-05-2026
Waled Husain Abdulla 30 M RC £16k £521k £39k 31-05-2023
Lucas Pimenta 21 D C £17k £1m £2m
Mohammed Hasan Al-Shamsi 25 GK £13k £147k £11k 31-05-2025
Alaeddine Zouhir 22 D C £14k £2m £1m 31-05-2026
Khalil Ibrahim Al-Hammadi 29 AM RLC £13k £216k £16k 31-05-2022
Mohammed Barqesh 31 D/WB RL £13k £125k £9k 31-05-2022
Abdulla Faisal Al-Karbi 23 D/WB R £4k £749k £441k 31-05-2024
Abdulla Hamad 20 DM £12k £4m £5m 31-05-2026
Mahmoud Khamis 34 D/WB/AM L £11k £2k £160
Suhail Salem 29 DM, AM R £11k £89k £6k 31-05-2023
Mansoor Al-Harbi 22 DM £11k £1m £835k 31-05-2025
Rashed Ali 32 GK £12k £22k £1k 31-05-2023
Gian 21 D L £5k £83k £87k
Abdallah El Refaey 26 D LC £12k £23k £2k 31-05-2022
Ahmed Rashed 25 D LC £12k £23k £2k 31-05-2022
Ismail Al-Zaabi 20 DM £9k £91k £114k 31-05-2023
Hamdan Adel 20 M C £2k £91k £113k
Manea Ayadh 21 M C £2k £653k £655k
Mohammed Ali 21 D C £1k £805k £807k
Rúben Canedo 20 D/WB L £8k £592k £728k 31-05-2024
Abdulrahman Saleh 19 D R £1k £585k £857k
Hazaa Ammar 22 GK £2k £3k £2k
Rayane Benssy 19 M C £1k £79k £113k
Abdulla Ahmed 18 M C £1k £707k £1m
Majed Al-Junaibi 21 D C £1k £40k £39k
Rashed Abdulla Suroor 21 D L £1k £56k £53k
Saeed Al-Ameri 19 GK £1k £83k £117k
Salem Al-Soumahi 19 ST £830 £87k £119k
Odai Al-Harbi 18 AM C £3k £467k £740k
Daniel Asoma 19 M C £3k £75k £103k
Suhail Al-Sayed 18 ST £60 £24k £38k
Shady Tamer 17 M C £60 £52k £91k
Thiab Mohamed 17 GK £2k £83k £145k
Masoud Fahed 16 D R £60 £257k £505k
Sultan Aref 17 D C £2k £83k £145k
Maid Ahmed 16 ST £60 £270k £529k
Abdelrahman Hasan 17 M C £60 £38k £66k
Youssef Al-Maqableh 17 D C £60 £40k £69k
Abdulla Khaled 19 D C £1k £40k £52k
Abdulla Mohamed 18 ST £1k £29k £43k
Abdulrahman Al-Hosani 18 D C £1k £36k £54k
Ali Al-Messabi 19 M C £1k £40k £52k
Awadh Al-Katheeri 18 ST £1k £33k £50k
Hamdan Mohamed Al-Katheeri 17 M C £1k £35k £59k
Hareb Khalid Al-Hosani 18 M C £1k £44k £66k
Hazza Al-Hammadi 18 D C £1k £35k £52k
Khaled Mohamed Al-Shehhi 19 ST £1k £21k £27k
Khaled Al-Jaberi 19 D C £1k £33k £43k
Khalifa Hamad 18 GK £1k £26k £38k
Mansoor Al-Ameri 18 M C £1k £32k £48k
Mansoor Al-Menhali 18 ST £1k £38k £57k
Mansour Saleh 17 D C £1k £71k £121k
Mohamed Jamal 18 GK £1k £64k £95k
Mohamed Al-Senaani 18 ST £1k £36k £54k
Mubarek Salem 19 ST £1k £52k £67k
Rashed Issam 18 D C £1k £26k £38k
Rashed Khaled 18 D C £1k £60k £89k
Mohamed Al-Mazrouei 17 GK £1k £40k £68k
Sultan Khaled 16 D C £60 £75k £143k
Zayid Sultan 16 D C £60 £48k £91k
Ahmed Mustafa 16 M C £60 £64k £121k
Yaser Alo Ali 17 M C £1k £40k £68k
Abdulqader Abdullah 16 ST £60 £64k £121k
Hamad Al-Hosani 17 GK £830 £44k £73k
Ali El-Damouri 16 GK £60 £32k £59k
Hamdan Humaid 16 GK £60 £44k £82k
Abdulla Ali 16 D C £60 £33k £62k
Abdulrahman Talal 17 D C £830 £21k £35k
Hareb Al-Qubaisi 16 D C £60 £36k £67k
Khaled Mohamed 16 D C £60 £44k £82k
Meadhad Al-Maazmi 17 D C £830 £33k £55k
Obaid Ahmed 16 D C £60 £38k £70k
Salem Al-Hosani 16 D C £60 £44k £82k
Hamad Salem 16 M C £60 £52k £96k
Khamis Naser 17 M C £830 £35k £58k
Saood Al-Noufeli 17 M C £830 £32k £53k
Zayed Abdulraheem 17 M C £830 £38k £63k
Hamdan Abdulla 16 ST £60 £35k £65k
Samer Danglo 16 D C £60 £16k £29k

Al-Wahda (UAE) Loaned Out Players in FM23

Players out on loan from Al-Wahda (UAE) in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Zayed Ahmed 26 GK £3k £5k £280 31-05-2025
Omar Kharbin 28 AM LC, F C £23k £7m £583k 31-05-2025

Al-Wahda (UAE) Staff in FM23

Al-Wahda (UAE) Staff in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Manolo Jiménez 58 Manager (First Team) £0
João Meireles 35 Fitness Coach (First Team) £590 31-05-2023
Tiago Pires 28 Performance Analyst (First Team) £730 31-05-2023
Laurens Ebben 56 Fitness Coach (First Team) £560
Sérgio Ferreira 34 Coach (First Team) £1k 31-05-2023
Ammar Moaz 52 GK Coach (U19 Team) £620
Al-Hay Jumaa Al-Rumaithi 47 Manager (U19 Team) £680
Majed Al-Zaabi 53 Manager (Reserve Team) £690
Aseeb Al-Zaabi 43 Assistant Manager (U19 Team) £640
Yaser Salem 44 Director of Football £0
Abdullah Salim 47 General Manager £0
Theyab Al-Nahyan 38 Chairman £0
Majid Khan 42 Physio (First Team) £570