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Valencia are a team in Football Manager 2023. Valencia play in the Spanish First Division in Spain in FM 23. Valencia are a playable team in FM2023. Valencia play at a stadium called "Mestalla" in Football Manager 23.

Spanish First Division
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Valencia Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Valencia will be Excellent

Valencia Transfers

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Valencia Players in FM23

All Valencia Players in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
José Gayà 27 D/WB/AM L £58k £54m £128m 30-06-2027
Gabriel Paulista 31 D C £78k £300m 30-06-2024
Edinson Cavani 35 ST £38k £300m 30-06-2024
Mouctar Diakhaby 25 D C £13k £11m £20m 30-06-2023
Hugo Guillamón 22 D C, DM £7k £36m £106m 30-06-2026
Thierry Rendall Correia 23 D/WB RL £10k £22m £59m 30-06-2026
Samuel Lino 22 AM RL, ST £20k £12m £23m 30-06-2027
Justin Kluivert 23 AM RL £55k £9m £13m 30-06-2024
Giorgi Mamardashvili 21 GK £3k £24m £80m 30-06-2027
Jaume Domènech 31 GK £25k £7m £13m 30-06-2023
Nico 20 DM £11k £32m £83m 30-06-2024
Samu Castillejo 27 AM RLC £15k £10m £18m 30-06-2025
Dimitri Foulquier 29 D/WB RL £8k £9m £17m 30-06-2025
Ilaix Moriba 19 DM, AM C £24k £34m £101m 30-06-2026
Hugo Duro 22 AM LC, F C £7k £12m £34m 30-06-2026
Marcos André 25 ST £13k £8m £7m 30-06-2026
André Almeida 22 AM C £9k £8m £14m 30-06-2028
Jesús Vázquez 19 D/WB/M L £8k £27m £74m 30-06-2025
Eray Cömert 24 D C £8k £3m £3m 30-06-2026
Yunus Musah 19 AM RC £9k £22m £59m 30-06-2026
Toni Lato 24 D/WB L £7k £1m £1m 30-06-2023
Iago Herrerín 34 GK £7k £507k £417k 30-06-2023
Cristian Rivero 24 GK £5k £2m £2m 30-06-2024
Cenk Özkacar 21 D C £10k £2m £4m 30-06-2025

Valencia Loaned Out Players in FM23

Players out on loan from Valencia in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Jorge Sáenz 25 D C £3k £616k £486k 30-06-2024
Koba Lein 20 M C £2k £9m £20m 30-06-2025
Uroš Račić 24 DM £11k £5m £10m 30-06-2024

Valencia Staff in FM23

Valencia Staff in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Antonio Luis Fernández Gere 46 Doctor (First Team) £990
José Manuel Ochotorena 61 GK Coach (First Team) £2k
Marco Sangermani 36 Head Performance Analyst £5k 30-06-2024
Jorge Hernández 52 Recruitment Analyst £4k
Luigi Riccio 44 Assistant Manager (First Team) £7k 30-06-2024
Massimo Innocenti 51 Coach (First Team) £4k
Gennaro Gattuso 44 Manager (First Team) £0 30-06-2024
Bruno Dominici 50 Fitness Coach (First Team) £2k 30-06-2024
Francesco Sarlo 44 Head Performance Analyst £2k
Roberto Perrone 52 GK Coach (First Team) £4k 30-06-2024
Dino Tenderini 52 Fitness Coach (First Team) £2k 30-06-2024
Zurdi 59 Physio (First Team) £3k
José Luis Estelles 37 Physio (First Team) £3k
Mario Jarque 40 Physio (First Team) £3k
César Gimilio 47 Physio (First Team) £3k
Andreu Gramaje 43 Physio (U19 Team) £2k
Juan Monar 34 Sports Scientist (First Team) £3k
Pedro López Mateu 48 Chief Doctor £0
Voro 58 Director £0
Miguel Ángel Corona 41 Director of Football £0
César Jiménez 44 Scout £2k
Iban Andrés 42 Chief Scout £3k 30-06-2022
Luis Martínez 34 Head of Youth Development £6k
Fran Lapiedra 47 Performance Analyst (First Team) £2k
David Fuster 40 Recruitment Analyst £2k
Javi Venta 46 Recruitment Analyst £2k
Manuel Ruz 36 Scout £2k
Manu Micó 35 Recruitment Analyst £2k
Rubén Magallón 30 Scout £2k
José Bargués 40 Manager (U19 Team) £2k
Paco Cuenca 39 Manager (U19 Team) £0
Ander Pérez 32 Fitness Coach (U19 Team) £1k
Andoni Otxotorena 29 GK Coach (U19 Team) £1k
Peter Lim 68 Owner £0
Chay Lay Hoon 58 Director £0