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Villarreal are a team in Football Manager 2023. Villarreal play in the Spanish First Division in Spain in FM 23. Villarreal are a playable team in FM2023. Villarreal play at a stadium called "Estadio de La Cerámica" in Football Manager 23.

Spanish First Division
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Villarreal Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Villarreal will be Excellent

Villarreal Transfers

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Villarreal Players in FM23

All Villarreal Players in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Pau Torres 25 D C £49k £52m £120m 30-06-2024
Dani Parejo 33 DM, AM C £46k £300m 30-06-2024
Gerard Moreno 30 AM R, ST £44k £44m £93m 30-06-2027
Raúl Albiol 36 D C £41k £3m £7m 30-06-2023
Arnaut Danjuma 25 AM RL £31k £26m £53m 30-06-2026
Étienne Capoue 34 DM £31k £300m 30-06-2024
Giovani Lo Celso 26 DM, AM LC £100k £30m £60m 30-06-2025
Juan Foyth 24 D RC, DM £29k £20m £48m 30-06-2026
Alfonso Pedraza 26 D/WB/AM L £27k £19m £38m 30-06-2026
Gerónimo Rulli 30 GK £40k £14m £28m 30-06-2024
Francis Coquelin 31 DM, M RC £60k £300m 30-06-2024
Manu Trigueros 30 M C £25k £16m £31m 30-06-2025
Yeremy Pino 19 AM RLC, F C £24k £66m £268m 30-06-2027
José Luis Morales 34 AM RL, ST £24k £300m 30-06-2024
Alberto Moreno 30 D/WB/M L £20k £13m £25m 30-06-2024
Samuel Chukwueze 23 AM RL £20k £19m £51m 30-06-2024
Aïssa Mandi 30 D RLC £19k £10m £20m 30-06-2025
Jorge Cuenca 22 D C £16k £22m £42m 30-06-2025
Johan Mojica 29 D/WB/M L £14k £5m £5m 30-06-2026
Kiko Femenía 31 D/WB/M R £14k £260m 30-06-2025
Manu Morlanes 23 DM, AM C £12k £8m £12m 30-06-2026
Nicolas Jackson 21 AM RLC, F C £13k £16m £35m
Álex Baena 20 AM RLC £10k £19m £48m 30-06-2025
Pepe Reina 39 GK £9k £220k £185k 30-06-2023

Villarreal Loaned Out Players in FM23

Players out on loan from Villarreal in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Vicente Iborra 34 DM £47k £652k £562k 30-06-2024
Iván Martín 23 AM RLC £8k £3m £4m 30-06-2025
Boulaye Dia 25 AM R, ST £17k £12m £22m 30-06-2026

Villarreal Staff in FM23

Villarreal Staff in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Fernando Roig 74 Chairman £0
Moisés Del Hoyo 41 Fitness Coach (First Team) £2k
Adolfo Muñoz 43 Chief Doctor £0
Rafa Juanes 55 Scout £4k
Jordi Vives 25 Head of Sports Science £6k
Fernando Seguí 48 Chief Scout £5k
Rodrigo Herrero 42 Head Physio £3k
Josep Rochera 32 Physio (First Team) £3k
Jaume Cases 38 Physio (First Team) £3k
Pablo Rodríguez 47 Performance Analyst (First Team) £2k
Miguel Ángel Tena 40 Director of Football £0
Adrià Adán 40 Scout £2k
Milucho 64 Scout £2k
Jorge Rodríguez de Cózar 39 Scout £2k
Ángel Torres 41 Sports Scientist (First Team) £3k
Luis Arnau 40 Head of Youth Development £6k
Igor Saavedra 36 Head Physio £3k
Mario Segarra 39 Fitness Coach (First Team) £2k
Alberto Marrama 39 Scout £2k
Javier Pérez 42 Physio (First Team) £3k
Omar Marín 27 Physio (First Team) £3k
Rodri 51 Coach (First Team) £4k
Álvaro Peris 41 Scout £2k
Simón Bueno 30 Doctor (First Team) £0
David Karg 29 Scout £2k
Xisco Nadal 36 Coach (First Team) £4k
Carlos Mulet 40 Performance Analyst (First Team) £2k
César Arzo 36 Coach (U19 Team) £2k
Héctor Font 38 Coach (U19 Team) £2k
Paula Roig 34 Assistant Manager (U19 Team) £2k
David Cifuentes 37 Manager (U19 Team) £0
Jon Errasti 34 Coach (U19 Team) £2k
Fernando Roig Nogueroles 48 Director £0