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After listening to the feedback in HERE, these files now work in FM13.3

For those FM players who absolutely hate the regen images, this thread includes a number of replacement images. These are split in two: (a) images of non-famous, non footballers (b) composites of MP cuts

From the old forum thread:
Last year I released a pack with a load of varied cut-outs of players & staff that didn't have UIDs...I spotted a flaw with this when a lot of the pics then got ID numbers in FM11.

I've been collecting HQ images of college league American footballers/hockey players etc..and have begun cutting out these images to be released in 30 image "Mix packs" for those of you who are like me.

http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j192/rowanbanks/Rowan Cut Outs/Random24copy.png http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j192/rowanbanks/Rowan Cut Outs/Random40.png

This way, as these people will never be in a future FM game the images can be used for ever more. I have also added a "R" regen logo at the bottom to ensure there is no confusion as to if the player is a real life one or not.

However, none of them will be "assigned" you'd need to grab the UID of the regen and save the image you choose as that number and then input that number into the config file to make it work. (Instructions outlined below)

A BIG thanks to Yallii for helping me find great sources.

Mons edit: Regarding composites, the below preview of one of blackmetalboon's packs displays some example of the genre


* Config File Template
* fmXML - Config file Creator
* fmXML (For Mac)
* FM Graphics Guru

* All regen replacement images in one pack (collected by mons on 26/9/2012)

Individual packs

* Regens1 (made by Rowan)
* Regens2 (made by Rowan)
* Regens3 (made by Rowan)
* Regens4 (made by Rowan)

* Regens5 (made by NiceLad)

* Regens1 (made by jozza800)
* Regens2 (made by jozza800)
* Regens3 (made by jozza800)
* Regens4 (made by jozza800)
* Regens5 (made by jozza800)
* Regens6 (made by jozza800)
* Regens7 (made by jozza800)
* Regens8 - Asians - (made by jozza800)
* Regens9 (made by jozza800)
* Regens10 - staff members - (made by jozza800)
* Frankengens1 - i.e. composites - (made by jozza800)

* Alternative Regens1 (made by blackmetalboom)
* Alternative Regens2 (made by blackmetalboom)
* Alternative Regens3 (made by blackmetalboom)
* Alternative Regens4 - Asians - (made by blackmetalboom)
* Alternative Regens5 (made by blackmetalboom)
* Alternative Regens6 (made by blackmetalboom)
* Alternative Regens7 (made by blackmetalboom)
* Alternative Regens8 (made by blackmetalboom)
* Alternative Regens9 (made by blackmetalboom)
* Alternative Regens10 (made by blackmetalboom)
* Individually posted images (made by blackmetalboom)

Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip the Pack to your desktop or documents.

2) Create a new folder called "Regens" in the following location:
My documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/
graphics/faces/regens (You may need to also create folders for graphics & faces)

3) Locate the Player or staff member's UID......In-game, go to preferences>display & sound, then select "show unique IDs", untick "use skin cache" & tick "always reload on confirm".
Wait while it sorts itself out, then go to the player or staff member's info and you'll see a long number underneath the name - something like...139456789123....make a note of this number.

4) Navigate your way back to the Pack of Regens you downloaded and choose an image you feel most resembles the player (ie, skin colour, hair colour, etc) Then RENAME your chosen picture as the ID you made a note of (making sure it retains the .png extension)

5) Move this Image into your Regens Folder you created earlier.

6) Open the "config.xml" template file and replace the "CHANGE ME" words with your obtained UID as shown below:
<record from="CHANGE ME" to="graphics/pictures/person/CHANGE ME/portrait"/>
Changed to:
<record from="139456789123" to="graphics/pictures/person/139456789123/portrait"/>
for example.

7) As the number of replaced images grows so will your config file, simply copy that line and replace the UID numbers each time that correspond with your image. Another way of editing the config file is to use a piece of software called fmXML (Listed above) - this automatically gathers the UIDs within your chosen folder and creates the lines above, so as long as all the images are inside the folder and saved as the correct UID it will create a new config file for you. If fmXML doesn't install on your PC, try FM Graphics Guru, if you have a Mac, there is a fmXML version.

8) Go back to your game preferences>Display & Sound, and untick "Show unique IDs" click confirm and hey presto your picture should be there.

We have tried to make a relativity complex process as clear as possible, once you've done it one time, it should be easy to remember, but if you have trouble let us know.

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Does this actually work in FM 13? I changed regen faces to pngs succesfully in fm 12 and 11. Now it doesn't seem to show up in game. I can only see the generated regenface. It worked when I changed the icon for a regen but for the portrait I can only get it to show the generated face or no face at all.
Nope. Not yet.

We're waiting for a response from SI about whether a forthcoming update will fix the problem.
Just had word back from SI. It's bad news....well kind of...

Apparently the only reason this worked in previous games was a gap in the code which allowed it to happen, they have since "fixed" this meaning this no longer works!

HOWEVER - they have said if there is sufficient interest in getting it working again they may see what they can do, with this in mind I have added a Poll to the thread on SI HERE and I emplore those of you to vote on it and share it with others that would use it so they can vote too. Let's show SI that there is a valid need here.

Thanks for listening and get voting!

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What's the exact problem? You can replace a regenerated face with a real one, but not a blank portrait with a real one?
By Telegram Sam | Permalink | On 18 December 2012 - 19:05 PM
What's the exact problem? You can replace a regenerated face with a real one, but not a blank portrait with a real one?

The other way round. You can't use cutouts on a regen at this point in time.
Cheers for the post on SI Telegram, there is quite a lot of passion on there, so really hoping SI take note. I'm not sure I understand why it would be so difficult to fix back tbh....

The worst thing was they actually found that this could be done and thought it was an error in the code rather than a useful feature that the community were using...doh.
The way I see it is maybe SI thinks that by adding pictures of real people to replace regens, although they are not related to football is wrong without their permission. Just a thought?
Could be, but the same is true of the Cut-Out Megapack, so I'm 90% sure this is not the reason.
Any ideas if the patch has solved this?
Unfortunately no

Maybe the next one as the list of angry people on the SI thread is growing lol
If SI don't listen to us on this then I'll lose complete faith in them forever. It's such a basic, little thing that makes such a big difference to many people's enjoyment of the game, and it's so easy to fix. If they continue to ignore the requests it just goes to show how they're only interested in turning a profit and any requests made by the fanbase that can't be exploited for £££ will be ignored.
I wouldn't say they have ignored us, they have just not made it a priority to fix....which is annoying, but unfortunately there aren't enough people making a fuss about it on the SI thread to warrant it being moved up the list.

I have reminded my SI contact to keep checking the thread and asking the gfx coders, but for now it seems we have to just wait.

Sucks as my game save is filling up with 'orrible regens

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It's very hard to find the SI forum about this issue. I think that there are many people that want SI to change this. But there just not aware of the possibilities to get the attention of SI. There must be something to do about this...
Fair point, I have added a line at the top linking people to the SI thread HERE

Hopefully the more people that register their unhappiness the better the chance of SI fixing it.
By Rowan | Permalink | On 05 January 2013 - 09:37 AM
Fair point, I have added a line at the top linking people to the SI thread HERE

Hopefully the more people that register their unhappiness the better the chance of SI fixing it.

Voted mate.

Btw its worked on all FM since the 3d team packs appeared in 08, not sure how they only just picked up on this? 5 versions have past Maybe they needed to close it because it was causing a bug that was effecting the game? ie: game crashes.

FM as alway struggled with bugs, maybe this one is not easy to fix and may even effect the ME its self?, i'm looking for excuses here
Just a quick update from Rob at SI on the issue...

Hello all,

I'm not sure where the assumption that this would be in the last patch has come from, but that was always very unlikely to be the case.

As Rowan has explained previously, this was never purposely "taken" out of the game as it was never intended as a feature. It was just something that happened to "work" in previous versions of Football Manager that doesn't in the latest version.

The fact that there's a demand for this has been noted and recorded and it will be investigated and considered for future updates/versions. I can't give any indication as to what the result of that process might be, and as a policy, we don't announce features for updates or new versions of the game until that update or new version itself has been pubicly announced and the feature has been coded but I can assure you that we have paid attention to this thread and the discussion within it.

Kind regards,

That sounds like there at least thinking about changing it!!
Have voted to add my name to the cause!
Can anyone upload me a link of Config File Template?
It's still available here as per the link in the OP.
Does anyone know where the graphics folder is, where the original football manager player pictures are stored? So not the one where you can edit everything in the documents folder. Maybe there is some folder where the regen images are stored. If you find that folder then you can maybe replace the regen picture by a picture by your choice. or maybe there is some kind of facegen folder? Does anyone know?
Nah, already gone down that road. There are no images as such, but the regens are composites of different eyes, hair, nose, etc.... I spoke with the inventor of the Regen Extended Hair pack, but he cou;dn't find a way to over-ride the game's files...

Also if we went down that route we wouldn't have enough regens and images would have to be repeated...
This is currently the most annoying feature in the game for me, i enjoy building from the youth system and this spoils the fun. It's fine for the first few years but once 80% of my team is re-gens its very frustrating having to look at them.

Rowan have they given an ETA on when the next patch is due ?
Agreed, I've stopped playing now

No timescales regarding the next patch either... remember to add your voice to THIS thread and vote (if you haven't already)
Hey !
Look what i've found, haha...

Lionel Ronaldo


Unfortunately I'm not much of a cutter, but this would be cool for a replacement...

Don't you think ??
Still no progress with this?
Nope. There is an update that should be coming in a few weeks that may or may not have the fix...we'll have to wait and see
WIsh i have photos for my regens When can that happen ? SI ppl listening us ?
According to the official forum thread they have fixed the problem, can anyone confirm it?
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