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@hurstca, these all need a bit more work before being added to the megapack. The dimensions are wrong and the cut isn't smooth. Some of the other images also need rotating to be upright rather than tilted on one side.


Have a look at this thread for guidelines for cutters and video tutorials on what we expect for from our cuts.


I think that such a large source can provide a cut more in keeping with these guidelines, especially in view of leaving only 2-3 pixels above the hair and below the chin.


I recommend using for your cuts. It's a fantastic free online tool which does the heavy lifting for you by removing the background in the source image, leaving you to only rotate, crop and/or nudge the collar upwards. It's tremendously easy to use and provides fantastic quality. With it, you can go from source to cut in a couple of minutes for the vast majority of images.


Here's a couple of videos on how to use it, one when combined with Photoshop and another using, which is a free online app so close to Photoshop that it has the same shortcuts, layout and icons 😉 If you don't have Photoshop, is the tool I would recommend to use to tweak the draft cut produced by It's more powerful and versatile than GIMP and other similar tools.



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