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Carlito85 Comments
Alt. (just in case anybody can find a larger version of this)

@Carlito85 why are you getting involved?? ha ha.

I took your comment as a sarky jab at me. Maybe I misunderstood...
@Baja I'm seeing a lot of 'improvement' images so far that are literally just different and hardly a huge significant change to the original.

Lol, good for you.
Not sure what happened with the image there. Here it is in full

It's not a bad cut at all, especially now that I'm aware of the above, but with the megapack cut being added so recently and of an evidently high quality, I just don't think the new one is an improvement in this particular case...

That's alright, no worries
I used a Getty image but had to use the smaller thumbnail for the bottom half of his face and blend it with the top half which had the watermark.


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@Carlito85, unless you find the original source without a big watermark in the middle of his face, this won't be an improvement.

If you change the fit size in the url you can get it without the watermark.

Original image size (contains watermark):

Altered image size


Another trick I use for Photoshelter images is to use fill=350x1440 (which will show with no watermark). If this image is too narrow, just paste it directly on top of a wider fit, for example using fill=800x1440.

Example links:



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@Carlito85, again good work

When a source is a bit dark like this one, it's usually worth brightening it a bit (Image > Adjustments > Brightness). It looks a lot more natural and better in-game

Also, care should be taken to avoid the chicken-neck effect and so all cuts should include a little bit of collar. At the same time, the ideal cut only contains 2-3 pixels beneath the chin. Since in this source, the person in the image has a longer neck than usual, this would be quite difficult to achieve naturally. This video & this post displays a simple technique of how to cut close to the chin and still display a bit of the collar. Do keep it in mind for the future


Normally I'll add a collar if need be in a separate layer behind the neck to balance things out. I should have done with this one in particular. Was a bit of a rush job on my part and I overlooked it

Just in case anyone can figure out how to use it




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Beat me to it - came here to point it out

Do take the time to review cuts before uploading them; you'd be surprised how many people don't spot snow and/or outlines and it really makes a difference when viewed in game

Yeah, I couldn't believe I overlooked that big blue spot on his cheek lol. The joys of working free-hand.
Got rid of the remaining blue outline


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I've done some fiddling with this for my own personal use, aligning finals to specific stadiums because of the issue of sometimes it randomly having, say, the UEFA Champions League final at a small Luxembourg stadium (I've set all UCL Finals at Wembley) - but I've noticed the fans aren't a split, they're almost in a home/away setting (70,000 home, 20,000 away, for example) - despite it being a 1 game Final.

Anyone know which Editor setting is used to amend this? It's not a massive thing, just looks annoying.

The low capacity stadium issue is due to a bug in the editor. I've put it forward to SI and they've logged it for review. It's just a case of when they actually fix it now.

Hopefully it's sorted for FM20.
What number of UEFA Revival is the real life version?

Can I only use the Fifa club world-cup? Champions League already are in FM19. I dont know about europa league.

Latin american teams can be on Fifa club world cup if I don't put the concacaf/conmebol archives?

Does it work in 19.1 FM version?

Hi Gabriel.

The closest version to the real life version would be file 25 which contains the planned Europa League 2 (I'm working on an update due to there being a bug with competition winners qualifying automatically for the following season)

If you wish to only use the FIFA Club World Cup, that is possible. It should work fine with the default UEFA structure

Latin American teams will be in the FIFA Club World Cup with or without the CONCACAF/CONMEBOL file

It won't work with 19.1. I had to update all of the files so they would be compatible with 19.3
Italian Serie B. Listed as 2017-18 but a lot of player/staff pics on there should be useful.


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Hi! First; thanks for your work! Im enjoying this.

Second: For some reason I see Barcelona playing in both the Europa League and in the Champions League. Its no big matter but I wonder if this error will turn up every season. It would be interesting if they won both cups and had to play themselves in the Super Cup next season!

Hi Faste.

Which file (or files) are you using? Are you running any other custom files along with mine?
Hi thanks for getting back to me, can this be done with the europa league 2 included

No problem. The Europa League 2 is only available in the FM19 version.
Hey can this be done for FM18 as well

Hi Barry.

There's already a version available for FM18, which can be found here:

uefa revival 9

i thought it would be the group stage,even if i was wrong i shouldnt be playing Champions league teams

I just ran a test of file 9 and I couldn't find any problems with it. Are you sure it's not just the losing teams from the Champions League Third Qualifying Round? They drop into the Europa League Qualification Playoff Round by design.

I havent got around to that yet lol

might as well try I suppose while I wait for the patch to sort out the other issues

in FM18 I got FFP sorted for European comps I might go old school and go down the xml route and code it I tell you its sometimes easier to do things that way

Yeah I know what you mean. I had a few things fixed in FM18 myself and then FM19 rolled around and messed them all up again lol.

«This comment has been edited»
its a balls up once again mate

the Winter patch has caused issues with a few files I have

so I recreated one in new DB and there is verification issues, so cant even re do some files its poor it really is
SI are aware so we just wait as usual

That sounds like a nightmare mate. Did you manage to fix the FFP issue?

so i did what you suggested and got it working ish,

found 2 issues when it came to the european games,all CLteams were drawn in the first round in the europa league and scheduled to play in the CL aswell.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll take a look into it before I post the next update. Which file were you using?

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