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R_Warner Comments
Hmmm, it's just that there's a different installation path for Macs this time round. Can I have screenshots of where you've placed your logo folders?

It would appear to be the set I had changed to, changed back to my original ones and everything is working now.. Thank you for the potential help though mate
Are you on a Mac perchance?

Nope, Windows

I have done everything the same as years past, but yet for the life of me the logos will not load as they used to in previous games, am I doing something wrong?

Just use the database search tool to find the Juve page and copy the logo from there

Didn't know about this, thankyou
Any chance you can post the Juve logo? I can't download the big file for some reason and just wanna update that as I am the Juve manager currently, cheers

Any update , still getting Failed Network error
Always loved your stuff, keep getting a failed network when trying to download the 6GB file? Still using the same Mettalic logos back from 16 and its about time I updated some of the logos like Juventus lol

I understand that mate, I did say that in the post... I'm just trying to gauge what works in this thread and what dont?

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Am I doing something wrong, I understand the title says the template has changed but I have started to update my files with the later ones in here.. Including Chris's La Liga file yet none of them seem to be working in game?
I know you said end of month (which has only just passed) but I am just wondering when we might see the new release... an eagerly waiting player over here lol
This is a great update and no doubt was a lot of work to do. Will there be an update for the final few matches of the season?

Since the new season (2017/18) starts on May 2nd (selecting Iceland and the latest start date available) this means that there are a number of unfinished competitions at the end of the season. IE: Champions League, EUROPA league, English FA cup are still to be played

Also, it's not possible to finish the 2016/17 season accurately because the wrong teams are in the semi-finals (IE: by May 2nd 2017 Man Utd are out of the Europa League and Real Madrid are out of the Champions league too). United went on to win this and Real made it to the final so somethings not right with the fixtures for this.
In the English FA cup it shows Man U v West Brom in the semi final - that mean Arsenal can't play Chelsea in the final which was how it played out.

I notice that the above changes each time I start a new game too. I followed your instructions accurately (although I could not select USA anyway since it was missing)

Great work but it would be brilliant if the end of season 2016/17 could be updated and accurate.


I am 95% sure, cups and such are impossible to generate results with the editor and therefore can not be per say fixed
yep, roughly at the end of the month

Legend thank you
Hello mate, are you planning another update? Such as transfers to this day and manager changes?
Yep, will get an update called Season Update where the championships will end and there will be all instructions so you will find chelsea champion of england, Monaco in France, Real Madrid in spain and so on. All the championships we have will have the final results, with the exception of Argentina Liga Adelante and Turkey ending in June, so they will not be complete but will be random from the date we will indicate as departure.

You will not be able to reproduce 100% reality because playoff playouts and European cups are not replicable with the editor, but we will have a situation as close to reality as possible

Thank you for the quick response, that's awesome news and I look forward to it
Shortly there will be a pack containing the definitive real results of all the championships treated (except argentina ligue2 and turkey ending in June), new transfers and other things.

Slap me for being stupid, are you saying there will be an update soon with the real results to the end of the season? So Chelsea would be champions of the EPL and so on?

If so, great news and can't wait..
Is there a file where the changes such as Conte becoming Chelsea manager does not happen until the end of the season?

I have a real fixtures update to compliment your files, but obv using the current file and Chelsea's position IRL sees Conte sacked, where as if he wasn't to come in until the end of the season it wouldnt matter
Not asking if its been done but am I blind or is there no Bundesliga? Just the 2nd and 3rd tier
No rush just so i can plan my first proper game but when do you reckon the first version for the full game will be released, thank you
I apologise if these have already been done, but could someone create the PSV kits for this year please








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Is there anychance someone could make these for me please?

Hammer, would you be able to turn these three kits into 3D templates for me please


Thankyou in advance


Who will Manchester United’s next manager be? Well a group of writers here at the BBC belives a certain Champions League winning manager should be their top target, over the unexperienced manager in such competitions like David Moyes.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to retire after 26-years in charge at Manchester United has come as a massive shock to many around or supporting the club so for the United faithful only a top/world class manager could appease the evident disappointment of losing Sir Alex.

There has been plenty of names touted as potential replacements for the Scot, and at the end of the day he himself with have a massive say in who replaces him at the helm but for United to succeed beyond the Sir Alex era then the United owners need to take heed from others around the club also. United need a manager with vast experience in European competitions, who plays an exciting high pressure football if they are to again win another Champions League title or even keep up with the likes of City and Chelsea in the Premier League next season.

For a club of Manchester United’s size, they currently sit in the wilderness. Similar sentiments can be made about a former Barcelona head coach now plying his trade in a land unworthy of his football expertise.

Frank Rijkaard, the man who brought the good times back to the mighty Barcelona, who currently is head coach of the Saudi Arabian national team and whilst it maybe a financially lucrative job for the Dutchman it does not do him justice for a coach that has so much to offer to top level football.

When Rijkaard arrived at the Nou Camp in 2003, then Barcelona were a club who hadn’t won a trophy since 1999, had gone through five managers in 3 years and the team was littered with under achieving ego-maniacs. Rijkaard’s arrival marked a change in the fortunes for Barcelona, his decision to banich much of the previous old guard was inspired, and he brought in a fresh approach and oversaw the transfer of new players who would come to represent his new brand of football.

Within three years of his appointment as Barcelona manager, Rijkaard led them to the Champions League title, during his career at the Nou Camp the Dutchman led Barcelona too two La Liga’s, 2 Supercopa’s and a Champions League, following that he had an unsuccessful time with Galatasery before moving on as the head coach of Saudi Arabia.

For Manchester United, an evident transitional period marks a new revolution for the Red Devils; it could be a chance for the team to have a manager who will breathe a new brand of football, have the ability and reputation to bring in world class talent, so my only question to them is Why Not?


Sir Alex Ferguson will step down as Manchester United manager at the end of the season after 26 years in charge.

The Scot, 71, has won 38 trophies during his reign at Old Trafford and will now become a director and ambassador for the club.

His haul includes 13 league titles, two Champions League crowns, five FA Cups and four League Cups.

"The decision to retire is one that I have thought a great deal about. It is the right time," Ferguson said.

Everton's David Moyes is the bookmakers' favourite to take over, with Jose Mourinho, currently at Real Madrid, also tipped.

BBC sports editor David Bond says United are confident of announcing a successor to Ferguson before the weekend.

He believes they are looking for someone who understands the club's history and is committed to youth development while employing an attractive, attacking style of football.

While United look for his successor, tributes to Ferguson have been led by Prime Minister David Cameron, who tweeted: "Sir Alex Ferguson's achievement at #MUFC has been exceptional."

Former Manchester United and England striker Michael Owen says the Scot's managerial record will "surely never be eclipsed".

Ferguson believes the squad he leaves behind "bodes well for continued success".

His final game will be against West Brom and will be his 1500th in charge at United.

United co-chairman Joel Glazer says: "His determination to succeed and dedication to the club have been truly remarkable."

Chief executive David Gill says: "What he has done for this club and for the game in general will never be forgotten."

Ferguson, who will undergo hip surgery in the summer, is confident his successor will take over a club in good health after winning their 20th top-flight title 17 days ago.

"It was important to me to leave an organisation in the strongest possible shape and I believe I have done so," he said.

"The quality of this league winning squad, and the balance of ages within it, bodes well for continued success at the highest level whilst the structure of the youth set-up will ensure that the long-term future of the club remains a bright one."

Ferguson praised the people he felt helped him build the club from a team that had not won a title for 26 years into one of the biggest in the world.

"I must pay tribute to my family, their love and support has been essential," he added. "My wife, Cathy, has been the key figure throughout my career, providing a bedrock of both stability and encouragement. Words are not enough to express what this has meant to me.

"As for my players and staff, past and present, I would like to thank them all for a staggering level of professional conduct and dedication that has helped to deliver so many memorable triumphs. Without their contribution the history of this great club would not be as rich.

"In my early years, the backing of the board, and Sir Bobby Charlton in particular, gave me the confidence and time to build a football club, rather than just a football team.

"Over the past decade, the Glazer family have provided me with the platform to manage Manchester United to the best of my ability and I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with a talented and trustworthy chief executive in David Gill. I am truly grateful to all of them.

"To the fans, thank you. The support you have provided over the years has been truly humbling. It has been an honour and an enormous privilege to have had the opportunity to lead your club and I have treasured my time as manager of Manchester United."

Ferguson is the most successful manager in the history of the British game and famously won the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League in 1999.

Co-chairman Joel Glazer highlighted Ferguson's desire to produce winning teams throughout his time at United and called the 2008 Champions League victory over Chelsea in Moscow a "magical night".

He said: "Alex has proven time and time again what a fantastic manager he is, but he's also a wonderful person. His determination to succeed and dedication to the club have been truly remarkable.

"I will always cherish the wonderful memories he has given us, like that magical night in Moscow."

Fellow co-chairman Avie Glazer expressed how important the United board felt it was to ensure Ferguson continued working for the club despite his decision to step down as manager.

"I am delighted to announce that Alex has agreed to stay with the club as a director," he said. "His contributions to Manchester United over the last 26 years have been extraordinary and, like all United fans, I want him to be a part of its future."

Gill, who is also stepping down this summer after 16 years at United, revealed Ferguson had been planning to make his succession easier by putting in place a young squad and a state-of-the-art training facility at Carrington.

He said: "I've had the tremendous pleasure of working very closely with Alex for 16 unforgettable years - through the treble, the double, countless trophy wins and numerous signings.

"We knew that his retirement would come one day and we both have been planning for it by ensuring the quality of the squad and club structures are in first-class condition.

"Alex's vision, energy and ability have built teams - both on and off the pitch - that his successor can count on as among the best and most loyal in world sport.

"The way he cares for this club, his staff and for the football family in general is something that I admire. It is a side to him that is often hidden from public view but it is something that I have been privileged to witness in the last 16 years.

"What he has done for this club and for the game in general will never be forgotten. It has been the greatest experience of my working life being alongside Alex and a great honour to be able to call him a friend."

Ferguson began his playing career at Queen's Park as a 16-year-old striker whilst working as an apprentice tool-worker at Clyde Shipyards.

His most notable spell as a player came in a two-year stint at Glasgow Rangers from 1967. He retired as a player in 1974 when he was on Ayr United's books.

He began his managerial career as a 32-year-old at East Stirlingshire before moving to St Mirren, where he won his first trophy by taking the Scottish first division title in 1977.

Ferguson's talent at building winning teams became apparent after he took over at unfashionable Aberdeen and turned them into a major force in a league where Rangers and Celtic had dominated.

His crowning moment was winning the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1983 by beating Real Madrid 2-1 in the final

He also won three Scottish titles, four Scottish FA Cups and one League Cup during his time at Pittodrie and that success saw him land the United job, taking over from Ron Atkinson on 6 November 1986.

Ferguson had managed Scotland in the World Cup in Mexico earlier that year following the death of Jock Stein although he was unable to take his country past the group stages.

Current Blackpool manager Paul Ince won two league titles, two FA Cups, a European Cup Winners' Cup medal and a League Cup during his time playing for Ferguson at United.

He told Sky Sports News: "I'm totally shocked. What he's done is unbelievable. You'll never see anyone of his kind again.

"Two weeks ago he was talking about staying on for another two years, so it's a massive, massive shock.

"The man was immense and he got the best out of me that's for sure. The way he treated me was like a son."

Ferguson told his players he was stepping down before training today as they prepare for Sunday's match against Swansea. It will be the Scot's final home game as manager of the Premier League champions.

First-team coach Rene Meulensteen said: "He told us just this morning. He called us in his office and told us the decision he had taken. I think he is feeling a sense of relief in some ways now."

Owen feels taking over from Ferguson is going to be a difficult job.

He tweeted: "What an act to follow. I guess only Mourinho would have the confidence to strut through the door. If it were me, I'd go for Moyes."

Credits to BBC for this first article.

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Prologue: It has been a long time since I felt the urge to report on a game inside of football manager, mainly because I only ever enjoy games with my own team that is Manchester United and sometimes these games prove just to easy to win.

With what has happened to the club since Sir Alex retired it has given me plenty of ideas for a new story, so here it is.

What you will see with this story is the idea where I take the club back to just as Sir Alex has retired and the club is without a manager, still has its coaching staff (René Meulensteen, Mike Phelan and Eric Steele) it is with the manager I decide to hire as to what happens with these three coaches as we move forward, without signing Fellaini and Mata. The idea is to concentrate on getting the club debt free, keeping its transfer history equal, so not to spend above what I sell is the basic explanation of that.

I can't change anything in terms of the rest of the premier league, I am just using the original database with a few edits of my own. So the likes of Moyes will just start unemployed with Martinez and co at Everton.

Hope you all enjoy
Is version 2 ready? Just wanted to know before I start a new game is all lol
Nice work mate

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Inside the 1400 DB file there is another two folders, FM and FMC. Do I still put the required folders into the normal folder, or do I have to put it inside one of those folders? These seem to be new this year
I like this one so I will be using it.. I may be able to help you as I go along.

I will probs sit around now and do a Dortmund pack as that's who I will be using in this years game
Looking good so far mate
I like the addition that everything is on your news page, you no longer have to click into things to negotiate say a contract which for me who is lazy that is wonderful