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TomDixon77 Comments
Most likely a couple of weeks before the release date
Poor "Manager Man", one of the first but not the last managerial casualty of the upcoming season!

On a more serious note, I haven't fallen below min specs yet on this 10yr old computer of mine, but what am I most in need of upgrading? My dxdiag spec is:


Any thoughts appreciated!

To be honest, if it's that old, you might as well replace the whole thing if you're looking at an upgrade, as you'd see a dramatic performance increase. If you're quick, there's quite a few Ryzen 1st Generation offers about, as they've just been replaced by Gen 2, so places are trying to get rid of stock. You could also look at the Ryzen 2 APU's, depending on what other gaming you do.

If that's not possible, then memory and possibly an SSD? You won't be able to get hold of a better compatible CPU any more (short of getting really lucky on Ebay, etc.), and a GPU upgrade is largely irrelevant for FM.
I suspect the dark skin has an overlay that appears in front of the background image.
I've been fiddling with the header, as I didn't like the continue button area, you can also see the new standard buttons:


(Caution, massive screenshot again, I'm working at 200%, as it's easier to see on my monitor)
Yes, there's a lot of things I want to do.
This is a lot later than I originally planned (damn you Fallout!) but here are some in progress shots of Steklo X6 (caution, the @2x screenshots are hyooge)

http://i.imgur.com/P8ZTMzDl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Qq0eqQFl.jpg

@2x version

http://i.imgur.com/nUxrBWll.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bVUIbz2l.jpg

Thanks to artdekdok for allowing me to use a modified version of his player profile panels (I've never liked mucking about with those, and lots of the other mods I've seen are far too busy and crowded)

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Short answer, no. Skinning can only really change what the game looks like, it can't mess about with functionality. To bring back the wibble/wobble screen (which hasn't been available for years now) would require changing how the game actually works.
Then people started getting ripped for humour, threads being banned from being discussed for 'advertisers', Cliques started to form and people bullied off for no reason (Aaron Meadows was absolutely superb though)

Once certain members started to agitate for things their own then it slowly died off. The thing that made Susie great was her open discussions as you mentioned. A milder form of Tumblr if you will.

The only 'humour' threads that were ever ripped on here (that I can remember) were the sub Dapper Laughs level of 'bantz' (and Dapper Laughs is about as funny as a flesh eating disease), and the babe thread had to go, as it google blocked us from google ads, which threatened the site's viability. Also, are we really so hormonal we need a FM fansite to ogle lasses? There's a interweb full of all sorts or pervery, go there.
Paid out for my Pip-boy edition and also for FM

Have you tried wearing it? I had it on for a couple of minutes and went 'nah', and put it back on its little stand
No you was being sarcastic and un helpful at first then you offered me a solution which did not work so there was no reason for you to say all that at the beginning just a hello and a solution would of been enough really don't you agree? Even other poster on here said you was out of line and a bit uncalled for so don't go giving the all "over reaction crap" If someone comes up to you at work lets say someone random and asks you a question if you don't understand them you don't insult the way they speak or anything else do you? So why do it on a forum? Pointless, not clever, and well boring. As for never being insulted no your right I don't and I don't know where you live or come from but I certainly never get insulted because of my punctuation, grammar, or anything else can't think the last time anyone said anything to be a cocky cock head to me really? Only on this site which as I was only asking for help is not bothering me I just find people like you funny, you hide behind keyboards and hover in forums waiting to troll and jump on someone new to cyber bully as they call it to make you feel better than you do inside your tiny existence if you find this to much of a "over reaction" or strong then tough, seems to me you have lived the sheltered life...so pleased carry on........better still no its boring now I'm bored of you....

Mind you, now I've read this, bloody hell you're over sensitive. Mons didn't insult the way you speak, he merely pointed out that if you made your post a bit easier to read, you are much more likely to get an answer. And I refuse to believe that if you've posted like that, anywhere on the internet, for any length of time, that no-one would have mentioned it.

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Now, it sounds like something has gone seriously wrong here, so let's go through a few basics:

1. Never (ever!) put any custom graphics, or other mods, into the game install folder (the one under your steam folder). The only slight exception to this is the folders you need to remove for the real names fix.
2. Don't try to use data updates or skins from previous versions of FM, as they're very likely to not work, and may cause issues
3. For some reason, SI have hidden the user data folder in the base game preferences screen (you have to change it via steam, instructions are here, but you can still see it in the FM Touch preferences screen). I assume this is what's causing some of your problems.

First of all, uninstall the game, and delete the FM16 folder in steam/steamapps/common. This should give you a totally fresh install, from which you can attempt to add your graphics again.
Secondly, once installed, follow the instructions in the link from earler, and choose a folder that's very easy to locate (call it FM16 Stuff, or something) and place it in the root of your C: drive (so you get C:\FM Stuff), thenstart FM up, this will generate the folder structures needed.

If you're planning to transfer a lot of images from FM15 over, and you want to use the steam workshop once the full game is out, I'd recommend creating a 'my graphics' folder, for all your pre-existing faces and logos, where the graphics folder is located. This will stop the workshop having to scan through everything. which causes a massive slowdown.

Copy your faces, logos and stadium pics over, then reload the skin in FM (untick the skin cache checkbox). You should have everything you need.
Mons wasn't being sarcastic, or rude, but I may well be, as I'm old, cranky, and my shoulder's giving me gyp.

Now, let's make your first post a bit more readable (seriously, just chucking stuff out like a stream of conciousness doesn't help you get what you want, just break things up a bit. Oh, and massive blocks of all caps doesn't help either)

HELP!!! I downloaded the beta version through steam and could not locate any of the files like I normally do with ease, so I could swap some stuff from fm2015 to 2016 (like faces pack and logos).

After a massive search I wanged these files in a directory I was unsure of and done all the tick boxes in the game to show the logos and faces and it seemed to all work, so then i thought ok now to download the latest kit packs and add more faces in the faces update pack, so I then removed the 2014/15 old kits from the directory that I put in with all the other logo stuff from 2015

Then after restarting the game I then get this "odd version updates choice"and it says every time I try and start a NEW CAREER GAME It asks me which version database? [string#1 - Version,eg.7.0.1]update OR Default........Neither work! When I click on either is says "COULDN'T LOAD THE DATABASE" and the game don't work.

I have all updates unticked that's in the same box even tried going in game settings and unticking the id box and other boxes above it like the reload skin an all that and still nothing! AND to top off my complete buffoonery I have completely lost where I put my original folders out the FM2015 game to try and rectify it that way you know, to undo what I did. I'm also pretty sure this is the cause, as it worked before I decided to update any face packs etc.

And the weirdest thing is, I cant seem to find the game like normal i.e. C/mypc/documents/sports interactive/fm2016/graphics....etc. The only files to do with fm2016 are program files/86 steam/steamapps/common/fm2016? And they are the wrong files and I been through all of them and none of these files I put in the game are mistakenly put in there as I thought they must be.

I have been trying since the beta version came out to at least find the documents/sportinteractive/graphics etc. or the directory where al the files are? its like the game is not on my pc at all? I have tried deleting ad reinstalling the game but still says the same thing! and still no sign of the game? Only steam and access it through the steam apps etc. and there the wrong files? an all that!
I had a similar problem on FM15 (with pretty much everything, despite it working fine on the release candidate version of Win10), I ended up using a folder that was nowhere near the documents structure, as something weird happens over there, and FM doesn't pick it up properly.

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Owen Hart will be because his wife won't allow it.

mmmmmmm, UHD

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If you've got a screenshot, you might have the code (it's not terribly obvious) Look just below the 'products' section.
I got a confirmation email (it came from [email protected], it may have been caught by spam filters, depending on who your email is with, or your email client) that had the steam activation code in
Tom wondering if you can help me, i would like to resize the panels that have the logos in the results screen, kremmen released a 2x small logo and would like them to fit in my results screen please
thanks in advance

2x logos only show at zoom levels above 100% (it might be 150%), I don't think there's anything you can do to make them appear (unless you've switched the images around)
And also, cost versus return comes into it above all else.
You aren't going to get the first couple, as the depth of player knowledge that they've got almost certainly isn't sufficient to put the leagues in properly (as opposed to via the editor). You might not get the NASL as they've got a fairly acrimonious relationship with MLS, who SI have an official license with
Hmm, is there anything else going on in the processor column?
Have you opened up task manages to see what's going on when it slows down?
I doubt you're ever going to see more (official) leagues added, unless it's something big like the premier league/bundesliga, or somewhere that gives them a big new market, like Japan. It's not worth the time, money and effort to get licenses for obscure leagues around the world, when the only people who are really interested can just enable them in the editor anyway.

I've seen lots of posts along the lines of 'is that it?' or 'SI should release this as an update and only do new games every two years', which both miss a couple of fairly important points:

1. How much new stuff is left to put in? Especially stuff that you could put on the box to try and entice new customers in? The few things that are left (that aren't just refinements of existing functionality, like more in depth training, etc.) aren't just going to be thrown out into the first release possible. Firstly because that's killing the goose that lays the golden egg, and secondly can you imagine how much havoc would be caused throwing four or five brand new pieces of functionality into the wild would cause? It'd be at least four patches before everything was running even remotely normally.

2. SI have one revenue stream, Football Manager. They couldn't survive financially without releasing a game every year.
Apple have announced an iPad Pro, 12.9in, aka a laptop.

Also an iPhone 6s and Apple TV.

aka Apple Surface RT (it only runs iOS, not OSX)
There have been issues in the past with anti virus software that does live scanning causing problems with FM. Have you tried leaving your connection open, but disabling your anti virus (if you have one)?
does anybody know how to get the personal details box like in this screenshot? Is that something customized or only shows up at higher resolution or what?


That's definitely been customised. I'd ask whoever posted the screenshot.
This chair:


mmmmm, comfy
Have you reached your senior international limit, or some other limit?
XBL - BigPies
PSN - SenorMeatPie

Yeah I like pies, what of it?

How much for?

Oh, and I bought a PS4 last week.

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