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DNZY Comments



We couldn't follow up our opening day win, taken down by a consummate Tarxien Rainbows side. Ebiabowei Baker with the only goal of the game getting on the end of an indirect freekick to nod it past Michael Zammit. The late red to Gauci made not a single difference to our fortunes, we were never out of first gear in this game.


Paid a visit by newly promoted Marsa and paid the price for not taking our chances. Our inability to clear the ball out of our box was stunningly bad and led to the opener, Sant couldn't believe his luck when he pounced onto an effort that had hit three of our own defenders beforehand to go in. Thankfully Julian Briffa's set pieces were on par, curling in from the edge of the D to level the game shortly after. Second half, we escaped without further punishment, Zammit was actually in top form as he saved two certainties from Sant and another from Patrick Vella. Brought Toriano Singleton on to hopefully make a difference and came within a whisker as a low effort rebounded off the post. Should have taken them to the cleaners.


The paint from our opening win is starting to peel, left for dead by Pembroke Athletic. We looked lost the entire first half, Orji Maduka on the contrary had set up camp in our 18 yard box and made the most of direct balls that came his way, scoring twice to continue our woes. The closest we came to any sort of comeback was a pot shot by Roderick Pace which ricocheted off a Pembroke defender and brought an almighty 'De Gea-esque' save from Calleja Cremona who did see it late. Maduka should've buried a hat-trick but we were spanked enough already.



Need to pick ourselves up from a pretty forgettable month. Only one goal to show for it.



Understandably we sink down to the basement for a bit. Not for a long time hopefully.

NEXT UPDATE: October 2027
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Lighting the fuse to a new season with a flourish as Matthew Falzon is the hero, guiding us to a late 3-2 win over Sliema Wanderers. Falzon also provided the assist for the opening goal just nine minutes in as he squared it to Roderick Pace who from a tight angle somehow found the back of the net. I started with the young 16 year old Michael Zammit in goal, immediately regretted it as he made a hash of the equaliser, coming yards out of his goal to the right, failed to close Mattia Scicluna down properly and allowed him to pass it into an empty net. Sliema picked up too many yellows in the game and paid the price, Gianluca Camilleri saw one yellow card too many and leaving them with it all to do. 10 men or 11 men we just can't defend from corners, Scicluna grabbed his second from a flicked header at the near post which deceived everyone and gave Sliema the lead with 10 minutes to go. Cometh the man, cometh the crucial hour - Michael Falzon turned it around with two similar goals. Credit also goes to debutant Nigel Farugia who whipped in two vicious balls in from the left and both found Falzon for a late splurge and meant we began with an opening day victory in the league.


Luke Sammut experiencing the age factor, overran himself and now out for a couple of weeks.



Played one, won one. Encouraging start.



Long way to go, but hopefully we can get somewhere like this position come the end of the season.

NEXT UPDATE: September 2027
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One of our leading centre backs departed as David Sciberras heads to Birkirkara on a free, couldn't convince him to remain at Melita FC.



Bleeding in a blend of youth as well as experience into the team, five new faces come into the ranks to help rejuvenate an aging side.


Neil Schembri - AM(C)/M(C) - free transfer from Senglea Athletic

20 year old capable of adapting to a shadow striker role which is what I'm looking towards. Finishing and composure are far from perfect, but good pace, acceleration, technique and determination he can aim to develop his arsenal down the line.


Karl Ciantar - M(C)/DM - free transfer from Mġarr United

Midfield needed to be strengthened, Karl comes in as that potent midfielder who can also slot into defensive midfield if we decide to switch more defensively. Not technically gifted by any stretch but offers that resilience that we'll need in winning that mid third balls.


Nicolò Clericò - M/AM(R)/M/AM(L) - unattached free agent

Never have I seen such a well balanced attribute graph, Nicolò personifies what an 'average' player looks like. Not to criticise him in any way, I think he'll do a good job though he'll need to keep Matthew Falzon out of the starting XI. Perhaps that impact substitute needed for a pressure boiler sort of game.


Nigel Farugia - D(L) - unattached free agent

Instead of finding a centre back, Farugia will shift Neil Camilleri to centre back and allow a natural left back to help our defensive state. Good physicals, technicals are okay though Maltese players tend not to be the most technically competent. 3.5* CA is good enough to convince me.


Robert Văduva - ST(C) - free transfer from Sirens

Lastly, a secondary striker to Roderick Pace in the Maltese-Romanian, Văduva. Well experienced, though 33 goals in 119 appearances is a tad bit worrying but have confidence of him contributing a few goals here and there. Fits the Poacher role perfectly and can slide into Advanced Forward if we decide to go ahead with two strikers. Here's hoping he'll shine.



Can't say I'm too convinced with our pre-season requisites against second or third team Maltese clubs and one Italian Serie E club, much work needed for the following campaign.



Not setting the bar very high for me, looking to avoid relegation is the absolute minimum. Didn't experience the FA Trophy either but to make it to the fourth round seems doable too.


U*BET claim we'll finish 10th at a 30-1 odds that we'll take the BOV Premier Division, probably best to save your money as the Leicester fairytale ain't happening. In contrast, we're Evens to go down, but again I'd just not bet on us getting anywhere.


Seven more subscriptions to season tickets, not saying that I had anything to do with it but that's probably all down to my "entertaining" possession based philosophy.


2027/28 Melita home and away strips.



Nation: Kosovo
Media Prediction (Odds): 1st/12 (4-9 F)
Expectations: Win the league
Pros: 1 defeat in 33 last season, winning the Kosovian league by 25 points. New dominant force in Kosovo.
Cons: Financially crippled and snowed under £200k of debt.


It was a long shot, but I had a crack at moving out to Kosovo for a third time but failed yet again. Trepça'89 are pretty much the Celtic of Kosovo but it seems that I didn't fit the profile of what they're looking for, instead former AS Monaco goalkeeper Danijel Subašić has taken over.


NEXT UPDATE: August 2027

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Didn't know too much of the team to give a detailed opinion, but Roderick Pace looked to be the man who pulled the strings for us this season. Strangely enough at 24 he was voted as the "young" player of the season also. Julian Briffa claimed goal of the season with his strike against Sliema Wanderers although it wasn't anything special if I'm honest. Jurgen Farugia took signing of the season, made one or two starts under my reign but can't say I'm overly impressed with him so far.


Pace took top goalscorer with only 7, also managed the most assists with 6 - as a poacher, he's actually one of the more unselfish poachers I've worked with. Nobody broke a 7 average rating, Matthew Falzon came closest with 6.85 which is quite a disappointment. Matthias Fenech was the best passer with 87% and David Sciberras shone the brightest with 3 man of the match awards this campaign. Didn't see too much disciplinary problems in the camp from January onwards so I won't get into that.


The financial aspect greatly improved since breaking back into the top flight, lots of TV revenue allowed us a turnover of £55k.





Finally, it certainly seems that the squad is beginning to age, Sammut, Cachia and Fenech will stay in football at an amateur level while Luke Bianco is hanging up his boots.

NEXT UPDATE: Preseason 2027/28
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@KEZ_7 - Appreciate the positive feedback buddy! I'll do my best to keep this interesting!




Everything almost fell into place for me moving out to Kosovo but unfortunately Prishtina couldn't meet my demands. Offered me £120p/w, even less what I was making in Gibraltar or the Faroe Islands. Disgraceful.



300 games managed, how much farther can I go?


Perhaps I would've taken those wages if it meant avoiding this slumping defeat to Balzan on a woeful 300th match in charge. Weren't switched on from the first whistle as it only took 19 seconds for Brandon Borg to unravel our gameplan. Before the first quarter of the game elapsed, Borg was in for a second after a calamitous error from Jurgen Grima who made a challenge in which Dylan Sciberras already had covered and allowed Borg to break free. Singleton snuck in to perhaps give us a shout in the game, however six minutes later the two goal deficit was restored by Borg who coolly finished a one on one. Our top half hopes take a dent.


Valletta were asking us the favour of backing down and allowing them to take the title with just a single point, we didn't need to be asked. Valletta were all over us in the first half, Carmelo Camilleri which sounds like a vintage Italian dessert gave them the lead from a cross by Ben Coyle. The Lilywhites were comfortable but we gave it a go in the second half, creating more and pushing forward but to no avail. Into injury time and we were awarded a penalty as Dylan Sciberras was held back. Malcolm Scicluna earning us an unconventional point, still good enough for Valletta to reclaim the Maltese title.


Final game of the season and we went all out attack against Gżira United who themselves needed points to stay up. Extremely questionable defending from a short free kick allowed Malcolm Scicluna to get us off to a swift opening just seven minutes in. Gżira bounced back, first an effort from Joe Aquilina was pushed out for a corner by Rizzo but from the resulting corner, Bianco was outmuscled to the ball by Matthew Micallef to equalise at the near post. The game burst into an end to end thriller; Matthew Falzon's header was denied by the crossbar, Rizzo made two great stops and needed to clear a ball off the line..TWICE. The final blow was delivered by Roderick Pace for a gentle tap in after finding space from a low pass from the right. Gżira United facing relegation.



Mixed fortunes, but at least ending the season on a high.



Just crept into the top half, though we'd have finished as high as 5th if results went our way which they didn't. Valletta winning the overall title with Rabat A, Qormi and Gżira United going down.


Just over £11k for our troubles.

NEXT UPDATE: Postseason 2026/27
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87' - Exeter City 0-3 Yeovil Town

90+3' - Exeter City 3-3 Yeovil Town

If there were a Football Manager version of this, I'd quit and reload.
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Couldn't extend the run to four wins, and we were lucky to get anything from the game. Mosta were by far the better team and deservedly took the lead with a 22 yard well struck effort from Thomas Sarina which Rizzo couldn't even get near to. Looked hopeless that we'd find anything in this game, lots of wild efforts going astray but the officials awarded us a penalty which Malcolm Scicluna tucked away. Kept our butts in tact towards the end and managed to grind out a point.




A slow month of news but our youth intake came through and we uncovered a potential prodigy in Michael Zammit. Physically decent at 16, agile, good reflexes and handling and already at 2.5* CA up there with Kurt Rizzo. May get him tutored under him as soon as possible.



Only the one game this month, still wondering how we managed to come away with a point.



A valuable point it turned out to be, up now to 6th with three games remaining to Balzan (A), Valetta (H) and closing our season at Gżira United (A). Top half looks almost a certainty.


Nation: Kosovo
Media Prediction (Odds): 2nd/14 (9-2)
Current Position: 4th
Expectations: Around top of the table
Pros: Far superior club to Melita. Top team in Kosovo.
Cons: Too late in the season to catch top spot. Financially 75 grand in the red.

Yes, Prishtina have come back onto the radar and really couldn't resist applying for them. Is it already an abrupt end to my stay in Malta? Stay tuned...

NEXT UPDATE: April 2027
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Edged out in an action packed game at Sliema Wanderers. Didn't make the brightest start as David Cassar opened his account after just 3 minutes, but Julian Briffa shortly wiped that out four minutes later with a low drive past Chris Bugeja. Looked like going in all square but for good Melita pressure towards the end of the half allowing Matthew Falzon to overturn the deficit and we go into the break in front. Similar in the first half, we were outdone by an early goal in the second half as Sliema countered in their droves from an attacking free-kick of ours and there was only one outcome. We were given an advantage as Justin Vella saw red for a second bookable offence but it had the opposite effect; David Cassar struck twice in two minutes - one from yet another attacking set play of ours on the counter and the other a 30 yard free kick which brushed off our wall to deceive Rizzo in goal. Briffa handed us a lifeline to make it 4-3 but the damage was done and still search for the first victory under my reign.



At long last! Three goals in fifteen minutes broke the silence to hand us our first win in three. Julian Briffa has recaptured my love to play with inside forwards, scoring his third goal in two games for us along with Roderick Pace who ended a long goal drought with a thumping effort from the edge of the area and followed up by a David Sciberras bullet header from a corner. Cruising into half time with a 3-0 advantage. Started to run out of steam in the second half, Siraj Arab retrieving a consolatory goal for Pembroke and they almost narrowed the gap even further as Fabián Fonseca struck the post from a corner. First win as Melita FC manager!


Followed up by another victory on a badly cut up pitch against Tarxien Rainbows. The lumpy playing surface hindered any sort of quality in this match where virtually nothing happened but the goal. What a strike it was too, subbed off Roderick Pace for the American Toriano Singleton in the 77th minute and he truly delivered the goods as his 25 yard free kick bounced off the underside of the crossbar and in. The perfect sunshine to cast away the rainbows.


You wait four games for a win and suddenly three come along at once, another free kick the difference as we defeated Hibernians. Julian Briffa took the honours and made no mistake in the first three minutes from a slightly nearer range to Singleton's but still a stunner nonetheless. Plenty of half chances in the game, but none to threaten a second goal. In fact, Hibernians had the best chance of scoring the next goal, Joseph Mbong from close range directed a header on goal but the crossbar came to our rescue. The wheels are now in motion.



If we had just concentrated in that game against Sliema Wanderers we would have been looking at a perfect month, but three wins on the bounce is good enough for me. Briffa is banging the goals in currently.



Despite our wins, we struggled to make any headway in the league but now back up to seventh. Touching distance away from the top positions.

NEXT UPDATE: March 2027
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Only one transfer in (Grima's transfer happened before I took over), far too early to replace the ship floorboards while it's currently sailing.


Chris Sciberras - D(C)/D(L) - free transfer from Marsa

Adding to our defensive cavalry, can play in the centre and on the left. Tall figure who'll help with aerial attacks with solid heading and impressive jumping reach. Not the strongest, but his physicals are up to par and at 23 with 4.5* current ability, still loads of time to develop further.



Melita managerial debut began positively. On the balance of play we were the better side against a heavy duty Birkirkara side. Matthew Falzon proving his worth with a right footed curler to get us off the mark, however Christopher Azzopardi refused to allow the ideal start to my tenure with the equaliser, despite Kurt Rizzo's best efforts to keep it out. Falzon almost made it a brace in the 85th minute but Andrea Vella in goal pushed it away for honours even at the Ta' Qali stadium.


There was no excuse for this though, smash and grab win for basement battlers Qormi. The goal in itself epitomised our day, Luca Vella's strike somehow squeezed past Kurt Rizzo at his near post. Roderick Pace had an off day, squandering whatever came his way. Teething problems, but at least we have the right attitude and mentality of how I want them to play.



As above, teething problems. Hopefully it will subside soon and we can get on the right track.



Slipped down to 9th, but points still to be won with plenty of possibilities. Still eight points above the relegation places, I'm not worried...yet.

NEXT UPDATE: February 2027
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En route to sunnier climates, soaking in the sunkissed land of Malta to take over as the new head coach of relatively unknown club Melita FC. The club status is currently at an amateur level and funnily enough the club is nicknamed "The Amateurs". Their club colours follow that of their hometown colours, red and white which also relate to the Maltese flag which also bear red and white.


Melita FC represent the coastal region of San Ġiljan (or St Julian's), virtually 5-6 kilometres north of the Maltese capital, Valetta. The area itself is heavily tourist based, with a wide array of hotels, nightclubs and restaurants located in the town of Paceville along with picturesque views of Spinola Bay. Roughly 10,000 people live in the region.


Although Melita have played at their own Gianni Bencini Ground in the past, they've since moved to the Luxol Stadium in Pembroke. The stadium complex holds a capacity crowd of 800 and is ground shared by eleven different Maltese clubs (only one in the Premier Division)! The surface is synthetic, artificial turf.


Melita's 84 year history (94 in game) has brought very little success, only reaching the BOV Premier League once back in 2012-13 following winning the BOV First Division title in 2011-12, unfortunately they faced immediate relegation back to the First Division that season. One Maltese FA Trophy had also been won by the club, but that took place way back in 1939. To summarise, Melita are a part-timer side but who knows where we could take them? The reason why I chose Melita over Llandudno was simply down to a challenge and perhaps we may accomplish something with this side of amateurs.




Punching well above their expectations as they're steering clear of relegation currently in 8th place, only lying six points off third placed Pembroke. I feel that we can easily stay afloat this season and perhaps build on whatever we achieve this year. In terms of recent results, four straight wins since their former manager was sacked but most recently lost to Floriana 2-1. Top half is doable in my opinion.



Not a bad setup here, plenty of capable members. Our wingers seem to be our top assets, Matthew and Shaun Falzon are quick which is what I need in wide men. Roderick Pace is the top striker, but only converting 5 goals this season isn't too convincing. Defensively a good bit weak and something we need to look to mend over the summer. Let me remind you that these are unpaid amateurs.



The original blueprint was to avoid relegation, deciding to push the envelope just a tad. Realistically I think we've a good chance of top half as long as we're consistent in results. No transfer budget or wage budget as suspected, it'll be a battle but I feel we're capable.

NEXT UPDATE: End of January 2027

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Great stuff, cheers lads!
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@Shedender - Cheers bud, just like to keep the story interesting! Hopefully you'll make progress on your new FM career soon.




Nation: Wales
Media Prediction (Odds): 8th/12 (N/A)
Current Position: 9th
Expectations: Avoid relegation
Pros: Super soft spot for Llandudno in FM14. Financially secure.
Cons: Can't finish higher than 7th due to Welsh Premier League split currently in effect. Seriously lacking in squad depth.


Nation: Malta
Media Prediction (Odds): 13th/14 (200/1)
Current Position: 8th
Expectations: Avoid relegation
Pros: Three straight wins since sacking their manager. Only six points off the top three and eleven points above automatic relegation.
Cons: Not a great fan of Maltese league. Amateur club, so will be difficult to take them far without financial backing.

Since the Faroese season takes place from March through to December, not many jobs in the offering currently. Neither of these jobs look like much, but it may act as a stepping stone until the end of June/July.

NEXT UPDATE: Who do I go for?!

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Good start mate, not getting too disgraced by the big boys so far.
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For some, football management is about learning the tricks of the trade and laying groundwork to accomplish the unthinkable. For others, football management is driven by lust of winning, lifting trophies and the notoriety. For David it lies somewhere in the middle. Not many people know who this young Irishman is or where appeared from or why he has started in such obscure nations to kickstart a career in management but local newspapers and social media are feeling the hype about how far he can go. But what does he think?

Q. The obvious question that stands out is why you came into football management and why you started your profession in Andorra?
A. Everybody needs to start somewhere. I never had the physique to make it as a footballer, even at semi professional level, but I love the dynamics behind the beautiful game. Management allows you to set trends, build a club into something incredible, reap the seeds and watch your ideas grow and bask in glory. I chose Andorra to truly understand football at grassroots level before I throw myself in at the deep end.

Q. In the span of ten years you've acquired seven honours including four league titles, three domestic cups in three different nations and a 50% win rate. How do you adapt so quickly when moving countries?
A. Football is a universal language so they say, however teams are inclined to play in contrasting styles everywhere you go. Studying the opponent's tactics is one thing but you need to figure out how you're going to set out to play - Should I play wider? Should I use wingers? Is a 2 or 3 man midfield more favourable in exploiting them? I know my system works and I believe in it, I only tweak it when I know it's going horribly wrong.

Q. On that note, are you a kind of manager who builds a tactic around players or builds players around a tactic?
A. It varies; if there is a severe lack of depth in one or two positions, mainly wide men, I'd go with the former. I look at players by their role, especially in the midfield. It determines if we're to set up defensively say with ball winning midfielders and a defensive midfielder sat behind, offensively with two wingers and two attack minded playmakers or a side who likes to hit on the counter. I look for fast players who are in good shape, plenty of stamina, work rate and agility no matter what position. It could be the difference between being a 45 minute team and a 90 minute team. Religiously stick with a four man defense, everything else is optional.

Q. Nobody expected you to stay up with Faroese club EB/Streymur, let alone winning back to back titles with them! How did that success feel?
A. Deep down I knew my past experience in the Faroe Islands gave me a psychological advantage when taking over, I had my system all planned out and all I needed were the right players. Each and everyone of them played a superb part in those league winning seasons, showing how a big club with good quality players playing under an average manager differs from a small club with an average squad under a capable manager. I'm too modest to call myself a good manager yet. It's all about belief.

Q. Tre Fiori were another side you had success with, previously managing them to back to back titles too. Is it hard leaving a club you have a great connection with?
A. Sometimes it's best to not get too emotionally involved as it'll be a lot harder to move on. You need to leave your heart at home and use your brain in business. Similar to EB/Streymur, life is too short to be tied down to one club especially when there's plenty of opportunities to truly express yourself and challenge yourself as a manager. I find those jobs most rewarding.

Q. So where is your next adventure going to be?
A. We'll have to wait and see won't we? Malta and Wales are obvious targets but Kosovo also looks tempting. I'll go wherever the wind takes me.




Progressing nicely as a manager having secured my Continental A License. My coaching style seems to have shifted from being the tactical manager to tracksuit manager but only because the standard of coaching in these leagues is fairly atrocious. Mental attributes lack somewhat including my level of discipline and adaptability (understandable but I do get results wherever I go). Reputation moves to an orange gradient from a slim red bar, two star reputation meaning I'll be considered for most available jobs around the 1* / 1.5* stature. Impressive media handling, tactical consistency and hands on approach further illustrate my worth. I'm also apparently a polyglot, fluently able to speak Italian, Catalan, Spanish and Faroese (which is a complete and utter lie as IRL I'm shocking at languages). Calm and cautious during press conferences and open to one on one discussions with players willing to bring up outstanding issues.



Nearing 4000 days in this save, I've managed just the five clubs thus far with my longest spell being at Tre Fiori in San Marino while the shortest spell was at F.C. Santa Coloma in Andorra due to me resigning mid-season. Over ten years I've earned £165k which is pretty bad considering that's roughly £16.5k per annum but I suppose that'll improve in time. Purchased 45 players as a manager (Bárður Sørensen probably my favourite of the bunch thus far), all free transfers apart from a signing on fee for Gerard Aloy at F.C. Santa Coloma. 14 players were sold by me with a further 31 had their contracts terminated. As you may have gathered I've picked up an impressive 50% win ratio in 292 games managed 147 won, 72 drawn and 73 lost which is a damn good record if I say so myself. Witnessed 429 goals scored with 292 conceded. 7-1 is our biggest win recorded (Tre Fiori vs. Faetano) while 6-0 is the biggest defeat (Vaduz vs. Ordino / IFK Göteborg vs. EB/Streymur).




Only once have I finished outside the top three in a given league, a 6th placed finish with Gibraltarian side Europa Point. One second placed finish with F.C. Santa Coloma and three third placed finishes, two with Ordino and one with Europa Point. Qualified for Champions League football three times, getting to the Second Qualifying Round is the furthest we've come. In the Europa League, we've failed to make it past the First Qualifying Round in two attempts. As far as trophies are concerned; sealed the Faroese Effodeildin twice plus the Campionato Sammarinese twice, two supercups in the Faroe Islands and Andorra, while the only domestic cup I've lifted is the Copa Constitució in Andorra.


Last but not least, recognised as favoured personnel at EB/Streymur. Not quite good enough to be an icon? Disgraceful.

NEXT UPDATE: Where to next?

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I swear some of our fans must be brainless, Bárður Sørensen behind Rógvi Nielsen who is clearly rigging the voting system. Torstein Mýlingstind's winning goal versus Víkingur Gøta in the 3-2 win took goal of the season, it was pretty good to be honest. Somehow Gabriel was the transfer of the season despite him only making 2 sub appearances which is baffling. Bárður Sørensen wasn't left empty handed though, labelled as the young player of the season which is fair enough.



Kind words from the Faroese Football Informer but highly disagree, I had faith in our abilities from last season to go out there and challenge again.


Bárður Sørensen, worth weight in gold after blitzing displays this year and reaching 20 goals for the season, plus averaging the best rating at 7.12 plus most man of the match awards calculating to seven. Eyðun Joensen also put in great shifts this campaign, 10 assists this time around. Captain Poul Poulsen did a lot of the 'behind the scenes' work with 89% pass completion. Gunnar Joensen was the ill-disciplined joker who received 9 yellows and 1 red. Overall a top seasonal performance.


This made me smile, Bárður Sørensen FINALLY shoehorned into the Faroe Islands set up after months and months of only making the U21s. I'm proud like a father.


One more step to perfection, Continental A License baby!


Time to pack my bags and depart Faroe Islands for another year. Always emotional leaving here.

NEXT UPDATE: 10 Year Review (2016-2026)
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Four year deal incoming for Fellaini.
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Defence of the title looks in our grasp following a triumphant win against 07 Vestur. Bárður Sørensen zoning in on twenty goals this season set us on our way though it did have a hint of offside behind it. Went quiet for a while before goals started raining in the second half, Sørensen set up Leivur Jacobsen for two before Esmar Clementsen hammered in a third from 20 yards. The visitors were staring into the abyss of relegation but did get a consolatory goal before we sat them back down with Erlendur Magnusson popping up for a rare goal to complete a rout at Við Margáir.


While that was happening, B36 failed to win and widening the gap to six points with two games. It means we would require to lose both of our final games, B36 to win both and somehow involve a 14 goal swing in all of this. Surely not.


No chance! Our rotated side prevailed to retain the Effodeildin! The match in itself was fairly mundane, in fact quite dull. Severe lack of quality from both sides but we were happy to set up base camp for the majority. Esmar Clementsen broke the silence by netting what seemed like he intended to cross from the left but in fact powered one in because why not? We were almost on our way to three points but it took a goal of real quality to catch Atli Davidsen out and credit to Rani Johansen because his equaliser was an absolute screamer that deserved applause from myself. Did our job, title is in the bag for a second season!


Leaving my post at EB/Streymur and my stay in the Faroe Islands on a high, coming from 2-1 behind to coast to a 4-2 win in the dead rubber finale to already relegated AB (FRO). Didn't take us long to go in front, a penalty converted by the reliable Rógvi Nielsen. Brazilian goalkeeping prospect Santos made his first start for the main team, but had to pick the ball out of the net twice in the space of two minutes as the visitors pushed in front after a counter attack and a poorly defended corner (our specialties). Didn't dampen the atmosphere of 551 who attended to see us lift the trophy, Bárður Sørensen's flicked header restored parity and reaching the landmark 20 goals for the season. The two wingers combined to restore our advantage, Leivur Jacobsen on the right crossed to Eyðun Joensen on the left for 3-2 at the break. Two thirds of possession and piling on the pressure, we never realistically looked like losing this game and captain fantastic Poul Poulsen signed off our season with the penultimate goal and of course raising the trophy after the final whistle to make the day memorable. I publicly announced this to be my final game as EB/Streymur manager.



Professional job towards the end of the season, scoring plenty of goals in the process.





Can always count on B36 to collapse towards the end, helped us to win the league by eight points in the end. In fact, B36 collapsed so badly that they dropped out of the European places entirely. TB did a stellar job towards the end of the season and somehow came second ahead of HB. The fans are jubilant for what I've brought to this club and I shall bow out on a high.

NEXT UPDATE: Postseason 2026

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Brushed aside ÍF with significant ease but only one goal to show for it. No guesses to who scored it, goal machine Bárður Sørensen with probably the easiest goal of his career after suspect defending from right back Eirikur Ellendersen with a gingerly hit backpass for Sørensen to swoop in like a vulture. Leivur Jacobsen had come closest to double the lead but saved by their keeper. One step closer to touching that Effodeildin trophy.


This is why I struggle in choice of goalkeeper, Davidsen is more talented but has conceded 15 goals with only 4 clean sheets compared with the aging experience of Hansen with 9 clean sheets and only 6 goals conceded. Like a fine wine.


From one step forward to two steps back, we just can't break this KÍ side down. Poul Ingason continues to torment us, a flicked header meant he's now scored in three consecutive matches against us to give them the lead. Bárður Sørensen could have leveled the game on the stroke of half time but for a save from Kristian Joensen but soon made up for it getting on the end of some penalty box pinball and landed the final touch. Came forward to push for the win and Leivur Jacobsen so nearly headed us in front but flew over. Nonchalant defending led to KÍ sinking us from a goal by the unmarked Aron Olsen. So near, yet so far away.



Heini Mortensen was the pick of our youth intake this season, not many were up to par.



Goals dried up a bit, but Bárður Sørensen clinical as ever. One win, one loss, one month to go.

LEAGUE TABLE * (* league table not included due to screenshot fail)

(Games / Points / Goal Difference)

  • 1. EB/Streymur - 24 / 47 / +16
  • 2. B36 - 24 / 43 / +5
  • 3. HB - 24 / 40 / +21

With three games to go, this is definitely in our hands. The extra good news is that the three sides we face are the bottom three sides of 07 Vestur (H), Víking (A) and AB (FRO) (H). Piece of cake.

NEXT UPDATE: October 2026

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Good season mate, gradually improving each season.
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@Footy Game - Thanks man, appreciate the support!





Superb fightback against Víking where we looked down and out by the 47th minute. Johansen popped up for the home side to nod them ahead before an effort by Haraldur Højgaard had a shot that viciously ricocheted off Høgni Bech for two nil. Our asses still needed to get out of first gear but the response was invigorating. Eyðun Joensen came back to taunt his former club after a melee in the box for the ball meant it landed at his feet. Within 12 minutes that 2-0 lead disappeared as Bárður Sørensen broke free and unselfishly squared to Markus Clementsen. The turnaround was complete as the last five minutes were drawn in, Torstein Mýlingstind driving an unstoppable bullet through the Víking chassis from the right hand side. Proper revenge for that cup exit and sends us top of the league.


The crucial fixture of the season gives us a huge lift in terms of winning the league. Once again we had to do it from a losing position as our Achilles heel of defending corners reared it's ugly head again to allow Rasmus Sørensen give the White Tigers the lead. So very near to being 2-0 moments later but Meinhardt Thomsen hit the inside of the post. That propelled us into action and Eyðun Joensen finished off a well worked counter attack to draw the sides level. Didn't take long to turn the game around, Markus Clementsen's shot brushed off Karstin Samuelsen for an o.g.. Gunnar Joensen put the game beyond doubt in the late stages of the second half to ensure we go marching on. Zoning in on back to back titles.


Flashbacks to the Faroese cup final as we couldn't come back on this occasion in a thrilling battle royale. Didn't take off as expected, Wardum and Jákup Joensen both scored at the near post within the first fifteen minutes which Davidsen should've dealt with better in theory for us to scale a mountain already. Luckily, we shaved one goal off before half time as Rógvi Nielsen bagged another penalty as Andras Olsen had been held back during a corner. Sadly, we just weren't switched on again and carelessly allowed HB to rebuild their two goal margin following an unmarked Besnard to slam one home. Attacking has been an important focus during prematch training and we kept it up with Bárður Sørensen helping us to fight back. Eyðun Joensen is also finding his goalscoring form, netting for the third consecutive match to unthinkably level the game. So often we stay on attacking to keep the momentum up and it comes back to bite us on the backside, stung straight from kick off by Emil Johannesen after Andras Olsen missed a key header. Sadly, our energy was sapped from the fightback that we had nothing left in the tank and surrendered to the superior home side. Cruel defeat.


Mind games with TB manager Teitur Ellingsgaard didn't disconcert us after bringing up the previous 3-2 defeat to them after coming from 2-0 down. That being said, TB were dangerous from set pieces and should've gone in front from a free kick, Hans Davidsen found space for a free header but the crossbar came to our rescue. We pressed for a first half goal and weren't disappointed, Eyðun Joensen crossed to Poul Poulsen who fired home for a slender half time advantage. Keeping possession was key in this victory, TB were creatively barren after the restart, allowing us to slowly break them down and it showed for the second goal - Bárður Sørensen given the space of the field to simply sidefoot past Radza in the closing stages. Back to winning ways.


It was fair to say I was incredibly salty in our two previous games against NSÍ losing both 1-0 after our side dominated both of them, well we certainly set the record straight this time round. Bárður Sørensen was well up for the game, netting his 15th and 16th goals of the season and provided the third goal for Leivur Jacobsen in a one sided affair. NSÍ were never really in the game and we choked them into submission without any hassle.



Solid month, four wins out of five and a bag full of goals. Bárður Sørensen and Eyðun Joensen were in fine form amongst others.



Five games to go and the title is well within reach, a four point lead ahead of B36 and eight clear of third placed HB. Time to get the champagne and ice buckets on stand-by.

NEXT UPDATE: September 2026
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Anderlecht v Manchester United

Celta Vigo v Genk

Ajax v Schalke

Lyon v Besiktas

You look at the teams left in this competition and just think what is the actual point of it?

A Champions League place? A trophy? Prize money? Don't be so cynical.
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As with last year, we decided to improve board expectations and this year went with the same approach. Budgets remain largely the same, but the wage budget is now up to £10k available. Sadly I doubt we could attract some kind of player to spend it on.



Didn't feel there was any need to improve the squad, but managed to retrieve one new signing. Jákup Olsen though has left the club by mutual consent due to not getting enough game time, not a big loss considering he's 31 and Leivur Jacobsen is in need of as much first team football as possible to develop and reach his potential.


Gabriel - M(R) - free transfer from Tiradentes (CE)

Second Brazilian import to the Faroe Islands in Gabriel via his agent trying to offload him to a new club. Another fast paced player and a handy backup to Jacobsen. At 18 he doesn't look like the finished product and doubtful that he'll reach past three stars during his career span but certainly someone useful to call upon.



Blowing away the cobwebs for our upcoming UEFA Champions League adventures, rattled down three sides quite comfortably including our second team. Target practice for our boys.




A familiar foe in Andorran bulldozers, Lusitans. Home for the first leg which may give us the upper hand in terms of getting away goals or on the flip side to just end them in the first leg with home advantage.



Not sure what it is about us failing to put away games we clearly dominate, Lusitans didn't look like snatching an away goal. Bárður Sørensen skewed a header awkwardly wide when he should have hit the target and Leivur Jacobsen had one of those FM moments in an overhit cross coming back off the crossbar. Clean slate going away to Andorra.



Away goals were the determining factor is what turned out to be a very plucky second half performance by the Andorrans against the odds. A scramble in the box obviously caught the referee's eye as he awarded a penalty for us (somewhat dubious) to put us in the driving seat. Rógvi Nielsen made no mistake. Nielsen had a hand in us grabbing a second through Leivur Jacobsen which would probably settle the tie. Lusitans started brightly in the second half however a counter attack sprung us forward and Gunnar Joensen got on the end of an Eyðun Joensen cut back for 3-0 and three away goals. It didn't halt Lusitans' efforts and showed proper cavalier attitude to fight back to 3-3, however they couldn't pull off a Barcelona on it.



Swedish champions IFK Göteborg are the reward, certainly relishing it. We're at home for the first leg.



Despite losing, Atli Davidsen did a bloody good job holding it to 1-0 and even that only came from a penalty awarded which Enerås duly converted. 17 shots on target for the visitors and could have ended in ugly fashion, Olufela Olomola pulling all the strings for the Swedes. We had chances of our own that we couldn't take, Pontus Dalhberg did enough to hold a clean sheet. Fair result and our exit is probably fast tracked.



We brought in nearly 4,500 people (roughly 2000 away fans) plus £75k in gate receipts, granted it wasn't our stadium but fairly impressive for a nation with only 50,000 population.



Who goes in two footed on a player just three minutes into a game? Ripped into Eyðun Joensen after a humiliating second leg where we just showed no character or hope. Five down at the break, it was a miracle it didn't break into double figures. Olomola getting a 15 minute hat-trick followed by Wilhelmsson, Enerås and the cherry on top being an own goal from Rógvi Nielsen. A proper disaster in Sweden. Six to nothing and a 7-0 aggregate defeat.


At least one fan saw the funny side of it...


Another investment from the prize money.



Back to work in the league, grabbing a vital win at HB with the tale of two penalties. HB were up to play on the day, controlling the first half where Jákup Joensen should have scored for them. The man in question was then pulled back in the area by Mýlingstind and Besnard showing his love for playing against EB/Streymur with a goal on the stroke of half time. HB looked like doubling their lead with an attack in our area but managed to clear it for a counter attack and ultimately led to the second penalty call of the afternoon as Bárður Sørensen was fouled by Mikkelsen. Rógvi Nielsen brought the game level and the wind was firmly in our sails. Bárður Sørensen was the hero of the hour, heading in off the post seven minutes later and ensuring the victory was heading in our direction.



The Champions League defeats are a thing of the past, bouncing back with that victory over HB.



Not much change in the table, but now build a six point cushion ahead of HB in third. Still only the one point separates us and B36.

NEXT UPDATE: August 2026
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One way traffic although it did take us some time to get going. Ellingsgaard's straight red card allowed us to push on but as noted from previous experience, it gives a false sense of security. Sluggish first half with nothing really to shout about. In fact the only proper highlight was the goal from Mýlingstind, which is a rarity but took it so well to drill it low from a clearance by the AB defence. The home side didn't manage a single shot on goal, either a sign of domination or simply just incompetence from both sides.


And for the first time this season, we go top, putting our foot firmly down on our title rivals B36. A 12 pass phase allowed us to manoeuvre into the B36 bunker, Poul Poulsen applying the finish for 1-0. Our counteracting plays continuously put the visitors under severe pressure, they couldn't get a sniff of the ball and before they knew it, Leivur Jacobsen doubled the advantage again from short passes and a through ball from Esmar Clementsen. Andras Olsen had the opportunity to put clear blue water between the sides but his header was palmed away. B36 failed to live up to expectations and their only good chance came with six minutes to go but substitute Elias Petersen hit the bar. We also hit the bar...after the match as we make it five consecutive wins in all competitions.


A fightback proved to be wasted effort, losing to TB in the cruelest of circumstances. Andras Olsen had no other choice but to concede a penalty following a breakaway goalscoring opportunity (luckily not the last man) and Rógvi Joensen stepped up to fire TB ahead. After pushing forward for an equaliser, TB broke forward yet again and Kári Midjord rounded keeper Hansen for 2-0 after truly questionable defending. Jákup Knudsen reduced the arrears shortly the half time whistle to fuel belief going into the dressing room. Second half we fought hard, Casper Radza in the TB goal had lots to do and with five minutes to go they finally cracked under pressure, ball fell to Rógvi Nielsen to place it low into the bottom left corner to complete the comeback. Little did we know that TB had a sucker punch lined up; started from their own penalty area cleared the ball up and broke for a third time and Midjord kept his cool to sink us once and for all. So many rued chances, inexcusable defeat based on how we defensively line up.


Thankfully, we didn't lose control but it was painful sitting through these 90 minutes against ÍF. A game that offered little to no quality, it did however have one key turning factor - replacing Leivur Jacobsen with Jákup Olsen in the 86th minute. Olsen was the game changer, but the chance was gift wrapped by ÍF goalkeeper Niklas Thomsen after spilling a catch from Bech's cross straight into Olsen's path for a late winner. How important could those three points be?


So we are now without a natural recognised striker for our next league game, both Knudsen and Sørensen picking up injuries. Minor problem but still a problem.


Step forward, Poul Poulsen. Playing as the lone striker against 07 Vestur, he did his job and again leaving it late to do so. Should have been finished long before the 81st minute, Esmar Clementsen brought a save and a half from their keeper who tipped it onto the post and away. Another defensive mishap paved way for the inevitable goal, Kári Hentze floated a long ball towards Poulsen who'd been tracked down between two defenders but both of them missed it and Poulsen applied the finish. We'll take a scrappy 1-0 win over a frustrating draw.


So often NSÍ have been a thorn in our side and yet again stung. Bárður Sørensen returned to the line up and thought he had put us in front early on but the linesman's flag was up and the goal was ruled out. The rest of the game was set out to be ours, Esmar Clementsen hit the bar from a free kick, Eyðun Joensen's header from point blank range was saved by Rasmussen onto the post and himself again hit the post with the follow up. Fatally, we pushed for the goal too hard and left ourselves exposed on the counter as Ari Olsen breezed through to give NSÍ the lead. When will we learn to put away chances and kill games off before something stupid happens? Man of the match: the goalposts.




Hook me up to a blood pressure monitor and the readings would be off the charts. HOW. DID. WE. NOT. WIN?! Víking were garbage for the majority of the game and were eating out of the palm of our hands. Dominated for 73 minutes before a sweaty goal, free kick launched into the area, bit of penalty box pinball and fell to Breckmann who almost in slow motion rolled the ball home. We had to overload; Sørensen missed a gilt edged opportunity sprayed wide, Knudsen headered onto the crossbar but finally wiped the sweat off our foreheads as Sørensen hammered home a 20 yard punt after Knudsen marvelously controlled a header down to his path and give us extra time to stew over. Búi Egilsson had other ideas than to let us win, so easily get breached on the counter and Breckmann was at the heart of their second as he slipped down the right channel to cross for Egilsson to break our hearts for the second time in the game. Unjust win for the visitors, but we knew that we let ourselves down. No cup glory for another year.



We've earned some well deserved time off following a maelstrom of a month. Four wins and three losses with a plethora of different goalscorers. June is a rest month as we prepare for the Champions League qualifiers when it restarts.



The poor start is now a distant memory and we're well up for competing for back to back titles, lying just a point behind B36.

NEXT UPDATE: July 2026 * (* no games in June, will update on other news next month)
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Are we just incapable of winning games this season? So many wasted chances. The crossbar came to TB's rescue on two occasions - one from a dipping Esmar P. Clementsen freekick who bounced on the line and Jákup Knudsen's header also rattled the upright. Of course we almost shot ourselves in the foot as TB had a goal ruled out for offside but the game ended all square, much to our displeasure and frustration.


Much more like it, breezing past 07 Vestur and a first hat-trick for Bárður Sørensen. Proper target man finishes for the first two, feeding off crosses from Mýlingstind and then Eyðun Joensen. Høgni Bech is really having a jittery season, and almost gave the home side the opportunity to make a game of it, dallying on the ball before losing it but thankfully redeeming himself with the last ditch challenge. Gunnar Joensen came on the field in the 75th minute and by the 87th minute he was heading straight to the dressing room following a straight red card. Absolutely ridiculous. Luckily, 07 Vestur didn't particularly test Davidsen in goal and Sørensen grabbed his first EB/Streymur hat-trick in injury time to walk away with the match ball.


Momentum slowly starting to build, HB were the next team to fall. Bárður Sørensen again on the scoresheet following a through pass by Poul Poulsen to rifle the ball into the top corner within 90 seconds. The response was unconvincing and only threatened from long range efforts which Hansen scooped up with ease. We created a few more chances but couldn't find the end product to kill the game off. HB were reduced to ten men as Teit Jacobsen picked up a second yellow but surprisingly kick started HB into life and their best chance came from a corner shortly after, Aladin Sasic bringing a top drawer save from Hansen to keep it out. 1-0 the final score and starting to find rhythm again.


It did come at a price, Magnusson hobbled off shortly after the second half began. Looks like Bech will have to come back in.


Baffling, truly baffling how we couldn't even score against ten men for over 75 minutes. Árni Frederiksberg, an absolute Adonis to the league sent off for a two footed challenge and boosted our chances immensely in theory. In practice, we fell apart too easily to concede a clumsy goal straight from their keeper's kickout - Ari Mohr Olsen was unmarked and not closed down well enough to pass the ball beyond Jákup Hansen in goal. The ten men weren't under major threat as we couldn't sculpt anything noteworthy, Bárður Sørensen had a really bad day at the office. Our best chance came from an ambitious effort from 30 yards hit by Markus Clementsen that pinged back off the crossbar to save NSÍ's skin in the remaining five minutes. Embarrassing, farcical defeat.


At least we bounced back with a well fought win against a Víking side whom I've not beaten in my tenure so far. Thankfully, Víking were rotting at the bottom of the table and lost 8-2 earlier in the season to HB. In typical fashion, the visitors looked the more dangerous - Haraldur Højgaard on the break finished just inches wide of the post, while Hansen was at full stretch to deny Jarnskor from a corner. Bárður Sørensen found space from an Eyðun Joensen pass to convert his 5th goal in 4 games just before the interval. That goal seemed to take the wind out of Víking's sail and before they knew it, Bárður doubled the lead from a terrific cross from Leivur Jacobsen. First win over Víking at the fourth attempt.


HOLD THE PHONES! Did we actually gain back to back wins against sides who usually sh*t on us? We've never beaten KÍ in 10 attempts (3 in my tenure anyways), but set the record straight but I'll be the first to admit we rode our luck big time. Bárður Sørensen is just a goal machine lately, burst with pace to cut inside on the left channel at finished wonderfully at the near post, keeper should have done better. This match wouldn't be without a goal from Poul Ingason and just like a scheduled train, he arrived right on time to equalise where our keeper should've got to it too. Six minutes later, the lead was restored against the run of play as Rógvi Nielsen's cross from the left was finished this time by Leivur Jacobsen. At this moment we just needed to sit back and preserve the lead, however Bárður Sørensen had other ideas and almost bagged a third for us but his effort went inches wide as we led at the break. Were we going to crack under pressure? Luckily we got KÍ on a bad day, they threatened but didn't finish well. Páll Klettskarð came closest but his low shot was pounced on by Hansen. A win of bragging rights more than the three points.




The first obstacle of the cup avoided, recording a standard 2-1 win over 07 Vestur. Bárður Sørensen scoring goals for fun against this side by putting away two more to reach a landmark 10 goals already. Gave away another cheap goal for them to equalise but nevertheless the quarter finals await us.



Home draw to Víking in the QFs. Doable but not going to be easy.



This month was all about Bárður Sørensen - 9 goals in 6 games this month and looking so confident. Lot more wins on the board now in the league despite that cockup against NSÍ. Overall a real improvement.



Still quite a distance from B36 but we continue to ebb away the deficit. Up to third now following that shaky start is progress.


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United were never going to win it, even with eleven men.
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Wow, an abhorrent opening day performance somehow merited with us walking away with a point at KÍ. Caught in midfield, we were subject of being countered and Høgni Bech decides to win the ball then play a horrendous back pass leading to Poul Ingason saying thank you very much for 1-0. We weren't even coming close to getting a foothold and should have been six feet under as John Olsen somehow missed from three yards to the relief of Atli Davidsen. The equaliser was comical, somehow René Jacobsen headed in an o.g. when facing goalwards, almost suspiciously bizarre goal (match fixing). Let's hope it's not a sign of things to forthcome this season.


First win on the board courtesy of a Jákup Knudsen brace at home to promoted AB. On the counter, Eyðun Joensen's deep cross evaded all the defenders, allowing a tap in for Knudsen's first. The second was a little bit fortuitous, but keeper Stenberg made a meal of it as Knudsen headed in from 18 yards, didn't even have that much power but Stenberg completely misjudged it. Eyðun Joensen could've added to the party but headed over from a tight angle. More familiar territory.


Paid a hefty price in the last quarter to succumb to our first defeat of the season, both coming from set pieces. Bárður Sørensen opened his account for the new year thanks to well crafted ball control and passing in their area. Atli Davidsen was busy for the B36 reprisal, saving well from Rasmus Sorensen and then a header from the resulting corner from Meinhardt Thomsen. Frustratingly enough within the same highlight, Leivur Jacobsen stupidly hacked down Sørensen needlessly in the area to give B36 a penalty. Davidsen dived the wrong way, allowing the recipient of the penalty Rasmus Sørensen to level. How we may rue what happened in the last five minutes, firstly Bárður Sørensen crucially missed the target from a cross that missed everyone in the area before the kick in the gonads as Pætur Petersen's free kick flew into the net in the 88th minute. I don't want to say we bottled it, but we definitely bottled it.


We just don't learn do we? 50 seconds was all it took to find the net from Eyðun Joensen, that was about as good as it got in the first half. Second half we completely shut down, two similar instances to allow Jón Jacobsen to dismantle our lead - long, direct balls...our centre backs just can't deal with them. Eirikur Ellendersen added insult to injury from a corner and put us in a sticky predicament already this season.




Second crack at winning the Faroese cup, 07 Vestur will be the first test.



Poor opening to the season with only 1 win from our first 4. Are we going to do a Leicester and just collapse after winning a title? Let's hope not!



Already eight points adrift of leaders B36 in the first four games. Need a strong improvement to stand any chance of qualifying for Europe.


Luckily, this landed just in time. New facilities, new equipment, new fortunes?

NEXT UPDATE: April 2026

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A mini clearout of the squad, Arnar Dam one of the notable exits. Andrias Poulsen sadly departs to NSÍ as we couldn't match his demands and finds a new home. Sad, but in truth I think he'll be as good as he'll get at 28, doubtful he'd make any more progress at our club.



Number of ins to restock the squad. Very promising free transfers coming in plus two in from relegated B68.


Kári Hentze - AM(C) - unattached free agent

What a talent this guy could become. Almost a cookie cut out of Poulsen bar his physical stats, but more technically gifted. Mentals leave a lot to be desired but he's only 17 already at 2* CA.


Atli Davidsen - GK - unattached free agent

Previously of HB, my first reaction was not to invest in a new keeper...until I saw his cracking physicals. Looks a beastly 6'2" figure who'll certainly rival with Hansen for the first choice - perhaps leaving Mortan Olsen surplus.


Esmar P. Clementsen - DM/M(C)/D(RC)/M(R) - free transfer from B68

I think we've found a great set piece taker in Esmar. Not only that, he's more a defensive minded player to partner either Gunnar Joensen or Markus Clementsen. Very versatile, not too old, still possesses reasonable physicals. May fit into our season here and there.


Albert Róin Johannesen - D(L)/D(RC) - free transfer from B68

It's hard to find worthy defenders in the Faroe Islands, Albert fills in as the replacement defender for fatigued or injured first team members. Can play left, right or centre so less need for multiple defenders on the bench. Decent physicals but not the most impressive capture.


Santos - GK - unattached free agent

Why another 'keeper? Impulse buy. 18, Brazilian and packs quite a bit of potential in my opinion. The mentals at 18 are an encouraging sign with already decent technicals and physicals to back it up. May bring some Brazilian flair (even with 1 flair) but may develop in the B team for now.


So just to refresh your memories, we were predicted to finish in the lower half of the table, yet defied the odds to win the Effodeildin and unsurprisingly were listed as the overachievers for last season. Are the bookies thinking twice about our ambitions for the forthcoming season?



Well...yes. In fact, the exact same position expected as last season. Only difference is now we're 8-1 to win.


Board expecting only top half this season which is fine by me, semi finals of the Løgmanssteypið doable too but this year I want my hands clenched around the handles. Super cup as well to look forward to. Budgets are slashed due to the upgrading of our training facilities but shouldn't matter if we invest it more towards the wage budget.


Speaking of the super cup, we lock horns with HB again in what hopefully won't be a repeat of the Løgmanssteypið final where we lost 4-3.


In other admin, the village people are getting behind the club now - gaining 20 new season ticket holders.



More money piles up, including a nifty new sponsorship deals for kit manufacturers and kit sponsors.


Teaming up with Faroese telecoms company FøroyaTele for one year plus kit manufacturers Diadora for two years, we proudly present the 2026 EB/Streymur home and away kits for next season.


Was also an exciting time for both Gunnar Joensen and Leivur Jacobsen who both received their first caps for The Faroe Islands.




EB/Streymur take the super cup! I don't want to gloss over what an abysmal game that needed that one catalyst, and what a catalyst it was. Neither team really threatened, however HB did have a goal disallowed in the first half for a glaring offside against Jákup Joensen. Eyðun Joensen had the best chance for us to break the deadlock but his effort rebounded off the post. Esmar P. Clementsen replaced Gunnar Joesen in the 57th minute and sparked the game into life in the last fifteen minutes, ball fell loose to him on the edge of the area and BANG! drilled with venom, low and hard past Gestsson. If that was good enough, the second was even better, curling a gem of a free kick from 25 yards to seal the deal.


A cup winning debut is certainly one to remember.


Buzzing now for the next season.

NEXT UPDATE: March 2026
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Think some of our fans need their heads checked as Bárður Sørensen got no mention in this season's award which is almost a crime. Poul Poulsen didn't even make the top three of the fans' player of the season either. Rógvi Nielsen didn't exactly shine this season which is baffling to see him pick up the award ahead of Markus Clementsen and Andras Olsen. Poul Poulsen's wonder goal in the cup final unsurprisingly was the goal of the season. Jákup Knudsen took signing of the season which is also quite baffling as he didn't set the world alight when he came in in June. Leivur Jacobsen scooped young player of the season, probably deservedly so - rate him quite highly.


Sørensen was the only player to get into double digits for goals this season, including a three month injury layoff. Markus Clementsen I mentioned previously was the unsung hero of our side, superb performances in midfield towards the end of the season. Poul Poulsen nearly left in July, but thankfully stayed here to provide those 10 assists and a stellar 88% pass completion, plus four man of the match awards. Discipline was a slight worry, especially Andrias Poulsen notching up eight yellow cards. Mylingstind and Gunnar Joensen were the only two to be sent off.


With the groundwork laid out, the upgrade of our training facilities will be completed by April next year.


Also exciting news as we've now got links with Norwegian side Bodø/Glimt who'll provide an annual sum to our club, not to mention we may leech off some of their younger players should they come on loan to us.


Finally, I've found time in my calendar to study the Continental A License which may mean I'll spend another year at EB/Streymur.


New contract to confirm the above.

NEXT UPDATE: Preseason 2026
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@Dan - Aye, was a spirit breaking defeat. Let's hope!




Friday, 3 October 2025


Advantage B36 following a convincing win over ÍF and leap into first with 47 points. Goal difference looks like it may be difficult to match.

Saturday, 4 October 2025


However the pendulum swings in our favour following a pretty routine win over TB. Largely took control of the game, more creativity and far more possession capped off with Bárður Sørensen scoring against his former employers following a delightful pass from Poul Poulsen. Sørensen had the opportunity to double his tally in the last ten minutes, only for a world class save from Casper Radza to keep it away. One down, two to go and return two points ahead of B36.


HB aren't giving up a late comeback, defeating KÍ 3-1 and keeping themselves four points behind us. May not even matter should we win our next game.

Saturday, 18 October 2025


Holy smokes was this intense, fingernails bitten down to the nub. Eyðun Joensen and Bárður Sørensen structured a 2-0 lead before twenty minutes had elapsed and had the away stand in raptures, the belief of a first Effodeildin title in 13 years was in our grasp. Didn't overcomplicate the half time team talk, despite murmurs from the crowd hearing that B36 were being held by B71 - blank minds and just see out the final 45 minutes. ÍF also had survival to fight for so they weren't going to lie down and let us get on with it. Torstein Mýlingstind made the task a lot tougher, dismissed from a second booking. Unsurprisingly the game became a lot more open and were punished hard as a poorly defended corner allowed Teitur Djurhuus a second bite of the cherry and had us biting our nails. It was backs to the wall, ÍF went 3-4-3 and drove us deeper and deeper into our own half, Hervé Din Din should have equalised but the gloves of Hansen were trustworthy as ever to keep the scoreline in our favour. The sound of the final whistle was music to our ears.


Despite a shady start, Bárður has been instrumental in a number of goals this season and converted more than any other EB/Streymur player (asterisk).

What happened though elsewhere?


B71 collapsed and collapsed hard to see relegation to the 1.deild and hand B36 one final chance to crash the party. HB are out of the question for the title despite winning at Víking.

Friday, 24 October 2025

B36 had the early game of the weekend at home to B68, knowing only a win would keep their hopes alive.



Saturday, 25 October 2025


A win was what had been required to guarantee the Effodeildin and fell short against B71. Complacent way to end the season, the visitors looked sharp and had no pressure on them to succeed whereas we had everything to lose. Rógvi Nielsen was in la la land and carelessly dallied for too long, allowing Rói Klementsen to force an early stop from Mortan Olsen who came in for the final game. Scoreless at the break, B71 kickstarted the second into motion and Klementsen redeemed himself to deservedly give them the lead. Should have been 2-0 shortly after, Arnold Kristiansen bringing Olsen into a save again and we were up against the ropes. After too many wild efforts going astray, one finally made a difference - Jakúp Olsen came on for the injured Leivur Jacobsen and pumped a long ball into the box where centre back Andras Olsen headed home. Relief on the home crowd faces. Not the best way to end the season.

So, where did that leave us?



Seven points from our last three games is quite a good closer to a very successful season.






EB/STREYMUR BRING HOME THE BACON! Breaking the curse of going 13 years without a trophy, the Effodeildin belongs to us this year. Predicted to finish seventh, I've exceeded the expectations dramatically with our faithful squad. Two points ahead of B36, four ahead of HB, all in all an outstanding season and the board are and I quote "ecstatic".


Little bit of moolah to keep things ticking too.

NEXT UPDATE: Postseason 2025
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Brave choice, best of luck with it @Shedender!
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