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Rick87 Comments
Many fans online already calling for Bobby Di Matteo to go, I don't normally like to see the sacking of a manager so soon but I have to say his tactics have been woeful, there, two shots on target against Preston after spending £50M+ is simply not good enough, and having thrown away leads in the last five minutes of five different games.
Wouldn't mind Steve Bruce even though he might not be a popular choice due to being an ex Brum manager, we know how well Alex McLeish turned our right?
About time we scored late on rather than concede.
I agree with Faroe Islands, maybe a bonus challenge in the Coca Cola GM (Greenland) too, although both of those will need editor data.
Yeah basically. He's basically lying.

But the alternative is laughing at a deceased man, in the vice grip of the disease that killed him. And even if these stories kill on the after dinner speaking circuit - its a bit off that the mainstream media seem to have found the story hilarious and fair game rather than just plain sad.

Yes, it's highly irregular for the media to try and make a quick buck from other peoples suffering.
Not within your current save. If your willing to restart you can do it on the editor.
I've signed up to do a sixty minute challenge on behalf of NSPCC, basically you can run, swim or cycle as far as you possibly can in the space of an hour and it can be completed any time before the 3rd of October. As there is a lot of cycling enthunsiasts here I thought I would post it incase anybody else would like to take part. 60 Minute Challenge 2016

And all sponsorship for myself would be very much appreciated and for a good cause. Just Giving
I'm thoroughly impressed with this so far @Rick87 please keep it coming!

Cheers Dan.
Completely forgot this game was on. Then I don't really give a fuck about the national team anyway.

I take it from the comments I didn't miss much?
You might have to do some tweaking to make it playable again, as you probably had to with your FM15 data.
Hey Guys

Not sure if this is the right place for this so if not please feel free to move it.

I have been a CM/FM player since about CM3 and love the game. This year however due to some stuff going on at home I dont think I will be able to get FM17. Due to this im looking at starting a new save right now but I have no idea what to do.

Im looking for something Pretty Long term. Something along the lines of the San-Marino Challenge however I have done this before so after something different. I am open to Club/Country or something somewhere obscure e.g Belarus.

If anyone could give me some suggestions on a Long term save that is something a little bit different I would really appreciate it.

Cheers Guys

Try Liechtenstein, I really enjoyed that, there is no professional league so clubs play in the Swiss system, FC Vaduz play in the Europa League every year due to them always winning the Liechtenstein national cup.

Failing that, you could try Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, I had a lot of in in the Baltic, it's pretty easy to dominate domestically, however Europe is a real challenge.
February 2016

February may be the shortest month, but we still had plenty of action crammed in to discuss this month;

Our unpredictable form continued into another month, although there was signs of improvement, resounding victories against Long Eaton and Shepshed pleased the fans, both of those teams were above us in the standings so we have proved we can go toe-to-toe with the bigger sides in the division, however, crushing home defeats by the likes of Coleshill will never do if we are really to become a dominant force, nor will throwing away a two goal lead against Continental Star, again at home.
Despite those disappointments we have moved back up to seventh and our place in the Midland Premier League is now secured for next season, so mission accomplished!

Drinks are on me tonight! I've now started making shortlists of new players for next season as we look to push on and make a real go at trying to get promoted, in fact I've already brought in one of my targets;

Signed on free from Basford Town, Ali began his career at Notts County but failed to make any appearances for the Magpies, he has been floating around the local non-league scene for a decade now and can hopefully find a place to settle down at here. The Italian made his debut in the win over Walsall Wood, we instantly looked more secure at the back with him being better than Sam Moore at collecting the ball. Moore returned for the MFL League cup tie with Sporting Khalsa and it is perhaps no coincidence that we lost for the third time this season to Khalsa before Barcherini donned the gloves again against Shepshed which we comfortably won.
Jerome Murdock's four goals against Shepshed set a new record for goals in a game, the former Coventry Sphinx striker is now on twenty for the season and is chasing the golden boot;

With all our cup commitments over and our place in the league secure, we can enjoy a nice relaxing end to the season and focus on finishing as high as possible. The wonderful scheduling of the MFL meens we will go nearly three weeks without a game before playing two in two days.
5/3 - Dunkirk (A) [19th]
26/3 - AFC Wulfunians (H) [22nd]
28/3 - Continental Star (H) [21st]

All three of those teams are fighting for their lives at the bottom, theoretically we should hammer them all, however we have slipped up on our fair share of banana skins already this season so I'll take nothing for granted.
Saw the FA cup displayed in one of my local shops in Ashby-de-la-Zouch today, the local team (Ashby Ivanhoe FC) reached the third qualifying round of the FA cup in the very first time they have entered the competition, they were knocked out by Ilkeston but they have broken their record attendance and hopefully got a few quid out of it which is nice.
Teams with far weaker squads than your current group have gone up and comfortably stayed in the Premiership.
I made this myself for a fantasy team I'm playing as, was wondering if it could be improved upon so the text is more legible.

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January 2016

Before I get going with this months report, I must quickly disclose that I had to replay the final game of last month against Rocester as I had left FM open overnight and my laptop restarted itself to apply an update. The result the second time around was still a draw but 2-2 instead of 1-1 this time;

Ok, on to January, just four games this month, two wins and two losses;

Both defeats came via late goals which was frustrating, thinking back a large proportion of all our reverses have been by a goal in the last fifteen minutes which is obviously a cause for concern, one possible cause of our late jitters is our slow central defenders, they struggle to cope if the opposition brings on fresh legs up front, especially if they have a bit of pace. Sadly there doesn't seem to be anyone that we can stretch our wage budget to that would be a great improvement on our current crop so we'll just have to work harder on defensive positioning in training.

Before the two defeats we had climbed as high as sixth, our highest position so far this season, sadly we have now dropped four places down to tenth;

If we can find some consistency in the last few months of the season then we could well finish in the top six which would be amazing given the media and board expected us to be fighting relegation, admittedly I have always hoped for better than that, there is no way a team that has the quality we do in attack and in particularly in midfield should be fighting for their lives at this level.

I am beginning to form an idea of the squad I want for next season and what positions we really need to improve, I've already mentioned the defence but a goalkeeper is also on my wanted list as well as a couple of new wingers. Whether I will be able to get any of the potential targets myself and my scout Lewis Druery have identified remains to be seen.

February is potentially a big month for us, most of our opponents are at the wrong end of the table so if we can get maximum points we could find ourselves suddenly right up among the big guns in the division
6/2 - Long Eaton United (A) [8th]
10/2 - Coleshill Town (H) [14th]
13/2 - Continental Star (H) [19th]
17/2 -Walsall Wood (H) [18th]
23/2 - Sporting Khalsa (A) [MFL League Cup Quarter Final]
27/2 Shepshed Dynamo (A) [6th]
Just seen on Facebook that twenty years ago today David Beckham made his England debut. Fuck I feel old.
Congratulations on the league cup win matey, hopefully you can hang on to top in the league.
December 2015

We came through the festive season as we added another ten points to the board this month;

Beating title favourites Hereford was a great result, the Bull's haven't quite hit their stride yet this season but they have the strongest squad in the division and I fully expect them to be right up there come May. Far less impressive was getting smashed 5-1 by struggling Heanor, The Derbyshire outfit exposed us time and again at the back and no matter what I tried tactically to stem the tide they utterly dominated us and the scoreline in no way flattered them, this was by far the worse performance in 1874's short history and one I'm eager never to have to sit through again. Thankfully we bounced straight back with a narrow win over North Birmingham neighbours Boldmere St Michaels, after having lost twice to the Mikes already this season I was determined we would be the ones celebrating this time and we were thanks to Neville Thompson's well placed header midway through the second half.
We finished 2015 with a share of the spoils against Rocester with Thompson again on target to rescue a point with nine minutes to go.

Still in the top half and looking all but safe in the division already which was the boards objective in pre-season, it would take a pretty terrible second half of the season for us to be relegated now. My aim now is to finisih as high as possible and to bolster my squad in the summer into one capable of taking a real tilt at the title and promotion next time.

We are through to the quarter finals of the MFL League cup where we travel to Sporting Khalsa who have already got the better of us twice this season, I am hopeful of some success in this competition so I will be doing everything to ensure we get through to the semis.

In other news, the board have agreed to let me study for a coaching badge;

Could be useful as I look to improve our coaching capabilities.

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Doesn't help that you have a genuinely mentally insane person as the chairman either.

You meen you don't belive we will be in the Champions League in three years time?!?!

In order to help us complete our domination of world football We've signed Albert Adomah fron Middlesbrough with Adama Traore going the other way.

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Judging by your start me neither, but having spent that much money surely the fans are demanding you to be up there?

The general air amongst fans and Facebook users is we would be happy just to get morale around the club back up, relations between fans and various players are still pure poison and there seems to be no real sense of optimistim. Just being in the top half of the table and putting together a few good runs would probably be enough this year, perhaps sneaking into the playoffs.
Can't you discuss club philosophes in the board request menu? Not got the game in front of me at the moment but I think that's how you change it. That or ask for a new contract and they discuss your vision for the club before hand.
Been invited for an interview by British Heart Foundation to manage one of their stores near me.
I've been simultaneously been deputy manager to two Sense stores for the last six months or so, but I'm quite excited to (hopefully) get my own shop. The area manager called just an hour after I had applied online so I reckon I must have a good chance.

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Villa have spent an insane amount of money, especially on the two up front, no excuse for them not to get promoted now.

Can't see that happening to be honest.
Really like your style of update, very detailed and yet easy to read. Keep it up matey.
Seriously? That's a bloody good effort! Did somebody get all 6? If not you'd have been a shoe in for the £5k prize.

Yeah apparently 29 people shared the jackpot, they got just over £8k each.

Was only one goal off on my super sixes this week. Just needed Southampton to have won 2-1 against Sunderland..
November 2015

November has been another month with mixed results, we started off our eight game schedule in poor fashion, getting knocked out of the FA Vase by Liversedge which was highly disappointing as I thought we had a chance in that competition of generating some valuable income via the prize money system. Things didn't get any better for us as we only managed to collect two points from the four subsequent league games, seeing us sink down the table as low as seventeenth.
Thankfully I was able to rally the troops with a team meeting which inspired them into three consecutive wins to lift us back into the top half of the table;

There is only one cup competition to worry about now after we were eliminated from the FA Vase and the Birmingham Senior cup, the MFL League cup has us pitted against Nuneaton Griff in the third round next month, I would love to collect some silverware in the club's maiden season and this competition represents my only realistic chance of doing that so I will be putting a full strength line up out. That is not to say that I am treating the league half heatedly, if we can get ourselves on a decent winning run we would soon be right up there chasing promotion, the odds on that happening were lengthened substantially though as Jake Jones was ruled out for around a year;

Jake has been a key player so far this season, scoring five times (three this month) and contributing eight assists and he will be sorely missed, I can't see any of the backup brigade being able to step up and fill the void left behind by the former Walsall man.
Left the house at half time to get some nappies and something for dinner with us 1-0 up, come back to find us 3-1 down.
Vardy has put Leicester ahead, the title retention is back on.