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DazS8 Comments
Hello, ive tried to download the Tempo Skin from their on website etc. But i know the author of the skin released an own version of the skin.. but i can't find it now.

Can somebody help me?

Here is his new Ronnie Dog Skin


The Tempo skin has had links deleted by the author as far as I can see

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i can not play with no skin , Vitrex was very good
what should i do help me !!!!
which skin do you use and enjoy ??

FLUT is IMHO by far the best skin available
Never my friend he became completely pissed off with si so he gave in making anything for Football Manager
First, ,This ball is downloaded from a German page and the creator of this Ball is diespaguetti, i put this in the post, do you read? Read where it says created by. So sorry, I'm not guilty of anything.
The link is this http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php/topic,24978.0.html?PHPSESSID=a9254f2a1fb3efefc3ecf692db0c7984

diespaguetti stole the ball in the first place and is not the creator the creator is Bart, the balls were made for our own community Facebook group originally but have also been made available on FMScout previously.
Hi rebcp, could you tell me how to download v1.2. Thanks a lot @rabcp

Here is the link
@DazS8 sorry for the delay....there you go...

Superb my friend many thanks
Great work Rab.....
Style: SS
Name: DazS
Number: 8
Club: Mansfield Town
Home Or Away: Home
What year of kits: 2017/2018
only one in my pack and i redownloaded it

I thought when you was updating club video ads there be more than one video ad in a folder for exsample chelsea has only one video ad i thought there would me more in there ???

I have 3 Chelsea video ads
Nice Christmas Present.....thanks Rab
For umpteenth time 🙈 video adboards only work for clubs/competitions marked with (video ads) on page 1. Due to a bug in the game FM18 does not load static ads into the video ads frames resulting in all other video ads appear as black and there is no fix for this

hahaha maybe someday people will read
[quote name='rabcp' user_id='22465' id='414619' timestamp='1513504249']
I’m hoping to have the first 10 EPL clubs finished by next weekend and might release and update then along with the Czech ads, League one clubs and video ads for China

Look forward to it
I can see your point but the game doesn’t read the folders it only reads the ads.xml file

Thats not true
Set up 3 folders in alphabetical order and the game will read them and their contents in that order.
I have made background packs for years and to get one to have president over another this is how you would do it, I know these are not backgrounds but the same applies.
Anyway it does not matter keep up the good work I personally have no problems with the boards and never have it is more the users that have the problem rather than the product..lol

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Can you screenshot the preferences in English please

That shouldn’t make a difference I have 3 folders in my xml folder and it all works fine

It should not make a difference but there is no need to have all in there, just the one you want to use as the game will always read in alphabetical order

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ok but I chose "club or "no club "??

I use club and dont forget to clear the cache too before trying

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Just curious but...
Try the game in windowed mode just to see if it makes a difference....turn game off then back on before trying it though after changing to windowed mode.

and yet again you have more than one xml in your ads folder.....you cant leave both in there as I stated before (see post on page 8)

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Yes hello I have it exactly as in the Faq see pictures
--user_data_location="F:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018"

Pls see my pic when klick is bigger

You appear to have both xml files in your folder I suggest removing the ones you dont use as the game this year is reading more than it should.
Also the 3 fonts should be in the font folder and dont rename it to fonts



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https://s26.postimg.org/mfy7yaedh/20171205000152_1.jpg https://s26.postimg.org/js46a6vyd/20171205000253_1.jpg https://s26.postimg.org/fbgep9745/20171205000300_1.jpg https://s26.postimg.org/heqtwx6x1/20171205000310_1.jpg https://s26.postimg.org/4yu436dl1/20171205000235_1.jpg

Arsenal update with upper tier adboards

Brilliant work
I've found something that can help. I also had black ads. When I set up the settings that are recommended for this computer, ads are working normally, but the picture is adjusted to that setting. As soon as I set my own settings to make the image run smoothly, the reals are now black. It's definitely a bug SI and it should fix it quickly, I'm pretty disgusted this year. The game is very busy and it is unacceptable to play this full game.

I have an high end graphics card but when I put it to max settings all my players turn black....another bug same as black adboards

glad everyone has their numbers sorted now

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The font folder goes as shown...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\data\simatchviewer_uncompressed


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hi all my adboard are black I do not have the name of the players and the numbers on the shirt anymore? what to do please ???? I play with Man Utd and I chose no club @DazS8

To fix the shirt numbers then download the font folder in my earlier post. (page 5)
The black boards is not really something I can help with although...
If you use or have used another pack along with this pack then please delete all traces of it before installing, this worked for me regarding black boards.

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Removed the font file and still not working, no idea why the adboards aren't working now will try to work it out later, Cheers for the help Daz

No problem m8 hope you get it sorted
Man United at the moment

Their boards are ok for me m8 as are every other team I have faced so far
Make sure you clear the cache in preferences and re load your skin after installing the fonts, you may have to turn game off then back on again if you installed the fonts with the game running
just the one not mixing

Who are you managing?
I have noticed that if a team moves to a new stadium they have blank adboards,I had the problem in my Mansfield save
I had the Adboards working before, but no numbers, now i have the numbers but no adboards, sorry mate thought it fixed the numbers so you could have both.

I dont have blank adboards myself.
Are you just using this adboard pack or are you mixing with another?
Who are you managing?

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After putting the font file in i am getting the numbers but blank adboards now Daz

I said it fixed numbers m8 not the blank adboards sorry, the two problems are not connected

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Thanks for posting this!

No problem Rab glad I could help