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DazS8 Comments
The Europe file should be removed from download in my opinion until the matter is sorted out.

Ive had a quick look and can confirm that the issue is there for me the group stage doesnt get drawn I have checked the number of teams registered etc looks right and no structural changes to the comp

I use the old European structure eg only winners of the leagues take part in UCL etc when I have chance to play the game
not going to happen for the next couple of months at this rate

Thanks mate no problem

I know your busy

Hi mate
I have seen this before when I am editing the advanced rules of continental competitions and changing the structure of a comp, but as far as I am aware nothing like this has been undertaken in the European file here, it is just basic editing eg changing teams to take part in the various comps the issue may be with the Europa not having the correct amount of teams

edit-I have taken a look in the editor and the changes are as I suggested just basic changes (history and registering/removing teams)

Ok mate thanks
I did remove the files and started again....gutted though

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@TheMinsterman @kingrobbo

I have an issue regarding Europa League guys

Started a save with Aberdeen and went on to play 8 qualifying games to get into group stages....great you say....but they never happened!!

The Europa League just stops on the 4th qualyfying round. as you can see from the date no further games have been played,,

I have checked and Champions League is going as planned though.



Now am I just unlucky and have a random save game error or is there more to it

Tried numerous save games but the same thing happens....there is a definate issue guys

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Here you go I have put this together

file for editor data folder and also face and background pictures

you will need to start a new game



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Hello, I have a question for you, do you know where I could download the update for the 2020/2021 season, which would take into account the drops and promotions of individual clubs

Our data update now has promotions and relegations etc for England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Scotland


Big thanks mate
Maybe we should have a Staff logo as well on ours Hammer....what you think?

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Name: DazS

Number: 8

Club: Man Utd

Home OR Away: Home

What year of kits : 20/21

Cheers Hammer

There's something going on behind the scenes to combine all of the backgrounds and stadium pics on this site into one pack and let people add missing images and submit changes kind of like some of the other megapacks on here so I've been waiting for that to happen. All gone a bit quiet though so not sure what's happening with it.

Its all taking shape
Just waiting for the go ahead from the powers that be
It all looks pretty impressive though

WOW @Cristianel Messinaldo your a machine.

One thing of note though is that you have Recopa Gaúcha and CONMEBOL Recopa having the same uid of 19227017

@DazS8 I have already uploaded almost the same version of Telia Parken. In your version some small blue dots are visible, I think it is public transportation that you need to turn off

Yes sorry I had not got your updated one in my pack so still had the old one.
Uploaded without looking....sorry mate

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Planning to re-release the tool alongside the upcoming NewGAN tool


Look forward to it

Let me know when tools are available

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Haven't been able to recreate this error myself yet

@DazS8 are you able to send me screenshots of how it comes up?

Does it come up instantly or after a while?

I have managed to get it working again Sam
I noticed I had to manually change the layout in Genie Scout so as to show the three coloums required.
Also needed to change the name of the destination folder to Samaroy's Regen Replacements.
I advice to just change this folder name in your download to avoid any unwanted stress
I had over 40000 players to do so I filterd each position and extracted one file for each position.... this is the way forward I believe for people who have a large amount of NewGens in their games.
Then just follw the 3 steps in the tool for each position file.
Thanks once again for a superb tool,

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I did everything step by step.
I did not rename the folders (just tried to add Samaroy's to the Regen Replacements folder to see if it's working).
I tried the tool with different .cvs files. 9k to 30k players.

I always get the run time error '13' Type mismatch at Step 15.

Same problems here

I have used the tool previously too with no issues but now not working

@DazS8 This one you need to do again. The red dot needs to be removed

Bloody hell.....will do it now

Olympique Marseille 20/21

Any chance of Marseille home shirt


Was there any need!!

Updated Premier League trophy


Hi, I might be wrong but I haven't seen anyone make the new chelsea kits yet?
If someone has time it'd be great to have them please

Home kit
Away Kit
and the ghastly third kit

thanks in advance


Dortmund Away and Third



Brilliant mate...any chance of the home one too...

Simultaneously besides improving the generated faces, I am working on an app that manages the config generation for your regens. I aim to make it cross-platform compatible (Linux/OSX/Win10). Also we teamed up with people from Zealand to improve and diversify our next facepack. Plus we have a better cleaning process, so we get rid of the "halo" most of the time completely.

We hope to release it soon, but it will still take some time. So stay tuned.

Looking forward to it....keep up the great work guys

Thanks... I know it might be obvious in this case, but please always add UID to the request

Sorry mate I forgot

Updated Premier League trophy UID=11


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I have re-uploaded and this is no longer the case. Although I would like some testing on this newer version

Ok I will test it now for you


Just downloaded latest file

You still do have to rename folder to Samaroy's Regen Replacements to get it to work.

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@Samuel Roy

We told you right from the start when I tried the tool that the folder had to be renamed to "Samaroy's Regen Replacements"

It is easy to to with Genie Scout export and some rather simple excel editing ("replace" and "cocatentate" functions ). It have done it manually for more than 100,000 IDs within less than 3 hours. By doing this, I created a textfile from which the bulk renaming tool renames all pictures in a folder according to the IDs that they should match.

I did it manually, because the ethnicity folders in the tool by above mentioned tool are still full of errors (lots of Asians faces in the Africa folder, lots of blonde whites in South East Asia etc.). So I manually created my own folders, with more granular ethnicities (e.g., White Latino (for countries like Argentina), Mixed/Black Latino (for countries like Brazl), Indian, etc....). Then I bulk renamed all pictures from 1 to X. Then I created the renaming pattern as described above, with the help of Genie Scout export and Excel, mapping each number from 1 to X to a specific ID. Then I ran the bulk renaming tool again to rename the files according to their IDs. Last step is then to use FMXML.

PRocess is quite straight forward if you know what you do. The only bottleneck is the actual availability of faces!! This is why GAN is so incredibly fantastic! If I would have 500,000 properly generated faces, I could link them into the game within within a lunch break.

Any chance of you sharing the folders you created

Thanks guys.

Please let me know if there's any more issues.

Hopefully I can make this into something people can seamlessly enjoy

Have you used any of these in the folders at all.....some great faces here I think but would need organising


Yes, that worked, thanks. Although I encountered another issue when running step 15:
FYI, I have placed FM 20 documents folder on another disk, so it's not in the usual C:\Users\User\Documents path.

Try changing the name of the folder as I did in above post.....that worked for me

(I have done it .....the issue was the name you gave to the regen replacements folder......it should be.... Samaroy's regen replacements)

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Great mate ...... here is a screenshot of one of the newgens.....



I've fixed it - it should now be "Regen Replacements"

Thanks for testing it - will re-upload the entire tool with this fix now.

Let me know how it looks in game and if you find anymore errors.

First time building a tool like this. Thanks for the feedback

No problem.....enjoyed it to be honest
Great tool well done mate