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coach.ita Comments
The sortitoutsi.net update isn't guaranteed to work with any files not included in the download itself, you use any other extra files at your own risk. Every file that forms part of the extra files is designed specifically to work with the update and simply cannot take into account clashes it may have with other files that aren't part of it, that level of coordination is impossible.

Club finances are part of the Club Changes file, English clubs have their finances updated because their windows closed earlier, other countries will follow when the window finally shuts, it's just easier to modify when clubs can't buy or sell any more.

Guys, I have only pointed out to the author of the file that with the latest updates of the Sortitoutsi Data Update his file is not 100% functional. Stop.
I realized that it is NOT about your file (I've been saying this for at least 8 hours), I just wanted to make it clear that if some user decides to download the file now, it would NOT work with the Sortitoutsi Data Update. That's all.
It seems to me that it is becoming a "state affair". I wanted to point out to those who might want to start a new game.
Is it clear for everyone now?
Sorry for the outburst ... but I see that you have not understood the reason for my messages

p.s. 9 years that I use your files, I will have a little understood how they work, right?

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I thought it was right to let you know, because if someone decided to use your file with the latest updates from the Sortitoutsi Data Update, this would not work properly as per your schedule. That's all.
i didn't change finances

I know, in fact I wrote it in the previous message.
In my opinion there is some other file that needs to be deleted, otherwise as it is it does not load all the data in the Tweaks file
my save functioned well with data update i reckon. teams budgets were too high or too low what's the exact problem ?

If you try to start a new game using the last Sortitoutsi Data Update + Tweaks file (obviously eliminating "Player and Staff" ) , you'll see that the teams' budgets have changed. It is not a modification made to the Tweaks file, I checked (Chelsea now has a 100ml budget !!).
In my opinion, but I can also be wrong, it is that there is another file that does not allow the uploading of its data.

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when you have a minute can you check if your file is compatible with the last update of Sortitoutsi Data Update? Because I did a test by excluding only the "Players and Staff" file but the teams' budgets have changed.
Thank you.
Hello i m started fm 2019 2 weeks ago but i juat can t finish a season because when i start to lose a lot i start to just can t go on, and When I start a new one try to do my best but it just can t go well, please help me how i can modify my style to play better, i m a olayer from Fm 2015 and never got at this point

Dear Fm_99,
Fm takes so much time to dedicate to him. It is not the classic "ten minute" game (I speak in general, I am not referring to you)
I use a lot of time to set the tactics to the best, every now and then I lose a few games, but I can almost always understand the reason for the defeat (wrong player positioning, marking not set, too aggressive tactics etc etc). Strength and courage, FM manages to give great satisfaction!
I have no problem deleting his file, it is his creation and it is right that he decides what to do, I would just like to understand what to delete since last night's update did not overwrite all the files. I understand that for you editors / managers it is simple ... but for me it is a bit complicated to understand what to delete
Hi everyone,
I downloaded for the umpteenth time (if I continue like this I will never start a career) your last update.
I also read the bad news about @SirTavares, I'm very sorry it's over. She has always been a helpful person and I am very sorry that she will no longer be present with her files.
That said (it was a must!), I would like an explanation about the Data Editor folder.
After copying the files of your last update I find myself:

- Base File - All Bans Removed
- Base File - All Injuries Removed
- CA PA Build 21
- General Changes
- Injuries and Ban Removed
- Live Changes
- Player and Staff Changes (owned by @SirTavares)
- Promotions and Relegations 19-20

I imagine the first to be eliminated is "Injuries and Ban Removed" ... but for everyone else?
How about (if it wasn't a problem) maybe from next year to insert in the initial Thread any changes to the names of the files so as not to end up with duplicated files?
I am going to start (yet another ) a new season and I noticed that this file is also present in the last update. It is necessary? Or can I not even include it?
Thank you!
check next build, i forced it on my file also

Ok it works

I saw your attachment ... I wait for some other user ( @clarkiebaby @Trenkunov10 ) to see if mine is an isolated case.
My situation is as follows:
Editor Data
Yet nothing has changed.

«This comment has been edited»
works fine here with latest update

I downloaded the latest update (time Italy 14:15:51) but does not appear as a coach



I just checked and in the data editor folder I only have all your files

«This comment has been edited»
I didn't understand how the changes work but the error is also present in the last update.
In the notes it would seem correct last night (if I understand correctly).
Gabriele Oriali he is not the Inter coach, but is first team technical manager
The Coach is Antonio Conte (in the update he is listed as a second coach)


EDIT: Hi @SirTAVARES , I downloaded the latest update and now Gabriele Oriali does not appear as Inter coach, but Antonio Conte has remained as a second coach.
To be more precise, one could remove Marco Domenichini and include Gianluca Conte (brother of Antonio Conte) as his second coach.
Domenichini was on the staff of the former Inter coach of the past season (Spalletti)

«This comment has been edited»
Gabriele Oriali he is not the Inter coach, but is first team technical manager
The Coach is Antonio Conte (in the update he is listed as a second coach)


EDIT: Sorry, I got the wrong section

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in the file where the transfer ban is just remove it yourself in the editor it will take no time to do

its nothing to do with this file its player/staff changes only no club changes in this file ...it does what it says on the tin, players and staff

Sir Tavares does more than enough here mate will take you seconds to do

Dear Kingrobbo,
Here you can see all the history This, in this specific case I was wrong to report the help request in this thread.
As you can see before asking, I tried it by myself ... but if you have advice on how to set everything up on your own ... no problem!
I don't force anyone to create something for myself, you can be more than comfortable about this. Peace and love

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I wanted to ask you a favor: could you create me this file but without the Chelsea market blocked?
Thank you!
I attach picture where there is a duplicate: Paul Balsom
use this instead of the .xml

Thank you so much!
I didn't want to ask for such a thing because I've always been of the idea that you have to try yourself first, but I have to say that this time I tried them all without being able to solve.
Now check on the forum and I see that you have created a file for me without the "problem".
Thank you very much SirTavares, really.

«This comment has been edited»
it's not because u loaded the original database

True! I tried to load yours but it warns me that it was created using an older version of the database and consequently cannot load it.
Is it not possible to directly modify the xml file line with any xml program?

Nothing ... in the end I tried them all but I couldn't change anything. I tried with the editor to insert the dates in the original database but they are not considered.
The only solution (even if it annoys me a bit) is to buy the editor in game, maybe with this I could make the change. I'm slightly ... sad !!!
If you have other ideas, write to me

«This comment has been edited»
ah u want to eliminate
just go to editor, search chelsea and then remove the transfer embargo

I tried to verify but I find only fields where to insert dates (so it doesn't even seem activated)

i changed the name, delete the other files and download the ones from next build

I deleted the contents of the whole "data editor" folder and inserted all the files of the last update (except contracts and age) but the Chelsea market is still blocked


I try again with the update released 30 minutes ago

«This comment has been edited»
it's already in Players and Staff Changes.xml inside the Live Transfer Update

I had already entered it but it does not allow me to do market anyway

I had downloaded yesterday's update and the "new players and staff" file was present. Now I have downloaded the latest update and inside is the new "Player and Staff Chanced" file.
Probably not present in yesterday's version. Thank you!

«This comment has been edited»
Hi guys,
I would like to eliminate the Chelsea market block, is it a complicated thing? Thanks
I started a new adventure with Chelsea but I noticed that for every element of the staff that I decide to hire, the company that holds the card requires exaggerated compensation.
I know that these requests do not touch the transfer budget, but it is surreal (17.25M !!!!)
Does it have anything to do with the contract file in the update?

I did a test by deleting the two update files (contracts and years of age) and it came back completely normal.
Leaving these two files I imagine that in the end FM will somehow count these absurd values, isn't it? Doing so would add up shopping spending in general ... correct?

«This comment has been edited»
Hi guys, I'm struggling with an atrocious doubt that is making me look at the pc screen without knowing what to do
unfortunately I was not able to get a copy of your update before the sale of Hazard to the real madrid, and now I find myself without my best player in the team but above all without any extra money to be able to replace it.
Is there a possibility to find a copy of your db before the sale of Hazard?
Or is there a possibility (but only if the PC does not evaluate it as cheats !!!) to manually set a budget for purchases a little higher?
Thank you
hehehe, there hasn't been a new version released since 3.0 because there haven't been that many changes proposed, so go right ahead and start a new game with the existing files

You are always the number one !!

Tonight I start a new adventure with Wolverhampton !!!
This question could make @mons angry ... but I have to do it anyway: is there an update to this version 3.0? Because I would like to start a new game ... but if there was a release date I would be happy to wait!

«This comment has been edited»
"This file DOESN'T work with the domnestic league changes file in the data update: https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-data-update";.
Can I still install all the other files of the Sortitoutsi Update right? The only one that I should exclude is "domestic league" correct? Thank you
There have been only a small number of changes to the file since the last release. Hardly worth releasing a new one. If you want, PM me for the updated files

Ok,Thanks mons

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