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Ivs Comments
Hey ducc, are you planning an update of your logopack?
Thanks bolid! Really good job!
Guys, I noticed that East Thurrock played with an alternative home kit earlier this season manufactured by Jartazi.
Someone could create this kit and add it (NOT replace it) to the pack?
Here's an image:
What a great effort from @Fido797 and @AlexDepa!
Thank you so much guys!
Thanks for San Marino kits, @AlexDepa96!
Outstanding job @Pontuzzz . Really quality work. Many thanks!
@Pontuzzz & @nikandv really impressive work guys!
Keep going mates!
Thanks for 3.Liga maxi9494. Really good job!
Okay finally finished!

English Conference 16/17
Made by Fido797

Credits for help and includes some of Beasts kits.

Also thanks to Ivs for help finding sponsor photos

Fido797, massive thank you for your outstanding and quality job: lots of accurate kits and combinations. I really like it!
If you are planning to create also Vanarama North & South (would be great!) don't hesitate to ask me any help with sponsor or anything else involving kits.
Cheers mate and thanks again!
Stunning logos! Definitely one of my favourite.
Thanks cHMIELu!
No more updated kits? And english lower leagues?
Brilliant effort schweigi. I loved so much your last year logos!
Thank you so much!
2. Chester back shorts sponsor is "Searchability":

Pack almost finished except the list below to fully complete

Added sponsors to backs of shorts and shirts for all kits in conference using a very good galleries on Sutton United FC, Woking and Dover's websites after a lot of research.

Just need help with a couple of things that I have had no joy trying to find or been able to see clearly.

1. What does it say on the back of Bromley FC socks? Looks like UN-DONZ (but not sure)

2. Back of shorts sponsor on Chester kits (Can't make it out on pics I've found, its the same for home and away)

3 Colour of acp sponsor logo on Barrow Third Shorts Thanks Beast had sponsor but photo's clearer thanks

4.Picture of Eastleigh third kit showing shorts and socks
Found but its last season's, did it anyway

5.Picture of Gateshead third kit showing shorts and socks Thanks Beast

Okay if anyone can help I can complete pack.

1. sponsor on back socks of Bromley:

Someone is able to create Rotherham third kit 2014/15?
Unfortunately this kit is not present in Championship pack from the download section.
Thanks in advance.

Here some images:



Ivs can you put that kits here on forum, with download pack?

You mean here https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/8/3d-kits? As an individual pack?
Remember that kits are not mine, I just create config. If Rus86 (the kitmaker) agrees, no problem.
Sorry guys for reposting this and being impatient but I would be very happy if someone could make Le Havre kits (Ligue 2 France) home and away. I will pay for it if someone can make those kits. I don't want to be rude, just really like the club I want to use the new kits.


You can find the sponsors on the bottom of the page

Le Havre kits, as well as all LIgue 1 & 2 kits, are in-game by default, both 2d and 3d version. So you already have these kits in your game.
hi how do i move these kits to the game ?

I uploaded Paris FC kits made by Rus86 plus config file made by me. Just download the attachment file and place the folder inside the archive to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016
Then clear cache and reload skin. That's it.


«This comment has been edited»
Here Paris FC kits, made by Rus86:
Paris FC Home & Away
Has anyone got pictures of Aldershot Away shorts and socks for this season please? Can't find decent pic. Made home, away and third kit so far for conference.

Hope these pictures are helpful to you:
1) vs Dagenham


2) vs Lincoln


3) vs York & Torquay

Anyone who has the Coventry City 2015/16 H/A kits? Thanks

Here the official SI standard kits:
http://i.imgur.com/MPDIwcS.png http://i.imgur.com/eCh8cyt.png
I specifically wrote that the red & white third kit wore by the team that season is missing from the pack.
I read there was a relink with Mansfield 3rd kit, however kit is missing.
Just noticed that Mansfield red & white third kit is missing from the pack. Anyone could post it?
Tadcaster Albion



Thanks for Tadcaster kits! Really good job!
If you are able and have time make other lower leagues kits.

«This comment has been edited»
Why are the Liverpool kits completely wrong? Not just color swaps, but they are kits that don't actually exist. Southampton have a color swap issue. But I don't get whats up with Liverpool's kits. I'm not complaining. I do appreciate the work put and love the FC'12 kits. I'm just really confused why Liverpool are the only team with fake kits.

Download the kits from fmslovakia and you will have correct liverpool kits.

However there are other problems:
1) Sunderland away should be third. Sunderland third design is totally wrong: please create correct Sunderland away kit
2) Everton third should be yellow and NOT light orange
3) Hull third should be purple and NOT white
4) West Ham third kit is wrong, particularly the badge. Sponsor should be black.

I hope these errors will be fixed because this design is really stunning!

P.S. I'm appealing to FC'12 kits staff: I noticed you uploaded on fmscout Championship & League 1 kits, too. Will you post those kits also here on sortitoutsi, right?
In addition I would let you know that some Championship and League 1 kits are missing...
Just some suggestions by me, not criticism about your amazing job!
Hi all!
I'm looking for the latest version of SSKCC for FM 2012. I downloaded English SS kits down to level 9 and I would like to start a career in England, but I needed this file in order to have all the colour corrections.
I've already asked mons and hammer9 but with no luck. Maybe someone in this forum still have the file and could kindly pass it to me?
Thanks in advance guys!
Outstanding quality logos! Grazie mille ducc!
Just a note: Luton Town logo is outdated. This is the new logo:

P.S. It's circular.
ducc, I can't wait for you super high quality pack. I hope you will release it very very soon!
No relink yet?