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OistyT commented on: Southampton's Road to Success
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Ivs Comments
@bolid74, I just found out that Doncaster Rovers played in a special third kit against Northampton Town this season. Any chance to make this "forgotten" kit?
Here some pics:

Thanks @cHMIELu for the extraordinary logos!
Could you please make Harrow Borough logo in order to complete all English 7th tier leagues?
Here the two version:


And also these logos, please!


Thanks for all the hard work!
@cHMIELu, first of all congratulations on the birth of your baby!
Thanks for the logos you made: they are stunning as always!

Could you please add the word "North" to the black National League logo? Could you create the horizontal black and white version of National League logos I posted before, too?

Furthermore, I spotted some outdated or missing logos:
1) Brackley Town have a new logo:

2) Weston-super-mare have a new logo:

3) Whitehawk have a new logo

4) Billericay Town have a new logo:

5) Brightlingsea Regent logo is missing:

6) Harrow Borough logo is missing:

7) Staines Town logo is missing:

8) Dorking Wanderers have a new logo:

9) Bishop's Stortford have a new logo:

10) Redditch United logo is missing:

11) Marine FC have an alternative logo:

Extra: Northern, Southern & Isthmian league logos. Hope you could make these logos in order to use them for Northern, Southern and Isthmian league cups.


Obviously, take the time you need and focus on your priorities.
Take care of yourself and your family, mate!
@cHMIELu really love your logos, but unfortunately some of them are outdated.
I really like to start my careers in England, so I would post the corrections needed in this country:

1) Vanarama slightly changed its logo, so league logos changed accordingly:
Black version #1:
https://i.imgur.com/CQpK46t.png https://i.imgur.com/NC9dVOU.png https://i.imgur.com/nq97OHa.png

Black version #2:
https://i.imgur.com/uMXKCbz.png https://i.imgur.com/NsnY3q0.png https://i.imgur.com/8nuGqEt.png

White version #1:
https://i.imgur.com/q0XpgUQ.png https://i.imgur.com/n73lB3z.png https://i.imgur.com/ZYQT987.png

White version #2:
https://i.imgur.com/LVHj6SQ.png https://i.imgur.com/y5vAuVP.png https://i.imgur.com/w8EbU2n.png

2) Isthmian League changed its sponsor: now it's Bostik, not Ryman:
version #1:

version #2:

3) FA Vase have a new logo:

4) Havant & Waterlooville changed their logo a couple of years ago:

5) Hampton & Richmond Borough changed their logo:

Hope you will update your logopack.
I will not hesitate to highlight new and missing logos. Thanks in advance.
@Beast72 I just noticed that Port Vale away kit is missing and it's not in the pack. Could you be so kind to upload it?
I'll do it if you could be so kind to find me some pictures, or links to galleries so I can see kits from few angles. PM me

I don't know if you already have images. However here some photo galleries:
- Home kit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157688032523283
- Home kit (blue shorts+blue socks): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1109249702548718.1073741840.1036504746489881&type=3
(Sorry for pictures quality. I will try to find better pics)

- Away kit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/localbusdriver/sets/72157685707445223/
@A11_Smithy, I'm speechless! Thank you so much for your dedication!
I imagine those Bamber Bridge kits took ages...

You and @bolid74 are making this FM edition the best one ever released. What a great time to start a career in England!
I appreciate you guys!
A small side project of mine, English level 8 Northern leagues north and south. Some 60% of kits are in high resolution.

Superb kits! Thanks bolid.
I hope Bostik North & South will follow.
Also working on Evo-Stik Northern Div 1 North as I'm running a save there, pack will be posted once complete, 4-5 teams left to do

Wow, what a great news!
Thank you so much!

Thanks Ivs, I knew I can count on you :-)

Always a pleasure!
Glad to help you anytime guys.
They seems pretty good. Thanks @fmbig83!
Maybe Leicester home and away are too bright, but all the kits seems good overall.
Could anyone point me to a gallery where Derby played in their 3rd kit? I need to see back of the shirt

Here some pics:

Last night Kettering Town eventually played in their new (away or third?) white kit. Here some pics of the complete kit:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157692919125014
Guys, no one is working on standard kits anymore?
The new design is not bad and it's a shame we don't have EPL or La Liga kits.
Marvellous kit! Thanks bolid!
@A11_Smithy, any chance to see a 3D version of this kit? Blyth will adopt this kit against Southport on 3rd March.
Blyth Spartans will be wearing a commemorative shirt:

I might make few League one teams when I'm done with championship. While you wait, please make me a favour and investigate if Charlton ever used their 3rd kit :-)

Here's Cardiff home and away. Again same question, did they play in their red 3rd kit?

- Cardiff City played in their 3rd red strip against Birmingham City:


- Charlton Athletic played in their 3rd white strip against Scunthorpe United:


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SkyBet League 2 for FM17.

Thanks to bolid74 for the Notts Co away shirt pattern

Thank you so much Beast!
Quality kits as always. Sensational effort!
Here the only Benevento kits made by @Korvin with the config file:
bolid, that Barnsley third kit is simply sensational!
Obviously all the other Championship kits look great! Thanks for them.
So a full Championship pack is around the corner?
@hammer9 these are the default kits made by Sports Interactive!
I already checked and they are identical. Furthermore, there are no Benevento kits in this pack. So no doubt these are the kits made by SI.
Wow bolid, that Plymouth away kit...
What a nice touch the official EFL font numbers.
They look stunning, bolid!
You have to forgive me, since I am quite rusty with Football Manager... what are exactly "kit colour changes"?

A last question (I really hope that I am not bothering you): by any chance do you have the FM 2011 3d kits too?
Thanks and take care

"kit colour changes" is a file that match the club kits colours in the database with SS kits colours. Nowadays it's called "SSKCC".
You have to put the dbc file in Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2018 \ editor data before starting you career in order to see the modifications.

You can download FM 2011 3d kits from here:
hammer9 posted this pack some months ago.
Hello everybody,

I would like to know if it's still possible to find a kits megapack for FM 2011: I didn't find it in the several kits session, I just found separated packs for several leagues (but for most of them the related links are unfortunately no longer working).

Many thanks in advance

Sure, mate.
Here the SS kits megapack for 2010-11 season:
I have also the "kit colour changes" file. I can't seem to find the download link anymore, so I attached the file.

If you prefer the standard kit type, here a 2010-11 standard kits megapack with tons of kits:
Sensational work @bolid74!
Thank you so much for all 7 leagues kits. A really great display by you!
Top quality work @A11_Smithy and really outstanding pack!
Good to see you working on National League kits.
Thank you so much, mate!
Simply Touch owners cannot add or use custom updated db. You cannot add leagues or use transfer db.
io ho fatto tutta la serie b per fm18

English please!
And by the way, what a smart move to request money for your kits, you greedy soul...
Hello all!!!
Can someone make me the home,away and third 3d kit of Morecambe FC?
here are the kits...
thanks in advance!!!

Morecambe 3D kits are already in-game by default.