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Ivs Comments
A quick and simple fix is needed in Isthmian Premier: you misspelled Horsham name and you wrote "Horseham". Config file is correct instead. So that's the reason why Horsham kits didn't work in game.

In addition to this, Wingate played at Enfield in a claret Legea kit from a few seasons back:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157712003000131

Same thing for Chesham United, which retain their black and yellow kit from a couple of seasons ago in more than one occasion during the season:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157711834604006

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I just thought you were not so sure about their away kit, so I supposed that was the reason for a placehorder kit.
If you need help and research for other kits, give me a shout.
hello guys, anyone of our lovely creator 3d kits wanna build serie b italia league @bolid74 maybe? haha

You should look here: https://football-manager.forumcommunity.net/?t=61450761
Credits to FCL and Football Manager Italian Forum
There's not. I searched every league from alpha to retail, nothing

Did you look for any other graphic files in fmf archives (e.g. sigraphics or simatchviewer), too?
Maybe files for players?
I remember your post on the official forum where you asked for a kit mesh file, but nobody give you an answer.
They are making it harder for 3d modders year after year. Such a nonsense!
The only solution could be asking again for this file on the official forum or try and get some help on forums like zenhax or xentax in order to extract the FM 20 3D player model, so it could be tested with textures applied.

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Is there any graphic file in the game folder or inside fmf archives with polygonal meshes for kits?
I didn't check cause I don't have the game installed on my computer at the moment.
May I ask how do you make those previews of 3D kits, on players close to camera? I saw it on your FB

He uses this debug camera option: https://community.sigames.com/topic/486983-fm19mod-manager-camera-angle/

Unfortunately, it only works on FM 18 & 19 since this option seems no more available in game.
I thought you already knew this mod.
I looked everywhere on the net for confirmation of Marlow away kit, but with no luck. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on it.

Marlow finally wore what I strongly suppose is their new away kit in the match against Hertford:

Mission accomplished!
Yesterday Romford returned to wear the Givova shirt as their away strip, but with Puma shorts and socks: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157712933128621
Maybe you should re-include the Givova shirt as alternate in the pack.
It's not easy looking after the Tamplin circus, even dealing with their kits.
New finding: Romford played a cup match at Aveley in a simple plain yellow strip back in September 2019


Anyway, they played the same fixture in Isthmian North in the home shirt, but with the yellow shorts and socks combination as it was in the cup:

It could be useful to add this alternate yellow shirt in order to avoid kit clash with teams wearing blue and white colours in-game. I would also add alternate yellow shorts and socks to the home strip in the editor file.
Simple and clear. Thank you for explaining this.
If you need any other info for teams or kits, please let me know.
Thank you for the quick update, mate!
Is there a chance to see an Hi-res version of the old kits you made and included in the pack, like Hitchin third, Hertford Away and all the others?
And what about the Margate third kit posted before? You will add it to the pack?
Thanks again as always!
Storage is no problem, bought a new iPad with 128GB. The regular data updates so I get all january transfers and all managers that have changed clubs...

Unfortunately, you cannot add data updates to FM Mobile. Furthermore, the mobile database is more streamlined and contains less players and data than the full PC version, so it's pretty useless to download the logopack and facepack here on sortioutsi.net because you would only eat up storage space for clubs and players which are not in the database.
I suggest you to visit websites dedicated to mobile version of the game, such as fmmvibe.com
- No, you can't add new countries leagues or extra lower leagues to existing nations.
- No, there isn't any official in-game editor.
- No, FMRTE works only with the PC version of FM Touch and with the full fat version of the game.
- Yes, you can manage a national team, but not at the start of the game. You have to buy this option through the in-app store or unlock it for free during your career in order to do that.
I'm sorry to resume this thread, but I'll ask you a last effort for FM 18/19 editions @bolid74: could you please release missing 2019/20 template packs for League 1 & 2
Thank you.
Hertford Town away
Marlow away
Staines Town away
Ware away
Moneyfields away
Kidlington home

Hertford Town (away): kit is the same as last season according to pic galleries dated back to December 2019 and January 2020.

Staines Town (away): new Adidas away kit since start of the season.

https://www.harlowtownfootballclub.co.uk/teams/86425/match-centre/1-4529978/photos (click on the images to enlarge them)
Socks wore against Harlow are alternative home socks. Away socks should be a sort of navy colour according the following picture and video footage of the match against FC Romania:

Ware (away): same Nike away kit as last season, even though official website report a new away kit based on Errea template. But they played in Nike away strip till at least December 2019. Proof under spoiler

Moneyfields (away): same as the one in the kitpack, so confirmed. They played in their Macron green strip early this month

Kidlington (home): home kit is now a fairly basic Joma Template. Photo gallery under spoiler.

That's it for now. I looked everywhere on the net for confirmation of Marlow away kit, but with no luck. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on it.

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Thanks for the update bolid!
I noticed that Romford away kit is marked as "placeholder kit". Anyway, their away kit is now manufactured by Puma: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157712589189927
I'll let you know if any other kit is needed. Thank you as always for your committment to English football graphics.
Tell me one thing, if you're their fan maybe you'll know better; is away kit pink or yellow?

Yellow kit is their away kit, according to this tweet: https://twitter.com/GainsTrinityFC/status/1160267164269666304
Pink shirt was introduced in October, so it's definitely their third kit: https://twitter.com/GainsTrinityFC/status/1176428295031787526

Do you need any pics gallery?
Really nice Macron design!
Well done, bolid!

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Sensational effort!
Well done @mva0322!
Really nice kits! Great job!
Are you going to realize any other default kits for FM 2020 after the Premier League pack?
Juventus and Spanish teams need your graphics skills...
Just saying...

P.S. My only doubt about the kits is the size of the Premier League sleeve badge. Maybe it's slightly too big? What do you think? Should it be included?

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If you want to show a preview of your kits, you can simply upload your pics on imgur.com for example and then copy them here. Or you can just attach the images in your message. But I trust you, so no need for a preview.

I also have been in contact with some of the other site managers regarding kits and they have been hit with infringement notices by clubs for hosting kits - has that happened over here? i don't want to get anyone in trouble!
I think and I sincerely hope that none of this involved sortitoutsi.net. Anyway, for more info I suggest you to contact @hammer9

As for using the in game editor to get the Man City third kit to work. I have the steam version of FM2020 and the in game editor doesn't work. I've had numerous correspondence with SI Games about it and they are super unhelpful - they really do not care and are unwilling to refund . I don't support you know where I can get that SSKCC file from? Luckily i was able to use FMRTE (mac version) to change one of the extra pairs of Third Kit socks into a Shirt - thanks for that info!
You can download the SSKCC for FM20 here: https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/51933/some-kits-not-working-sskcc2023-v01-for-ss201920-kits-on-fm20-only-030120-new
or you can download the SS English kitpack made by bolid and put the editor data file contained in this pack in the editor data folder: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/49146/england-english-leagues-level-1-6-premier-ss2019-20-new-310719-not-sskcc-yet
Bolid already made it here: https://sortitoutsi.net/comments/get/512638
He will probably add it to the pack very soon.

P.S. to bolid or the mods: the thread should be renamed to 3D and not SS in order to avoid confusion.

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Truly sensational work bolid. Thank you so much!
Anyway, I have to ask you this: how do you sure that all the lines and parts of your kits fits together properly? Do you have a FM 3D player kit model to use in blender or in any other modelling software? Or do you just test your 3D kits in game and that's it?
I'm really impressed that you constantly achieve this astonishing quality without testing your textures in a 3D model like many FIFA or PES kitmakers do.
mva0322, great to see you working on these kits. Unfortunately, I cannot see the preview on dropbox since it require to sign in.

Regarding the Man City third kit problem, you have to use the SSKCC file by hammer or the editor data file released by bolid74 in his SS England 1-6 kitpack.
Alternatively, you can add the Man City third shirt in the pre-game editor or through the in-game editor.
The reason is the shirt is not present in the db, so you have to add it.
See this: https://sortitoutsi.net/comments/get/505010
Let's see pictures, then I'll decide if it's worth the trouble

I thought you already saw it. Ok, here we go:
Front 1
Front 2
Front Close-up
bolid, are you going to make Margate third shirt?
They will debut in their new special uniform tonight, but I must ask you this before posting pics because is a difficult and maybe tedious kit to do.
As always, if you need help, I'm here.
@mva0322, bear in mind that 2 Premier League teams already have licensed kits: one is Watford, as always. The other is Arsenal, but their kits are available only for the owners of the Arsenal Edition DLC version of the game. If someone with this game version want to help you, he could extract the kits files and pass them to you here.