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Ivs Comments
I'd make them right away but so far I couldn't find pictures of a full kit

Both teams still have to wear those kits: Brentford should play in their 3rd strip this saturday against Millwall. Lincoln City were supposed to wear their 3rd kit against Sunderland ten days ago, but they eventually opted for their home kit.

I dont suppose you know of any facepacks to match the time do you?

Cut-Out Megapack 3.0 for FM 2011
Hi everyone!
I'm still playing and enjoying FM 2009 from time to time and I really loved the FMG'09 kit style.

I managed to find all the 6 English divisions, (plus level 7 & 8 Unibond Northern Premier leagues and Ryman Premier), all 4 Italian divisions, all 3 German divisions and some major european leagues.
However, I saw that eventually a FMG'09 kits megapack was released at that time, but unfortunately all links on the internet expired.
Someone still have this megapack stored somewhere?
I'm particularly looking for BGB Southern Premier kitpack (England Level 7), Ryman North & South kitpacks (England Level 8) and kits for all 3 Spanish tiers.
Hope someone still have these files and is willing to share them.

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Great job guys! Thank you so much!
If you need any specific help with the research, give me a shout.
Hi guys! Is there anyone who still plays (or has somewhere in his cpu/usb pen) FM2008? I'm looking for skins, logos, kits,... All files online seem to be down.

Here an archive with all the patches I collected for FM 2008 (skins, kits, faces, logos, real competitions names and more). Also, the patches that VP. linked to you are included.

Bolid, any chance to create the special kit wore by Man City in the Community Shield final?
It could be great to see this kit as an alternative one in the pack.

Some news for you about Non-League Step 3 and 4 teams:

Plus, some photo albums from the weekend. No teams are wearing sleeves badges at the moment as it seems they are not required to do so.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157710224126152
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157710233034747
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157710235524261

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Tadcaster Albion kits for the new season



Nice kits Smithy, but Evo-Stik badges are now outdated cause Step 3 and 4 leagues have a new title sponsor for the upcoming season. I'll link you a pic of the new badge if I found one by chance. Otherwise, we should wait for the start of the season.

Bolid, any chance to release SS templates further down to Level 7 and 8?
When you'll have a chance to catch breathe, English SS 16/17 and 17/18 templates would be great, too (if you still have it and you are willing to share them).
@bolid74 I'm late to the party, but did you know Altrincham and Dulwich played with special strips during the season? Or did you prefer to not make them since they are only special kit?
Just to know.
If you want to add them, I could pass photo galleries as always.
Try the hostr.co link. It's working
Thanks ducc!
Quality logos as always.
I can fulfill some requests.

It's great especially when people point out outdated logos, but if there are loads and loads of requests (or if the requests include logos that cannot be found in good enough quality) I might not be able to do them all in a timely fashion.

Then I'll take this opportunity to request Phoenix Sports logo, an English club. Their logo is missing in your pack.
ID is 8601369

Thanks @ducc for the reply on the update pack situation.
However, any slight chance to fulfill spare logos requests?
Seems there's a conflict between the sortitoutsi data update and the one released by FMInside which you are using.
Try to untick the latter when you start a new game in the advanced setup.
@apass93 I encountered some problems: both editor and the game cannot recognize the file. I never experienced something like this with fmf files.
Could be the file corrupted?
I didn't test it on FM 19 cause I'm still stuck on FM 17.
So for me this file is a godsend.
What a must-have addon for all English lower leagues managers!
No more MichaeI Oliver officiating at Level 7!
I had no idea someone came to the rescue with this file until right now.
Thanks @apass93
That buil of FMRTE is compatible with 10.3 version, but should obviously be backward compatible with older version of the game.
Did you already tried it?
Chapeau bolid!
That Chelsea kit is stunning. You showed really masterclass skills!
@bolid74 a minor fix is needed for Bognor Regis home shirt:
there's a feathered club crest on the front left and the right back of the shirt:


Here you can take a close look at the shirt with last season sponsors:
Thank you so much mate!
I'm patiently waiting for your Isthmian North templates when you've done, too (obviously no rush!)
I need to adapt Witham home and Grays away kit (that fluo negative logo is not easy to realize).
Thanks again for your extremely appreciated contributions!
Quite a fashion house you've got here, bolid
Anyway, you'll forgive me if I ask you rest of your English tier 7 & 8 template, but I need to adapt some of them for kits I'm creating.
Keep up the good work!
I've created a photoshop template that allows you to bend the logos around the shape of the jersey. Happy to share if someone (who knows photoshop) wants to help me create a full set of 18/19 premier league kits.

West Ham home kit progress attached

Interesting project.
Do you use any existing kit texture to create 2d standard kits?
Maybe a kit already created?
Before extracting graphics.fmf you should try to edit your config in this way:

<record from="yourteamname_1.png" to="graphics/pictures/team/yourteamid/kit_textures/home/2018"/>

Add this line to your config for all your kits with the year at the end. Try first to add these lines to your config (not overwrite your original lines) and if it not work, try to replace them.

As alternative you could use pre game editor or in-game editor to edit kits. You should just duplicate the shirt and add year 2018 to duplicate shirt.
Hope this could help you.
Great effort bolid!
Your kits have given a totally new dimension to English careers on FM.
Maybe scout team is overstaffed.
9 scouts are a big number for a 7th tier club
Hi everyone. I'm currently managing my home town Lancaster in the Evo Stick Prem where I am trying to manage my finances in a way that I can build the team ready for the higher leagues.
I have reduced the wages to next to nothing however every month the sub expense "Other" just sucks away at my hard work meaning that my only hope of making a profit is to have a good cup run. (kinda hard when I'm only paying my team £950 /week. Does any one know how I can reduce this "other"?

Did you arrange any friendly at home before or during the season?
Have a look at this possible explanation
@bolid74 I really like the new 3d template concept.
Anyway, is there any chance to see English level 7 18/19 templates?
First of all, you need some knowledge on basic image editing, like copy, paste, resize, rotate parts of image.

Then you copy various body parts, like chest, back, sleeves from FM 18/19 textures, here's the layout:


Resize and rotate parts to fit FM17 (and older) layout:


bolid, could be possible to create a psd file with automatic conversion process? Just Insert the FM 2018 texture and then photoshop does the main conversion work?
I remember some sort of files to convert FIFA kits to older FIFA 10 & 09 kits format. This method has been really helpful to update FIFA Manager 3D kits.
Is that even possible?
I perfectly understand this could be an annoying request, but it may potentially be a great tool for many football manager players stuck in the past.

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