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Ivs Comments
@Day Tripper It's Division One South of the Northern Premier League.
If you look for the two First Divisions of the Southern Football League, unfortunately they were not released for FM 2015.
Colchester away 20/21


Colour doesn't seem right on this one - should be more of a green colour and not a grey.


Edit - how weird, colour looks perfect on my phone, but looks grey on my PC!

@bolid74 even to me the shirt seems a bit too grey. I don't know if this is due to the lightning effects on the kit.
Anyway, I leave you the kit texture used in FIFA 21. Maybe can be useful as a reference.

I take this opportunity to ask you if you will add Mansfield charity strip.
Do you need any picture?
I'm looking for a partner who is very interested in english leagues on levels 7 – 8.

In past seasons english leagues levels 1-6 would be mostly done by now and I would start to work on level 7. However, this season the epidemic pushed back kit releases for months so it's all very late on schedule. I'm not even close to completion of leagues 4-6 and if SI again changes 3D template this year, the creation of levels 7-8 will be in question because a lot of stuff from levels 1-6 will have to be remade and creation of new templates take time.

So, in order to speed up the process, I need a partner who would take an easy but time consuming task: to browse all teams from levels 7 and 8 and get me links to either a good website gallery or/and even better, regularly updated Flickr account (might be from a local photographer, not necessarily club owned). All you have to do then is to PM me and send me links like this:
Lewes flickr:

If someone can do that, that would speed up kit making for weeks. Please note, I don't need pictures for each team to create SS kits, those are very easy to come by. I just need quick links for galleries that will be mostly used for 3D kit making, editor color correction and updates to SS kits

I'm all for it. You can count on me.
Thank you for sharing them, bolid.
Yeah for some reason the game has a 3rd kit on the clubs Info page so it shows the rubbish generic 3rd kits

Have you tried the latest colour changes file?
Just a note that Stevenge's 3rd kit isn't in the game
Also I'm missing Kettering's 3rd kit too

Can anyone add them please?

Both teams didn't use or announce any third kit for this season, at least for now.
English Premier league PSD files pack is now complete (added missing third kits West Ham, Brighton, Burnley, Bournemouth):


bolid, now that 2019/20 season is over, is it possible to "get our hands" on the rest of English lower leagues templates you made for the the kitpacks you have released?
Thank you.
Any news or update on this project, @Maradonna?
@mons I found a better picture. Can you remade the cut?

Hold tight @bolid74.
New kits for Margate:

They also retained their last season Libertines History kit, which has been already worn in ther opening Isthmian league fixture of the new campaign.

Is there a section where we can request real trophies not present in Football Manager database?
@ducc English Southern League Cup logo (94029475)
@bolid74 some new badges for you, in case you missed them:

Premier League


The anti-racist badge is put under the white right sleeve badge. In some rare cases, is attached above instead. The white and yellow badge have a transparent background already.

National League


Great cut!
Thank you @Qvordrup!
Any chance to update Sky Bet Championship trophy picture with the following one? UID=12


Can you cut the trophy and release it in its original resolution, too?
Thank you.

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As for levels 1-6, I plan to add 3 missing third kits, but remake of Millwall will probably not happen

bolid, can you release the final update you mentioned some weeks ago?

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Absolute legend!
Thank you!
Thank you! Yes I do usually put in an editor data file in with 3d kit packs, as what is in the database and what is in reality doesn't always match up.

I appreciated all the efforts you put on Venezuelan, Colombian, Irish and now Argentinian lower leagues. Thank you so much for that!
Now a slightly off topic question: can you point any SS high-res pack out to me for the leagues you released? Are there any?
I'm especially looking for Irish 2020 SS pack, but Colombian and Venezuelan ones would be great, too.
Unfortunately, none of them are available to download here on sortitoutsi.
ok, thank you bolid. If you already made Windsor kits, please add them in the next update, too.
Furthermore, if you are not going to add missing 3rd kits for Bishop's, Lowestoft, Hitchin or Bedfont, do you think maybe the case to remove them from the editor kits colours file in order to allign SS and 3D packs?

As for levels 1-6, I plan to add 3 missing third kits, but remake of Millwall will probably not happen
Would have been great to have at least a fixed Millwall third kit, but nice to see the missing third kits are coming.
bolid, any chance to release Hungerford, St. Albans and Spennymoor 3rd kits in order to match SS kitpack and fix Millwall kits?
Hi bolid.
Before draw a final line under 2019/20 season, what are the chances to see even Southern D1 Central finally completed? Based on the missing kits templates and your truly impressive kitmaking skills, I guess that only Yaxley kitset could cause you some troubles.
Further question: any chance to see a definitve edition for the following kits?
Thank you for the recent update, bolid.
Are you planning to create a final version of Hertford, VCD, Lincoln United and Winchester away kits? Or their placeholder kits are good enough?

@Salemslot333 & @priority76, you are releasing really great packs. Thank you so much for your efforts.
Do you think it can be possible to create kits colours editor file in order to match the kits you created in the database?
It would be great to have a dedicated kits colours changer file in each one of the pack you released and it can be a way to help hammer with its SSKCC file, too. Just a suggestion, nothing else.
Anyway, thank you again. I appreciate your dedication.
You can also try to duplicate the shirt in the editor and specify year 2019 in the duplicated one.
@JCarnon I added an extra line in the config file specifying year 2019 for the kit:
<record from="mancity_3" to="graphics/pictures/team/679/kits/third/2019"/>

In this way I solved the issue. I attached the config file modified by me. You can replace the one in the pack with this.
Glad that everything worked.
@Ivs Sorry, I'm really new to all this. I have no 3D folder. Are you implying I should place subfolders in my graphics/kits folder to differentiate? And if so, what else should I be placing in the 3D folder alongside the config file?


If I correctly understood what you want to achieve, you want to see custom 2d kits and have 3d kits set accordingly (same colours). So I suppose you want to get rid of the official 3d kits for Borussia Dortmund. You can try to create a "3d" folder inside "graphics/pictures/kits" path and create another folder inside the "3d" one. You can name this second folder "dortmund" for example and just put the config file inside it. I assume you don't have custom 3d kits for Dortmund that match your 2d kits, so with this workaround maybe you could see 3d kits with the colours you want.
Remember to reload the skin once in game.
Try this method and let me know.
@Ethan Foster try the following: add the config file I attached inside the 3d folder (maybe create a new folder called "dortmund" or whatever you want inside 3d folder) and verify if you can see now the 3d kits colours you want while keeping the custom 2d kits.
Maybe this workaround could work.
Yep. Thank you so much!
Thank you @mons for fulfilling my request.
Can I ask you to remove the "orange snow effect" on the left of the picture? Is it possible?

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