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wkdsoul Comments

I have my own logo project, but perhaps not as much time for drink or other good hobbies because the effect I chose requires some adjustments on every logo.

Someone is selling a pack? Where ? I'd like to see if its any good...

The the surface of the logos looks somewhat matte, so sharp edged reflection may not look "correct" on them. I don't know if soft edged reflection would be any better though...

ebay as per usual. HDLOGOs i think its under, unless its been reported and taken down as the do (its licensed images after all, regardless of the photoshop done).

Yeah its not a good mix but at least i know its easy to replicate his :lol might just give the filter away.
was looking into adding the wave effect from the HD logo pack some guy is trying to sell.. (fuck him) but i dont think it works too well with the style like already..



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Cheers Ducc, just seems on the bigger logos i might have to bring the spread shadow in 5px or make the initial expand 5px wider to accomodate.

The full action i'm having issues getting the merge down part work but the restyle is something i do when bored or watching series anyway so the manual way isnt really an issue, im no pressed for time or anything.

Much appreciated.

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Cheers ducc, glad i' didnt start the full overhaul yet then.

I presume by cutting you mean the drop shadow looking like it runs past the 180x180 canvas size?

I was using a standard 180x180 logo,
expanding the canvas to 200x200, adding the drop shadow/effects/work etc,
merging down any layers to 1,
then reducing the whole image back to 180x180.

I think i can either reduce the spread of the drop shadows, or expand the initial canvas size up to 205x205 so its fits, as long as it not too small on the resize to 180x180 before saving.

i ll give the above a go, In game you can't tell luckily with my skin but for those who use a "light" version you might. so if i ever wanna upload...

Cheers for the look/time/advice dude

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Settled on this...


now to work...
Cheers Kremmen, think ill be keeping it simple..

toss up between these two at the min...



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Yeah, i might be getting abit carried away playing with Photoshop lol.

I have only one comment on logo style. It looks like the drop shadow effect behind the badges is not always at 0% transparency at the edges of the images. Maybe that is what you want, but I think shadows that are cut abruptly like that do not look very neat.

As general advice - if you are going to make a large pack with thousands of logos, its important to try to make the work flow as effortless and organized as possible. If you are working with Photoshop, you should create an action to automatically add your special effect to the logos, and perhaps another action to automatically save the logos in the logopack image sizes into the folders you want them to go to.

Yeah, i have the action all sorted and the styles fed into it etc. Its an easy plug and play over an existing normal image.

the drop shadow spread i think needs pulling in abit to make sure its always inside the 180x180 at the min as well. Cheers for taking the time
I've started putting together my own logos for FM.. Any advice/tips from the more senior makers, i cant make my mind up and keep falling down a rabbit hole of filters and ideas. I made some i really like, then they dont work on 'oddly shaped' badges (like palace etc) but look great on the shield/normal shaped ones... i'm at here so far..


I tried to delete all of sangue blus data files, I only used your data files all_american and canada. Still doesnt work.

No idea then dude, you're the first person thats had an issue. Id suggest clearing cache and prereferences and jsut trying to boot those 2 files from 16.3.

Its a lot of work, if you really wanna play this, but i can recommend Uncle Sams USA files as well if these are a pain to get going for you. sorry bud
It'll be a clash with your files then, not mine. I've used this with real names fix, Pr0s, Nik33s database updates and correct lower leagues (eng/scot/oz etc),

Sangue Blues fantasy leagues have probably edited a comp somewhere that buggers it up. sorry dude.

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I tried the version in post 2 as well as the one you just posted, both did not work for me. thx for your effort, guess i just keep playin with the regular mls!

They not working even if that's the only database selected?
Did you try the version in post 2? or the one in the main download?

try that one - https://www.mediafire.com/?issd4njdppesu7n
It'll prob be one of the mega packs from sangue blue, i've used the real name fix with no errors. One of his North American files is prob causing a clash.

whats the error message you get?
Does not work for me, tried it out and it always says there is an error. Might be because of the fact that when i have to choose the database file ingame, the 001_All_American-File is not declared as a file for USA. Do I have to select another USA database-file with your all american file together? all other files i downloaded and installed so far for the fm worked just fine, but that one i do not get to work. Thx for your help in advance!

No, ignore that. Works fine or everyone else what error message do you get and what files are you using with it?
USA database completed

Download links updated.

see post#2
A created complimentary file for the US, Money Rep increases to just under the US Levels, real teams (No B Teams) , logos and kits.

3 Leagues (Aug-May) 3 up, 3 down.



Links in post #2
I'm afraid that's not in PNG format, which is the format required for FM to read cut-outs, principally due to transparency. You also need to make sure it's 180x180 pixels and not 180x205, as it currently is Additionally, you should have no more than a couple of pixels beneath his chin.

Sorry dude didnt even notice tinypic changed it. it was in png when i uploaded to host. This should be better and resized.


Player Name : Ferran Soriano

Player ID: 72042884

I'm gonna put together a Canada file to compliment this, for extra players/feeder teams/affiliations staff/raised reps and cash etc. Slightly less than the US, Scotland to England sort of level.

3 leagues - 20 / 22 / 22. English Style, winter season inline with mine above.
non league with the leftovers.

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I was looking for an extended Canada file for use with my database and have been using this at the min with great success. Not sure on the accuracy as i'm not familiar with the league layout but its great for generating new talent for the US leagues.


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Kit Pack One Available


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I like that, very nice.

Finally finished these....

http://i68.tinypic.com/2uglx13.jpg http://i67.tinypic.com/286tk6e.jpg http://i66.tinypic.com/ezk8r6.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/fdy7o8.jpg

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All logos completed.

Just need some confirmation on some IDs of club to make sure the config files are correct, anyone help?



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Sorry, i cant see a setion for mod requests?

Can someone delete my thread - https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/26161/all-american-franchises-database

posted in the wrong section, was meant to be in downloads.
All NHL / NBA / NFL / MLB Franchises added to the US.
Credit for the NFL/MLB teams goes to dim13 on the SI website.

ok, here we go, lets see if i miss anything (first ever db).

Setting up a GAME

1) Make sure you tick - 'add players to playable teams'
2) Make sure you un-tick - 'Do not add Key Staff'
3) Using the advanced rules to add all Canadian and US players is advised

Nation Info

Season dates - Are inline with the English League. (10th Aug - 15th May)
Season End Date - 1st June
Youth Intake is usually just after.
Season rules - as per England - No draft, No Designated player etc.
Canadian Players are no longer classed as Foreign.
USA has been slightly boosted in youth rating/nation terms to match England.

Team Info

All Main created teams should have the correct -

All reps for created teams were improvised for the most part but dynasty franchises, Celtics, Patriots, Yankees, Oilers etc tend to be at the higher end of the scale (I have little knowledge of these sports so used site Dynasty Power Rankings for the most part).

All PDL teams have the same rep / cash starting point.

Division Layout - Main Leagues - 5 Levels

Premier - 20 teams - 4 relegated
Major League - 44 teams - 2 Groups of 22 - 2 promoted / 4 relegated (per group)
US Football League - 80 teams - 4 sub divisions of 20 - 2 promoted / 4 relegated (per group)
Minor League - 48 teams - 2 sub divisions of 24 - 2 promoted / 4 relegated (per group)
AAA League - 64 teams - 4 sub divisions of 16 - 1 promoted (per group)

Each team has a Main Squad / Reserves & U21 Squad.
Each team has a feeder team in the PDL League

PDL Divisions - Feeder Teams - 5 Tiers

Premier - 20 teams - 4 relegated
Championship - 2 Divisions - 2 promoted / 4 relegated (per group)
Tier 1 - 64 teams - 4 Groups of 16 - 2 promoted / 2 relegated (per group)
Tier 2 - 64 teams - 4 Groups of 16 - 2 promoted / 2 relegated (per group)
Tier 3 - 64 teams - 4 Groups of 16 - 2 promoted (per group)


Super Bowl - NFL Teams only - Groups into Knockout style cup
Stanley Cup - NHL Teams only - Groups into Knockout style cup
World Series - MLB Teams only - Groups into Knockout style cup
Nike Air Cup - MLB Teams only - Groups into Knockout style cup

Casadia Cup - All 256 Main division teams in a League Cup.
Atlantic Cup - All 512 Main Divisions and PDL teams in an FA Cup. Main teams are fed into the draw at later stages.
American Liberty Cup - All 256 PDL teams in League Cup

Division Rules - Main Divisions
Will take suggestions on these once a few long term players confirm if they need adjustment or not.

Money - TV/Prize/Parachute etc
Will take suggestions on these once a few long term players confirm if they need adjustment or not.
At the min, the domestic treble will net you £50,000,000

Some Screenshots
Divisons - Top 3 Tiers.

Some Teams


Annnnnd i think that's it -
[size=20]Heres the link -> http://www.mediafire.com/?229c6nf9vif53am

**UPDATE - 31/3/16 - All awards for monthly/yearly, filtered to all divisions and cups

Please don't post anywhere else. thanks wkd.

Please feel free to flag mistakes, suggestions etc as i'll be updated and working on this

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