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Cymro Comments
FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stages


Well ... hello there. 5-1 ... a hiding at best. Did they deserve it? Absolutely not. But do I care? No. Woodburn will get the headline for scoring 3 ... but really the headline should be all geared towards Henners. The guy was simply on fire, pulled the most incredible saves and ensured we didn't concede more than one goal. A potential turning point was Isla's sending off. At the end of the day, we have put ourselves in a real strong position and we are pulling some punches.


The stats ... look good.


The journey continues! #DontTakeMeHome
@alec6247 Cheers man, going to need some luck!


FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stages


Well ... that escalated quickly. To go 2-1 down in 12 mins and then to produce one of 'THE' greatest comebacks ever seen ... just wow. Only couple of months earlier we had played and drawn against each other. I wasn't expecting much. Then this happened. Gunter's equalizing goal in the 33 min started the comeback of all ages. Possession wise we sat back allowed South Korea to pass it about in the second half but they couldn't deal with the counter, the pace of the likes of Bale and Bradshaw up top caused havoc to the South Korean back four.


Gunter, Ramsey and Bale delivered.


Apparently I was under pressure ... and had to restore the faith ... I called Bon Jovi.


Cheers Ben!

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World Cup warm up games and we almost came unstuck against Albania. Bradders off the bench bailed us out. The Woods assisted twice to ensure we walked away with the win.


Woodburn MOTM, some decent performances.


Dominating win and we have good momentum going into the World Cup.



The lads that are going to represent us at the World Cup in Russia. Huws and Williams can consider themselves unlucky, felt with the formations I am going to play they might not feature much. Couldn't decide between Wilson and George Williams, ultimately went with Williams. Happy with the squad that is going to Russia, let's see what we can do there.


One last huzzah for a Welsh great, could easily have missed out for Hendry.


40-1 ... short holiday then ...


Away from the World Cup ... hopefully we can start to build for the next World Cup with this campaign.


Another set of job offers .... all declined


Could do us a job ... great to have convinced him considering the amount of players turning their backs on us.


The 30 man squad selected ... biggest shock will be that of Neil Taylor. Found it hard to include him, only offers us something down the left with Ben Davies being able to do that then a slot for him was going to be tough to find for him.

The cut to 23 is going to be hard, going to have to think long and hard how I want the makeup of the squad to look like.



Davies decision to withdraw himself is the weirdest of the lot. Just been capped recently and was looking like he was going to go to the World Cup, all be it as the third choice, but still.

The other two were going to be considered, didn't make the previous friendly squads because of injury. Thompson was set to have a role with us. There were others that decided to withdraw, but no one that important. Quite worrying on the eve of a World Cup that our pool of players gets less.


Couple of withdrawal's from Welsh duty, not that either in contention to be in a Wale squad soon. Ovenden has fallen from grace after being released by Watford. Samuel was once a bright prospect and plying his trade with struggling Stevenage. But not players to lose sleep over.
@DNZY No pressure then ...



A game that again could have gone either way. We had our moments as did the South Koreans. We learnt a lot from our opponents at the World Cup. Both of us missing our talismen so a game that could have easily changed with these guys playing.


Stats say it all ... what could have been. However take the draw, take the momentum. Next stop is Russia and the World Cup.

One of those games ... we took our chances. Scored a couple and sat back. Not ideal but still building nicely for the World Cup.


Injury to Bale was a blow, lost our main attacking threat. Constrained also by some players only being allowed 45 mins. Great for Ampadu to come off the bench and win his first cap too.

Starting to build a squad of regulars. Trying to find space for David Brooks is the next task.


Massive blow, been crucial with Dummett and Williams at the back. Gives a chance to Ampadu and Hendry.
Some job offers have come in ...





West Ham tempting ... but all rejected. Have a mission with Wales.

Not the easiest of groups ... Chile and Spain are going to be a real tough task. South Korea will be a challenge also. Be nice to get a win, realistically we are in for a real rocky time. But, I will always back the boys.


Still 4th in the World ...


So being 4th in the World and still get sub standard facilities at the World Cup ... Russian lads not a fan of us.


Not a loss ... if he want's to travel to the land down under, you go. Don't think he would have been a regular with us mind.

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Defeated the number 1 side ... still stay in 4th ... say wha ...


I'll leave it here for now ... we will find out tomorrow what fate has in store for us ... one more day ... one day more ... hmmm.

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Clash of the titans for the Best Team Since September in the World Trophy ...


What a thriller, cannot defend for toffee but at the mo we seemingly can score goals. Score goals it seems against the stronger nations. Bale was electric and ran the show for us. Vokes set up two goals before half time, again on fire. Argentina got lucky for their fourth when James Chester at the back forgot he was James Chester and decided he was Pirlo, tried spraying the ball out to the wings ... instead sprayed it into the path of a grateful Argentinean strike force. Adam Matthews ... played only 5 times for Sunderland this season ... never scored a goal for Wales, scored two. What a time to be alive.


How the stats panned. Some youngsters got a run out. We learnt a lot.

Disappointing and lucky to win 2-0 ... Peru couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo.


Rely heavily on Vokes scoring at the mo ... he's not even playing regularly for Burnley. Nevertheless a young side that has done well.

Instant decline ...


4th in the world and we will be facing off against Argentina later on ... battle for the world.


Look son, you either want in or you want out. Not chasing.


Treat them mean ... keep them keen.


Some new faces ... new goalkeepers, full backs and a chance for highly rated Tyler Roberts and the keenest Scottish Welshman ... Jack Hendry.

Peru up next ...

Clinical 2-0 win over Sweet Georgia. Yet I feel we should have and could have scored more. More possession and ultimately more shots on goal, yet couldn't finish our dinner. When Vokes scored his second was really expecting a few more goals. After the second we really struggled, not a good sign.


A change in formation and some personnel changes. Gave Danny Ward a start, he knows mind that if he doesn't start playing regularly these token caps might not happen. David Brooks made his debut in the hole and gave a good account. The game also marked a change in formation where we adopted a 4-2-3-1 wide formation. Marley and Me came off the bench and offered one key pass in the middle of the game, which I hoped would end as a goal ... how wrong was I. The World Cup campaign closes, we now look forward to friendlies and now a World Cup.

World Cup bound ... Russia 2k18 ... the Dragons are coming!


From one legend to another ... Gareth is on fire.

Big, big, big victory. Vokes scored and we were away. We had some early chances which we couldn't finish. Bale took the game away before the Austrian's scored again. Lawrence came in and sealed the victory, his celebrations much to be desired after giving it large in front of us, giving it the big one that we should have picked him ahead of others.


Stats look interesting ...

Ampadau out ... paging Neil Taylor now.


Lawrence in for Woodburn.

Don't see what they are complaining about now?

Some changes in the squad, took the recommendation of the old Kit man. No place for players like Tom Lawrence and Neil Taylor. Some tough competition for places. Paul Dummett got the nod over Taylor because of his versatility and also the fact that he is playing at a higher standard. David Brooks has jumped in for Tom Lawrence, want to get the youngsters involved in as much as possible. Lawrnece hasn't been great for Derby. Also a space for Marley and Me in the squad, looking forward to seeing the hype around this fella.


Guess Tom Lawrence wasn't happy and not being dropped ... lucky for me ... I have convinced him that it was for the best.


Mainstay Neil Taylor also not pleased ... same talk as Lawrence ... he's contempt.
@Sr Wer Thanks fella! Hope all is well.



So after our last games we dropped a position and found ourselves in 7th. Pressure is on to maintain a top 10 ranking. Results against the Republic of Ireland will not help.


Goals and more goals. We came and scored. Okay, not to get carried away, this was Moldova. Not exactly Brazil but a strong win. However, there seems some issues at the back. I don't think we have the defence to operate a back three, so might have to look at changing the formation. Hennessey saved a brilliant penalty in the first half only for the defence to concede another penalty in the second half for Moldova to score. Vokes was banging them in and Bale looked dangerous.


Sam Vokes was literally on fire, two goals and two assists. Still much to be improved upon.


Still three points clear and a handy goal difference over Austria. Still two games to go, fate is in the hands of our lads. Could the boys be on their way to a World Cup?

Went confident with this 5-2-3 formation ... and it backfired spectacularly. Players struggled to adapt and were overawed by the occasion. In the pre-match interviews I tried taking the heat off the players. Sadly it seemed it created more pressure than it was worth. Without Hennesey it could have been a different kettle of fish. A reactionary sub to get Bradders on saw us take a vital point. Not a classic game by a long stretch of the imagination.


The stats look quite interesting ... lucky to get a draw.


Moldova up next ... we are 3 points ahead in the group. We can't rest on our laurels and we need to do a demolition job on Moldova.

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Not expecting anything else but a point / win here ... ambitious.


All to play for, time for an upset or two ... "U .. S .. A" ... urrrrmmmmm I mean "Wales, Wales ... Wales!"

Leadership is at the back ... Bale will no doubt pull out injured and some point and Rambo will be in the jungle soon enough. Down to Ash.

Marley and me is out so Bradders is in #StrikeforceIssues

The side selected to take us through these two qualification games.

Thrown in the youngsters ... Woodburn and Ampadau and hopefully they will gain good experience from being in and around the squad, who knows Ampadau might get a shot off the bench against the Irish. No space for the artist formerly known as Dangerous Dave. Worrying is the lack of real options upfront ... Watkins hasn't hit a barn door yet and Vokes isn't a regular. Lot of hopes pinned on Woodburn and Bale.

Emyr Huws is a blow, like the looks of him and if Allen goes down then he was going to by our guy.

Being a former international centre half means we seem to attract, One of those players, if he sticks with us great, if not then we move on.


Again not fussed, don't think he would get capped but an option if so.

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