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Cymro Comments

Would help the people doing it if you were more specific ... what teams need swapping etc.

I've just downloaded and used the latest update, seems all the clubs are in the right place.

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turkey european league trophy last updated incorrectly Participation ranking


This comment was posted just under two hours before you commented this.

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Ye I did put him in to his new role as Assistant Manager, it is how it is worded, still puzzled as why mine was disabled and then the same exact submission is approved ...

Don't think the files are compatible then.
I wanted to play since 28/5/2018 (custom start date) with newest squads, but loans are one year shorter, so player who should be loaned until 2019 is loaned until 2018. How to fix it?

Not use the reduce contract file.

Hope these are alright for you - any changes just send me a message.



These. Are. Incredible.

Thanks so much!!!
Could I please request these kit for my Harchester United save:

Home - All Purple

Away - All Orange

Third - All White, with purple collar and purple sleeve cuff

Ideally would like the kit company to be either Under Armour or Nike please. Will accept Adidas (might need to be modded, with white on the three lines on sleeves for home and away, and purple on third) also.

Sponsor - Dream INC Link

Badge - Link

Thanks in advance.
will be the last version for fm18

looking forward fm19

Top work as usual!
Why is Gomis not in Galatasaray?

On the update he is ...

He's suspended, that is all we know officially.

When the club announce something then it will be reflected here.
Crystal Palace ones are wrong in original data si games keeps putting them as having multi loans which is untrue there books which have just been posted up even shows this as being the case.with them making about 15m profit

it should also include the new stand they have in the works if possible.

i know this is not to do with money as such but another issues is wilf zaha having 50% future fee to manchester united which is so wrong no one in England has clauses like that.

Do you have any evidence / sources for the finances? To help with making it as accurate as possible.

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There is a clash ... as you are using a file that is not part of the 'official update'.

Get rid of the file called League & Data Update.

Should work then.
Not a role I am keen on (though if offered it irl of course I would take it).

What are your thoughts on these in game? I never hire one and usually they just sit there taking a wage until their contracts run out.

Does anyone, or has anyone, used these as the sole caretaker of transfers? So they bring in and sell players and you make do with what they get!

I usually hire one, but it depends on a type of save / challenge I am playing. If I want to be in charge of a club where the budget is tight then I don't hire one because they sometimes give massive contracts out. They are also a bonus because sometimes they can negotiate contracts with players who might not sign when you go to the contract screen.

I sometimes use them as a glorified scout, sometimes they come up with good deals and sometimes not. Mixed bag really. I do find they don't tend to bid for youth players even when set, so I wonder if that is something SI are looking at.

Feel the role could develop further within Football Manager series, like they could make signings without your consent etc.
@Mateee What was wrong with the initial submission please?

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Looked at for what? šŸ‘€

Setting as a player coach.
Sigh ... had it on good authority his wage is £50k a week ...

Aye, I jumped the gun here.
Its now official completed medicial tests and finalised signin.

Since 04 Aug 2018 11:11:13 ... it has been enabled ...
@Cymro Thanks, but I cannot find how to start a new topic there.

Think I've found it

One question though. How do I add youth players that are not in the database already?

Our system does not allow you to add new youth players manually. Will have to look at another add on or wait until FM19.
Ronald de Boer is now youth trainer at Ajax (source: almost all Dutch news and football media)

Ajax signed 3 new youth players. Source: https://www.ajax.nl/streams/wedstrijden/dit-zijn-de-nieuwe-aanwinsten-van-ajax-o19.htm

Noah Abid (from Vitesse)
Elgero King (from PSV)
Damjan Dostanic (from SBV Excelsior)

You can submit these transfers here yourself: https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-data-update#submit_changes

Moved on loan again with a compulsory option to buy of €9m-12m after 10 appearances.
This is something that @TheMinsterman will be looking at in the future.
This site exists in spite of SI though doesn't it? Because they can't get their s&%^ together and deliver a complete product!

I can understand the perspective of those who wouldn't want the CA/PA's to be amended, but I really think there's a market for it (possibly to run a separate DB that just updated CA/PA and ppl can decide to use the current one by itself, or the two combined).

I see it working like wikipedia, peer managed. While people won't agree on CA/PA values, there would at least be an average across the board that could be deemed acceptable - and ppl always have the choice to make their own local changes.

As for the custom start date, this one is the one I can use:


It states though "Dates after May 31st will not work. This app is designed to let you start at a random point within the real season, not start in the following season." I was wondering if that was by design, or there's a glitch in the coding that makes it impossible to set a start date through to the next season. It would be HUGE for a number of ppl if it was somehow possible.

Glitch in the coding.
Thanks for your reply. For some reason I thought the 4power of the crowd sourced live transfer update was in having the most realistic squads as possible. Just as a matter of interest, is it the huge logistical aspect that updating CA/CP would bring the reason why it's not included in the editor data?

While I've got you.....are you able to explain why you can't set a start date in a future season just so I can understand? Is there a way to set a start date manually by editing any of the files? I'm really wanting to start the FM17 career at the start of 18/19 season.

People have different opinion on the ability of players, hence why we don't do it. Lots of people in the community don't like an update if people play around with the CA / PA's of players.

From an SI point of view, it is down to licensing with starting in the future, plus they want you to buy the next version of the game. We do have a custom start date here:


But I am pretty sure this only works for FM18.

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