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Tommy Hughes Comments

No, they're two different Adboard packs and not the same.
@DannyMesser93 i cant find thats away blue, white word, may blue word but there you go! And ill updated them on Championship 19/20 soon

You mean "Play Responsibly"
Doesn't matter really, it's a minor detail, but just wanted to point it out.

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Much appreciated!

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"Scumchester Apart" as they should now be known have got a bit of a bland kit, thought they were getting a nicer one with larger black/yellow blocks but no, guess they bottled that as well as their reputation.

Indeed, they don't seem to be working hard to keep the club and supporters (and football fans in general) united at the moment. I wonder when they're going to start suing their own fans for holding a fan-made banner or plackard that has the club logo on it.

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Kotoko forgot to delete J League logo on the arm

Good spot!
One more thing, this time specifically addressed to the administrators of Sortitoutsi.net:

I do not know whether the subject in question is a controversial one in some official way. I would hope not, as I can't see non-abusive discussion over the current news posing any issues.

However, if the discussion I started in this thread proves somehow inappropriate or against some special rule that I am not aware of, I understand if you were forced to remove my comments. I'd only ask you to please, inform me about it and not slam me with an official personal warning for something that was not written in foul language, did not maliciously attack anyone etc. I'm not trolling here, and I do seriously mean that, with utmost respect.

Thank you!
Yeah, maybe we should just cut the whining club that wants to isolate itself from everyone else out of every football game out there.

It's a shame, since FM is a simulation trying to be as authentic as possible, where as FIFA is an arcade football game morphed into a gambling machine. (I wish I didn't have to put down FIFA, I remember when I was a kid and enjoyed playing it, but that was long before the legendary player cards that you may or may not be able to find in your loot box if you're super lucky... sigh. Just writing that makes me so somber.)

Now, a game such as FIFA might be, or might have already been, interested in making some special deals with big clubs and paying for their involvement in games and, I guess, loaning a bit of their "winning culture and its brand values” to sell some more in-app purchases and what-not, but to demand a similar monetary payment as a kind of a deal from a sports simulation game... Geesh! To compare the two is not that simple.

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Have you seen this yet?

Manchester United are leading the way and demonstrating how the sport of football - once equally everybody's game, a "global language", a healthy sport, a dream job and inspiration of youth all around the world, an actual culture somewhat bigger than the sum of its parts, and of course a huge business as well - is being sold from under us.

"As big sports organisations are wont to do, Manchester United are getting touchy about the use of their name. The English Premier League have filed a complaint against Sega and Sports Interactive for the use of the team’s name in the Football Manager series. They take issue with how the series may “benefit from an association with the club’s winning culture and its brand values” without actually forking over cash to licence the team’s crest."

Hold on.
“benefit from an association with the club’s winning culture and its brand values” Wait, their what? Is that... self irony?

Another source (and my response to it below it):

This is absolutely pathetic and completely against general football culture and fandom. (I'm talking about football the sport, not the sleazy business that's hijacking football little by little as our sport is being sold away from us, the supporters, amateur players and followers, piece by piece.)

Also, this quote: "Sega and SI “encouraged” the use of downloadable patches containing replica trademarks which are supplied by third parties, Malynicz said."

That is utter nonsense. Even if it were the case that SI wanted to encourage people to download these "replica trademarks" they would never dare actually officially do so. This is just lawyer-talk, i.e. turning a thing into something else just by saying that is the case. No need for evidence, no need for facts.
The lawyers are like: Okay, we know some people do create these custom club logos for their communities (free of charge, with no financial gain, fair and square, just like PC games have been always modded...) so let's declare that SI are urging people to do so. Yeah, that sounds efficient! Let's just say they are responsible of that and let them try and clear their name and prove their innocence. That is not how fair and just legal debate/negotiation is done. It just tells me the club has opted for certain types of lawyers to handle their "case" - the bloodhounds that go for the results, damn the actual truth. Ever seen "Better Call Saul", by the way?

I'd say Manchester United (oh, can I even use their registered name here at all, or should I pay them, say £100 a pop for it?!) have taken a lead in the one-club competition of becoming the most greedy and petty football club in the world. Might as well, since that'll be the only World Club Cup they'll be lifting for a long time. Greedy anti-supporter/anti-football-aficionado moves like this are one more piece of evidence and indication of the current turbulent era at the great club with proud history - now reduced to a ship steered by money, lust for instant short-term results and lack of football knowledge instead of vision, patient planning and long-term investments. MU is not my club, but I do feel bad for their fans.

Also, which is more profitable - both in terms of money and in terms of the amount of followers of the sport of football - for big clubs like Manchester United, destroying football-management-related games or allowing people all over the world to manage Manchester United in a football management game? The answer is childishly simple, and yet, people who should know more about football than a very low level life-long amateur player and football aficionado like myself, are clearly leading their legendary crown ship through the biggest storm in the post-Ferguson era blind in the night, without any sense of direction.

Sad. It's just sad.

(For the record, as I mentioned, I am not a Manchester United fan, but yet I do not hold any kind of animosity or jealousy towards them outside this particular licence issue, and in the actual realm of football I have always sympathised them and wished them well in continental competitions etc.)

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With the release of madScientistFM's new DB i decided to make a let's play with Leeds, it's a perfect time to have a really difficult challenge saving them, you can watch along on my YouTube!
Here is the link to the YouTube video, episode 1:

It's my first let's play, so any feedback is appreciated!

Thanks for the video!
I like the way you introduced the settings and presented both, the club and the task at hand. I also appreciate you not skipping the process of creating your first tactics and starting lineup. There are so many different ways to approach a new save and it's interesting to see how other people go about planning the shape and strategic identity of a team.

I enjoyed watching a save played on this particular database, because the point of time in question is from many years ago, which makes it fresh to watch, but yet it isn't too old for me to remember most of the players involved. It feels nicely cozy and nostalgic to me.

I was close to managing the old underdog Leeds team in few different Football Managers back in the day and it will be a very interesting project to follow, for sure! Good luck and let's go, "Super Leeds United!"

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Use this filçe. Put it in the panels folder of the skin (the weight and height will be displayed in the attributes panel).


It works! Thank you so much!
Hi flut and thanks for the great skin!

I would hope to be able to change one small thing, though: when I move my mouse pointer over a player's name, it shows a mini profile box. I remember that box used to contain the height of the player, but now that I use the flut skin it doesn't. Being able to quickly see a player's height would be really nice, because it saves me the trouble of clicking into each player's profile to find out whether they should be positioned to defend a set piece or whether they're a dangerous opponent in crossed ball situations etc.

I'd appreciate any help, because I've been searching through the files, but am still out of ideas.
can this be done for fm 2020 the crowd sounds terrible?

Yes, it can be done for FM 20.
We had a chat over this topic, and decided to keep doing "real kits". It's easier to remove the clubs that wants to be removed, due to legal issues, than making all clubs without logos. It's still unsure if other clubs will react negatively, but we take the chance for now. So we will, for now, create lots of great packs

Glad to hear that! I think it's a good decision, because I don't believe many clubs & sponsors actually mind the extra visibility.
You're very welcome! Chivas and Guadalajara are different names for the same team.

Oh, ok. Strange that the database search didn't indicate that. Anyway, it's nice to see Mexican kits being made, they've been rare lately.
C.D. Guadalajara Home kit


Thanks for the 3D kit!

There's only one little thing I wanted to correct:
When I saved the shirt picture it suggested the file to be named as "chivas1". I then compared the logo on the kit to the Guadalajara and Chivas clubs' logos in Sortitoutsi's FM database - and it really matches Chivas, not Guadalajara.
Sadly this is going to keep rising if people continue to ignore the Lockdown rules!

I work in the Emergency Services, and the amount of people I see out and about as if it is a normal day is shocking. Not to mention people continuing to cough and spit on us and claim to have the disease.

Take care, mate. I wish you all the best!
What do you mean?

I think they're suggesting that the man in the picture does not look like a 38-year-old. He does appear much more middle-aged to me as well.

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Will this work with the latest update? I've only just bought the game today

Yes, it still works fine.
Sorry I seem to be balls at posting images. If anyone could give precise detailed instructions on how to post the 1024px images in the comment that would be great.

Let me know if this works.

I think it worked this time. Thanks!

Thank you very much for the skin and for the latest update! Seeing the player's shirts frnt and back is a really nice extra bit of detail. Flut skin has been my number one choice for FM 2020.

There is one thing that's been bugging me, though:
For some reason player height is not shown on the player profile popup that appears when you hover over the small spot at the beginning of a player's name. I often like to browse opponents or players of interest quickly to see whether someone poses significant aerial threat or not (and which of my players should be posted to defend aerial balls and which ones should be placed higher up in defensive corners or freekicks) and not seeing their height in the popup forces me to click into every player's profile, then back out and check the next player etc. instead of a quick glance at their popup info. This is especially time-consuming when setting up set pieces.

I've been trying to find the file that holds the key for this feature but haven't been succesfull. Would you happen to know what line to edit and in which file in the skin? Thanks!

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Much appreciated!
There were surprisingly many that I didn't yet have.

Looks cool and I'd like to download the two russian league 3D kit packages from the site, but I cannot find a download button there, because I'm not familiar with cyrillic alphabets and cannot understand Russian.
Great work, thank you all!
I agree that this exceptional situation should be included in FM 2021, unless SI end up skipping that one (but I suppose they won't for financial reasons). Maybe it could be made possible to either start at the tail-end of this current season (if it is decided that 19-20 season will be finished sometime in 2020), or fast forwarded to the beginning of the next whole season, whenever that is.

Also, player, team and competition histories are a big part of the realism and continuation of football history in FM, so I would like to see the forementioned statistics of whatever this season ends up looking like to be included in the game. It should'nt be a big problem, though. Throughout FM history real teams have ceassed to exist and player stats have simply stated Team name (no longer exists) or Team name (now Another team name). Now, competition history for example, will look funny when it states "Year 2019-2020: Competition cancelled/not finished" but that'll be the touch of realism I personally appreciate in FM - that it reflects the real goings on in footballing world. Just like transfer embargos, extended player bans, extended leaves from football for personal reasons, bankrupt teams no more existing etc.

Having said that, I can see all that out-of-the-norm editing and updating in the game database taking SI a lot longer time than it usually does. Especially if final decisions on what the footballing calendar will look like in the fall & winter of 2020 are left late.

It's a proper mess allright. EDIT: As are my ramblings, I suppose. I find it really hard to concentrate with my daughter constantly interrupting my train of thought. She's taken off pre-school, per official advice, and I'm taking a break from my work and teaching her at home now due to corona virus while my wife is working a job that requires extra care on avoiding any potential contamination. These are interesting times we're living.

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Non-league games not being called off by the league, must be less important than the EFL.

It does sound very odd indeed.

Here's a funny comparison: My futsal/football team's lower league (very low, that is) games and practice sessions have been now cancelled for the unforseeable future, and we're on fully amateur level and our matches gather maybe a crowd of 15-20 people at most. Not very many people to infect or be infected by others to be honest.

We've been criticising the decision to close the big indoors sports hall that we've bought our training hours from. Officially sports & entertainment events with a crowd/mass of people larger than 500 are to be cancelled. Now, we practice futsal 5 on 5 (including the keepers) with a total number of 10-16 participants per training session and that is apparently deemed a dangerously large mass of people to be in the same space (big sports hall). The number of people and their spacing equals or is exceeded by that of consumers in any grocery store around here.

No one's telling folks not to go into the local stores, but apparently us training is too big of a risk. And , of course us adults cannot be trusted to be responsible towards our own teammates and stay out of sports practice if we feel ill.

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Sorry if dumb question, does this work with existing FM20 saves?

Thanks in advance.

Yes it does. You do not need to start a new save to get these graphics to appear in the match engine.

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Today, I've had my first personal connection to the corona virus when I was told about a new special procedure involving my work to ensure the safety of people there with low resistance to viruses.

Then I heard that my lower league team's futsal practices have been cancelled for now.

Also, our upcoming lower league football season is already under threat - it might get delayed and reduced into a mere stump at the backend of the upcoming summer. Having practiced and/or played sports since I was 12 or 13-years-old and never missed a training, unless having been forced to do so by an injury, this feels really weird, unreal and kind of empty too.

I do not mean to undermine any people directly affected or threatened by the corona virus. This is simply my own experience. I wish you all the best. Stay safe out there!

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Well literally everything has gone to shit eh

Yup. Imagine how cursed Liverpool would feel if, to top up all the slip-ups and misfortunes and so-close-and-yet-so-far situations of recent years, it were announced that there will be no Premier League winner this season. Yikes! With the lead they have it would be pretty unfair IMO.

The relegation battle zone, on the other hand... no team deserves to go down based on the table at this very stage of the season. And there are three teams courting the 18th spot that have the same exact number of points, but Bournemouth has the worst goal difference (by a single goal compared to Watford). Once again, yikes!!

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The amount of potential income missed really tells the enormity of these decisions. Money usually trumps everything but now sports leagues and many other businesses around the world are forced to take a big hit because there are no other options. The joke that "when a nation like Italy cancels its football matches things are really severe" is actually a very serious truth.

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