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Tommy Hughes Comments
I understand the issue of not getting licenses from Brazilian teams, but not selling the game to us is disrespectful.

We would not stop buying the game because of this, because there are many producers of content for fans for free.

And I like to have my games officially, but attitudes like this stimulate piracy in my country, which makes me ashamed.

We would like developer Sports Interactive to think a little more about its players / consumers.


I feel you, I really do.
I don't know the reason why they cannot sell the game in Brazil, but I'm sure they (Sports Interactive & SEGA) gladly would, because they would surely welcome the money gained for selling the game to Brazilians. And to think Brazil of all footballing countries is denied this specific Football game?! It sounds just awful, but like I said, I don't know the reasons behind it.

Do you know if this is the first Football Manager game that isn't available in Brazil or have there been any others like this before?

Anyway, hopefully things will change - and hopefully very soon.

You have my sympathy and best wishes, mate!
Chalfont St. Peter home kit, English level 8...who cares, you'll surely say. But...if you were wondering how am I making kits, here's the video of the kit making proccess!



Master at work, truly.
After seeing this video, it's no wonder your kits always look so detailed and carefully finished.
When it rains it really pours in North London. Best wishes and speedy recovery to Hugo Lloris.
These all look incredible but how do I put them into my game sorry?

I think rabcp only releases new patches every once-in-a-while, for example when they've finished all the adboards of a particular league. These updates are just meant to show what they've got done and what' s still left to do.

If you download the most recent update along with the previous ones, you'll still get last year's English Premier League boards, this season's La Liga ad boards and a lot more. (Check page 8 for patch 1.2 information.)

Also, see the first page for instructions on how to install the updates (each one on top of each other: base version 1.0, then 1.1 and then 1.2 last.)
Nice stadium though, Tottenham.

Wouldn't be surprised if Poch resigned next week. He doesn't look arsed at all.

And then Arsene Wenger in to replace him!
Italy - Serie A SS'19/20 by bolid74 Relink! (20/09/19) - Not SSKCC yet!
(updated - Remade Lecce & Fiorentina, Added few 3rd kits)

The italy Serie A SS Kit pack's MediaFire link is currently connected to the Turkey SuperLig 3D file in MediaFire.
I've pre-ordered my version of FM20 through this site and received my Steam code. I'm assuming I will need to subscribe to Google Stadia too? Can someone confirm please? Thanks

If you bought the Steam version, then there's no need for Google Stadia. It's just an alternative platform for FM 2020.

Here's where I did my research:

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I agree. I really hope the new 3D kits will be easy to customise and save our great kitmakers some time and trouble. Making a new kit template with unmoddable textures, regardless of potentially beautiful creases and draping effects, would be an awful move from SI.
Being able to customise and create community content on pretty much every aspect of the game, is a huge part of the Football Manager magic, at least for me.

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@Obyt14 and @Tommy Hughes, I can see where MMXX is coming from in a lot of his proposals and I certainly don't think it's fair to say they're plain awful. But generally speaking, I prefer to have words rather than acronyms as short names and that is something I intend to keep in place in the file unless unavoidable

Good to hear. Also, thank you for all your work on the wonderful Real Names etc. Fix file!
Most of these short names are just plain awful! I hope this does not make the file!

While I do appreciate the contributions from MMXX, I have to agree that some of these short names sound pretty bad in terms of simplicity and, above all, clarity.
Examples: I prefer Lyon over OL, Marseille over OM, Troyes over ESTAC, Nurnberg over FCN, Dijon over DFCO, Karlsruhe over KSC etc.
That is simply because, despite following these leagues in relation to Football Manager since season 99-00 (it was Campionship Manager back then), those new abbreviations are totally unrecognisable to me. And I wouldn't want to spend time finding out or quessing a team in question and the league it belongs to in FM, when I can have a quick glance and see it's Dijon or Karlsruhe or Marseille etc. No offense, really, just critique.

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Interesting player! I wasn't aware of him before. I wonder if his long throws are around the 20 out of 20 attribute mark as well as his father's?
What an interesting challenge you've taken on! Freddy Adu (USA) comes to mind very first. Back in the day, in his teens, he was touted as a future star player and the older FM games pretty much reflected that expectation as well, giving him high attributes, although, I never tested how well he would fair along his simulated FM career. He's still plying his trade in some part of the world in real life. Not sure where.
won't be final cause this will never end. when fm20 arrives, ill start aswell

Great to hear!
Love it how the first trailer never actually says anything about the upcoming game itself.
Man, this prolonged teetering on the edge of a bottomless pit by Bolton & Bury has been a rollercoaster ride with each glimmer of renewed hope followed by yet another setback. A malfunctioning rollercoaster ride full of screaming and puking kids, that is.

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Its odd how, like 3 months ago, the Laporte handball would've got a free pass, with even Lloris admitting they didn't think it was a malicious use of the arms by the Man City player. It is technically correct in fairness. But I guess it doesn't do a lot to help Guardiola and co be happy with VAR, especially as its happened so soon after Spurs squeaked through with it in the Champions League barely 4 months ago. Very much get out of jail free as well given Spurs were very much second best.

It sure left me with an odd feeling of uncertainty and plenty of compassion for all parties involved - home team & fans, away team & fans and the referees as well. Perhaps the new strictness of the rule in question should apply to the scorer but not the one assisting/creating the goal... I honestly felt City were robbed at that situation, and I wasn't even rooting for them. Chalking off that goal was exactly right and completely wrong at the same time.

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update available =D

ill be in hospital next week, so probably no more updates until 25th august

I appreciate your work for this great update.

Take care!
Blue may mean the player is currently on loan but not sure about the red...

I've had a shortlisted name colored red in my save, and If my memory serves me right, the player in question was under a bid, if not even an agreed transfer, by another interested club.
I suppose the color signals a "code red" situation of sorts - sign him soon or lose the chance to acquire his services (for some time at least).

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Found another source of proof, this one in English.

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This is my first ever Live Database change. Hopefully I got everything right. There was no mention of the wage percentage to be contributed by RoPs, but I figured the player in question is 20 years old and promising, so (at least) 50% of his weekly wage should be about right.
The man is a moron, but for me the blame still lies heavily with the EFL in their fit and proper persons "test".

Elsewhere, great win for ourselves today. The Oystons are gone, Larry is back and with him came just under 12,000 fans to Bloomfield road. Bristol Rovers normally do well against us so glad Spearing actually put in a performance worthy of his captaincy for once and scored the penalty and set up the, somewhat unfairly, disliked Gnanduillet for his goal. The Gas hit the post in each half so we were a bit fortunate but I'm glad all over that the season is back and I can properly support my team again!

Congrats on the new era! Let's hope it's a succesful one. I know you've been waiting for this ownership change for a very long time.

For now, yes. Like last season, and like the file name suggests, more will be added gradually. If you need other English kits right now, you can find many of them in the SS (short sleeve) Kit thread.
Hope for Bolton, not so much for Bury. Which is strange given Bolton have debts of around £40mill whereas Bury is more in the £8mill region

Man, I hate to see this happen to a pair of traditional clubs and long time sympathetic underdogs. Poor fans, players, staff and everyone connected. And, quite literally, poor clubs.
I remember I downloaded the real-fixtures patch a year ago (when FM2019 was released), and it contained some text files with fixtures. Is it possible to setup fixtures in text files, without editor? Maybe in XML?

And what if you set the dates to 2019?

I remember username frankthetank87 who had made the real fixtures/results for few different Football Managers of last few years, mention that he had an easy method for creating new fixture/result lists for FM each year. He has done them for many different leagues of many different nations, so apparently he's got some kind of quick way of compiling the new fixture lists and turning them into the form required by FM. I wonder if he could be of help on this matter?

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My computer broke on me about 6 weeks ago and I don’t think it’s fixable, I’m hoping to at least be able to salvage the hard drive. Currently I can’t afford a new computer so I have no idea when there will be any new content from me. I will try and answer all the above questions during the coming week as I have a bit more free time now after what has been a very busy time of year for me.

So sorry to hear about your computer, mate. Your adboards have been tremendous and have really made a difference towards a more realistic match atmosphere! I really appreciate your work on them, especially since I don't have the needed programs or know-how to do something like that myself.
Hopefully you'll be able to sort out the computer issue soon and dive back into the world of Football Manager. And hopefully, at some point in the future, you'll have the time and interest to create or help others create yet more awesome adboards.

All the best,


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@ kingrobbo Same! I'm a day-to-day kind of manager (perhaps because I play football as a hobby and love the grind of the regular training sessions, physical workout and body maintenance - you know, stretching, planning my workout schedule around upcoming matches and all that - even more than the actual matches). I progress very slowly in my saves, but I do get really immersed in them, get to know my players' strengths and weaknesses really well and immensely enjoy every bit of tactical, player developmental or competition-related success.

I like starting saves almost as roleplay stories (local lad takes charge of his favorite team etc.) or enter an interesting short-term scenario to manage a team in (try and guide a team under relegation-threat into safety or win promotion back into the top flight etc.). Most often I pick an underdog team and try to rescue and stabilise them while developing the club's own youth prospects if the are any.

Football Manager games seem pretty straight forward as a concept, but there are so so many ways to play them, that it never gets old. And if it does, a little break will make me want to return to it once again. On top of it all, there are great community-made updates and databases, allowing lower league management and making previously closed national leagues available. The possibilities really are boundless.

As others have said, failure and misfortune are part of the journey. They make the game more real and exciting. And make the successes taste ever so better. I can't speak for other, better, FM players but knowing I cannot truly fully master FM, not without a team full of absolute world class superstars, makes the virtual footballing world feel very real. Looking back IRL many teams could've got relegated or missed their championships, had few crucial matches injuries etc. happened a bit differently along the way. That same small margins are often present in FM, and I love it.

I've often thought about doing the following little test: I backup a save at the start of the league season, keep playing the save until the end of the season, then return to my backup save and complete the same season once again. How different would it be the second time around, even if I tried to make the same transfer decisions, squad selections, use the same tactics and so on...? Depending on many variables, that FM so well simulates, the outcome could be quite different. And that goes to show how unique each of our saves and managerial stories really are.

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So Newcastle weren't willing to spend something like £18M for Salomon Rondon but were willing to buy Joelinton for £35-40M despite him grabbing less than 10 Bundesliga goals last season... I feel like I'm missing some logic.

I mean, if it comes off, great, and I suppose the net cost is relatively low as its reinvesting the cash from the Ayoze Perez sale but this feels like an odd signing.

Seems very much like one of those unpredictable 50/50 situations, could be a hit or could be a miss. I hope for Newcastle's sake that he'll be a great success and hits the ground running, because they need a proper scoring threat straight off the start of the season.

I love how you (almost) never can tell who will do consistantly well in the Premier League. Remember when Norwich bought Ricky van Wolfswinkel as their number one striker. The lad grabbed lots of goals before and after his stint with the Canaries, but only one (1) in 25 appearances for them. And in the opposite end of the spectrum of surprises: Who would've thought Glenn Murray had all those crucial Premier League goals in him at such "senior" age?

It's so exciting and refreshing how - both in real life and in FM - you can always be surprised one way or the other when a player's most visible attributes don't necessarily match their performances and actual capability. (Especially when you manage to find them the most suitable role in your system and they reward you by overperforming every time.) That unpredictibility is the spice of football. Well, one the many assorted spices, really.

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Oh my...
The Burger Ki... I mean, Stevenage shirt on the right honestly looks like it's a Burger King employee's shirt/apron. You can hardly even notice the Stevenage logo with the stripes and the rather sizeable BURGER KING logo going on around it.
I mean, that's not really a sponsorship. That's a downright football kit takeover.
Cheers for the story, I've read it all. Also, fresh commiserations from a colleague in virtual management for getting the boot. I liked reading your management diary/account of events a lot. If you feel like keeping on making more of this - about this particular save or another one - you have a "thumbs up" and "good luck" from me!

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How can I do this before the game? I cant load the souritousi database into the pre game editor somehow...

When you start the editor it asks you which DB you want to use, 19.1 or 19.3. After choosing the database you'll have to use the filters to search for players, nations, leagues, clubs etc. and then you can edit their various details. I havent used the editor much myself, so I couldn't say how exactly to find the Bayern Munich second team and assign it to another league, but I do know teams can be moved between leagues and divisions.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but perhaps someone here with more experience in the actual editing process could point you the right way? I know the database can be a tough environment to navigate, even when you know exactly what you're looking for.

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