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Tommy Hughes Comments
how can I download?

The creator of the Ad Pack have removed the download link while they're fine-tuning the rotation of the video ads. It will be back up later.
I'm a little confused. FM 2019 is live, 3D kits/kitpacks are been made since but the downloads still state "3D Kits 18/19 packs for FM18" Do these kits work on both FM 2018 and FM 2019 or...? (is the same template being used in both games?) Which kits/kitpacks do work in FM 2019?

SI changed the 3D kit layout after FM17, so FM18 & FM19 use the same new 3D kit layout, and therefore the kits for 18 & 19 are compatible.
Does anyone have a skin/panel that would show these images on the general overview screen in the next fixture box?

I had this on FM17 but of course this screen has changed since then and the previous panel doesn't seem to work.


I've been looking for the same exact thing!
So far I've checked the following skins: "Google Light Skin for FM19" & "TCS'19 skin for FM19" but to no avail...

Also, has anyone found a way to remove the top section of the UI in FM19 or make it nearly transparent, so that the top of the screen wouldn't block and cover up a big part of the top portion of each background image? I've been digging through the Fm19 files and some skins' config files but haven't found anything yet.

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I noticed you discussing custom skins.
I've been looking for a skin for FM19 that would support both stadium backgrounds and small (420 x 240 I believe) stadium pictures. Would you happen to know something like that - or how to edit the small stadium pictures visible in the basic FM19 skin?

Thank you very much for this pack!

There seems to be a small issue, though, as it won't let me download, saying there are no free mirrors.

Would it be possible to upload it to Mega.nz? It has worked a charm for large files in the past. If not, then Mediafire would be my personally next preferred download source, because it doesn't intentionally slow down the download process into a crawl . Thirdly, a torrent file would be great as well.

Thanks. But I do not have a computer. How to find id numbers via mobile?
Please tell me the id number of the Crimea League.


Crimea (Nation) ID is 215446

Crimea Premier League ID is 71093597

Crimea Lower League ID is 71088573

You can find the ID's when you browse Sortitoutsi.net ----> Data Update ------> DB Search (with a magnifying glass icon next to it) ------> choose Nations & write Crimea.
(I'm not sure how well it works on a smartphone though, because I have only used it on my computer's web browser.)

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Thanks for the kind words. Just to let you know I have asked the question to one of the moderators of Sports Interactive forums. Fingers crossed.

Hey, check this out!
I learned that simatchviewer-pc.fmf in the fm 2019\data\ folder is where the pitch textures are located. So I started up the FM Archiver tool, which is a free tool you can download and use in Steam. In the archiver I browsed simatchviewer-pc.fmf and found many interesting folders and filenames and most of the files are .dds files, which can be opened via an andanced graphical editing software, such as photoshop - or in my case, the freely downloadable Paint.net.
I used the Archiver Tool's extract archive command to unpack the simatchviewer-pc.fmf and then I made my way into the folder structure.
For now, I was most interested in the sub-folders named clay, damp, dry, frozen, gravel, hard, muddy, patterns, perfect, sand, synthetic, water logged... in \simatchviewer-pc\textures\pitch\, which all had one file in them, named grass_01.dds. Each file has a different pitch texture picture in it, depending on weather and pitch condition and material. The weather the match is played in is supposed to trigger a specific version of grass_01.dds to be used in the match engine.
I opened this file into Paint.net: \simatchviewer-pc\textures\pitch\frozen\grass_01.dds and saw a green patch of pitch with frost on it.

Now, people have been demanding some frost or snow on the pitch for those winter-time matches in Russia etc. but there clearly is some white sprinkle to be seen on this green patch of grass I'm looking at. So what's the problem? Well, my theory is that the amount of frost in this pitch version (\simatchviewer-pc\textures\pitch\frozen\grass_01.dds) is too low for he player to see. If we were to make it better by editing the picture, repacking the pic back into the simatchviewer-pc.fmf archive, I wonder...

One basic problem I'm having is that I don't know what portion of the football pitch a single patch of grass like grass_01.dds or your detail_grass_1.dds represents. If we knew that, then it would be easier to "sprinkle" the right amount of snow on the pitch so that it would be nice and visible, but not over the top.

In any case, I believe we're onto something!

Hold on, I just realised that the frozen folder might only apply to a match that is in danger of being cancelled due to the pitch freezing too much - kind of like the waterlogged one. There's no other snow-related folder name in the \simatchviewer-pc\textures\pitch\ that I can see, and that could be the biggest obstacle we're facing here. If Sports Irteractive only considered the most extreme weather variations and nothing much in between, it might be impossible to trigger certain type of grass_01.dds during a match where some snowfall is forecast.

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Tommy, I have been trying to work this out since FM18. I have created snowy textures but cannot link them properly.

Thanks for the quick reply!
It would be really nice to add that bid of realism,so I'll keep looking. One way I can think of is to create snowy versions of pitch textures and then place them in the folder whenever you have a match coming up that is sure to be played under wintry conditions. But I do hope there is a simpler way. I already took the "detail_grass_1" from your pack and made 3 different versions of it with little, more and lots of snow sprinkled on the pitch. Maybe I'll get to put them in use one day.

Thanks for your help and for the awesome textures!

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These revised pitch textures are very much appreciated! I do have one question or request, though: I among many others would like to have decent slightly snowy pitch textures for those atmospheric winter conditions in russia, UK etc. Would you happen to know how to do it. I mean, if you create a snowy grass detail, how could it be linked specifically to matches under winter conditions?

If I knew how the pitch textures in the match engine work and how they're defined in relation to the in-match weather conditions, I could try and create something on my own. That is, of coursse, unless someone more talented is willing to give it a try...

No idea what all that means, sorry It's Foss's file so he'll have to help you on this, I just linked you to the file

What program are you trying to open it with? Can you try with winrar?

I have the same issue, simply clicking on the download link causes the forementioned error prompt to appear. I believe the link is just broken. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
A big update to this pack.

- National north league added
- new third kits for Middlesbrough, Charlton, Colchester and Crawley added
- editor file which sorts kits and colours added (a must have to see this pack properly)


Awesome work again, bolid!
I've only got one question about the editor file: I downloaded the England 1-6 SS kits as well and the .rar pack included an editor file identical to this. Should I rename one of the two and place both in my \editor files\ folder or does the newer one in the England 3D kit pack include required corrections/adjustments for the SS kits as well?

Can anyone help please? Is there a SSKCC download for FM19, I cannot seem to find a link.

Kind regards

There isn't one at the moment. It's been worked on but hasn't been released yet.
Hi pezzahawkins!
Yeah, it does sound very familiar indeed.

For years I've been especially keen on editing the match engine sounds to add more atmosphere and realism to the game, but this year the match_events.xml was released with the lines of code completely and utterly mixed and shambled. They used to be all neatly set so one could easily read and edit them. If I try it now for more than ten minutes at a time, I may just dislocate my eyes. That's how hard it is to keep up with the sight of endless shambled lines of text scrolling before your eyes in the Win Notepad... It's like a screen-full of friggin' Matrix-code now!

I was so sad to make this discovery when the BETA launched, because I just knew they wouldn't change it for the official launch - and, of course, they didn't.
I have decided to bite the bullet and do some very basic sound editing for FM 19, but I've just delayed doing so time and time again, all because of the daunting task ahead of me. Been playing with the default sounds for now, which means the end of an era of customized sounds since FM 15 FM 14, I believe. (Sigh)

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I like these shirts!
My pick would be: home kit #1, away # 8, third kit #5.
Changes made in an lnc file are all save-game compatible

Sadly though, if one changes a club name in the .lnc file, that team's nickname disappears from the save game it's applied to.
Hi does this work for FM2019 ??

Yes, it does.
hey guys thanks for all your hard work
was just wondering do the 3D kits for fm2018 work on fm2019 ? download links are in the fm2018 section just making sure they work for fm2019

They changed the layout of 3D kits after FM 17, so the newer 3D kit model of FM 18 is exqactly the same as the one in FM 19. They're fully compatible, 18 and 19.

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Is this skin already available for fm 19?

I found the wannachup skin:

But I also noticed that it was released during the Beta and hasn't been updated since. It might not be finetuned to work with background pictures or those smaller stadium pictures...

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It doesnt work on football manager 2019. Are you guys doing one for fm19?

These stadium pictures should work in FM 19 when a suitable skin is in use. Wannachup FM18 Skin was compatible with these pictures in FM 18, so it's very likely that Wannachup FM19 Skin wil be compatible with them in FM 19.
(I wouldn't know for sure, though, because I haven't tested that combination in my game.)
I appreciate this a lot, but there is one request I'd like to make: Could you please make a version of this that only embargos paid transfers during the first transfer window, but not the whole 18-19 season?

I liked the aformentioned option FM used to have ("Disable transfers during first window" I believe) that disabled transfer budgets, blocking money transfers but keeping loans and free transfers possible. They changed it for FM 19 so you cannot even do loans or free transfers.
It would be great to have the traditional option available again. Do you think it could be done?
Hi Tommy, did this work for you?

Yes, I believe the combination of my firewall solution and the blank adboard code solution provided by aragornx made it work for me again, though I've since only played pre-season games on small stadiums without video ads. But at least the static adboards have been working just like they should. No sight of Bidstack here.

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I didn't want to turn off my internet connection or set Steam to offline mode, as suggested in posts above, so I made a new rule for FM 19 in my Firewall, that disallows any inbound connections made to fm.exe. The rule can be easily switched to "enabled" or "disabled" depending on whether you want to keep blocking traffic to FM 19 or not.

Haven't tested it yet, but it should prevent any nonsense from Bidstack marketing department from reaching the game... I hope.

P.S. Do they actually think forcing ads on FM players is an advertising strategy worth the investment?! I don't know what the heck Bidstack is and I'm adamant not to even bother looking it up, because I don't want to - because they're being total wankers and do not deserve my attention or curiosity, far as I'm concerned.
Yeah, okay. Rant over.
Hmm... I wonder if one could replace the BIDSTACK_CHANNEL.xml with an empty file with the same exact name and then set the file as "read only" (which means it cannot be deleted or overwritten without the consent of the System Administrator)?
This is simply brilliant! I've been looking for the real fixtures for FM 19. Thank you so much, mate!
As a rule of thumb, editor data files are very rarely fully compatible from one version of the game to another. To further complicate matters, FM18 fmf files need to be manually converted to xml format on the FM18 editor, then back to fmf formaton the FM19 editor before being recognised by the game.

It's fair to say that it's therefore extremely unlikely the files in this download will work for FM19. claassen has temporarily stopped working on the files for now as there were various compatibility issues with the FM19 editor...

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully things change for the better and Claassen is able - and willing - to work his magic for FM 19 as well.
I’ve read on the SI forum that they’ve taken out the ability to disable Brexit in the editor. Not sure why SI would do it. Doesn’t make sense.

What? No way...

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Slovakia Home and away



Top job, jroberts! I really appreciate you making all these kits.
Hiya, could someone please confirm if there will be a ‘No Brexit in England’ patch released for FM19?

There isn't yet, but there surely will be once the FM 19 Editor becomes available (November 2nd) in Steam and someone does a bit of editing.
As these are in the fm19 d/l section assuming compatible but do we need to wait for skins or panels for them to work?
Am still setting up my game like a fool.

Yeah, have to wait for the Basic Skins for FM 19 to drop, so you can edit the opacity of the background in order to make the background pictures visible. It's a shame but with no archiver tool atm there's not a lot anyone can do about it. Look for michaeltmurrayuk, who's great with skins & panels, to get on it as soon as the beta ends and the tools become available.