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Tommy Hughes Comments
Can we get the EFL Delta ball?

I read in one comment that the ball in question cannot be made for FM 20 because of its color. Apparently the ball mesh template was changed once again for this year's game and some color cannot be implemented in the match balls. If this is all true it's pretty embarrassing for SI, really.

Oh wait, sorry. For some reason I thought you meant the English Premier League ball. I don't know about this one. Maybe it's possible. If someone knows better, please do confirm either way.

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with this new update, feel free to ask for changes since i'm starting the file again

That is good to hear!
I'd like to take this opportunity, when a lot of you guys are requesting kits, to invite you to consider taking matter to your hands and stop depending on other people to make you kits.

I'm inviting you all to try my NE templates, which is a set of premade kits in all available catalogue colors, and this season there are both 2D and 3D kits in the pack. There are 80 common kits in the pack at the moment, but that number grows every week. These premade kits can be used in all paint programs, and only set of photoshop skill that you'll need is to copy and resize and place logos. That can be learned in one afternoon with some help from google or YouTube. At the end, you'll have the ability to change your kit every season or to make real kits which are in the pack.



Check this topic for download and updates:

A short video demonstration on how to quickly make full set of kits in 6 minutes:

Thank you, much appreciated!
Must the file be pasted in the "editor data" folder?


Yes, that's right.
create a folder called TEXTURES and place the ball you wish to use in to it.
then place the textures folder into.....sports interactive\football manager 2020\

Actually, I think \textures\ is the folder where to place the pitch textures etc. and \mesh\ is the folder where to place the custom \ball\ folder and its contents.

so: (USERNAME)\documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\mesh\ball\
I have a cup game and want 3 B team players to play for Main squad. The problem is that the B team has a game on the same day as Main squad. When I get to Main squad selection the B players show as Unavailable because they played a game earlier that day.

How can I prevent the B team players from playing on that day?

Do I have to move them to the Main squad and then move them back to B team after game?

I manage Strasbourg in Ligue 1 and I'm pretty sure I can choose a 2nd team player and set: availability for 2nd team->Next game->Unavailable without having to move them up to the First Team for the furation of the 2nd team match. Also I've noticed that if you set lineups (choose players for positions in Squad View) for your 2nd team or Youth team, your coaches managing those teams usually go with the precise lineup that you chose - even if you're not actually in charge of them. That was often not the case in FM 19 and other earlier iterations.
so Athletic third there.

Perhaps stakel84 got the SS Kits mixed up with the 3D kits?
I just checked and the third kit was included in the SS Kits, but missing in the 3D pack downloaded from this site, so I added it from last year's (season 18-19 for FM19) 3D pack and edited the config.xml.
A question for those more experienced than myself with the editor/databases.

Before starting my latest save I wanted to try and create a ‘British Cup’. The idea being that the current league cups in each of the British countries basically all get merged into one with increased prize money and reputation.

I tried all sorts but struggled to find a format to use clubs from different nations without creating a ‘continental competition’ ie Champions League.

I gave up in the end and started the save without it but it’s still bugging me, just wondered if it is actually possible?


Yes, I do think it's possible. Off the top of my head I'd say that because the clubs involved are from different countries you would have to create a continental competition. I imagine it's possible to create a lower reputation (compared to UEFA's CL & EL) continental cup and set the rules so that you can specify the participants. There are actually many pre-season tournaments like that created for FM, so it should be doable to make one and incorporate it to the actual season.

I would either ask for help from community members who have made multinational leagues or cups before (I remember seeing them around, both national team and club competitions that combine teams of multiple nations into one competition) or download one of their league/cup files and study it in FM Editor to see how it's been set up.

Hope that helps!
Pink and black kits are both declared "alternative away" by Leicester, meaning equal importance. So it's up to me how I want to put them in the pack.

So I took into consideration kit clash algorithm which will almost never show 3rd kits if home and away are very different. But if home and away are similar (both dark), match engine will much more use 3rd kit.
Combination of blue home, black away and pink third will show 3d kit more often.

That is top notch kitmaking/kitpacking!
France - Ligue 2 SS'2019/20 by shooto Relink! (19/01/20)
(updated - Added third kits for Auxerre, Caen, Lens, Nancy, Lorient & Sochaux)

This link seems to lead to the Ligue 1 SS Kits file.
Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help - I'm having a few issues that I've not come across in previous versions of FM - some faces from the mega pack aren't pulling through on to the game despite my best efforts! There's no graphic when I load the game up that shows the dressing room on the home screen (not that bothered about this) and when I play a match there is nothing on the screen but I get the commentary and also can't view the screen when creating a tactic. I'm running the Wannachup-FM20-Instant-Result skin on a Macbook Pro - I've used this skin on previous versions and never had an issue! Any help appreciated

There have been reports of the things you described happening when a custom skin made for earlier version of FM 2020 has been used in a newer (updated) game version. If you have a look at where you downloaded your current skin from, there might be a new compatable version of Wannachup-FM20 skin already available. Using the latest version should erase the issues you're facing.

I'm using the Dark Flutskin for PC and I've had to download and re-install about 4 or 5 different versions already to avoid those nasty glitches.

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It's the 'teams' folder within the Google Maps Background Megapack that is causing the issue. I don't want to get rid of this folder as I want the stadium pictures - so, I guess the only way is to go through the config file and manually delete the lines of code with the 'logo/background/left' in it.


You can actually do a mass edit instead of having to manually change each entry in Notepad by using the Find and Replace with... option where you write the exact line of text you wish to find in the file and change into the first box and then enter the replacement text into the other text box.

If you wish to remove certain line(s) of text and not replace it/them with anything, all you have to do is leave the second text box (replace with) empty.

There should be no harm (game crashes etc.) in mass editing the lines you mentioned so that the various stadium IDs/picture names remain in the config.xml but the part 'logo/background/left' is removed. It should simply cause those particular lines to not work, so the game reads the lines and cannot read and apply the unfinished lines, so it should just ignore them and, therefore, not load the 'logo/background/left' pictures that you want to get rid of.

It's worth a try before going through the whole ordeal of manually finding and deleting each line that mentions the 'logo/background/left' in the config.xml. Just remember to make a backup of the config file before testing the solution I suggested, just in case you need to do the editing the other way.

Hope that helps!

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I think the ID in the config file is wrong and 1474 refers to a lower league team named almost identically with the Liga NOS club.
The Liga NOS Belenenses has the following ID: 83255937. Change the ID in the config and it should work.
EPL Static club ads preview 2

Crystal Palace

Norwich City

Man City

Thanks ever so much, majesticeternity! It's looking really nice so far!
Seems there is a > missing at the end of the code for the home kit. Could be the problem there.

Well spotted!

Can you try changing the filenames to napoli_home, napoli_away and napoli_third, and make the same change in the config.xml as well? It could be that the config files cannot handle empty spaces in filenames. It's just a hunch but it's worth a try.
can you let me know what differences using this file we would see in the game? thanks!

It also affects the matches between those rival teams involved in a derby match. The result against a rival club will matter more, just like in real life. It brings tension and meaning to the fixtures. Could also seal your fate and get you sacked if you're on a dismal run of form and lose or revitalise the team and turn the tide for the better if you grab a big win, again, just like in real life.

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which folder do we put this into? is it in the editor data like the derbies folder?

Yes, that's right.
Thank you !! I am assuming these are for FM 19 also being in this folder section.

Yeah, just checking because the text on the upper sleeve of the page says "Football Manager 2020 Downloads" and "Football Manager 2020 Graphics" but also "3D Match Kits 19/20 for FM19".
Are these 3D kits for FM 19 or FM 20? Either way, thank you!

FM 2020 received a patch today and I just noticed that Windows Explorer's very recent "date modified" date suggest something in the \db\2010\ folder has changed today.

Do we need a new version of the Real Names Fix or are we good to proceed?
Just a head's up - the Glasgow derbies which involve Queen's Park seem to have QPR listed instead. Any idea how to fix them so changes take effect in the middle of a save game? Other than that, this is great work!

Good spot!
I hope this will be fixed soon, because I've been planning a Scottish league save for a while now...
I did try to change it in the pre-game editor myself, but haven't yet found a way to do it.
Do the 19/20 kits for 19 work for 20?

2D kits do, but 3D kits, the ones that show during matches, do not completely match the new 3D kit template of FM 2020.
Hi guys, I wanted to purchase FM20 through sortitoutsi, but I wanted to ask, if we purchased through your website, would that version of the game come pre-loaded with face and kitpacks? For some reason, I seem to recall this was a feature in past versions of FM, but maybe I'm mistaken. Can anyone clarify?

I do not represent Sortitoutsi officially, but I'm a long time member and haven't eveer heard of that (pre-loaded graphics etc. additions) being the case. However it is free for you to download and use any of the graphical, database etc. community-made additions on your game, whether you buy it through this site or not.

Having said that, it is my understanding that buying the game through Sortitoutsi would indeed benefit the website, so it would work as a way to support it if you so wish.
Thanks for your help! One more dumb question. I've installed version 1-1.2 and everything seems to work fine. When I go to install the Premier League updates there does not appear to be a graphics folder in the download. Is that normal?

That's actually a good question. I did wonder about that earlier when I downloaded and installed the new EPL 1-2 patches. It seems that those packs only contain updated video adboards and no static adboards (no pictures).

Yet when rabcp added a comment for each EPL club that they had finished for the 19-20 updates, each team has a collage picture of club-related adboards that might be static or video boards. In theory, if those pictures in the comments were saved and dissected apart, they might be just the right size to be put in place of the older static adboards of season 18-19, maybe? But if that was the case, then surely rabcp would've added the updated static adboards into the latest EPL packs as ready-made graphics as well..?
Thanks for the instructions. Do you have to make the code changes to stop bidstack ads per the instructions on page 1 of the thread in FM20?

I'm not sure whether it's required, but I have done it just in case and have not had any Bidstock issues yet.

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Hello ,

Thank you for your quick answer,

Okay Great, but if i Donwload all of that i'll have the different update you did for Season 19/20 ?

For your information ( just if you need to know ) i use FM2020

Thank you

These adboards work both for FM 19 and FM 2020.

Most of the adboards are from last season (18-19) but the English Premier League ones are 19-20.
You need to install all the packs listed in the same order they were made available, i.e. from top to bottom:
V1.0 - Download
V1.1 - Download
V1.2 - Download
EPL Part 1 - Download
EPL Part 2 - Download

(It's important to install each pack on top of the previous ones to ensure that the adboard graphics, videos and config files work as intended when some older files are overwritten with newer versions.)