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Jorgen Comments
Is there any way to auto assign regens with pictures, or to have an GUI where you could drag and drop your team players or other players with the pictures of your choosing? (Using FM 18 by the way)
What database did you use for your search? The original or 18.3 one? As the changes are only saved in a new file (and the original are in no way edited), you have to check the latest edited / downloaded database you have on your computer.
As there is an update for FM19 right now, does this also mean the FM18 one won't be updated anymore? It is 12 days old, according to last version date.
I haven't been on Susie for a few weeks, so sorry if I missed this info.
Mounir El Hamdaoui is NOT retired from football. He signed a contract at SBV Excelsior Rotterdam till the end of the season.

See also: https://sbvexcelsior.nl/mounir-el-hamdaoui-maakt-seizoen-af-bij-excelsior/
He will not leave the club now: “Ivan will leave by the end of October and becomes chief executive at AC Milan on December 1”

If it isn't possible to give directors a future transfer, you could think about transfering him immediately, or waiting to update his club till december 1st.
Set favorite player to Erick Gutiérrez (PSV). I cannot do this in the online live editor.
Set favorite player to Hirving Lozano (PSV). I cannot do this in the online live editor.
Wesley Sneijder played his final match for the Dutch national team yesterday. He ended with 134 caps and 31 goals.
Loan is one year. Should use 2018 for one year?
I do not know how much SBV Excelsior contributes to Horemans' wages
Contract is 1 year, with option for another year. I do not know how much money he will earn
@Cymro Thanks, but I cannot find how to start a new topic there.

Think I've found it

One question though. How do I add youth players that are not in the database already?

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Ronald de Boer is now youth trainer at Ajax (source: almost all Dutch news and football media)

Ajax signed 3 new youth players. Source: https://www.ajax.nl/streams/wedstrijden/dit-zijn-de-nieuwe-aanwinsten-van-ajax-o19.htm

Noah Abid (from Vitesse)
Elgero King (from PSV)
Damjan Dostanic (from SBV Excelsior)
@mons Thanks! That worked perfectly. I thought LNC's were only for existing games. After all those years using the Susie files, I still learn new things
Thank you
Another question @mons

When using the Susie real name fix and the live update files in combination with Claassen's updates, I get 3 strange competions.

Africa → Club competitons → RFFU - m. Simferopol - Gruppa 1
Asia → International tournaments → Četvrta HNL - sjever A 2017
North-America → Panama → Četvrta HNL - zapad

As far as I understand, this is due to the fact that Claassen used extinct competitons, to create the missing ones.
I suspect, the one from Panama would be the Copa Panamá (also known as Copa Cable Onda Satelital), the one in Africa must be the Indian Ocean Champions Cup and the one in Asia is the SAFF U-19 Championship.
I tried to give the Susie files names starting with 001, 002, etc and starting with zzz to force them to be loaded first or last, but that did not help. I opened some files in the editor and found the 3 competitions, but they were not edited. So what must I edit or change to get the correct names in my game?
I'm not sure what the question is here

If you add a # in front of an entry in an lnc file, that particular entry is disregarded by the game. The reason I have all the club name changes in my lnc file with a hashtag in front of them is that they are all included in the fmf file already. However, for the benefit of those who only apply this file after having started a new game, the workaround in the first post would allow them to enjoy all the club name changes nonetheless (with the slight drawback of losing the nicknames).

OK. Than I never used them at the same time, apparently, haha.

That explains why I did not get the "Pyramids FC" name in my game, the first time.

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This would mean that I do not always need the LNC to be in the db folders, right? I always use 'em both, actually.
I thought, I only had to edit Pyramids FC in the LNC files, but then my changes won't show in the game. Should I edit the club name in the .fmf file too?
@mons That helps ofcourse. Now I don't have to open the editor

I meant a higher budget for Pyramids FC and the staff changes that are not already in the Susie Live Update.
@mons That's fine by me i'll edit it in my own files then.

I would have suggested the other changes in the database topics, but didn't know how.
Thanks @mons

Also thanks for putting the name changes for Frankfurt in it!

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Hmm, it seems it is from 6 februari 2018. Strange.
@mons Not in the one that I downloaded a few days ago. There both long and short name are called KNVB Beker

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Dutch KNVB Beker should be:

"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 1301411 "KNVB Beker" ""

About the Dutch Eerste Divisie: the KNVB sometimes names it Eerste Divisie, with a D and sometimes divisie with a d. As all other Dutch competitions in the LNC file start with a capital letter on each word, I would prefer to see "Keuken Kampioen Divisie" and "Eerste Divisie"


"COMP_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 30 "Keuken Kampioen Divisie" ""
"COMP_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 30 "Eerste Divisie" ""
Amsterdam Arena (ID 1417) is incorrectly renamed to Johan Cruyff ArenA. It should be Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Cruyff with an Y is the international version of the name, but in all official places, only Cruijff with IJ is correct

Thanks. I'll know how to do it. Seems SI is doing it the same in all versions of the game.
Are those names already in the last update Mons, or where do I add them myself?
Is the Nouri file still necessary, if I use the live update file here on Susie?

Is it possible to change the German cities Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Frankfurt am Main and Frankfurt (Oder)? Those (including the brackets) are the official names used in Germany. The way SI is naming them both "only" Frankfurt is confusing.

Frankfurt am Main is the city of Eintracht Frankfurt.
Frankfurt (Oder) is the city of 1. FC Frankfurt (name FFC Viktoria is still in use in the database, but it should be longname: 1. FC Frankfurt (Oder) E.V. e.V. and shortname 1. FC Frankfurt (Oder))

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OK. I'll do just that. Thanks.