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Based Jorge Comments
tick tock tick tock tick tock
Long live Mourinho

Can't believe there's still United fans backing that cancerous piece of shit.

Cardiff, Burnley & Bournemouth to be relegated.

3rd-6th is anyone's though, the top 2 are more or less confirmed for me
Sterling was England's third/fourth best player in the tournament imo. Without him we looked absolutely horrific in open play, he caused absolute havoc for the Croats yesterday.

I was at the game yesterday, as soon as they scored 1 I knew it was over. Especially with Raheem off the pitch who is the only one able to do anything with a football in that attacking triumvirate.
Kind of wanted Arteta but very encouraged by Emery's comments and vision thus far.

maybe a 1 cause Arsene's finally leaving and Mesut signed a new deal

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Liverpool would've genuinely netted at least 8 in both ties that Bayern played them in
Both were pens imo but the pressing issue is whether the play should've been continued up to that point.
Alderweireld to Arsenal in the Summer then is it?
Mourinho is finished as an elite manager, who knew? Sacked at the end of the season.
£75m is obviously far too much for Van Dijk but if that's what gets them CL football instead of Europa League then it's worth it. But still, he isn't even the best CB in the League, it is a huge amount.
I think this City team is probs the best team in Prem history tbf. You could give any manager their squad and they wouldn't make them play as beautiful or as effective as Pep has them playing. Genuinely believe they'll go unbeaten at this point
United playing against the big teams in their backyard like Burnley.
Good job Bellerin went for the 5 a side tackle, if he didn't his shin would've been split in two by the lanky cunt
Koeman is the worst manager in the Prem imo
£40m. Class.
No Alexis & Özil and we looked very disciplined defensively, something that wouldn't have been the case if they were on the pitch. Think we should start big games away without them now in all honesty, just as detrimental as each other in these occasions.
I mean De Boer is a fucking rubbish manager
Thought that was a red card too. You're not in control of the situation if you end up landing on your arse like that
Imagine thinking that's not a red card.

Dangerous and reckless play. Both feet off the ground and went full pelt into Ederson's face. It's about as much of a red card as it can be
I thought initially he was supposed to be permanent ? Was more Sanches I heard the loan deals floating about.

Saw that Krych is a loan with no option to buy, Renato €5m initial loan fee, €30m to make it permanent
Don't think big clubs can afford to have a player on his wages at the club with no option to buy at the end of it anyway RE: Krych

Why are no big clubs going in for Krychowiak? Or Renato Sanches for that matter

Krychowiak isn't that good and Renato Sanches' stock has fallen dramatically. Bayern not convinced by his technical quality by any means, better suited to the Prem in all fairness. Clement factor probs also big
Apparently Arsenal have "no money"
Absolutely love Raheem Sterling. Think he has the highest ceiling of any English player for a long, long time. Alexis will eventually force the issue, and cash + Raheem wouldn't be the worst idea so long as we also got a winger for the other side.

In an ideal world we'd keep Alexis but life is shit. At least giving them the League stops Mourinho getting his cunty hands on it again
Anyone who still thinks Arsene Wenger should be managing our club is a fucking moron.

Sad part is that he's just one of many within the club who need to fuck off, least of all the toupee wearing yankee doodle cunt who owns us.
Alexis has apparently handed in a transfer request.

Come on Ed.

Fake news. SAD!
Actually starting to feel abit sorry for Arsenal fans.

If this is RE: Ox, why? Great amount of money for an average player with one year left on his contract. Glad to see the back of him.
Liverpool will get Lemar this season and Naby Keita the next.
I've seen you go 4-0 down vs us in 20 minutes, but this was probably the worst I've seen you play and close to the worst performance I've ever seen. Neville was spot on commentary, players embarrassed the shirt, Ozil, Ramsey etc walking around.

But on the other hand, we're fab to watch going forward.

Özil was surprisingly the only one chasing down the whole game, jumped around in frustration seeing no-one else press with him. His 0.5/10 performance doesn't make up for everyone elses 0.1/10 though

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