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A11_Smithy Comments
Yes, it's impossible to make it work that way, only SI can. I did increase the in-match probability of injuries versus training, to try and reduce the fact that most injuries are in-training.

But just a note on what you said - I agree, there should be a "hierarchy" of matches/training having more or less risk for injury, but you can see here that players often do get injured in pre-season. They are out of shape/on poor US pitches/on a new team and unused to their training, etc. So pre-season injuries are very real and probable.

The break your foot 1 out of 10 times practicing free kicks thing...is yea..not right.

To be fair, nearly snapped the ligaments in my ankle by stepping on a curb yesterday. Bet you could do a bit more damage in a training session!
New fantasy Alfreton kits, 3d available here

https://i.imgur.com/SaHRLE5.png https://i.imgur.com/s4Q94mv.png https://i.imgur.com/B1GgjKc.png
Fantasy Alfreton kits for the new season because I'm that sad I make new kits for each season at my club.. SS here




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Fantasy Alfreton kit I'm using as the away kit, SS' available here

Fantasy Alfreton away kit I'm using at the minute, shifted the blue/yellow to the third kit so it still gets used. 3D is available here


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Yeah gotta say I've hardly been thumping teams as Alfreton, think it might just be the fact that the French league is even less competitive than Scotland.
Not sure how our finances look that good, pretty sure we're about 6 million quid in debt and have been for a few years! Best of luck with the save though pal, good club to start with if you can keep them fit and consistent
Would say the composure is dragging him back, also check how he handles the pressure of big games, as well pressure in general. Concentration might also be poor maybe? Or you're just unlucky, it can happen sometimes. (Maybe the game is treating it as a 1v1.. never score those)
Not impressed with this.

Playing with Leeds, my English signings are being sent on language course as they don’t speak “north British English”

To be fair, I've moved from York to Sheffield which is barely 60 miles and still have a hard time understanding some people, I'd have no chance understanding what they wanted me to do on a football pitch
Hi I've got a kit request for my create-a-club.

Not looking for anything fancy - just along the lines of the default kit choices I made (pic attached).

Badge is here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Exeter#/media/File:University_of_Exeter_Crest.svg

No sponsor please, and not worried which manufacturing brand it is with.

Thank you!

Had a little play about here, hopefully they're alright!




boomzdaydevice actually did some in this style with the most recent Kappa template, very snazzy, you can grab those here
Update to Bradford (Park Avenue) kits after watching them play York today, and an alternate version because the kit looked extra smart with black shorts/socks.


Absolutely spot on mate. Thanks , Do you make 3D kits too?

Given it a go, done a few alternate versions with different shorts colours, dependent on which you think looks best for each one

Home and Alt

Away and Alt

Third and Alt

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Team: Hull United
Kit Manufacturer: Adidas
Sponsor: Corsec CCTV (see attached)
Colours: Home - White with black sleeves and black trim
Away - Teal with black sleeves and white trim
Third - Black with white sleeves and teal trim
Extras/Notes: Colour sponsor on home kit, white sponsor on others please.

How do these look? Hopefully the teal colour is alright.
https://i.imgur.com/TAo0R3i.png https://i.imgur.com/YswnFdV.png https://i.imgur.com/Lw73bGI.png
Well, 3 guesses at who I've started a save with..

Charlton FM20 kits, edit to complete the set with the third kit, just found out in the season it's only gonna be used away against Brentford and Hull, which is a shame as I'm probably most proud of this kit, mostly made from scratch with help from Bolid on the collar




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duplicated post thanks to my internet being slower than Per Mertesacker wading through custard

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Nice one @Morris64 covering some kits that usually don't get covered top work pal
Is there a tutorial somewhere? Definitely want to give it a shot.

Not sure of any tutorials cos I basically learned photoshop by doing it so it was a lot of clicking buttons and just going along, but a good way I find is to look at other peoples kits, templates if available, and kinda learn what everything does and just experiment with it, once you know the layout of the kits it's fairly easy to get the gist of it.

Here's the template for the 3D kits, made by bolid, serves as a fantastic guide for pretty much any I make.

I see. I removed the Auxerre ones because they are absolutely hideous (except for the third kit, which is stunning), but now I (logically) have pretty plain kits. It's better, but it does lose a bit of authenticity.

How hard are they to make? It looks very simple if you pull the .png from the archiver.

To be fair, it's fun to do, it's definitely a learning curve getting them to look good but you learn the patterns and stuff over time, give it a try for sure! I thought I'd hate it and ended up liking it a lot
Can 3D kits be added/changed and seen in-game mid-save?

They can, but there might be some inaccuracies of course if you use different colours at all to the ones in game
Brilliant stuff pal, glad you do the lower leagues as well as the FL, really helps the game look quality. Any plans to release templates for these or is that coming once the batch is done?
I worry what sort of precedent it sets. You can lie blatantly, not give any interviews so you can't be scrutinised, smear and belittle the opposition... And it'll get you a win.
The conservative way was to brand Corbyn a racist (which people fell for, and also completely voted based on candidate rather than party.. again), and to claim that labour was going to abolish democracy. And of course to get Brexit "done".

A large part of the conservative party are elitist and also more than a little bit racist, certainly Boris Johnson is, again he wants to rework the "relationship" with the courts to give the PM untouchable power (hm that's weird), and "Getting Brexit Done" is basically going to be like cutting off your hand to get rid of a splinter, we're not gonna get a good deal out of it because the conservatives think it's too much pain to negotiate, and they're not thinking about how much of a pain it's going to be just cutting off from the EU... bloody hell it goes round in circles we're shagged.

Brexit wasn't even a legally binding referendum, it was basically a "what do you think?" based on a word and a notion.

I'm just waiting for the protesting to begin now.
Great breakdown of it @kingrobbo, totally agree that the system is complete bollocks. And what @Eugene Lee has said, yeah a lot of people are fed up with brexit, but a fair whack of people (mainly the ones under 50, I don't think I've spoken to anyone over 50 who wants to remain) want it to just be scrapped, so we can just carry on and pretend it never happened.

I'm too tired from work to go into mass amounts of detail as to why the whole thing is a mess, but ultimately we've been shafted by Cameron harder than that poor pig.
Look smart those Swansea kits boomzday, third is very Dortmund and that home one in white/navy would make a good spurs kit as well I feel, really like your creativity with kits
Get a half and half pizza, one half pepperoni one half cheese, if only one person wants the cheese they get half a pizza, if four people want pepperoni then they're getting an eighth each. Throw in the brexit party diluting the vote even further and really the tories were always going to win, it was just a case of how many.

Thing that peeves me even more than the fact the referendum wasn't even binding, is that a party can lie continuously, avoid the media, smear other parties and shout "BREXIT!!!" repeatedly and get in power with a landslide. And that's after the little tidbit on page 48 of their manifesto saying "After Brexit we also need to look at the broader aspects of our constitution: the relationship between the government, parliament and the courts." Also worth noting that Boris is quite keen on the idea of the PM being untouchable by the supreme court, which doesn't sound very democratic to me personally.

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Genuinely never been more upset at an election, had to take the day off work cos I was just in tears all morning. A big tory majority is gonna really hurt a large portion of my family.
Could someone possibly design a badge for a fictional team? Team is gonna be called Kelham Island FC, nicknamed either The Brewers or The Boatmen, colours I'm thinking yellow and black, similar to Boston United in terms of colour. Badge can be any style though, perhaps incorporating the history of the brewery into the design, or perhaps the river that runs alongside. Very vague request but hoping someone has a bit of fun with it.
@boomzdaydevice as a Liverpool fan it pains me to say it but those Everton kits look spectacular mate, really well done
The plucky team that can! Going great pal, won't be long til players dream of playing in the bright lights of the LNER Community Stadium