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A11_Smithy Comments
FM20 is gonna change things up, but I'm playing in National North right now so tonight I've knocked together the rest of the new kits, barring the ones that bolid has done - Alty home, Boston home, Leamington, Spenny third and York. Also putting the others I've done over the last couple months here for easy access.


Altrincham - only the away kit has changed

Blyth Spartans

Boston - only the away kit has changed, having "Arm poultry" as a sleeve sponsor is quite amusing


Bradford Park Avenue - in reality the hoop on the third kit is on the back of the shirt as well, but to be honest in game it looks cack and you can't read the numbers

Chester - only the home kit as the away kit stayed the same as last season

Curzon - I'm going to set fire to anything with a heather pattern I see tomorrow


Farsley Celtic

Gateshead - why oh why are there sky blue shorts with a maroon kit



Hereford, updated shorts for home kit and shorts/socks for away kit



King's Lynn

Southport - only the home has changed

Spennymoor - probably the nicest away kit barring York, if the colour seems off to anyone let me know and I'll correct it, I'm hopeless with blues and greens, not bothering with the third kit as all that's changed is the sponsor


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Quick note anyone using transfermarkt as a source, I seem to get errors with the dates if there's not a tab space between the day and the date, so as an example make sure it looks like the top one and not the bottom
Great insight into the process Bolid, feels a bit like a magician revealing his methods! Top work as ever
enjoy the games from your second season onwards taking 10 minutes longer
Hey, ive installed the data update, now it takes 10-15 minutes to load after i click new career and when that loads, and im on the league selection page, it takes another 10-15 minutes to load. Any idea how i can fix this. When i remove the files the game runs perfect

Just comes with adding/changing a lot of data from the standard database. When starting a new save I usually press go and go to the shops to be honest, takes about 30-45 minutes with an English league database.
I can now confirm that 3d texture layout will be different.
However, it's NOT totally different like between FM17 and FM18. The position and size of all kit parts is roughly the same so it should be possible to convert FM19 kits by moving parts around. Socks are moved up by half of their size and shorts fronts and back are swapped. Collar is also moved slightly to left.
Since sponsored areas are on same positions, simple FM19 kits with not much details on shorts and socks will work fine.

There's also another thing for users that were playing non-licenced kits using default kits; in 2D screen you were able to pick a shirt and on the back you could display it as same as front, or plain, or box behind number. But whatever you picked, in 3D match you could only have same as front. This is now fixed and all 3 variants exist in game files.

At least it's not totally shifted around like it was a couple years ago, still a little bit of a ballache though!
Download the old pack @Marko12101983, put it in your Sports Interactive > FM19 > Kits folder, and then simply save these kits over the old ones. Easiest way to do it as it means you don't have to faff about with a config file.
Some of the 3D kits are available, if you go here and click the highlighted home/away/third texts to get to that 3D kit and download them individually. They've not been packed up as yet but quite a few are done including Juventus.
Would say any kit requests are gonna be on hold until we know what's happening with the 3D models
If that's true they're gonna be crippling this thread for the second time in a few years.
Blimey that's a very classy kit
Brilliant stuff as usual pal
@bolid74 top work on the templates as always, helps my sad arse change the kits of my team every season to keep it fresh! Any sort of guess when the Championship files are out?
Football being football, one of my boys has now moved to another team, Mearns United. I completely understand if it isn't possible, but if you do have time is there any chance you can make the 2D and 3D for this Mearns top, the number on the back is white with a narrow white outline as well? Means my two boys can play against one another on FM. Thanks again for the earlier kit. I don't know if Mearns have an away kit, if so, it is probably the reverse, with white as the dominant colour and purple number etc.

Not a problem pal, pretty simple kits so knocked these up in a quick break, numbers and that just change in the editor, hopefully the shade of purple is okay, I can never seem to get purples right!

https://i.imgur.com/RgWcUg2.png https://i.imgur.com/hnsjArl.png


York City Legends Day kit, only the shirt was released as it's a special edition so based the shorts off of our first kit, loving it as my third kit. SS' kit here.

York City Legends day kit, using it as my third kit as it's one of the best shirts of recent years, 3D kit available here.


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How about now? Head on to templates topic

massive thanks as always pal (though I'm sure the partner wishes I'd spend more time with her and less time faffing about with kits..)
York have a new back of shirt sponsor in a deal lasting up to 2 years, just tuesday I was saying at the game how empty the back of the shirts looked, maybe they heard me!


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Any idea on when the SS' templates are gonna start rolling out bolid? Some good kits about this year, can't wait to pull them apart and ruin them
That newport kit is giving me a migraine.. hope I avoid playing them
Odd one for anyone tweaking their in-game kits, York's new white and maroon third kit has red numbers. Didn't even know you were allowed red numbers in our league but there you are, for those that are as sad as me!
Fairly sure the Manchester United ( ) third kit was added last week?
Barnet kit as well, because they've just irritated me with their away kit appearing as blue rather than white

Great work Smithy,you're getting ever closer to bolid !!

Thank you, not sure I'll ever get to his level though, I don't have the patience!
Can't remember what I have and haven't posted so gonna drop the kits I've made here, Halifax is possibly on the previous page (320), and Hartlepool, Maidenhead, Fylde and Eastleigh are on this page (321). Some details are assumed because I only really intended to use these myself, but figured some people might appreciate them as well.





Harrogate Town


Notts County


Solihull Moors








Gloucester City


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Little bash at these,

Fylde Kits




Eastleigh Kits



Maidenhead home and third kits


Hartlepool United kits


Halifax Town home kit;

Thanks Smithy for this analysis, supportive as always. Your math is a bit off, though. Last year I made more than 2.000 2D and 3D kits combined. But in my defense, many clubs use same kits, especially in lower leagues

Bloody hell I've gone and sold you short! Head starts spinning counting past 500

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