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Parker26 Comments
This is the wrong image, one below is the one i meant to paste there:
wrong image - ignore this
Just came across Kevin Mbabu in my save, and he hadn't played a game in 9 years? Anyone seen anything similar? Even still, managed to get a move to Real Madrid at 30 years old...

Just lost my first game in almost 2 years... To newly promoted Cesena! Struggling, purely because of the lack of funds
Haven't posted on this site in a long time, but I have been playing Football Manager more casually due to a lack of time. But I have started one with Parma, and am now 9 seasons in. First season got promoted, but struggled, ended up second. From there, Serie A has been a challenge, due to the obvious favourites, Juventus, dominating everything, from finances, to competitions. First season in Serie A came 3rd, and then the following season, the same again.
I tried as much as possible, to sign loanees from big clubs that are realistically, never going to play for them, and then sign them on a pre contract. Did this with Rolando Mandragora (Juventus), Matt Miazga (Chelsea), Alberto Cerri (Juventus), Cameron Carter-Vickers (Spurs), Gabriel (Milan), Andre Moreira (Chelsea) but the best one of the lot was James Wilson (Man United), who has overtaken Hernan Crespo's record for top goalscorer at the club.
The turning point in the save was Roma getting relegated. The season before, i signed a regen called Lionel Baloyi, from some South African team, for £250k, played him for a season, and Liverpool matched his release clause of £35m, and he left. From Roma's relegation, as their team was still way too good to be getting relegated, their entire team pretty much wanted to leave. They had an 18 year old wonderkid centre back, called Enrico Brancadori, who I signed for £31m. The next season, was the worst for everyone in the side, and we ended up in 7th, meaning Brancadori wanted to leave, and Man City came in - managed to get £65m for him. The next season, I was able to overhaul the squad with that money, and came 2nd. Losing to Juventus by 5 points, and the following season, the same again, but this time by 4 points.
Then finally, I got the break I needed - Juventus sold three key players, and made some poor signings, as well as a manager change, with Pocchetino coming in, and leading them to the lowest position in many years of 4th, leaving us to steal the trophy. From there, it became easy, but somehow, I managed to win another season, doing the treble in the process, as well as going unbeaten.
Annoyingly, this season, I have literally 0 transfer funds, and my two right wing backs have left the club in search of a new challenge and my two left wing backs were both on loan, and have returned, so I now have no money to replace the players, and I have a youth right wing back who is good enough for Serie B, and a 34 year old Mattia De Sciglio who is not good enough either, for right wing backs, and had just enough money to sign a 31 year old Benjamin Mendy and 29 year old Alex Grimaldo on loan for left wing back.
Slightly stuck as for what to do - resigned twice and joined Besiktas who had a £87m transfer budget, and my favourite foreign team in real life, but went back a save to Parma, and then decided to resign again, and take a Millwall challenge in the Championship who had lost 10 from 10, but again, went back a save to Parma.




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Hi Krissmed

Can I ask what skin that is as like the player overview.

I think its the wannachup dark skin
I'm not sure, but I think how comfortable he is in different roles is determined by the attributes needed to play that specific role.
If his attributes dropped off, so will the roles.

Yeah just weird that for one, the ability has just got from high to the bottom. Also being that he is playing in that role over and over, its strange that he has just dropped right off... but thanks

I am playing with Parma, and Felipe Caicedo has been my starting striker for two seasons. He has played in the Complete Forward role, and although he wasn't natural there, he was about 75% comfortable there. Now, out of the blue, he can't play it at all. Is this normal as he is decreasing in stats?
It's almost definitely been answered before, but I've started two different saves now, and both have said the saved game cannot be loaded. I know this means my file is corrupt, but is there a reason why it keeps happening? If it matters, I have Classens megapack thing downloaded, with all the nations in the game but none selected?
I'm not sure if it because I have Google Chrome open at the same time, but sometimes when I go into a game, it freezes either at kickoff or at the pre match team talk, and then will freeze sporadically through the game. In the menus, its fine though for me
How does the change over from Beta to full game work? is it just an update or something?
Good luck with this @Shedender, will follow as much as I can.
Guy on the left
Have you ever had a really promising player, regen or not, who has been ruined to the point of him no longer being good enough, by injuries?

I've never had one myself, it'd be interesting to see how common/rare it is.
I usually end up selling them too, but I see people who have had players at a club for like 20 years, and I've never been able to have a really good player for so long. @AWMG
I'm managing Dortmund, and I have won the Bundesliga two seasons running, and the Europa League this season, yet every one of my big players (Ousmane Dembele, Franck Kessie) want to leave because they want to join a 'bigger' team. How do you deal with this, as I don't want to sell them, but at the same time, if I keep rejecting, my whole team will have bad morale.

I am managing Monaco atm, and I needed a backup left winger to Kylian Mbappe for under £1.8m. They were all pretty average and then at the bottom of the list, Alejandro Gomez came up, who was valued at £775. I thought maybe it was a visual glitch, and when i would go to scout him, they'd want £10m for him, but turns out, the valuation they'd put on him was between £775-£1.6k. But I think this may be a bug in the database, as despite being good enough to start at Monaco, he is still only valued at £7.5k here.

Anyway, if you are starting a new career, for £1k, you can get yourself a quality winger...

Been busy recently, but I come back to see the start of this. I wish I had the motivation to play in leagues like this. Good luck though

The final thing I did was renew Areola's loan. PSG only want £4m for him so that might be something I look at, but I didn't have enough at the time. As I mentioned, Almamy Toure won't be returning this year.

Here are the clubs awards: Almamy Toure won player of the year, and I'd have been happy with any of those top three winning it. Fetfatzidis wasn't in the top three and he'd be another that I'd consider, but we had so many good performers it'd be hard to pick just three. Chieck Tiote scored goal of the season, in one of the few that he did score this season. Al Shahrani got signing of the season, and, in terms of value for money, probably, but Walter Gonzalez was a new signing and he was influential at the start of the season, and Andres Roa was also a new signing, and he cost less that Al Shahrani did, so I'd disagree with this one. Young player of the season was Almamy Toure, obviously as he won player of the season.


Andres Roa did win the leagues player of the year, with 9 goals and 10 assists in 27 games from centre midfield. Irven Avila scored 10 and assisted 13 for Najran from right wing, and he may be someone I'll look to pick up. Giannis Fetfatzidis finished third with 15 goals and 9 assists from attacking midfield

These are the results that meant we were able to win the league. We beat Najran 2-0 and Hazzazi scored his first goal of the season. We did draw 1-1 with Al-Shabab but this started Luiz Carlos' goal scoring run in the league. He scored a hat trick against Al-Orobah, Al Abed also scored. He then scored against Al-Fateh who were third at the time and then another in the 6-1 demolition of Al-Hilal. We finished the game off with a bang, with a 5-0 win over relegated Al-Mujazzal, with Roa scoring a brace, and Al Shahrani getting another goal from right back. Monaco want to give Almamy Toure a go in their first team so he won't be coming back next season, so this goal made me think that I should start him next season instead of replacing him, because whenever he does play, he's incredible.


We did win the league with 99 points, 12 points ahead of Al-Hilal as they did lose to Najran on the last game of the season. Al-Hilal did win the cup this season, so it is my main aim to win the league next year, and take it from them. Al Raed did fall off the pace a little bit, which could have been down to the sale of Bruno Zuculini in January.


Somehow, I managed to play everyone in the squad this season, but the full backs were particularly impressive. Almamy Toure finished with the mos assists with 16, and Abdel Shafy managed to get 10. Al Shahrani managed to score 6 and assist 5 in 17 games, and Hawsawi, the least impressive of the four, only managed 3 assists. Taisir Al-Jassim may be one who will be phased out of the team, but not sold as he has been here his whole career, because he is 33 and the worst of the central midfielders we've got. Failing that, I am okay selling Al Dawsari and using Al Abed as a backup attacking midfielder and Reyes can take the spot that Al Abed would have played. The striker position is a position I'm not sure about. Walter Gonzalez was incredible all season, but scored one in the last three months, Ivan Bulos wasn't great in the games he's played and Naif Hazzazi isn't really good enough. This might be the year that youth players like Al-Reshoodi and Abdullah Jaafar will get a chance to prove themselves

Well, not quite the close run encounter I'd expected as we thrashed them 6-1, for only their second defeat of the season, but you wouldn't have expected that based on this performance. Anyway, my concerns about the full back positions following the injuries were misplaced as backup right back Al Shahrani scored against his former club in 14 minutes. Ivan Bulos doubled our lead with his second of the season five minutes later and then Luiz Carlos continued his goalscoring form with another goal to make it 3-0. They did get one back but Fetfatzidis scored his 20th of the season to make it 4-1, and our right back Al Shahrani scored his second of the game to made the scoreline begin to look embarrassing and then finally, substitute Awaf Al Abed scored against his former club to complete the rout and seal the title.

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