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gaetan0 commented on: FM 2020 FLUT skin dark - Version 1.7
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BlackS0ull Comments
Hello Flut,

Sorry for bothering you, but I'm having some issues with your skin. When playing a match, during Highlights, it's a panel called "facilities" where I think it should be a picture with a stadium, but unfortunately it does NOT.

I have installed Stadium pictures and City pictures, as if I'm going to a club "overview" panel it's being displayed correctly, both the stadium picture and the city.


Thank you in advance!
Hello everyone!

First I would like to thanks to all the creators of this wonderful add-on. The game with these ad-boards, is really immersive and it's looks amazing

However, even that I tested on several leagues, ITA/ESP/ENG/GER, everything is changing on videos ads, except on 1 league team, that I'm currently managing - Manchester United. Even if I'm playing in Premier League or in UCL, the same VIDEO adboard I'm seeing

"following Manchester United on Twitter" follower about another video add with the TWITTER accounts

It's normal?

Thank you in advance guys!
does anyone know how I can add more nations. For example I would like to add for Romania, but is not working by throw in the folder, the Romanian kits from SS, for example.

Thank you in advance!
thanks again mons for this add-on. Like every year you are providing top notch quality in your work.

Have a great weekend

I forgot to add after 1830 patch your files and I've started a new game with a team in Germany. I've download again your files, all are correct installed, I've also did the trick by removing # from the CLUB_, but I still have an issue and I'm not sure if I can fix it somehow in this SAVE, without starting a new game.

The National Team of Germany is not showing the correct players

I've checked after the config parameter in this file
Competitions and other Fixes.lnc


But I don't know exactly if I should anything else in order to have the correct players for Germany Team.

Thank you in advance!


I think I found my self the correct answer

"German national teams will be populated in the next instance that players are called up, and not instantly. "

Thanks again!

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Hello guys,

Sorry if I wasn't able to find my answer to the next question but....

If I downloaded the Megapack torrent version, is in fact the version 9.0 so I don't need to download other things? Am I right?



I saw the response.

It contains everything in the last pack 9.0 torrent version.

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very nice mate, I'm using them and they are looking very nice.

there will also an improved version with more trophies?

Thank you!
TopClass update, I've already installed from yesterday, no issue so far. Thanks a lot again for this mons


You can try this

How to change the Sports Interactive folder location [Universal]

To change the location of your Sports Interactive folder which contains save games, graphics and other files you need to add a command line to the game launch options.

To do this follow the instructions below:

- First of all create the folder in the location you want it to be
- Go into Steam and right-click on the game.
- Select 'Properties'
- Click 'Set Launch Options...'
- Copy the following into the dialogue box: --user_data_location="path"
- In the "path" section, enter the exact path where you created your folder.

The next time you launch the game, your Sports Interactive files will be saved to this folder.

From Sigames forum official.

Hope that it works in this way, because I'm not at home to test myself, I will do it later today.
Changed the panel sizes a bit and added a new panel for preferred moves on top of those previous changes. Ended up with this:

Hey, this is a great addon to the player personal details. Mind share with me, or tell me how to do it myself.

Thanks in advance mate!
Hello man,

I've put only the huge pack, so I've removed FMC Stadium Pack and everything is OK, in Club Overview page I have the stadium picture, but also I have the big backgrounds for each team.

My question is now, if I can use somehow your BIG PACK of stadium, but to have it only on CLUB OVERVIEW PAGE, not on team page, or on every page, for example if I'm playing with Man Utd I'm having on each page the Old Trafford picture. I want to have it only on club overview page.

Is this possible.

I want with your pack to do this because the resolution is higher than the pictures from FMC stadium pack.

many thanks man!

FM2015 I'm talking about
Try it again. It removed the mirror link for some reason.

thanks a lot, is working
hello, there is no download link ....

I'm trying to solve my issue with FMC Stadium Superpack which are the small stadium pictures that are appearing in club page overview, but I cannot make it working. Can anyone help me?

The folder is as usual in the graphics folder, but on Club page I'm not able to see it

thanks in advance!
Hello mate,

Thank you very much for your skin. It's brilliant!!! However I have one small issue in the Player Personal Details Panel, as you can see in the picture, I have all those boxes on the right of the image and I can't used them, I cannot put any information, they are somehow INACTIVE.

Could you please help me?



IGNORE my post. It was from other panels folder that I've installed.


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english mate (anyway I've put in google translate) and I think I've did also what you said. I've all the cache from all the folders, I've lost all my game settings. I've left ONLY this skin and still I cannot see the font correctly. I'm seeing that font in white.

piece of crap
Can anyone help me with this


Thanks a lot for the skin, but I have the problem from the screenshot. I've tried many solutions like delete cache/reload skin/reinstall skin ...but without success.


Can anyone help me out with this issue?



I've tried again for 2 times last night, delete every skin (including also the panels folder, outside the skin folder) ...re-download the skin 1.4, clean cache from game, delete steam workshop. I've did everything and when I've applied this skin the whole screen was black

Don't know what to do else ?!?!!!
Hello mate,

I'm very pleased with your skin, but I have a question regarding the FONT that you used. Can I remove it? If yes, how? Or how I can add the default font of the FM2014?

Thank you!
this looks marvelous !!! Can't wait to test it

thanks a lot for this! Waiting for the project to be finished!
another year, another Football Manager version , this year 2014 , but always the same person who is doing the right stuff with naming competition.

Many thanks mate for this incredible work! Really appreciated! I can't wait for many other updates!

Thanks again!! With this minor tweak the game is a little bit different in a very good way, ofc!

All the best from BlackS0ull

merci mult Ovidiu
hello guys,

Could you please CUT my face in order to have it in the game. Also please tell me how to add it in order to work

link with picture



thanks in advance
my question
"Generating Match Report... WHY?!
Why was this completely irritating feature added? Takes an age to load when you click on a result. A big part of my FM experience was clicking on various games to view match ratings/stats/etc now for some reason SI have decided to make it a pain in the a**.

Could you please fix this?

thanks in advance!"

the official response from SI

"This is not a feature we've added, but has been caused by some of the under the hood changes made to the Match screen this version. All I can say for the time being is that we are aware that this is an inconvenience to some, and would have addressed this by now if it was a simple thing to change, but unfortunately it's not."

so it's sux big time
i'm using this flags since when you have released them though I have a quick/small question, do you think is possible to be a little bit brighter, specially the small ones, they are quite darken, because it has that beautiful waving effect.

thanks mate!
By PequenoGenio | Permalink | On 19 October 2012 - 14:39 PM
How do i instal this?

did you try to click on first post on first link on this topic ????? next time do that !!!!


Follow the below instructions to install this file:

Step 1: Go to


Program Files \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ football manager 2013 \ data \ db \ 1300


USERNAME \ Library \ Application Support \ Steam \ SteamApps \ Common \ Football Manager 2013 \ Data \ db \ 1300

For Mac Lion users, the Library folder will be hidden. Use this link to find out how to show it.

Step 2: Delete the dbc, edt and lnc folders from the folder above

Step 3: Copy the dbc, edt and lnc folder from this download into the folder mentioned in step 1.

Step 4: Go to:

Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2013

Step 5: Open the folder named "editor data". If it does not exist, then create it.

Step 6: Go back to the folder where you placed the file you downloaded and open the folder named "editor data files".

Step 7: Copy the 5 files in the folder from step 6 into the folder mentioned in step 5