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Vawkes Comments
Make sure the dbc/permanent and edt/permanent folders for 2030 are the same as the ones in the latest download

I'm having this issue with Brazilian team names and kits too.

I have downloaded the latest Real Name Fix, have copied it into each patch folder and have started a new game.

Please help.
If you are interested I made some kits of the Spanish league 414x414 as there are only 220x220 ones around, maybe someone can help me complete them.

Eibar home
Celta home, away
Real Betis home, away
Atl.Madrid home, third
Alaves home, third

Thank you!

Are you planning on making all La Liga kits in the higher 414x414 resolution?

Would be greatly appreciated if you could as the lower resolution ones aren't up to scratch. Thanks.

Could someone be kind enough to make this concept Hertha Berlin shirt for me please (414x414)?

No need for the Bundesliga logo, but I would like the 'Hyundai' logo on the opposing sleeve as seen on Hertha's real kits. The logo may need a black outline like the Nike logo to be seen clearly.

I intend on using Hertha's away and third kits from the 18/19 season, so please align logos and badges to the same size and position to the kits below. Therefore, the Nike black patch and wording at the bottom of the shirt would also be appreciated to make it look authentic.

https://i.ibb.co/0BHmYjk/hertha-a414.png https://i.ibb.co/RHXBZ8p/hertha-t414.png

Many thanks for any help!

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Brazil - Serie A SS'2019/20 by shooto Relink! (25/01/20) - Not SSKCC yet!
(updated - Added Goias third kit & fixed config error)

There seems to be issues with a number of kits not showing in-game:

Flamengo - Third
Fluminese - Away
Fortaleza - Third
Internacional - Third
This is just the sort of thing I was looking for. Not being able to change female regen faces has always bugged me.

Is there a pack of faces available to use instead of the black number? Thanks.
Does Sortitoutsi have any official statement after the licensing problem that is affecting some FM fansites?

What is this said licensing problem?

Many thanks!

Sorry to be fussy, but is there any chance you could tweak the colours somewhat?

i.e. Make the black darker and the red/blue detail brighter?
Don't believe it's been made so far, but could anyone be good enough to make RB Leipzig's Champions League away kit please?

414x414 pixel size please.


Many thanks in advance.

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I don't mean to sound disrespectful as I know and appreciate how much effort and hard work is put into making kits packs, but is there no way of having a higher resolution version of this pack? i.e. 414x414 pixel kits like thos from Bolid?

In game these kits look quite blurry and not of the best quality, which is a bit disappointing for such a reputable league like La Liga.
Leeds United 3rd kit released:

Leeds 3rd kit
You have sharp eye, my friend. Here:


Haha. Thanks.

It's only as I'm planning a save with Bologna and knew it would buy me.

Much appreictaed. Thanks.
Excellent pack,thanks!

However, apologies for being picky, but Bologna's home shirt is missing the sleeve sponsor.

Any chance it could be added please? Thanks.
@Vawkes, it's not a bad cut, but I don't see the point in a 180x180 cut when there is an excellent, recent 250x250 in the pack already. Besides, Man Utd had a pack released a few days ago too incidentally, if you or @Carlito85 want an updated De Gea cut

Ah, apologies. I didn't realize we could use larger sized cut-outs.

Neither was I aware of that seperate Man Utd pack. Thanks for linking the pack.
Bologna have released their 3rd kit for the 19/20 season. 110th Anniversary edition.

Bologna 3rd Kit
Did you mean these perchance?

I'm afraid not, Mons.

I have a default regen female face created already and I just want the image to represent any female personal assistant/press officer that are in the game.

These are staff members who have no visible unqiue ID, but in FM18, there was a small config that could be added somewhere in the graphics files which would assign a default female face to these type of staff members which would appear in your news inbox.

Hope this helps. Thanks for any further help.
Hi, in FM18 I found a config/instructions on how to assign a face image to a female regen personal assistant.

However, I no longer have this config and really would like to get female regen staff to have a face in FM19 AGAIN.

Can anyone please advise or provide a config file to get this to work?

Many thanks for any help!
Could anyone please have a go at this potential leak of the new Man Utd home shirt for the 2019/20 season?

Footy Headlines article - More pictures

Is there a way to get stadium pictures to show up on the club overview screen and in the upcoming fixtures screen, please?
East Thurrock is missing a "shirt" in kits&colours section of the editor in latest 19.3. official update. To see the home kit, add shirt in editor before new game.

All other kits you mentioned are basicaly last seasons away kits that were declared as third kits for this season. They're often never used and are here just for reserve, in case some heavy colour clash comes in cup matches.
To put them in pack, I require a proof that they were actually used, a game pictures, or at least their existence in club's web shop. Please provide links to game galleries or web shops where I can see particular kit in details.

Thanks for the advice!
The following kits appear to be missing from the 'English 1-6 Leagues':

Brentford - 3rd - Green
Ipswich - 3rd - Red
Sheff Utd - 3rd - Purple
Sheff Wed - 3rd - Black/Yellow

Bristol Rovers -3rd - Black

Forest Green Rovers - 3rd - Blue

Chesterfield - 3rd - Black

Boston United - 3rd - White/Grey
Guiseley - 3rd - Yellow

In addition, this kit appears in the Kit pack, but does not work in the game for some reason:

**East Thurrock - 1st - Yellow

Thanks for any help to adding these kits to the game.
So how can the rest of people have correct name of teams? What are we doing wronk? Hope anybody can help to solve it, thanks in advance...

Has anyone changed to real club and competition names on IOS FMT?
Not sure how to link, but this is a copy and paste of the original PM sent to me...

"I am from Kazakhstan and in my country this game is not available for purchase. I would very much like to buy Football Manager Touch on Andoid, but I cannot in our country. Please give me your Google Account for 5 minutes to download your game on the tablet. If you want I can pay for it. Please need some help.
Just need a username and password from your Google account, I will go into it for 5 minutes to download the game and then you can change the password. Please help."
Member begging for access to my Google Play account and a free copy of FMT.
Seriously, does anyone have any knowledge or ideas of how to get graphics working in FMT18 for Android.

Some graphics work for me, faces and small logos do not.

Please Help.
Simple answer is yes.

The Android installation has the same folder structure as the PC version. The same real names patch (or any edt and lnc files) that works on the PC version will also work on the Android version. I am using just fine it on my Android installation at the moment.

Same goes for graphics (logos, kit-packs, facepacks etc) though there's a few more hoops to jump through than on the PC to get them working.

Good to know that real names and graphics work on Android tablets.

Could you please give me a few tips in regard to getting graphics into FMT?

Thanks for any help.
Does anyone know how to make this work for FM18 Touch for Android Tablets? i have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Same question.

Does anyone know anything about importing graphics to an Android tablet?

Thanks for any help.
I must have missed this, sorry. I'm afraid I just don't know as I don't have either of those 2 mediums...

OK, no worries. Thanks for your reply.

If anyone else has used this on tablet/ipad, it would be appreciated if you can let me know.
Is it possible to install this on an Android tablet or an iPad to use with Football Manager Touch?

Is it possible to install this on an Android tablet or an iPad to use with Football Manager Touch?