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RD_ Comments
Which update are you talking about? The sortitoutsi data update? If so, I don't think there are any added players in that update

Yes of course the Live Update. It doesn't seem so, I have downloaded a wonderkid file elsewhere to fix this

In this update I am unable to find some youth players such as Xavi Simons, Karamoko Dembele and Louie Barry.

I have looked inside of the files by importing them into the editor to make sure, but cannot find them.

Where are they please?
They load you need to select import

Thanks. Specifically, which file is it located in?

How can I remove the Chelsea transfer ban from the XML files in the latest update?

- I do not want to delete the whole XML file it is changed in and miss out on other changes. These XML files do not load in the FM Editor for me to do it manually.

just do it editor
why are you asking questions just to edit xml files?

both Qs asked are easily done in editor in seconds

My question wasn't answered. Thanks for your help anyway

i can make a version of the one shared without the transfer ban

Can you explain which line of text in here will remove the ban? Thanks
If you want to use the promotion file you need to edit that with your changes and not use your file

I know lol...………………….. I'm asking how - which lines of text to edit in the XML ?

Is there a way to remove a team from being in CL qualification?

For example, I have moved Leverkusen to the Sky Bet Championship, so do not want them in the CL, I would rather put the team I swapped them with there (Reading).

I created an extra file and removed them which does work, however when used with the SI promotions and reegations file, it puts them back in the CL.

I spend hundreds of hours per year taking care of various things on this site for free, but all the content I make is freely available. There's plenty other users who do the same; everybody has financial commitments, and this isn't the place to make a dent in them. This is a community site, with all files freely available for download; and I don't see why you should be any different.

I'm politely asking you to revise your policy to demand payment for users to get your files. By all means, have your PayPal available so people can contribute, nothing wrong with asking people to do so. But demanding payment to get your file isn't on.

Well done, I have made numerous skins that have been used worldwide for free also.

I'm unsure how this has seemingly offended you so much, or what effect it has on your life personally but you seem to be deeply offended at the idea of people making a donation for my hard work. People can read your replies, and make the decision to donate or not.
@RD_ , I tried asking you this via PM but you ignored me, so I have to do this publicly now.

Can you explain why you are demanding donations to get the file link, when everything else on this site is available for free?

Because I have tuition fee's to pay for so I can become a games developer and be someone that in the future helps with the development of games like FM.

I have not demanded absolutely anything from anybody anywhere on this website. I have a file, I'm offering it out to those who wish to donate, as with all files I have released when donating is an option nobody has ever once donated a penny.

It's an option for people, if they do not want it then I have no problem with that at all but this has taken me hours and hours to create and in turn would appreciate assistance towards my education which will help me get better and work on new content going forward.

i hope you are pride to be only person to charge people look up some creators who made basically whole leagues and countries for free, shame on you

So get it for free from them.

I uploaded this file and thousands downloaded it without one single donation, I have also made FM skins which were used worldwide without receiving a single penny - So do not talk to me about being the only person to charge.

If you cannot afford the file, don't buy it nd make your own ok kid?
but honestly this is kinda lame to expect payment on site where everything is free and thats the point of it, also its old version of game so i guess he cant even afford buying fm19 lol

anyway do your thing, good luck with making money on this community

So don't donate

Reported. If you can't afford it move on.
any other way to donate? i don't understand paypal

Hi sorry it's PP only mate
Just send donation. I'm waiting for your response. Kyniass

I have sent the link in a message
Hi sorry for the delay, I was away for a few days. Please check your inbox
Have downloaded the Rar file but it won't open on Mac, not even Rar unpacker. Can anyone help?

Try Google, I found this :

Please remove from my thread, thank you
I already do the donation.

i will waiting for the link

Thank you.

I have sent the link in a message
i want, what i need to do?

Hi just make a donation and I will send you the link
already done the donation
provide with link pls.....

Sent to inbox
I've donate five dollars, but I forgot to enter my information. Can I download your database?

Of course. I have sent you the download link in a message
Hi. I would like to download your latest update for fm 17. How should i message you when i make the donation? Thanks

I have sent you a message on here
i donated waiting on promotions and relegations for italy and spain leagues

Thanks for your generous £2 donation, I already sent you the download link

More transfers, retirements, CA/PA updates to 5/9/18 includes ALL major and hundreds of minor transfers done worldwide!!

Message me once you have made a donation for the download link

«This comment has been edited»
Hello, it is forbidden to ask for money for an update, I leave you the day to stop doing so or I anticipate Sport Interactive.

Go and do it now if you like
so in update has spain and italy leagues all been done
can you send files over tomorrow so u can do the scottish tranfers as well


I'll complete the main transfers over the weekend, if you want lower leagues added then you will need to message me.
sent you something bro cheers

Sent link via PM