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cruyff14 Comments
Awesome work. Thanks for these.
They should be back in the next version, as that will have a standard action bar, rather than the FMC style one.

Sadly, skins don't work between versions.

Cool, I look forward to the release, great skin as always.

Hi Tom do you have any plans to add a 'Target opposition player' and 'Change player role' in the quick changes during a match? It'd be great for saving flicking to the main tactics screen and menus.
This can be altered as on the FM Brazil site someone has done all Brazil's stadiums and Boca's from Argentina. If this can be done for others how col would this be?
Awful work here, dark skin was exactly what it said dark and nothing else
Cheers, thanks a lot. Does this unlock Japan as well?
Will this fix also allow Japanese players to be called up? I find it annoying when I can't sign a Japanese players as he can't get a work permit as he hasn't played any games for Japan.
Check the detail levels of the competitions if the detail levels are set low then the results and tables will be affected
Can't wait for this to be out. dam no German team does my head in!!
Where are the update packs mentioned? I can't find the download links anywhere
I keep getting this same message for days now

"Download not available
File owner's public traffic exhausted."
Just a quick one in case you don't know the Rapidshare links all appear to be down at the moment not sure if it's a problem there end or the links have closed.
By Antonio.Conte | Permalink | On 26 November 2012 - 19:37 PM
moron ?

Did I curse someone here ?

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might be ok at league one level tops. I had a 41 year old Rivaldo for my Blackburn team in the championship and he was pretty sub-standard to be honest even though his stats were great apart from the physical side of his game was lacking.
By dbfarrell | Permalink | On 21 November 2012 - 11:16 AM
He is also over in TheDugout under the name of Guus.Hiddink, spouting the same garbage and the same crap when challanged shoots people down with abuse.

Yeah he pops up in a few forums under various managers names
It's Plagiarism you moron as you've failed to acknowledge the author of that article and passed it off as your own you will also find that it's not on the website for you to just take and use as your own it is in fact copyright and belongs to the author of the said article and not for redistribution by you it is there to be read!!

As for posting a wiki article on Johannes Cruijff (that's the actual spelling of his name you'll find) did it ever cross your little mind that my name actually maybe Cruyff?? And how would you know if I have or haven't played the game do you spy on me in your spare time you jumped up arrogant fool!? and that I'm not copying his name unlike you Antonio Conte or perhaps you really are him and just stealing peoples articles and posting them around various forums until your ban finishes??

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By mike8528 | Permalink | On 13 November 2012 - 09:54 AM
Isn´t it too much defensive tactic ? I used once and only created 2 oportunities to score in 90 minutes

He'll say it's all your fault or something. This guy used to troll the SI forums with tactics that explained nothing and rarely worked. Also his description above often Plagiarism.