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1 year ago
Having issues with this. I've downloaded the new file and deleted the previous as requested but this gets rid of the previously there promotions and relegations file so I can't start as Cove Rangers in League 2 in Scotland? I noticed this as a p...
2 years ago
Hi guys downloaded 3 & 4 updates but for some reason everything is changing bar the Kosovo flag even though I can see the logo in the folder and the config file matches up i'm still only getting the flag.
3 years ago Tried to find a way to do the edit on the Data Update page but when you get to the team page there's no way to do it. From this Summer El/Al Assiouty Sport has been taken over and populated by Brazilians an...
3 years ago
Not got a clue what I've done wrong but only the Kosovo National logo is showing but all the other nations have their flags on the 'large' space. As you can see from the home page, the flag is where it should be for Kosovo and then it&#039...
5 years ago
I'm having crash dumps just selecting 22-23 nations. Only selecting top division too? I've tried a few different combinations. I was trying to get a good worldwide selection so chose a random selection from the continents including Japan (and th...
5 years ago
Hi guys already seconded on the actual update list but Michael Higdon did not move to Hibs on loan and is still at Sheff Unit...
6 years ago
Quite right Rob, for those of us who want this and have wanted it for ages it's great. If you don't like the advanc...