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Unfortunately for me, it's that time again... University.

After the Christmas break, I head back to Uni tomorrow for the last six months of my final year. I have a lot of work coming up over the next six months with a lot of deadlines but I'm sure I'll find time to relax with a bit of FM from time to time. Updates will not be a regular as previously but I can assure you that this will be going until FM16 comes out, it's one of my most enjoyable careers and I don't intend on stopping any time soon.

Looking forward to more updates whenever you get a chance from Uni
Just found this on BBC Sport from 2012... Now all part of the Torquay revoulution. Plymouth are Torquay's main rivals too!

Right, I played quite a bit over the past few days so will update you all now.

One of the biggest pieces of business in the transfer window that I was most happy about was signing KP to a long term deal. Those who have been reading this from the start will know what an important player he has been for me. I had promised to accept any bids for him from Nottingham Forest however fortunately they didn't make an offer resulting in him signing a new deal.

I didn't make any signings during the January transfer window however I did receive bids for my promising youngster: Tafari Zuil.


Both bids were rejected and he didn't kick up any fuss so happy days. At only 16 years old, he is pretty much one of the first names on the teamsheet. I also was offered the job for the South African national team- I decided to accept but left the role after only 9 days as I wanted to focus fully on Torquay.


This also happened. I was hoping for a chairman that was going to help the club progress... instead I got this guy who has cut the club's wage budget and has offered me nothing for transfers. Absolutely gutted.
Season 18/19 - Matches 10-46

I also managed to finish the rest of the season. My last update in relation to results and stuff, I was only ten matches in. But this happened...


Despite being the team with the lowest budget in the league we have managed to make it into the play offs of the Championship. 4 seasons ago we were in the Conference and now we are only 2 matches off the Premier League, I can't believe it.

To see results from matchdays 10-46 please click below.

My new chairman is a stingey bastard an has given me my initial budgets for the new season but they are a considerable amount lower than this season. With many of my players having yearly wage rises and players such as Demari Gray's deal running out next season, if we don't gain promotion I have have to sell them in the Summer.

I am currently paying, before the wage rises, £99k a week. This means with our budgets for next season we will be absolutely fucked. It's frustrating as the club should be looking forward but if we don't manage to gain promotion, the foundations that I have set will fall apart. The highest wage I can currently offer my existing players is £2.1k a week, meaning many will need to take a drastic pay-cut if they are to stay, which is unlikely to happen.

Without a doubt, we will have the lowest budget in the league next season if we remain in the Championship. I can't explain how important these play off matches are for us as without promotion, next season player sales and a relegation battle could be on the cards.

Wish me luck! Bring on Birmingham.
Season 18/19 - Championship Play Off Final First Leg


Absolutely gutted. We went two nil up thanks to goals from Darikwa and captain fantastic; Super Luke Young, who grabbed his twelve goal of another very impressive season from centre of midfield. We then collapsed in the second half and gave away two sloppy goals. It isn't over but we've made it very hard for ourselves.

All the best here Fola.
Season 18/19 - Championship Play Off Semi Final Second Leg


Wow, what a horrendous way to end the season. We played really well in the first half and to be honest looked to be the better of the two sides. We then had an almighty collapse in the second half which saw Birmingham score three to send them through to the play off final.

I know this season I never expected to be anywhere near the play offs but it's still so disappointing to miss out after getting so close. As I already stated previously, we are now a 'debt-ridden' club according to the media so expect to see many major sales in the Summer. I'm absolutely gutted as I genuinely believe that with a few new faces added to the existing squad, we would be up near the play offs again next season. But all in all, the future of Torquay is my prime objective. If I keep my current players, I won't be able to bring anybody in the Summer. The club will also most likely enter administration as I don't think we will reach the financial fairplay figures after the wage rises.

I can't afford for the club to be relegated next season after the hard work of the previous five seasons. We will sell a few players and build the club up again. We will definitely have the lowest budget in the league next season, this time by a long shot so any place above the relegation zone will be a bonus- surviving relegation to League One will definitely be our main objective.

Ah, to think one moment I was dreaming about Torquay in the Premier League, now I have to prepare them for one of the biggest relegation dogfights of their lifes. With the new chairman entering the club, it's a massive step backwards for the development and hard work of the club over the past five seasons.

Oh well, we go again.


I will post squad stats and all that later on, too depressed at the moment. SWANN OUT!
Ah so unlucky with the new chairman and the budget cut along with the playoffs mate!! Hopefully another over achieving seasons on the card's
Unlucky Fola

Also there error when you click on Tafari Zuil link.


Just Googled our new Chairman Peter Swann and it's this guy. God I hate this guy. Former chairman of Gainsborough Trinity and Scunthorpe.

Look at him thinking he's so cool. Put your hand in your pocket you tight old bastard.
Oh dear that doesn't sound good at all
Unlucky Fola

Also there error when you click on Tafari Zuil link.


Also, thanks for the comments too Dan and Cyrmo. I think it's going to be a tough, tough season for us but then again, who knows, we might be able to over succeed again.

Oooft that's ambition for you. As a group of players, they made it two games away from reaching the Premier League. They have now decided that even a mid-table finish is too much for them. They know as much as me how tough this next season will be.

Bring it on!
Below on the players selection information from the 18/19 season.


In goal, Hubert was the main man for me again. He was improved massively over the past two seasons and still has two years remaining on his contract. Newcastle and Celtic have been displaying signs of interest for him though so unfortunately, due to our horrendous financial situation, he may find himself leaving the club this Summer.

At the back, KP was once again a rock for me and is a main player at this football club. Palun, Bennett, Ives and Ntlhe all impressed me too so I won't be bringing in any defenders. I've also got some young defenders who spent the season out on loan and are now ready for the first team so I'll post them up soon.

Darikwa found his form again form two seasons ago with an impressive campaign. Fans favourite Colin Kazim-Richards left the club in a move back to the Turkish Premier League for £210k... not a clue where that money has gone now though. Bostock had another injury hit season and has spent pretty much the whole time injured since the start of last season. He's a very talented footballer but if he doesn't maintain his fitness next season, I may have to get rid. Zuill was class despite him only being 16 and I can definitely see why the big clubs are looking at him. Demari Gray was class which has now seen his value rocket. His contract is up at the end of this upcoming season and he is refusing to sign a new deal so unfortunately, I will be looking to sell him this Summer. Luke Young was again absolutely brilliant. He's been consistently superb for five seasons now- what a man. I'll be looking to extend Patricio's loan for next season too if Sevilla are interested.

Up top, it was shared mostly between Hogan, Sorensen, Mulder and Jaadi. Hogan had his best season for us and bagged 16 goals, unfortunately he was injured for the play offs and I believe we would of had a much better chance if he had been fit. Mulder spent the first half of the season out at Bolton Wanderers, where he bagged 9 goals. He has proved himself as a Championship standard player and settled in really well. Sorensen, was on loan at Millwall all of last season and did spend a short period at Portsmouth this season. However, he did quite well and managed to bag 6 goals. I don't intend of bringing in any new strikers. The potential of Mulder and Sorensen is huge and Hogan and Jaadi can do the job.


I've got a few regens that are currently with the club that I will be moving up to the first team, squad I post their development up later.
Our sponsorship deals seem to be improving every season. With this new chairman though, I don't have a clue where this money is going. Luke Young was once again the player who sold the highest shirt sales which really is no surprise, the fans absolutely adore him. It's nice to see the fans have stuck by Darikwa too. They won't be too impressed when Demari leaves the club but I guess that's his fault for being a greedy fucker.

It's nice to see Sorensen in there too. He's only 19 and didn't even play particularly much but he's capped by the Danish under 21 side so I'm guessing we now have a few Danish fans out there.


My defender Manuel Ruz has decided he is to retire at take up a coaching role at the club. He has been with me since my days in Conference when I brought him to the club but has since found himself out of the matchday squad. His coaching stats aren't the best but I also like to show faith to the players that have treated me well. As you can see HERE his stats were still quite alright for a back up player.

Not including cup matches he made 155 appearances for me scoring 13 goals. I'm hoping now he can stay with me at the club for a considerable time in a coaching capacity. It's a shame he decided to retire as he was with me since the start but I'm glad he has decided to stay on as a coach.


Thank you very much amigo!

Another one of my players has decided to call it a day. Gary Roberts will continue at the club as a scout but it's a decision that shocked me greatly as he has been a big part of my first team squad since his arrival from Chesterfield two seasons ago.


He was an integral part of my side that won promotion to the Championship as he bagged 13 goals in that season. Over past two season in the Championship 55 times for us scoring 8 goals, with a small loan stint as Port Vale sandwiched in between. Overall he made 95 appearances for Torquay, scoring 21 goals. As he is leaving it leaves us with only Demari Gray able to play on the left hand side and with him also leaving, I will have to see if finances can allow me to bring in a new left winger.



The Championship Team Of The Year has been announced and not surprisingly, captain fantastic Luke Young has gained a place. He's a top top player and has developed massively over my five seasons with him. He is now the highest valued player at the club at £4.9 million which is a massive increase on his value of £35k when I first joined the club.

The fans' player of the year is to be announced soon. Will Luke Young be able to win it for the FIFTHseason running?!
No surprise really was it? Luke Young has won the fans' player of the year award for the fifth consecutive season.


Once again, he was my stand out player and has been ever since I took over at the club five seasons ago. HERE are his stats from when I joined the club so you can see for yourselves how well he has progressed. He is an absolute legend amongst the fans and regularly has the highest shirt sales. He is captain of the club and I don't want to ever see him playing for another team bar Torquay. I'm still shocked he manages to get so many goals from centre midfield.


I've given him a new deal which puts him among the top earners the club . He did have four seasons left to run on his contract but I decided he was worth the pay rise and extra year on his deal. I'm hoping next season he can really kick on and help us survive in this league. As I said before, survival is my main priority but with this guy performing so well, who knows what could happen.


What a man!

Good to see you signing ex players to your backroom staff Tafari Zuil looks really good there.

Luke Young Surprised to see he got alot of goals over the seasons from midfield
Good to see you signing ex players to your backroom staff Tafari Zuil looks really good there.

Luke Young Surprised to see he got alot of goals over the seasons from midfield

Cheers Johno. Yeah, I'm continually shocked by Luke Young every season. He's a class act and never want him to leave the club, he's going to be a big player for us this season.

Ouch. We need to sell players and quick before I am able to bring anybody in. One positive though is that we've extended Patricio's loan until the end of next season.


We need to make just under £500k or we will enter administration which will lead to a point deduction as we will have failed to comply with financial fairplay. Our dire financial situation really does show how important the play offs were for us last season don't they? It all could of been so much different than this.

Ah, the media actually don't think we'll come last this season. To be honest, if we finish 17th like they predict then I'll be a very happy man indeed.

Really happy with this move from the board. We now have a link with one of the biggest clubs in the world and will also benefit financially from the partnership, happy days. Hopefully we can get some good youngsters on board for the new season.


Gutted that this had to happen as he's a player I believe will be playing in the Premier League someday. We sold him for just over £1 million which is the club's record sale but in my opinion, Blackburn have got themselves an absolute steal here. We managed to put in a clause where we get 50% of his next sale so hopefully this isn't the last bit money we see for Demarai.

Click HERE to see his stats when he joined the club two seasons ago.


He's a player who we're really going to miss but it had to be done for the future of this football club. As you can see, I am 5 matches into the new season and will update you on that soon. Demarai was class for us in his two and a bit seasons for us and even this season, he was brilliant for us. He owes us a lot because he was rotting away at Birmingham but we revitalised his career which is nice to see.


In just over two seasons Demarai made 82 appearances for us, scoring 13 goals.


The sale of Demarai looks to have sorted out the finances out at the club which is brilliant. We've let a few players go but none of them were starters apart from Demarai. I don't have FM open at the moment but I will update on that later on as well as my promising youngsters etc too.


The finances are back to normal and I've also signed two new players on free transfers to replace Demarai Gray and the retired Gary Roberts on the left hand side of midfield.


Former Manchester United youngster. Has been at League One side Oldham Atheletic for the past three seasons before being released in the Summer. He has some good stats so I'm hoping like we did with Demarai, we can kick start his career.


Released by Premier League side Middlesbrough in the Summer. Can play either wing and a out and out replacement for Roberts. Barmby will probably be the starter out of these two but Carayol has good experience for this league. Very happy with these two signings.

NEXT: I will update you on my current squad and post the results from the start of the season.
Jack Barmby could be quite a player for you with those stats!

Yeah, he doesn't look too bad does he. His stats are good but it's strange because he's not been too good for the Oldham in the past few seasons. They didn't even offer him a new deal. I'm hoping he can make the step up to the Championship, he has big shoes to fill with the departure of Demarai but hopefully he can do the job.

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