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A 1 club career with the hope of turning burnley into a major team.

Good start to the season Not surprised to see Martinez got 3 MOTM already.

Good signings and hopefully Barbosa will do well.
Pretty gutted you couldn't secure the league title, at least you battled until the end though.

Good luck this season mate.
Tough group for you in Europe thats for sure! But some great sigings this summer, Barbosa especially!
Martinez has been a beast johno.He would get so many more assists if my forward and wingers were more clinical.

Thanks shedender.I thought we could of got it at one point but looking at the last 3 games of ourselves and Chelsea and Chelsea so close I had a feeling we wouldn't get it.It all mattered on the arsenal result but the reading result was horrible.

It is a tough group dan.Bayern are one of the best in the world still,roma have a good squad and leo their striker is someone I have thought about signing for a couple of years but keep getting put off by 40m price tag.Kobenhaven shouldn't be too tough so I am expecting to stay in European football at least.

Was going to go for Barbosa a few seasons back but he was on daft money at Wolfsburg.He has gone to PSG and cant get in squad so I have been licky enough to get him in.




Started the month off very well after the international break.Pashev with a goal and assist in this one.He is proving to be a good enough 1st choice st at the age of 19.Not happy with the Swansea result especially after our former man ben pearson got sent off in the 55th minute.We peppered the Swansea goal without being able to add to a tomas Martinez goal and as we went all out attack they scored on the break to secure the win.Back to winning ways against Newcastle and again pashev impressed with 2 goals.


After a bad season last time Tottenham are impressing and lead the way.They haven't played any hard teams yet though and I think its only a matter of time before they drop down a bit.We aren't in a bad spot in 4th but I will be hoping to rise up and challenge for a top 3 place this season at least.


Liverpool have again knocked me out of the league cup.3rd time in 6 seasons.Thats one trophy im not winning this year.


Rested a few players in this match and did well to come out with a 3-0 lead.Need to win both against kobenhaven if I am to stand a chance of qualifying.


Might not mean much but top of the group stage after game 1.Roma and Bayern played out a 0-0 draw at the Allianz arena.Good result for me and it would be again if the other one is a draw.


Very happy with this link.A lot of good youngsters come through river late and having first option will give me the opportunity to add more starlets to my already very good Argentinians I have now.

Next update - october
Bar the cup exit and Swansea game, a good month mate! vital win in europe
Not bad month apart from losing to Swansea and Liverpool.

Another good feeder club link
The Liverpool match was expected given they are a good football team and had knocked me out twice before at their place but the Swansea match was poor for me.Down to 10 for so long and nowhere near the players abilities I have but that's football for you.Very happy with the river plate link.Thats 3 out of 4 I have personally requested specific clubs (The others being Columbus and Shandong).Cruzeiro rejected me a couple of seasons back.




What a poor start to the league month.Was 5-0 down by half time as everything they did seemed to result in a goal.They're 18 year old regen was destroying us.Got a goal back and it was a stunner from zivkovic but this was a horrible game.In terms of performance the stoke game wasn't much better.Damyan pashev was great though and got a good hat trick.He was the difference in this game.Again another bad performance against man city but the Fernando red card was the turning point as you can tell.Great result but we are still conceding too many goals.One very bad thing to come out the city match was an injury to tomas Martinez.Out for the whole of November and we have some big games coming up too.


We are lucky a few of the other teams around us have dropped points.It is very close in the league and our next 2 matches could see us drop out of the top 4 and maybe go more down the table if results go against us and we lose them both.Or if we were to do well we would be in a great position.


Cant be too happy about this either.They set they're team up very defensively and just sat back most of the match.2 mistakes by our own players handing it to them and for the 2nd game in a few I lost to a team who were down to 10 for a lot of the match and still scored against us with 10 men.


We have to thank the referee for this win as the roma red card so early on was never a sending off as he had 2 players covering him who could of got back in position easily.Still this was a win we needed.Tomas Martinez with the only goal of this game and rather than attack and look for more as I have done recently and it backfired big time I changed tactic and went more defensive.The clean sheet is encouraging.


If I can avoid defeat in rome I will be in a very good position to qualify.If I lose I do still have to go to munich so it might be tough then.I doubt top spot will be mine this year though.

Next update - novemeber
Hit and miss month in October with a couple of losses and getting knocked out the cup but a couple of good league wins meant it wasn't as bad as it could of been.A couple of big matches coming up in the league and an important trip to rome and a home game against kobenhaven as I looked to make sure I didn't crash out the champions league.





Great start to the month with a good 2-0 win against arsenal.Pashev with a double.Forget what it says in the report.Pashev only had the 1 penalty which came back off the bar before he nodded in the rebound.He got another just passed the hour mark to cap a good performance.I decided to go toe to toe with Chelsea who were missing 7 players through injury and we came away with an amazing 3-0 win.I couldn't be happier with this match.Was disappointed though against Liverpool.Despite having a great season so far pashev only got 1 but wasted at least 5.Was gutted when emre can equalised deep in injury time.Was happy with a point at Norwich though.They seem like a very good team this season but we are the first in a tough run for them though so they could be a bit further down the table come the turn of the year.


The top 4 seem to of got a bit of a gap from 5thj place Chelsea who with they're injuries have struggled this month.They have got all but costa and hazard back so I think they might turn it around a bit now.I am happy with our position and with 3 clean sheets this month I am hoping we have sorted the defence a bit.No tactics have been changed but oliveira has been good.


This isn't what I wanted.Robin van persie scored a lot against us in his man utd days and now has 1 for roma against us.We never got going and now can look nervously over our shoulders.


A great win even if it is only kobenhaven.Mainardi with his first goals for us was great.Barbosa too showed why we got him in on loan.


Probably the most pointless group standings left in the champions league.No pressure on anyone in the final games with all 4 positions nailed down for the respective teams.I am a bit gutted with only 2nd but glad we have qualified.

Next update - December
Well done finishing second in the champions league group, tough one but you've faired well! Doing superb in the league once again too
I am starting to think its only a matter of time before I win it now.Im hoping this season or the next 2 after that.Well ahead of where I expected us to be at the beginning of this career though.
Great to see you have qualified for next round in your group Crushing win over Chelsea and Arsenal
The Chelsea game was a great one.Was shocked at how we kept them at bay and despite all the players they had out they still caused me some problems.








Not a bad month at all really.Started off with a great win against Huddersfield and again just like a lot of times this season damyan pashev was great.Not too happy with the villa game despite scoring the late late equaliser from Barbosa.We were all over them throughout the match.Middlesbrough was a good win with pashev getting another double and zivkovic with a stunner.2 of my former players both scored so that was a bit of a kick in the nads.Nice win against spurs came next with mainardi getting his first league goals for us.Though I play him out wide more often than not I do think he should score more but he has been a good signing so far.Not happy with our 2 mistakes in the united match.We didn't deserve to lose in terms of chances but diabolical defending from us and I hope this match doesn't prove costly come the end of the season.A very nervy game against west ham.We peppered they're goal but could only muster 3.Zivkovic did well in this one and again pashev getting on the score sheet.Decided to play the new years day game and put it in this post.You may see a new name there and he had a stormer after coming on in the 60th minute only taking 1 minute to score a goal off his backside and setting up another.Screen shot of him to follow.


Very happy being top at the turn of the year.Yeah we are still conceding way too many goals but scoring a lot too.Largely thatnks to pashev really though.United will surely push us all the way but just look at Norwich.They look a good side and I was happy with our draw at they're place earlier in the season.


The draw for the 3rd round of the FA cup was made and just look who we have.Last season they dumped us out in my least favourite game of this save and im not going to lie I am expecting a big win as I want revenge.If my main players are fit they will play and it will be all out attack.


Went to Bayern munich in my final group match with qualification already secured.Lost the same score as the reverse fixture but we weren't all that bad.


That's how the group ended up.Bayern by far the best team in the group.


And that's the draw for the next round.Not the team I wanted that's for sure but it could of been worse.Juventus are a major club with some class players so should I qualify for the quarters again I will be very happy.


Quick look at my new signing.7m from boca.Already got cauley Woodrow on the transfer list.He hasn't been nowhere near the player I was expecting.


And finally I just wanted to share just how good this lad has done for me.Just turned 20 and cost 3m from litex.Only 30th of December and already broke my top scorer record for the season.20 league goals in 20 games so far and top scorer by 7 goals.


Nice record for Bulgaria too.

Next update - January
After a decent December I needed it to carry on in January if I was to stand any chance of winning the league.January didn't really give me a tough run soi was hoping for maximum points.There was also the small matter of the FA cup game against chesterfield.





A very decent January in the league for me.Leighton baines scored against his former club and andrija zivkovic scored the winner after theo Walcott had equalized.Zivkovic is starting to prove a great signing and the winner in this match was a nice goal with him cutting in from the right onto his left foot.A good win against stuggling crystal palace came next.Tomas Martinez hasn't been his usual match dominating self for a while really but he was in this one with a goal and an assist.Jamie moore and oliver also getting goals in a good performance from our lads.Been waiting a while for zakaria bakkali to really dominate match but against Ipswich he was sensational.Right place at the right time for both his goals and got an assist for Jamie patersons strike.Another 2 goals came for bakkali in our last league match of the month.A damnyan pashev stunner and eugenio mena own goal the others for us in a fantastic win.


The league is still looking very well for us.4 wins from 4 and top by 2 points.Norwich have started dropping points too so it looks like ourselves and man utd could start pulling away a bit.I do have a tough run of fixtures coming up soon so I am hoping I don't start dropping points there.


Revenge was very sweet against chesterfield as I putout my strongest 11 and dominated from start to finish.Pashev with a good double along with van putten and zivkovic sending us through.


Came up against Nottingham forest next and Gabriel Barbosa was immense in this one with a nice hat trick.Hojbjerg had made a mistake for they're goal but made amends with a nice finish to wrap p a good 4-1 win.


A trip to fratton park next and we have got lucky with our draws so far.Surely we are favourites to go through here.


Signed a new contract with the club and extended on my old deal.


I requested the youth recruitment to be made better as part of contract negotiations and they accepted right away.

A good month winning all 6 games and getting a favourable draw in the FA cup.As I mentioned earlier I do have a few hard games in a row shortly so I will need to keep the morale up if we are to do well in them games.There was no more transfer activity in this month apart from selling cauley Woodrow to man city for 9m.A big loss on him but he wasn't performing at all and I wanted to get his 58k a week wages off the books.

Next update - February
Juventus are so strong on everyones 'future' games so it'll be tough to beat them, fairing brilliantly still though mate
I didnt want juventus at all mate and i am worried about them.Tehy have so many quality players who can hurt any opposition.





Great month in the league again.Gabriel Barbosa has really hit some good form these last few weeks.Another good brace against Newcastle started off the month.2 very nice finishes too.Andre wisdom with nothing more than a consolation goal for them late on.A good win against Southampton followed as damyan pashev and gabriel Barbosa scored to give us a good 2-0 lead.Another away win at stoke next as pashev got us off to a great start with a nice finish early on before nicolaj thomsen equalized.Ricardo correa put us back in front with a towering header just before half time and the match stayed 2-1.Great win against man city.Pashev again got us started with another good goal before sakho scored a comical own goal.Michael keane then scored a superb back post header to make it 3-0 and the man in form Gabriel Barbosa scored with his first touch of the ball.They scored late on to ruin our clean sheet but another good win for us


Another perfect league month and the gap has closed to 1 point but we have a game in hand now.It wont be played for a few weeks and is arsenal away but if I can avoid defeat I will be happy.2nd to last game of the season man utd visit us in what could be the league decider.


Good performance by most of my fringe players in a good 5-1 win at fratton park.Kleemans goal was an absolute stunner to set us on our way.Safely through to the quarter finals.


Not the best of draws for me and we will do very well to get through.I am in 2 minds to go for it or try to play for a draw.


Not a good first leg for us and we have it all to do in Italy.Everything was going rosey when mainardi put us in front but my former man Malcom and pogba flipped the game.Malcom then added his 2nd to make it 3-1 before oliver scored a late free kick.Hopefully that will be an important goal but we are going to have to play at our best to have any chance of going through.Adrian cubas another one of our former men had a great game with 2 assists.Im not having much luck with former players this season.

[color=red]Next update - March
Fantastic months Superb win over Portsmouth. Pashev looks fantastic

Unlucky to lose to Juventus, but hopefully you will blow them away in 2nd leg
Cheers johno.I had a feeling pashev would be good before I loaned him to Newcastle last year but I wanted to see how Woodrow and lukaku did so when they bombed I thought I will give it a go with pashev as 1st choice striker.Didnt think he would be this good.




Not the start I wanted as Chelsea won at our place.Martinez got us off to a flier with the best free kick I have seen on this game so far.He smashed it in from nearly 30 yards into the top corner and it hit the underside of the crossbar before crossing the line.Unfortunately for us it was all downhill from there as they controlled most of the match.Diego costa equalized shortly after half time before eden hazard scored from the spot to win it for them.Went well against Liverpool at anfield though.Baines got the early goal before pashev doubled with a good finish.Tomas Martinez tripled the lead before zaza janashia scored a stunning goal from range to make it 4-0.Markovic scored to make it a bit more respectable for the reds but it was too little too late.Andrija zivkovic put in a superb performance in the last league game of the month with 2 goals.Moore,pashev and Barbosa also on the scoresheet in a dominant win.


The lead stretches to 4 points going into the final 2 months.I still think that united home game towards the end of the season will have some importance but not sure if it would be for 1st place or 2nd place between united and Chelsea who have really come on strong the last couple of months.


A good draw at old Trafford but I cant help but feel we could of finished it off in the 1st go.Kovacic always seems to do well against us and opened the scoring before they went down to 10 men.At this point I did decide to go all out attack and it worked with pashev and gil romero putting us 2-1 up with just over 10 minutes to go.Then Adrian rodriguez my best defender decided to try to be Cristiano Ronaldo on the edge of our box and Bernard equalized to set up a replay.


This was always going to be a tough ask needing at least 2 goals but to be honest it was all them from start to finish and we were lucky to get the draw.Not too disappointed though as next year we will be in a much better position to challenge as long as I can keep all my players.

Next update - April
Brilliant win over Liverpool and Norwich Hope you can beat Man Utd in the replay

At least you went out gracefully against Juventus
Cheers johno.The Liverpool match in particular was vital I didn't lose as heads had dropped a bit after the Chelsea and juventus losses.I was hoping for more against juventus but the 1st leg did it for me really.






Very shakey start to the game going 1 down early on at Huddersfield but a great fight back and 3-1 win.Gabriel Barbosa and a zakaria bakkali double won it for me as damyan pashev was having an off day.Decent point pickedup at arsenal though I do feel we should of won.Martinez with the early goal to put us ahead before domenico berardi levelled.We had a number of good chances but again pashev had an off day.He wasn't ending the season that well.A good win against villa followed as despite Leighton baines missing from the spot peter keelman and damyan pashev both got on the scoresheet to secure a 2-0 win for us.Then came the single craziest match of this save.Middlesbrough went down to 10 men after harry Maguire got sent off but they went ahead from the penalty spot.I went all out attack and dominated every aspect of play.We attacked and attacked and attacked but every single one was turned away until the 88th minute when zivkovic finally got us the equalizer.Then in injury time Michael keane smashed a great shot into the top corner from just inside the box.61 shots to 1 in my favour shows what sort of game I was watching.Fantastic win at west ham secured the title for me.Adrian rodriguez put us ahead very early on but adam clayton equalized not long after his spot kick was saved.Zakaria bakkali secured the win and the title just before half time.


A great season with some memorable results and we have finally got our first trophy.I wasn't expecting it to be the league as I was only expecting this in around 3 seasons but we are well ahead of schedule.Got 2 tough games coming up so I am happy to wrap it up early.


Through to the semi final after penalties against man utd.Very good to match them for 210 minutes in total but the penalty shootout was very nervy.Keane put into his own net before Jamie Paterson equalized after a comical mistake by de gea.Juan mata scored a beauty of a free kick to put them back ahead but again we levelled this time through hojbjerg.They dominated extra time but we held on until the penalty shootout


Fine win against Norwich.Jamie moore got us off to a great start with a nice finish but chuba akpom scored an equally good finish to level.Then we stepped it up another gear but it took a while until damyan pashev got us back in front.Jamie Paterson rounded off a good win in injury time and send us through to our 2nd FA cup final.


Already had a feeling we would have Chelsea when I saw it was west ham they were playing.After our league win we are on a high though.Im just hoping we are still on similar levels in terms of morale after the man utd home and Tottenham away games.

A great season winning the league and already I am thinking of how to improve and challenge for the league again but also the champions league.

Next update - May
Congratualtions on the league title mate! now to add the fa cup to it!
Congratulations, just caught up on this... this story has inspired me back into doing a career story with Coventry, so big thanks for that, and an amazing job done at Burnley!

They were relegated the first season of my current career, so to lead them to the title just 5 years later is a massive feat.
Wow! congrats on winning the league Hope you can beat Chelsea to win the FA Cup
Cheers lads.Been quite a journey this year and to finish top is more than I wanted.

Have a lot of screenshots on this post so I am going to keep the words to a minimum otherwise I will be here all night.



Great win against man utd in a thrilling match.They just couldn't cope with damyan pashev.Not so great against Tottenham but I struggle a lot with them usually.Pashev again getting on the scoresheet.


Fantastic league season for us to finish top let alone 8 points clear.


A very even game but great to win the FA cup and achieve the double.



A very good season for pashev and at 20 he now has 2 very prestigious awards to his name.He has been amazing throughout the season except for a little blip of 3 games or so without a goal.


After 2 pfa young player of the year awards in a row Martinez has now stepped it up and got the pfa senior award.He too has had superb season and just seems to be getting better and better.


With Martinez getting the senior award it is just as good for us that zivkovic has got the young award.Fantastic debut season and he is one of the reasons we have stepped it up as a team this year.


Retained the manager of the year award.


Thought it would be either pashev or Martinez so not surprised at this.A bit of a landslide win which is the only thing that surprises me.


A quick roundup of the overall stats this season.


Getting another licence.Pretty sure it will be my last one.


The local council blocked us making the stadium bigger but this came up out the blue so maybe it will happen this time.


Hoping to make more of an impact on the champions league this season.Hopefully I wont come up against these in the knockout stages.Real Madrid are the most successful club in the competition but this makes they're dominance in the 50s look ordinary.

Things looking better commercially.With wages going higher and higher this will help

Been one hell of a season winning my 1st and 2nd trophy.Hopefully it will get better and better.Thanks all who read and comment.Glad your enjoying it.Plenty more to come yet though.

Next update - Pre season and transfers
What a season, 'grats.

I suppose the next major thing you want is European success?
Hoping so.Thats why I posted the cl previous winners.Be hard to topple real Madrid though.

In terms of the challenge in the first place "rise of the clarets" I am debating how long it will go for.I am seeing a few stories pop up which had got me thinking of doing them but I am debating how far to take this one.In a previous game on the 14 edition I got Southampton as most wins in FA cup,premier league and champions league but it took me to 2047 to do it.I might go for something similar in this one.Really not sure what to do but I will be mulling over it over next few seasons.
Fantastic ending to awesome season

Wow Real Madrid dominating the CL
Was a good end johno apart from the spurs game but im not complaining after a great season.The champions league is what I want but im not too sure about getting it for the next couple of seasons.Real Madrid will prove very hard to beat and there are a number of European and domestic clubs who will be in a better position to win it above me but I am hoping for a semi final spot this year depending on the draws should I get there.


Apparently we are now a 1b club.Not sure how its got that high.We have got a number of high value players now.Even Jamie Paterson is valued at 13m and michale keane at 15.75m.I do think the new stadium has come into that maybe but 1b still seems high.


Decided to set up another link this time with an Australian club to improve the scouting knowledge a bit.Not made a bit of difference though,Still at 54%


For some reason or another burnley is a popular club in spain.Not too sure how that's happened.


I am pretty nervous about those expectations.They're expecting me to reach the semi final of the champions league aswell as win the FA cup and the league.Just 6 years ago it was to survive in the premier league.Wouldnt mind as much but I don't exactly have loads to spend.They wil surely be disappointed in at least 1 of them.







Mainly thinking of the future with them signings.Murru came on a free and will be 2nd choice rb to lucky adisa.Praet will be a back up lw most probably but could play in a couple more positions and villareal will be back lb to van putten.I think that will be it in terms of transfers.I do have my eye on 1 or 2 more but will probably be priced out.I did end up deciding against getting bakkali in on a free as he wanted 100k a week.About a 900% increase he was on at man utd.Hes ended up signing a new contract for 40k a week.


All the transfers but for a couple of loans and freebies at the top of the outgoings.


I am usually on the ball and set up a fair few pre season fixtures but I forgot this year and was only able to set up 2.2 wins and 2 draws isn't the best but not too bad I don't think.


Won the community shield but haven't a clue how.I always struggle with azpilicuetas long throws and they caused me a lot of problems.Phile jones put them ahead with a tap in after some dodgy marking from one of the many long throws I faced.Vadala missed a lot through injury last season but equalized on the half hour mark before oliver put us ahead on 65 minutes though the keeper was poor and should of saved it.Wellington nem equalized with a great finish and it went to penalties where oliveira was the hero saving 3 spot kicks.Not the best of matches but a good starting point for the season and looking at out opening 6 league games I am confidant of a good start.

Next update - August
Wow ! What an improvement over the years ! Congrats on the League title (and for the Cup too !). It'll be tough to reach UCL semi-finals, but your players like to create shocks, so hopefully you'll get there
Some unrealistic competition expectations from the board there. Don't they realise that winning the league last season could have been a 'fluke'? It's going to be very hard to repeat that fate again.
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