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A young manager from the small red dot of the world jokingly submits his application for multiple club. Small clubs, medium clubs and big reputable clubs received his application and laughed it off. All but one, Celtic FC. They've decided to give this young man a chance as their club is in a dominant position and have seen small risk that this might go south as they've been dominating the league for years. This marks the beginning of Dan Ong, The Prodigal Manager.

Manager Nation England League Sky Bet League Two Team Eastleigh Seasons 7
Ever heard those stories that an FM manager has applied for a role at a job at clubs who are looking for managers and being rejected? Well it's all gonna change now.


Let me introduce to you, Dan Ong, an ASIAN manager. Yes, you heard that right, an Asian manager from the small red dot country in South East Asia called Singapore has been given an opportunity to take up the challenge of leading Celtics. But that's not the twist, the twist is that he is a 20 years old, fresh out of the National Service in Singapore and has no background of managing anything other than groups projects in school.

I guess Celtics believed that after winning the league for too many times, it got boring hence they decide to lose the plot by accepting an application from a guy with no experience of managing and is as young as some of the youths. YOLO am I right?

Let's just cross our fingers that the lucky four clover on the Celtics logo will be upon this man

Side note:

Do take this story with much mercy as I've not played any of the previous FM version before so take it as a fun and easy story where I try to manage Celtics to greater heights and learn at the same time.

This will also be my first take in kind of a story line post. So do let me know if I can improve in any way

Cheers in advance to whomever may find this interesting.


The Celtic Football Club

Who are they?

If you really don't know them then you're missing out on one of the best football clubs to have existed in terms of history and fans


Welcome to the addiction that is Football Manager! Hopefully you'll have fun and learn a lot whilst you manage Celtic

I'll be reading!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.


It was the 3rd of June, 2016 when I received a called from a mystery number with a country code I couldn't recognize, a quick search showed me it was from Ireland. Forgetting the ridiculous action I took a few months back of sending my application which contained practically no qualification as a football manager, to Celtics FC one of the well known clubs around the football world.


Start of call log

Dermot Desmond: Hello, is this Dan Ong?

Dan Ong: Yes, who is this?

Dermot Desmond: Hello Dan, this is Dermot one of the directors of Celtic FC. I would like to congratulate you that our board has accepted your application as Manager of Celtics FC. Despite your lackluster application as a manager, your passionate view of football has moved our hearts and we have decided to give it a shot.

*Dan Ong is in a state of shock*

*Dan Ong saying to himself, this must be a joke. No way in hell would they give some guy from a country probably like more than ninety percent of the world haven't heard about, and having no qualifications whatsoever to manage a prestigious club*

Dan Ong: This must be some kind of joke. Show me some proof that this is legit.

Dermot Desmond: Your flight to Scotland has been booked. Check your email in the earliest convenience. Your contract will be shown upon arrival at Celtic Park.

*The call ends*

End of call log


As the call ended, sweat drip at the side of my face, my heart racing. I said to myself, what in the world just happened? Did that really happened?

I did some research online about this person Dermot Desmond to check his legitimacy, and to my shock the person exists


Maybe this isn't a joke? Maybe this is actually happening? I guess we'll find out soon enough


It was the 4th of June 2016. I packed my bags and was ready to fly off. As I took a cab to the airport and checked in my luggage, got my ticket, got through security and walking to my gate, I still wondered. This must be some kind of joke ain't it. This guy is probably pulling off one heck of a prank imitating a shareholder of Celtic FC and telling I, a man that no one has heard of with no qualification to take up a managerial job at Celtic FC, one of the most well known club in the world.

But then again, I thought to myself, hell if this is a joke, this isn't so bad. If this is a prank, then this is one hell of a good one because I am getting a free trip to Scotland, I could just explore the country and still be able to contact my family to help me get back to Singapore if ever I need to.

Arriving at Glasgow


I arrived at Glasgow 15 hours later I left Singapore. It was a hell of a ride, my necks cramping from sleeping on the flight. I was ecstatic because I always wanted to go to Europe but never had the chance to and now I'm here at Scotland. As I went through immigration security and taking my luggage, I saw a man holding a sign with my name on it. Puzzled, I went up to the guy and showed some identification to prove that I am the guy he's looking for.


Getting into a nice black Mercedes Benz, I told to myself. This actually might be the real deal. I'm actually being offered a job at Celtic FC. Why else would I get a chauffeur upon arrival at the airport and at a super nice car?

I was enjoying the view of Scotland, there's so much things you can't see if you're in Singapore. The likes of castle, bagpipes and guys in skirt heh being some of them. After a 30 minutes drive, I arrived at my destination. I pinched myself to see if it was real and I didn't wake up from my dream if I ever was in one.


Welcome to the addiction that is Football Manager! Hopefully you'll have fun and learn a lot whilst you manage Celtic

I'll be reading!

Appreciate your reply a lot! Hope you enjoy the story


It happened.

A pen on the paper.

18,750 per week until the end of the season.

The word is out. Dan Ong has been announced as the manager of Celtics FC.

The media went crazy but not because there's a manager that everyone respects has taken over the Managerial position for Celtics, but the complete opposite. An unknown guy from Singapore with no information on him has been appointed as manager.

Shocked. Disbelief. Ecstatic.

Electric ran through my veins as all this happened. It was so sudden. Yesterday I'm just some guy who was on his computer playing Football Manager, and now I'm appointed as Celtics manager.

Thoughts ran through my mind.

What if the fans are against me?

What if the players won't even listen to me as I'm a nobody?

What if I'm treated as a joke?

What if this is all a joke and tomorrow I'm sacked?

Is this even real?

Well dream or not, I guess it happened and I guess I just have to deal with the situation as it is. Challenge accepted I said to myself.

After yesterday's whole fiasco of me getting signed and just getting mobbed by the paparazzi at the entrance of the stadium, I was eventually able to get some rest and start the next day as the Manager of Celtic FC.

Upon arriving, I was told that I would be attending a press conference whereby I'll be revealed as the manager and would be answering questions from the press. When I sat down in the room where they do press conferences, there were only 9 reporters. I guess it's no surprise since everyone still might think that it must be some joke.


Start of questions and answers at the press conference

Mark Jenkins from FourFourTwo: Do you feel that your ambitions for the club are matched by the chairman?

Dan Ong: Absolutely, I have no doubt that the chairman has the club's best interest at heart and the fans are fortunate to have such an ambitious mind running things.

Jacob Chapman from Sky Sports News: You've taken the step into football management despite being just 20 years of age. Critics have suggested that you will struggle to command respect in the dressing room that contains players older than you are. What do you say to that?

Dan Ong: It's a valid point to bring up; It is unusual for the manager to be younger than some of the players. I can only hope it won't be an issue.

Rob Higgins from sportinglife.com: What made you take this job?

Dan Ong: I would prefer my reasons to be kept private. (Well, to be frank I took this job because I love the club's history and culture. I don't think anyone will disagree with me that Celtics have one of the best fans in the world)

Andy Rae from The Daily Record: New managers often bring about times of upheaval and some at the club might fear for their jobs. Will there be any changes?

Dan Ong: I will undertake a complete evaluation of the staff here and get rid of anyone I consider to be deadwood

Andy Rae from The Daily Record: In that case, are you likely to deive into the transfer market soon?

Dan Ong: I won't be making purchases for the sake of it, if I buy a player they have to be the right one

Ian Downes from MirrorFootball.co.uk: Last season saw Celtic lift the Ladbrokes Premiership trophy. Do you think you can retain it this season?

*Saying to myself: I have more things to worry, like actually surviving this job before the season even starts.*

Dan Ong: I think we'll be there or thereabouts

Jacob Chapman from Sky Sports News: It is often said that different managers favor different competitions. Will you be concentrating primarily on getting good results in the Ladbrokes Premiership?

Dan Ong: The league has to be my priority. That's what the fans want

Jon Clarke from BBC Radio 5 Live: You have taken charge when it is widely expected that Leigh Griffiths will leave the club. Can you hold onto him? Do you want to?

Dan Ong: I want to keep Leigh here and will be doing everything in my power to ensure that

End of questions and answers at the press conference

As I left the room, I said to myself: "Thank God that was over. That was such a hectic atmosphere to be in being bombarded by questions I'm not even sure how to answer myself. Hope it went well."

Side note:

Taking logs from the interview was such a pain. Might or might not include it in the future unless the readers believe it adds more... realism while reading the series then I shall continue.


As I looked at the players I have at my disposal, I was amazed. These are players I've read and watch highlights of online.

Moussa Dembele, one of the well known youngsters currently with tremendous potential.

Kieran Tierney, another young prodigy who plays left back.

Scott Brown, the captain of Celtics.

Kolo Toure, someone who has a great personality and a joy to have in the locker room.

I was ecstatic to have such a great team mix of young players with tremendous potential and people with great experience.

I had such a great feeling this wasn't so bad at all, Celtics being the most dominant team in the Scottish league and with the great talent at my disposal, it'd be hard for me to screw this up.

Transfer rumor

Mikael Lustig to Coruna

Decision - Try to keep him in the club
Loved the start! Looking forward to seeing what you can do with them! Good luck! I'll be following!
Loved the start! Looking forward to seeing what you can do with them! Good luck! I'll be following!

Thanks for the support!

After reviewing my squad's status, as much as there are lots of great players in the team, there's a lack of depth in some of the positions of the team.

The attacking right midfield and midfield.

Hence, I've decided to start my business.

As of June the 8th, 2016, Ruben Amorim from Benefica has joined the club for £400,000 and £14k per week to add depth to our midfield.

I am no managerial expert, but judging by the report given to me by the scouts at my disposal, he seems like a decent player who could hold our midfield either as a first team or as a rotation. Glad to have made this signing of an experienced player for a cheap cost.

Making 218 caps and scoring 13 goals in his previous clubs (Belenenses, Braga and Benefica), also making 14 appearance for the Portugal national team.


Start of press conference log

Alan Armstrong from TEAMtalk.com: You sit here alongside new signing Ruben Amorim. Are you pleased to have got your man?

Dan Ong: I am pleased that this opportunity has been presented to us, Ruben Amorim is a fine player.

Jacob Chapman from Sky Sports News: What impact, if any, will this deal have on the rest of the Celtic squad?

Dan Ong: I think it'll be a lift to everyone at the club

Ian Dows from MirrorFootball.co.uk: You must be hoping that Ruben Amorim will play a big part in any success Celtic have in the future?

Dan Ong: No more than the other players; if the club is to be successful, everyone here will have to contribute

Rob Higgins from sportinglife.com: Matches can be won and lost in a single moment. Do you believe Ruben Amorim to be someone who can be the difference between success and failure?

Dan Ong: I wouldn't expect him to turn matches around single-handedly

End of Press conference log

A player who has been a great service to the club has been transfer listed and shipped to Sc Heerenveen, and that person is Emilio Izaguirre.

After making 163 appearances for Celtics, and looking through his stats and contract, I believed that it wasn't justified as compared to other players who's earning around the same as him and is contributing way more than others.

Thanks for your great services for Celtics and hope you gain success at Sc Heerenveen at Netherlands.


As my efforts to increase depth and signing talented players continue during the transfer window, Ian Bankier has decided to drop by my office and discuss the expectations for this season's campaign.

To no surprise, I'm expected to win both Ladbrokes Premiership and the Scottish Cup.

As for my Champions League Cup campaign, I decide to be a little bit ambitious of getting out of the group stages (fingers crossed that I'll get an easy group)

With this, our transfer kitty stands at £2.16m transfer budget and £509,651 p/w wage


As of 20th June, 2016, Franck Bambock has been revealed as the newest addition to Celtics.

Only making 31 appearances for Huesca and none for France national / youth team, I hope that his career in Celtics will bring him to greater heights.

A 21 year old french midfielder from Huesca was acquired for £700,000 and £5.25k p/w

Scout reports have given me a good impression of him of possibly being a first team player or a great rotation player


Celtics will be battling Dundalk F.C. during the Second Qualifying Phase of the Champions League.

Dundalk F.C. finishing, the current title holders of the Irish Premier Division, may be an easy team compared to the quality of the squad Celtics have but no complacency will be taken during this match-up once it comes.

Just before World War III starts, Herenveen is a Dutch team, not German!

You asked for some feedback on the press conferences, so I'll give my opinion. Instead of just copying the in game answers and questions word for word, why not flair them up a bit and expand on your answers when writing them up here, add a bit of personality in to them

I am enjoying reading this and following your progress
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.


It's 13th July 2016, and the scheduled match between Celtics and Dundalk.

My palms are wet as I walk in the tunnel preparing to walk out to the sidelines and start my job.

Heart was racing. Not knowing how this will go and how I wouldn't want to mess up as it's the qualification for Champions League.

As I was ready to enter the sidelines, a reporter came up to me

Start of Tunnel interview log

Jacob Chapman from Sky Sports News: Hey Dan, big day for you. First official match of the season. So far your friendlies have gone to your favor with all wins so far, do you feel confident about this game too?

Dan Ong: Well, I'm not gonna lie, I myself am surprised by how we even won those friendly games under me, maybe the luck of the four leaf clover is rubbing on to me.

*laughter from both Jacob Chapman and I*

Dan Ong: But if we follow our playstyle for the past few games of being a high pressing and building up from there while keeping possession, I believe that we should be fine this game

Jacob Chapman from Sky Sports News: Celtic is considered a highly favored team in this match-up. Do you believe that this match will be a walk in the park for you?

Dan Ong: Well, regardless of the favors in either team, I believe that it's disrespectful to see it that way. We've seen many upsets before and I will try to not let that happen to the best of my abilities by respecting the game they will bring on to the field.

Jacob Chapman from Sky Sports News: Thanks for the interview Dan, good luck for the first game of the season, hope you'll be a huge success. It'll be a nice story, Dan the prodigal manager.

End of Tunnel interview log

I said to myself "Dan the Prodigal Manager. Hah, that's such a cute name. It's like Jose Mourinho, the chosen one and Dan the Prodigal manager."

Not gonna lie, that tunnel interview really calmed my nerves down a bit.

The passion of the fans is just immense. Electric flowing through my veins as you just hear the echoes of their singing. It echoes throughout the tunnel. I said to myself "This is probably why I love football and why I got into this job. The immense passion of the fans really just gives you goosebumps, and it's not even some finals."

As I walk into the locker room, eyes were onto me.

Start Locker room dialogue log

Dan Ong: Maybe you guys might have not taken me seriously for the past few weeks, and I don't blame you guys. A guy who isn't even known by anyone from my own country, comes to Scotland and leads one of the greatest clubs in history. But I just wanted to say, despite my lack of experience, I do have a love for the game and I understand what it means to be at the crowd. With that, I hope that I'll be able to lead us to glories for this season and the following. I hope you guys are on board with me on this, despite my age, that you guys will give me the utmost respect and I will return to you guys too. Let's get out there and do it for the fan

End Locker room dialogue log

The players stood up to their feet and clapped and proceeded on to leave the room as they prepare for their first battle of the season too.

As Scott Brown passes me, he whispered to me "Don't worry gaffer, I'll have your back on this."

I was in a joyful mood, thinking maybe these players can actually respect me despite the scenario. My confidence rose and was ready to take up more challenges to fight for the club.

Sc Heerenveen is from the Netherlands but besides that its a really good start
Just before World War III starts, Herenveen is a Dutch team, not German!

You asked for some feedback on the press conferences, so I'll give my opinion. Instead of just copying the in game answers and questions word for word, why not flair them up a bit and expand on your answers when writing them up here, add a bit of personality in to them

I am enjoying reading this and following your progress

Sorry for the mistake, will make sure to do my research next time rather than just blabbing out by the sound of the team's name!

Thanks for feedback, I've tried the new approach, do let me know how it goes
Sc Heerenveen is from the Netherlands but besides that its a really good start

Hey Cassius, thanks for the correction. Sorry for the mistake, will make sure to research about the team rather than blabbing out a country by the sound of it's name.

Hope you enjoy the series

Any feedback would be appreciated if there are any!


As the players line up in a line to shake hands, I took a deep breath of the atmosphere and take it in. This is the real deal, first game of the season. Champions league qualifier. Let's not mess this up.

And soon enough, the whistle was blown, the first kick of the ball began.

Match highlights report

25:58 - Gannon throws in to Mountney, crosses the ball and Lustig intercepts, but the ball goes the wrong direction and is accidentally headed in his own goal. Own goal by Lustig puts Celtics down 1-0.

29:37 - Gamboa throws the ball in for Bitton and Celtics have a patient passing around the opponents half before seeing Rogic saw Dembele being marked by only one person, passes a through ball to Moussa Demebele who slots it in the top left corner. Celtics back in the game, 1-1.

45:39 - Tierney takes another corner kick. Whips a ball in and cleared by O'Donnell but Dembele recovers it and passes it back to Tierney who is wide open in the wing after crossing the ball. Tries to cross it back in and was deflected again by a defender but Dembele is quick on his feet to see the loose ball and recovers it and then after a few steps, smashes the ball in yet again to the left corner. Celtics are up 2-1.

End of First Half

*The players entered the locker room tired*

Dan Ong: Hey guys, I know it's a tiring match as not everyone is still up to speed but I just wanted to say great work everyone. We were down 1-0, but you guys fought a hard battle getting us back to 2-1. Let's just try to keep the possession and be patient on our attacks and if we get the opportunity, lets grab it. If not, let's just prevent them from touching the ball.

*The locker room looks a bit brighter after that speech but tired. I was a bit nervous to see how long their mentality would be but was hopeful they'll hold on until the end*

85:22 - Scott Brown goes in for a tackle and ends up getting his second yellow card.

90:00 - Final whistle was blown


I was ecstatic about the match. We won. We really did win an actual official match that puts us ahead in the Champions League qualifier. I could only hope for more of this moment.

End of Match highlight report

Start of post match conversation with Scott Brown

Dan Ong: Hey Scott, sorry for not subbing you out. I didn't expect you to get another yellow card as we were in the lead.

Scott Brown: It's alright. You're new to this, and it's was unexpected. Good job on the half time talk, the squad really felt really tired as everyone is not up to speed in terms of fitness but you seeing their efforts really motivated them to keep up the form throughout the rest of the match and congratulations on winning your first official match as a manager.

Dan Ong: Thanks Scott, your support is really assuring. Get some rest and good job on the win too.

End of post match conversation with Scott Brown

Post match interview

Ian Downes from MirrorFootball.co.uk: How's the feeling of winning your first game as a gaffer of Celtic?

Dan Ong: Well, I would be lying if I said I'm surprised. The lads were great, they were 1-0 down from an own goal but they kept their composure, and were able to work out a 2-1 win in the end. Props to Dembele for being a threat up-front and doing such a great job despite being young.

Ian Downes from MirrorFootball.co.uk: Congratulations on your win, and while we're on the topic of Dembele, it was his debut today at such a prestigious competition, what's your take on his performance?

Dan Ong: Well like I said earlier he was such a threat upfront. Taking advantage of open spaces left by the opponent's defense and transforming it into goal opportunities. He was fantastic. Bagged us two goals and got us a win in his debut, what else could you ask from a player.

Dan Ong: Will there be any more questions? If not, I would like to go on record to say that I'm very proud of the lads with the win and am confident that we will get through after obtaining a 2-1 lead over them. Thanks for your time

End of Post match interview

Start of locker room talk

Dan Ong: Hey guys, just wanted to say congratulations on the win. Round of applause for everyone

*The squad released loud claps as they won a hard fought win*

Dan Ong: Get some rest everyone, training will resume tomorrow, the battle isn't over as there's still the second leg.

End of locker room talk

As my long day has come to an end, and I make my way to my car. I was still in a joyful mood, remembering how the match went. How I was in such nervousness when we scored an own goal thinking reality has finally struck me, that we will be losing games and the joy and excitement I felt when I see my players worked well together and struck in two goals to win the game in the end. How the fans were just cheering and celebrating we won and some even shouting my name even though it's my first match and I'm someone they've never heard of.

I said to myself: "I hope I can keep it this way"

As of the 14th of July, 2016, Enric Saborit has joined Celtics.

Enric Saborit is a 24 year old, Spanish left back who used to play for Athletic Bilbao. Acquiring 25 appearance for their B side and none yet for Spain's national team or youth team.

Scout reports have shown him as a decent young first-team / rotation player.

He was acquired for £400,000 and £5.25k p/w


As of 17th July, 2016, Minhoca is officially a part of Celtic F.C.

He has been acquired for £180,000 and £5.25k p/w

He's a 28 year old Portuguese attacking right midfielder, who used to play for F.C. Paços de Ferreira in the Portuguese league.

He has made 188 appearances at his 4 previous clubs and scored 23 goals.

Scout reports has shown that he would be a good rotation player / decent first team player.



Match highlights log

60' Roberts prepare for a free kick. Lobs the ball in the box and Toure gets his head on it that hits the bar but is quick on the foot to recover the ball and slots it past the goal keeper for a goal. Celtic up 1-0

79' Armstrong takes the corner spot. Crosses the ball in the box which was intercepted by Rogers but did not catch the ball and it falls infront of Rogic who volleys the ball in. Celtic up 2-0

86' Tierney on the left wing crosses the ball in for Dembele who's only marked by one player, controls the ball well and turns towards the goal to score a goal with his right foot between the legs of the goal keeper. Celtic up 3-0

End of Match highlights log

Post match press conference log

Andy Rae from The Daily Record: The result has seen your Celtic team through to the next round. How far do you think this team can realistically go in the competition?

Dan Ong: If we've been playing the way we've been the past 2 legs, I am very optimistic that we will be challenging the group we are in and possibly even getting out of the group stages.

Andy Rae: Dundalk failed to register a single shot on target today. Is that a reflection of your complete dominance today?

Dan Ong: I wouldn't say complete dominance but it is definitely a fantastic effort by the defensive back-line who were able to withstand their various attacks of short or long balls.

Andy Rae: Kolo Toure doesn't find the back of the net very often but managed to today. How pleased were you to see that?

Dan Ong: It's a great sight to see a person like Kolo Toure score goals. He has a very fun going personality so it's a joy to see someone like him score a goal and he seems like he enjoyed that goal a lot.

Dan Ong: To add on, he was such a fantastic player today. I guess it speaks as he was chosen as the Player of the Match. Winning most of his headers and intercepting 15 times.

Dan Ong: In summary, the team was great both on the defensive and attacking end, and I hope this form will continue and will see us off at a better position than last season. Thanks for your time.

End of post match press conference log


Match highlights log

24' Sinclair on the left wing makes a through ball inside the penalty box, Rogic receives the ball just at the line of the penalty box and slots in a banger at the right side of the net. Celtic up 1-0

37' Tieney on the left wing passes the ball to Brown, who passes to Bitton who then passes to Roberts and to Dembele, who slots it in to the right side of the net. Fantastic one touch Football by Celtics. Celtic up 2-0

41' Bitton passes the ball to Dembele who's just outside the penalty box and then passes a through ball to Roberts who's found inside the penalty box but gets tackled by Boros. Rogic gets on the loose ball and slots it in the right side of the goal. Celtic up 3-0

42' Sinclair running down to the middle of the field from the left side, takes a shot from outside the back and slots it in again in the right side of the net from outside the box. Celtic up 4-0

48' Bitton passes to Rogic who passes it to Sinclair and immediately produces a through ball for Dembele who finds space to the penalty box. Slots it behind the goal keeper. Celtic up 5-0

Start of Post match press conference log

Andy Chapman from Sky Sports News: What a convincing win for your side. How are you feeling?

Dan Ong: Well any manager would be delighted to see their team go up 5-0 almost around half-time. It just goes to show how well the team played together and how everyone was focused in qualifying for the group stages of the Champions League.

Andy Chapman: Do you feel like you guys are through the next round with this scoreline?

Dan Ong: Well, the scoreline would say so, and the other team could take it 2 ways. Either they would feel defeated or they would feel even more motivated to play the next leg with all their hearts and with no regret, and I hope for the latter despite them being my opponent.

Andy Chapman: Such encouraging words coming from the opposing manager. Well let's hope the next leg will be exciting as you say. Thanks for your time

End of post match press conference log


Match highlight log

29' Gamboa crosses the ball in for Sinclair who slots it in past the keeper at the bottom left of the goal net. Celtic up 1-0

Post match locker room log

Dan Ong: Hey guys, just wanted to say good job again. We've been doing well so far, 11 goals for the past 4 games of the Champions league qualifier and only conceding once. Let's give it a round of applause for everyone.

*The whole squad claps for everyone*

Dan Ong: Get some rest guys, the season will start soon and I want everyone at top condition as I want to assure all domestic cups under our belt.

Scott Brown: Let's get it lads. Let's do better than how we did it last year!

*The whole squad cheers*

As I was driving back, I thought to myself, everything is going so well. Winning every game and conceding very minimal. Will everything go this smoothly or is the storm has just yet to come..?
Nice work in the qualifying stages, and I think the press conferences etc do read a lot better now (again, just my opinion).

Hope you get a kind draw in the group stage!

Good luck and keep winning!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Nice work in the qualifying stages, and I think the press conferences etc do read a lot better now (again, just my opinion).

Hope you get a kind draw in the group stage!

Good luck and keep winning!

Thanks for being such a good sport. Really appreciate your feedback and support.

Will continue to provide the best quality of story
Good start so far @AWMG always good to see a slightly different approach on the story section. Keep it coming.
Football Manager 2018 - From A Failed Footballer To A Traveling Manager - Story coming soon...
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