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Over the last few editions, i’ve had a lot of ideas for a save game. Some sound good but straight away you just can’t have the enthusiasm to keep the save game alive. Weeks go by and many of saves don’t come to fruit. Every year the list of saves i want to does get bigger. The British steel challenge is one i have attempted many times. Some haven’t lasted long and some have fail by making wrong moves at the wrong time in the save career. Now i am going to try and attempt this one more time…

I’ve Started the career with an alternate alias, normally i don’t make up backstories for my manager but i thought it would add something to the career. I’ve translated my name into an old norse name and with me getting married this year in Sweden i’ve used that and the birthplace of the closest city for the manager.

So introducing Sigmund IIIbreidr.


I’ve started with a sunday league reputation and no coaching badges.

Database is large with all the players loaded in these nations to give the player count a small rise.

I’ve looked at all the reputations of the leagues and decided to take the lowest reputation league as a start. I’ve holidayed a season ahead and took over the team that has been promoted into the Northern Ireland Intermediate League. I’ll be using this list throughout my save to see a realistic as possible route to the top.

Scottish Premiership
League 1
Irish Premiership
Scottish Championship
League Two
Vanarama National League
Scottish League 1
N.I Premiership
Welsh Premiership
Scottish League 2
Vanarama North / South
Irish First Division
N.I Championship
N.I Intermediate League

Throughout this save i might have add a few other bits to the challenge to keep it interesting and a little bit fresh. Might make a certain move to a club to be youth only, or when i get to the english league might add a dafgue type save to the career.

As you can see with the screenshot of Sigmund i am currently managing Bangor.

Good luck with Bangor! Will be reading!
My Careers:
FM15 | FM16 | FM17a | FM17b
Journeyman's Journey II
Trip to: China | South Africa
Good luck mate!
Good luck with this, will keep an eye
Cheers everyone that has commented so far, hopefully i can catch up to where i am over the next day or two. I wanted to get to half a season completed to make sure i was going to keep it going before starting the posts.
I took over the job of newly promoted side Bangor, first protocol was to check out the squad and decide what sort of tactic i would like to play.

I have decided to try and have a style a play that i will use throughout Sigmund’s career. At times this might change and adapt as we go on. But i’m going to try to stick as close to the principles as i can.

I like to have my side be defensively solid and compact in defending but i like to have my side attack with intent and not have possession for the possession sake and not use it to effect. I want the ball to move vertically rather than side to side. With this in mind i have decided to use the Park the Bus 442 preset with a couple of changes.

With this style in mind i can start thinking of a select few attributes to have throughout the team as a DNA or Core Role Attributes.

Due to us only be promoted i can’t see us being better than the rest of the division, so we need the team to be Strong, fit and hardworking.

Bravery, Determination, Team Work, Acceleration, Pace, Work Rate are going to be my core attributes throughout the team. (certain positions might not have all those at this level but I’m going to get close as possible)

Prior to my arrival, the club already had 8 players on trial. Also a couple of transfers where already done. With a total squad number of 42. I do anticipate to be a few ins and outs over the course of the season with all players without contracts and a few players already wanted by other teams.











Ashley Woods - A signing already made by previous manager. 16 year CM / LM someone that has a potential and might give a couple of games later on in the season

Matt Sheehan - 17 year old CB whose going to be a backup to my starting 2 CB’s but i can see having a lot of game time this season.


Mo Walsh - needed another keeper for backup but Walsh pretty much went straight in to the first team.


Michael Tolan - Need a an extra CM or someone that could be used on the wings.


Lewis Thompson - Needed a 2nd Left Back at the club, Thompson would be my starting LB


Shay Dunlop - Scouts recommended him and looked too good to turn down so adds depth to RB position


Ethan Taggart - I don’t have many ball winnings centre mids or someone with an high attribute in the centre mid position so brought taggart to plug that gap.


Im probably going to be looking for a striker and a couple of wide mids throughout the season only if the right player comes along.
Media Prediction: 7/12
Board Expectation: Mid Table

Pre Season was just about working on our fitness and knowing the players slightly more and see whom would start the first game of the season. Even in the games we lost we competed but wasn’t able to capitalise on the chances we did create.

First competitive match was the Bet McLean Cup game, we had chances in both normal time and extra time to win but sadly we missed the first 3 pens and crashed out.

In the league it took us a little of time to find our feet not scoring many chances but also looking quite defensively solid at times. Haven’t lost yet in the league which is a good thing just grinding out some points.

Our next cup competition the steel and sons cup 2nd round saw a comfortable win against hanover just need to take this scoring form into the league.

September started off with another cup round win against Ballymoney Utd what started a good run of form in the league.

Lurgan Celtic we came up against another draw after we was 2-0 up then we made it even harder with getting a man sent off.


2 more wins against Knockbreda and Annagh before a dreadful display against Newington to go out of the 2nd cup competition 3-0.

Another cup in Intermediate cup saw us get past an easy Colin Valley side before losing on pens again 5-4 against Dungannon Reserves. Mo Walsh our keeper dropped a cross in the path of the striker late on to go into extra time.

in between the cup games saw us lose our first game in the league 90+4 min goal from tobermore.

We ended November with a win in the league against Dollingstown.


At present we sit 4th in the table 7 points Distillery with them still to play.

Our game in hand even though its still early in the season, came against top of the table Distillery. On a cold light snowy day in Bangor, a lost would make us 9 points behind with half the season to play could be tough to catch that back up.


A good win for us! The game worked into our favour hit on the counter and then sit back and defend like crazy. Only 3 points behind still sitting in 4th.

Things are looking very good to date mate
If you get sacked @syemo then I will perma ban you. No pressure!
If you get sacked @syemo then I will perma ban you. No pressure!

Seconded! Haha only joking @syemo but 12 games in and 4th in the league is good going for a promoted side and you've had some good performances in those too. Looking good for the rest of the season
@Dan Cheers bud, I'm just hoping we don't have a collapse when we get re rated in the winter period. At the moment its only been a starting 11 not much rotation, the team really doesn't have much depth outside of that.

@Shedender It would have to lead to something drastic if i get sacked from this position.

@bigmattb28 We are doing better than i thought we would, at present I'm still looking to beat 7th in the league as that was predicted. To get into then championship group when the league splits is what my aim is.
Last game of January could turn out to be a pivotal point in the season. An Away game with Knockbreda. 1 point behind 6 games left until the league splits.


You're doing well @syemo and hope you can beat Knockbreda away from home.

Such a shame at those 6 draws though.
Looking close at the top! Hopefully you can knock them from their perch!
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@Shedender i'm not bothered by the 6 draws least they aren't losses but if they was a few less of them would make it easier to build a gap.

@tongey it's close and not far away from the league spilt. Should make it interesting.

Match against knockbreda started off well, even with they going to 10 men we couldn't capitalise too much we scored the first goal with dale patton. We looked in control until the equaliser and then i thought the chance to go top was over until the last few minutes of the match when beattie scored off a bad clearance from a corner, and then a few minutes later and own goal from another set piece made the match a little further a field. Bangor go top.


How did we get into the position to be able to fight for top spot against Knockbreda?

We started off with a 5-1 win against Bourneview in the 4th round of the Irish Cup, before a draw against Newington then back to back 1-0 wins against Distillery and Portstewart. We came from 1-0 down into a 3-1 win away to PSNI.

Sport & Leisure's 83rd minute free kick saw us drop some points at home, before another 1-0 win against Queens University.

We battled hard but couldn't do enough in the 5th round loss to Crusaders.

Since Knockbreda?

I was hoping a collapse wasn't going to happen, but the team responded well to a 2-1 win at home against Lurgan Celtic.

We dropped points against bottom club Annagh Utd, Then Lost away to dollingstown 1-0 Mark Cooling first game back in the squad after moaning about lack of first team games and he gets sent off after the 75th minute. Is the pressure getting to us???

Team responded with a 3-2 win against Tobermore Utd. We made it hard for ourselves, our young playmaker Brandon Nelson got sent off on the 63rd minute at 3-2 up but the team held on in the last 30 mins to get the win.

Thats where we are currently at. 1 game left before the league splits.


Table as it stands


What else has happened

After the Lurgan Celtic match this question in a press conference pleased me as we are playing a deep defensive game and get stuck in to be amongst the lowest teams for the least fouls and cards goes to show how our players are making the right decisions going into their challenges. (since this i've had 2 reds cards)


A few players are starting to moan about lack of playing time but i'm a little reluctant to change the starting XI in case it sends us into a bad run of form.

With us overachieving and doing well at present this attracts unwanted attention for our players. With us having no contracted players i'm just hoping they keep on rejecting other offers sadly our Left Back Lewis Thompson got snatch from the vultures of Ballymena in the Premier league. Probably one of our best rated players in the squad and maybe the division. I had him on the max wage before he joined us in pre season. He also wanted the clause to be added for us to be promoted by the end of 20/21 season so i knew if we don't get promoted after 2 seasons i might lose him anyhow.


Our Assistant Manager Ross Williams was on a month by month contract when i took over, he didn't want to sign a new one and he's just decided to leave us in February.
Things are looking very good to date mate, keep it coming
Last game before the league spilt was against second place Distillery. We had 27 days between this match and the last match so i arrange a friendly with our under 20s to get us some more match sharpness back. Andrew Long scores within the first minute but we are pegged back intimately. Look like it was going to fizzle out for a draw until Michael Tolan score in the 90th minute to give Bangor the win!


Above is the order of games we have to play in the championship group. A game against 3rd next could make it easier for us if we get a result here to come closer to the title.

First up is knockbreda, we've beaten them twice already this season home and away 2-1 and 3-1.

Our Pre Match report, i can't see conceding 2 out of 29 shots from outside of the box to be a negative??


It wasn't meant to be we didn't take our chances and knockbreda move within 6 points.


Title race is hotting up.

Dollingstown is up next, a few games back they gave us our 2nd loss of the season in the league. Hoping revenge will be sweet!

knockbreda scored in the 89th minute to earn a daw against Tobermore Utd

Still 3 points in it, Dollingstown move up to 3rd on GD with Distillery
Distillery was able to beat Knockbreda on match day 26 2-1

Portstewart have a goal disallowed for being offside after 18 mins, thought this could be a long day and everything was falling apart.

Dale Patton scores on the 26th minute, He doubles his tally and ours on the 38th minute. And nerves was settled on the 77th minute when Taggart scores our third goal and the game hopefully is out of reach and title could be ours.....

It's here!! First title in bag!


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