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Davy Prendergast
1 year ago
1 year ago

Hi guys,


Wondering if any of you have had the following issues. I enjoy using the data editor to give myself one Messi level wonderkid with 200 ability, and literally every non playing attribute maxed out (professionalism, personality etc). This player should be an undisputed great. He's 3 seasons in aged 20 and plays like a sack of … nearly every match, 6.1, 6.3 etc, sometimes the odd 7.  This is in a team playing well, with nearly everyone else with 7.0 or above average rating. My assistants always advise I make him a star player (I gradually increased his playing time up to important player but he has never justified it), he always trains at 9.5 to 10.0 level, always is motivated after criticism, is always praised and brought to my attention by backroom staff how awesome he is etc but he just plays utter pony every match.


Which brings me to the next point, does the data editor even work well?  Now, if the game's algorithm was in any way realistic, there isn't a hope in hell that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, that managerial genius, is going to win the title with 7 points more than the great Sir Alex ever managed, even after I had read a similar complaint on a forum about Utd being stupidly good when they should be rubbish so I tried what they did and ruined their team cohesion, reputation, etc, I even ruined Ole's frankly absurd attributes. But no they still go on to get 97 points. Ok SI LOL.

David Calleja
8 years ago
11 months ago

I have exactly the same issue and it's soo frustrating, I just cant understand… CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN THIS?? 


My wonderkid GK now 22 y/o - 


(ok his kicking is 3 but I just ask him to roll the ball out to the defenders)


Average rating last season: 6.6 (literally the worst of my whole 1st team)


My sack of sh*t second GK


CA: 124

PA: 140

Age: 24


Average rating last season: 6.8!!!


Makes no sense whatsoever! 

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