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1 year ago

I'm becoming very annoyed with FM22. I have never had this issue with other FM games ive played. There seems to be a way better chance of doing well if you pick your formation and buy your players and holiday the season. 


After lots of frustration with the game engine, watching replays and becoming very annoyed i decided to test it. I have a Leverkusen save,  Adeyami, sesko, wirtz are my front 3. Adeyami is 4.5 stars, same Wirtz and sesko is just developing in year 3. But they are good players. 


When i watch replays, Adeyami will miss 4 or 5 1 v 1. The team will hit the bar about 4 times a game. 

I get between 2 and 3 xg and  dont score. The team concedes with 0.10 xg, and several games conceding 3 goals when opp has  0.30 xg


I kept two saves from the same point, one i holidayed for the season in year 2. One i played the same formation as i did on holiday. 

The one where i holidayed through i finished 2nd. 

The one where i played was just a disaster. 


Full of missed 1 v 1 and conceding goals with enemy on  .13 xg. 

The holiday save of the same team. Adeyami finished top goal scored with 40 goals. 


Im keeping an eye on it this year too. i play a game and in another save i auto generate the result. 

The last game away to Dortmund  - i lost 4 - 2 in my watched game

When i reloaded and holidayed and same teams played i won 3 - 0.


I also am finding issues with the set pieces. I have not scored from a set piece in forever. I cant remember any goals scored from a corner. Ive downloaded the set pieces from this site and use them, still no goals from corners. 


I am finding this all very frustrating, i just want to be able to play and enjoy the game, but its got to the point where i started save scumming which i never did before in FM just because it feels so unfair. 


Im not talking just 1 games with 3 xg  and no goals losing to a worse team 3 - 0  when they have 0.30 xg. its very common as is hitting the woodwork 4 times a game and all the missed 1 v 1. 


I would even say my tactic is bad and my players are bad, but i know when i holiday and dont watch the matches its way different. Anyone else finding fm22 the same?

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i feel you. i really do. i had the same thing on fm21 but im still winning stuff. i used to play with cautious mentality with all those “legendary” plug play tactics and works way better than attacking or positive in match. attack or positive works better in holiday or instant result. thats how they test tactics and thats why results are always great. dunno about fm22 btw i didnt played yet.

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