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1 year ago
2 days ago



I so recently have gotten into FM22 and love the game. The only problem is the created team I created has a dumb name because FM22 didn't give me enough space, and I would love to change it. I figured FM22 would let me change it in game, but for some reason you can change almost every other name but team names, which is dumb but whatever.


I read online about lnc files, and have tried that. Using the lnc files I have changed OTHER team names (I changed Red Bull New Yorks name by accident) but I cannot for the life of me change my own teams name. I have the Team ID and the correct format for the file, but it does not seem to be working for whatever reason.


If it helps, I am using the Steam workshop version of the Real Name Fix, and the save I am playing uses the 10 tier USA system that I downloaded on this forum.


I have attached the file I threw into the lnc folder, this file DID NOT work


Thanks for any help!!! I really appreciate it

17 years ago
8 hours ago

If you have changed a team name using an editor data file (which you have since you created a team), then you cannot overwrite it using lnc files. Lnc files only work if the entry hasn't been edited via the editor @TerrenceJesus8 

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