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3D Kits are special kits designed to make the match engine look even better, with the players wearing customised and improved kits on the pitch.
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3D Kits

England - English League Level 1-2 3D'22/23 by bolid74 New! (15/09/22)


See “Read Installation Instructions” below “Download” 👉👉

Enjoy 🙂


Any problem - please go to this thread - 3D Help/Discussion Thread or PM hammer9.

Or if kits not showing or not add third kit..please go to this thread -
Any problem - please go to this thread - SSKCC Thread for FM21 or SSKCC Thread for FM22 or PM hammer9.

2 weeks ago
6 days ago

is this for use in fm22 and if so can u do a laliga one?

8 years ago
1 hour ago

@warlordd These kits work correctly on Fm 22. They also work on Fm 20 and 21 as the model used to create the 3d kits is unchanged from Fm 20.

The author of the package, boldi74 makes the England 2D and 3D kits as well as the Croatian ones. I don't think he ever dealt with the Spanish kits.

4 months ago
1 week ago

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