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I'm back, and I'm delighted to be here once again. I've been browsing the SortItOutSi Forums for a while now, and have been itching to get into one of my usual styles of saves once more. I've decided to blog it for you all as hopefully, it'll keep me going by seeing how you think I'm getting on. I'd love some feedback and for you tag along on the journey with me. 

Welcome to my annual 'Journeyman Save' where I will be attempting to travel around the world with no real aim, other than trying to win every trophy possible in the base version of the game. Of course, this probably isn't possible in any realistic lifetime, but I will once again put myself through the trials and tribulations of this strenuous challenge.

Now, of course, there are a few rules to this challenge, that I will outline below. They are pretty obvious rules, but it's always better to set them out for all to see.
- The manager must start with NO COACHING QUALIFICATIONS & SUNDAY LEAGUE FOOTBALLER playing experience
- I must win all competitions on the game. [being promoted via the playoffs, also counts as winning the league]


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Clubs Managed




Team Name


Dates in Charge

Reason Left


FS Jelgava

Optibet Virsliga

17.09.23 - 12.11.25



RFC Liege

Nationale 1 

05.01.26 - Present



Trophies Won




Competition Name


Date Won


Viensviens Latijvas Kauss Futbola

FS Jelgava



Optibet Virsliga

FS Jelgava



Country Completion Record:




Competitions Completed





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Meet Tongey, the manager who has taken up this stupid challenge of winning every single league and trophy around the World and become the greatest manager to have ever graced this wonderful World. Living in Stockport, Manchester and being brought up as a diehard Manchester United fan, I'll be based here until I can find a job. It's not all the glory hunting side of Football that I enjoy, I've been following Northwich Victoria for years and regularly attend home and away. I'm sure I'll get a few non-league teams to manage along the way. 

I'm ready to get going with this, so let's go find a club to manage. 

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Excited for some undoubtedly obscure clubs here! Glad to see a new version of this

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@KEZ_7 Appreciate that my man! Bound to be some obscure clubs on the way to the top of the Hall of Fame. Here goes nothing anyway…




Welcome to the Football Management gig, Tongey. It's only taken a mere 440 days since starting out. That doesn't matter anymore as we're off and rolling now. I'd been declaring my interest in numerous clubs from around Europe whilst sitting on my ever growing fat ass in Stockport. I was beginning to doubt that I was going to even get an interview, let alone a job. I mean, why would anyone want to hire me? I don't have any coaching badges and have been seen playing on the muddy pitches, wheezing my way through 90 minutes on a Sunday morning. Someone was in for a treat eh?



It was a fantastic phone call to receive, and before they had even finished offering me the role (at least I think that's what they were doing), I had eagerly accepted the position as First Team Manager of FS Jelgava. You'll of course know all about them and their footballing prowess. 

FS Jelgava | Club Information



FS Jelgava are a semi-professional Latvian side playing in the top tier of Latvian Football: the Optibet Virslìga. They are based in the Latvian town of Jelgava which is around 25 miles southwest of the Capital, Riga. Jelgava comes from the Livonian word ‘jalgab’ which loosely translates as ‘Town of the River’ 

FS Jelgava were formed in 2004 after two clubs (FK Viola & RAF Jelgava) merged together. They played in the Latvian First League until they won that in 2009, meaning they made their debut in the Virslìga in 2010, and have stayed their ever since. They've won the Latvian Football Cup (Atbildigas Speles Latvijas Kauss) 4 times in their history and have come runners up on another occasion. Not bad for a team only formed in 2004.

Club Facilities

Stadium: Zemgales Olympic Centre
Capacity: 1,560
Training Facilities: Basic
Youth Facilities: Basic

Youth Recruitment: Basic
Academy Coaching: Basic



The club are in a pretty healthy position finance wise. They're in the green which is always a good sign when you take over a club. It's my job to not run it into the ground by spending big on players and paying them high wages. They have a fairly healthy transfer budget available to me at £68,229 and a remaining wage budget of £5,109p/w left. I can do some damage with that for sure. 

I'm hoping the board will allow me to start my coaching badges here too given they have money in the bank! 


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The Season So Far | FS Jelgava | Latvia

19th September 2023


You'll be aware that it took me well over a year to get my first job in Football Management until I landed the gig at FS Jelgava. They're more than half-way through their league campaign and it's not a pretty sight. I've definitely got my hands dirty here, and I'll need a miracle in order to get something going quick enough to make an impact in order to stay up. I'll back myself though.

The team has won a measly 3 games all season, starting out the year with a fantastic 2-0 victory over Grobinas. It seems that when we win, we win 2-0, so that's a good sign. I'll work with that I guess. Another pleasing side is that they've not been blown away by too many sides. Each game seems to have been close fought so with a little bit more luck and some more tactical nouse, we may turn some into wins. That's my hope anyway.

We're also out of the Latvian Football Cup as we exited after a 1-0 defeat to Speks who sent us packing in the Fourth Round which is where we entered. Not a great cup run. 



League Table


As you'd expect after that run of form, we're rock bottom of the league. We're 7 points off safety, so we'll need a lot of things to go our way in order to gain survival. The good news is that we've already beaten the two teams directly above us this year so we'll take confidence from that. Let's hope for a mini resurgence from us, and a massive drop for anyone else. We're only 57 points from winning the league!



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September 2023 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

30th September 2023


I had been in charge for a meagre 2 days before my first game in charge, and that first game couldn't have been any harder. A massive game against title leaders Riga. Could we upset them? Probably not. I was more concerned at this point at my lack of staff. As I looked around my first staff meeting, it was just me sat in an office at the stadium. I don't have one staff member and no one wants to join. My main issue with this, is that I don't know who's good and who's bad in the squad. I have no reports on the players so it's down to gut feeling for now. I hope that's enough to get me through until I can get a team behind me. 


Not exactly the start we wanted, but when you're up against the current champions, and a team that are going for the title again, it's bound to be a tough game. Wedidn't perform very well at the start and found ourselves 2-0 down within 6 minutes. Not ideal. Within 11 minutes they had added another to their lead and that was that. We did well to consolidate that result and only lose 4-0 when it could've and should've been a lot more. 


We faced the Champions for a second time 3 days later. This time we absolutely stunned them, and ourselves for that matter. We were a lot better, we knew what to expect and we executed up front. Our main striker Valmiers was back from a suspension and opened the scoring before a last second header from Awlesu confirmed all 3 points. A kickstarter for sure!

Brought back to Earth with a bump, as we lost against 4th placed RFS. We did play fairly well, but a lapse in concentration at the back led to an easy chance for them to score, and they did just that. We may be a little unlucky to have come away with nothing, but that is football. A tale of small margins.


The BIG game of the month comes against fellow relegation challenger Grobinas. We come up against them in not ideal form, but after the victory against Riga, a slight bit of confidence. An early goal for them made me think it was going to be a long day, but we struck back just before the half through Pantelejevs. Things got better for us just after the break after Knapsis received a straight red for the hosts leaving us with a man advantage. A penalty was awarded and duly slotted home by Rubenis before a nervy last 30 minutes ensued. Valmiers scored in the 91st to put it beyond doubt and give us a massive 3 points.


League Table

4 games into my tenure, and we're off the bottom of the Optibet Virsliga. The win against Grobinas ensured that we didn't finish the month rooted to the bottom of the league. We've won 6 points in my time, and have 20 on the board, with a 3 point gap between us and safety as of now. It's a three horse race to ensure survival in the league between ourselves, Super Nova & Grobinas

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October 2023 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

30th September 2023



Who said Latvian football isn't exciting eh? The difference in the squads morale from when I first took charge and now is like chalk and cheese. They believe they can win every game, and we look a lot better for it. I'm still trying to figure out who's good and who's not. The staff situation is laughable as it's now just me and a Head Physio at the club. 

In fact, no one is even applying to any of the 8 jobs I've put up for applications. Not one single person, so as of now I'm managing both the First Team & the Reserves which is slightly frustrating. It's time added to the game when I just want to get moving. I have promoted one youngster from the reserves into the first team after his performances for the Reserves so there is a positive of being involved with both.

I asked the board whether I could start my coaching qualification journey, expecting them to come back saying they need me at the club during this crucial part of the season. They surprised me however with the fact that I could do. I'm now working towards my first badge which will be a huge help in this challenge.


Anyway, we had risen a place last time you checked in, and we were aiming to rise another in order to get ourselves out of the relegation zone, but it was still going to be a tall ask. 6 games to go in the league.



7th October | Liepaja | Away | Win
October started in fantastic fashion as we saw off a very good Liepaja side who occupied 4th in the table at the time. A first half thunderbolt from Rubenis saw us go ahead not long before the break. It wasn't long into the second half when Pantelejevs found space on the edge of the area and curled a low effort into the bottom corner to stretch our lead. We could've gone further ahead, but Liepaja found a way back into it in the 77th minute to make it a nervy last 10. 3 well deserved points for the Jelgava boys.


21st October | Auda | Home | Defeat

Auda are a mid table team, who obviously can cause a few teams an upset. We had targeted to win this game and saw it as a crucial one in our aim to hunt down points and close the gap. A close fought game which saw a lot of tackles flying in, with very few clear cut chances for both teams. In the 83rd minute they found space in the middle and fired home the winner. Not ideal.


28th October | Daugavpils | Away | Draw

A 0-0 draw rounded out the month. This wasn't a bad performance and one that could've gone either way. A point is probably deserved for both teams so no real complaints from me. We had chances but just couldn't find the back of the net. 1 point closer though hopefully. Got to keep those points ticking over.


League Table


So with 3 games to go in the league campaign, we still sit in 9th spot which seems to be a Relegation playoff. What's important is that we're still in control of our destiny as we still have to play Super Nova in what has emerged as a MUST WIN game for both sides. 2 points is the gap. We've done pretty much what we need in order to not finish bottom of the pile so that's good news. Can we perform the miracle escape?



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November 2023 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

12th September 2023

That's it, the season is done with. My first season in charge of an actual football team. I have good and bad news to report later in this post, but the first bit is that my only other member of staff at the club: Dzamals Huseinovs is only bloody retiring leaving me as the sole member of the clubs staff. It's just me sat at my own birthday party. What's even more frustrating is that I can't seem to attract anyone to the club in order to fill those roles. One day, one day….

How did we fare in our final month of league action I hear you ask? You're about to find out. We were sitting in 9th position having done pretty much enough to secure the fact we wouldn't finish bottom of the pile, but with work to do in order to not be relegated. We had a 2 point gap between ourselves and the team in the safe spot Super Nova. Time to get to work!


1st November | Super Nova | Home | Win

The BIGGEST of games to start the month, and probably the biggest game of our season. It's definitely my biggest moment since being in charge! The boys were outstanding and rose to the challenge. They thrived off the pressure from the fans and they put in a performance of the highest quality. Jadson flew down the right win in the 19th minute, cut inside and slotted home to give us the lead. A penalty right on the stroke of half-time was calmly placed into the bottom right by Rubenis meaning we had a 2-0 lead at the break. Super Nova offered nothing and we furthered our lead through Pantelejevs and that was that. We had won our 6 pointer and rose above them in the league. 


4th November | Spartaks Jurmala | Away | Draw

Could we back our massive victory up with another? Not quite, but we secured ourselves another point! We didn't play that well, but that doesn't matter. The first half flew by without much action, but they soon took the lead after the break through a classy clinical move. We pushed and pushed but couldn't find the equaliser until the 80th minute when Pantelejevs found an inch of space and fired a shot through a crowd into the back of the net. A crucial point on the road. 


12th November | Valmiera | Home | Defeat

Ouch, an absolutely spanking at home on the Final day. I had one eye on the Super Nova match at all times during this one so my attention wasn't where it needed to be. All the goals were scored in the 2nd half, and by the 76th minute we were 3-0 down and had no chance in this one. A consolation goal from Becers made it 3-1 but that was that. 0 points and a nervy wait to see how Super Nova ended up. A win for them meant we were relegated.


League Table:

SUPER NOVA LOST! SUPER NOVA LOST! We had done it! We had secured our status in the Optibet Virsliga for another year and I'm not going to lie, I feel ecstatic about it! Can we build on that for next year? Probably not, but we'll go and give it our best shot. We finished the season in 8th place on 28 points, with a massive 2 point gap between us and Super Nova who finished in 9th. 



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Pre-Season Update | FS Jelgava | Latvia

13th March 2024


After all the excitement of our near miracle relegation escape last season, life has settled into a normal routine. I hit my local breakfast spot ‘Silvas Bistro' which is only a short journey on the bus to the Stadium where my office is. I then meet with my staff (YES I HAVE A TEAM OF STAFF NOW). We discuss the day ahead and we hit the training pitch. I then wind down with a glass of red watching the latest Latvian Soap Drama on the tele, and that's that. Latvian life is simple, but comfortable.


I'll introduce you to my staff. The main pro's of this is that I don't have to manage the Reserves and Youth teams anymore. I can also see how good my players are compared to the others in my squad which is always a good thing to be able to do. It's not the best team of people, but they are MY team of people and I love that.

Coaching Team:


Recruitment Team:


The Squad:

I have a pretty large squad available to me, but that is in no part down to the fact I promoted a lot of my youth players last season as I didn't know who was good enough. I can now start shifting through them and will demote them back to the youth teams throughout the season when I know what to do with them. I'm sure a First Team will come to the forefront throughout pre-season. 

Key players have returned for another season and I'm delighted that we could pen them down for another year at least.
Jadson | RW
Oskars Rubenis | LW
Yehor Smirnov | LB


New signings have come in and hopefully have strengthened a weak squad. The media don't fancy us at all so new signings were much needed. In come:
Roberts Asauskis | ST | Loan | Riga
Helmuts Saulitis | GK | Free | Grobinas
Ingars Pulis | ST | Loan | METTA
Janis Jekabsons | RB | Free | Tukums
Aleksejs Belovs | CM | Free | Riga-2
Eriks Boroduska | CM | Free |Riga-2


Media Prediction:

We've been absolutely shafted by the media here. We're 900-1 to win the league, but to be honest, that's not we're here for! I'd love a mid-table finish but apparently that's way out of our reach as well. I believe in our squad, and hopefully we can shock a few people on the way. 



Due to not having a staff around me until late in the pre-season we arranged a quick pre-season schedule and I'm happy with how we performed. We played teams from lower divisions to give us some confidence and it seems to have worked as morale seems to be on the up. 12 goals scored and 1 conceded. Can't be bad. 
My trip to Lithuania has shown me some of the better players have started to emerge.


Next Update | March 2024 

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March 2024 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

22nd March 2024


We've reached the new season at last. New players have settled in, and tactics embedded in. I'm hoping for a good season ahead, and one where we can surprise a few people in the process. Only time will tell though, so let's get this show on the road. 


15th March | Daugavpils | Home | Win

BANG! That's one way to kick off a new season. A 2-1 victory over a team that finished mid-table last year. New signing Deklavs got off to a flyer as he volleyed us ahead in the 4th minute. A second half penalty gave us a 2-0 lead after Davidenkovs blasted it straight down the middle. We let them back into it in the 80th minute with a lapse in defence, but we held on for all 3 points.


17th March | Spartaks Jurmala | Away | Defeat
A fantastic game for the neutrals, but we came out on the wrong side of a 3-2 scoreline. We started off badly and were 2-0 down within 11 minutes. It stayed that way until the second half when we found a way back in thanks to Arsauskis getting his first for the club. The gap was soon back to 2 goals when they added a 3rd. That wasn't the end of the goals, as Peilans headed home a 2nd for us leading to a frantic finish. We nearly grabbed a deserved equaliser but an effort struck the bar and went over. A good performance.


22nd March | Super Nova | Home | Draw

A draw against the team I now call our biggest rivals thanks to last season. Once again we fell behind in the first half, but fought back well and were on top for most of that half. We fell further behind after they countered from our corner. We got one back thanks to Rubenis just before the half time whistle. After the break it was all us once again, and Rubenis got his second of the game with a glancing header from a beautiful delivery from a corner. We were pushing for the match winner, but couldn't find that moment of quality when needed. A draw is acceptable here.


League Table:


Look at that table! After 3 games, we're sitting in 4th position with 4 points! I'm delighted with how we've started and the mission is now to keep this up! Can we keep the points ticking over? We're above some very good teams, so I'm hoping that we can stay above them! RFS looked to be the team to beat early in the season as they are now 3/3. Too early to tell now though.


Next Update | April 2024

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April 2024 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

30th April 2024


Football comes thick and fast here in Latvia. 6 league games this month and they come with weird gaps in between them! Sometimes we're playing 2 games in 3 days which seems absurd to me. Anyway, I can't change that so I just have to get on with it. I've had a little change in tactic this month after some results didn't go my way. I've switched from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-2-2-2. We weren't scoring as many as I'd like so I stuck an extra man up top. We'll see how that goes.


6th April | Liepaja | Away | Defeat
This was not the way I wanted to start the month! In fact, this result saw us drop all the way to bottom of the league which seemed crazy at the time. Just shows how close the league can be and how matched the teams are. We were never in this one though from start to finish so I'd rather just move on and put this down as a bad day at the office.


13th April | Riga | Home | Draw

A prime example of how matched the teams are as we managed a draw against last years Champions Riga. It really didn't have much going on in it either, but I'd say we had the best chance of the game. Jadson broke free on goal, but scewed his shot well wide of the target when one on one. Not a good moment for him, but that was the best chance of the game. Would've won us the game aswell.


20th April | Valmiera | Home | Win

Our first win of the month and a much needed 3 points added to our total. The game was done and dusted within 5 minutes as goals from Rubenis & Maslovs put us 2-0 ahead. Nice to see both wingers getting on the scoresheet. A threat from both sides. They did get one back but didn't threaten us much after that. A good solid performance.


24th April | Auda | Away | Defeat

A game with zero threat from ourselves. I think this was the worst we had played since I took over, and we were lucky that the scoreline was only 1-0. They put us under so much pressure and should've score way more than they did. Move on, and quickly.


27th April | METTA | Home | Win

We're on a good run at home right now and we added another win as we saw off a decent Metta side.We went ahead through Davidenkovs when he headed home from close ranger. We went further ahead when Arsauskis saw a chance and cleverley found the bottom corner. They came back and levelled things up scoring 2 times within 3 minutes of each other. Defensively we had switched off, but luckily we weren't made to pay for it. A penalty in the 72nd minute gave us a way out of it and Rubenis secured us 3 points by slotting it home.


30th April | Auda | Home | Defeat

The good run of form at home soon came to an end when Auda secured their second win against us in as many weeks. They were the better team once again and could quite easily become my bogey team. Not a good day out on the pitch, and something we'll be looking to learn from.



League Table:


9 games into the Optibet Virsliga and we sit just on the edge of the European Qualification spots in 6th. We're very close to being bottom as we are only 4 points ahead of bottom side Daugavpils. We'll have to watch our backs and teams are ready to pounce any slip up! Can we jump up a few places next month? I'd be delighted if so, but then again, I'd be delighted if this is where we finished come the end of the season. A good progression from last year.


Next Update | May 2024

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May 2024 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

26th May 2024


1st half of the season here in Latvia has been completed and we now head into the month long break they have here. We're absolutely flying as you'll soon see which is really pleasing to see. The new 4-2-2-2 tactic with Segudno Volantes deployed in the middle of the park was finally starting to click and goals were flowing. I'd been able to indulge in a few more Latvian Lagers after games in celebration mode. 


3rd May | RFS | Away | Defeat

Well and truly humbled by the league leaders RFS. They are a force of nature in this league at the moment and showed us why they were storming to the league title. We were 3-0 down at the break after some comical defending by ourselves. We were better in the 2nd half but ended up losing the game 4-0. Nothing to be ashamed by because RFS were doing this week in, week out.


5th May | Daugavpils | Home | Win

From the top side, to the bottom side in 2 days. We scraped through with a shoddy performance against them, but somehow still got the win. Rubenis was the man who broke the deadlock and broke free and slotted home past the on rushing keeper. Like I said, we weren't good and got away with one here. I'll take the 3 points happily though.


8th May | Daugavpils | Away | Win

If i thought the win against Daugavpils was lucky last time, then this one takes the title of luckiest win. We were awful once again, but rode our luck at the back without conceding somehow. In the 91st minute Arsasukis rose highest at a corner and planted a header into the back of the net. Fantastic result but a poor performance. 6 points from the last 2 games despite being the worse team in both.


11th May | Spartaks Jurmala | Home | Defeat

Our poor performances finally caught up with us as we succumbed to a 2-1 defeat against Spartaks Jurmala. We actually went ahead through Pelians, and saw that lead through to the break. We were heading for a win before losing our cool at the end. Two goals in the last 15 minutes saw them complete the turnaround and claim all 3 points. 


14th May | Super Nova | Away | Win

The game against our biggest rivals is always a fun encounter. A drab first half though where not a lot happened apart from a Super Nova rocket hitting the bar and flying into the stands. We soon took the lead via a penalty from Rubenis before a crazy minute ensued. They equalised through Minins when he headed home, but less than 30 seconds later Davidenkovs had gone down the pitch straight from kick off, rounded the keeper and found the back of the net to send our fans crazy! Amazing solo goal from the lad. 3 massive points in what was turning out to be a decent month so far.


16th May | Liepaja | Home | Win

The performance of the season and my tenure so far. We hosted a Liepaja side who had just come off the back of a shock win against RFS. This league man is crazy! Anyway, we absolutely blew them away and by the break we were 4-0 up in a dominating display of football. 2 goals from youngster Pulis, followed by a lovely strike from Deklavs and a booming header from Rubenis at the back post. We let them have one back on te 59th minute before putting our foot down again and scored a furter 2 goals thanks to Arsauskis & Davidenkovs. We are on a roll at the minute. 


19th May | Valmiera | Away | Defeat

Back down to Earth with a huge bump. After totally dominating and dismantling Liepaja last week, we were humbled by the team occupying 2nd place Vamiera. We didn't play badly, but we didn't deserve anything from the game, so theres that. A 3-1 scoreline isn't the worse, but it's also not the best. We move onto a big game against Champions Riga.


22nd May | Riga | Away | Win

YES! YES! YES! We were brilliant and didn't let Riga have a sniff on goal. Our defence marshalled their attackers and only let them have the one shot which sailed well wide of the target. Rubenis did what he usually does and slotted home a penalty early doors to give us the lead. Boroduska the holding midfielder then fired in an absolute rocket from the edge of the area in the 2nd half to give us a 2-0 lead. What a day for the club!


25th May | METTA | Away | Win

We follow up the fantastic win against Riga with another big win against METTA. They are a side that can mix it with the better teams, but we showed them our class. Boroduska made it 2 in 2 for him which is a rarity. He's certainly in a rich vein of form. Davidenkovs continued to prove why he's a good striker in this league with a fine lobbed finish, before Vejkrigers found space from a corner to head in a 3rd late on. We were brilliant again and our tactic is starting to work nicely.


League Table:


Look at that table! I'm getting a nosebleed and a headache from being so high! After 18 games, we are sitting in 3rd position but it's so, so close between 2nd and 6th. In fact 4 points separates us so anything can happen. We could quite easily be sitting in 6th right now but a run of good form sees us sat in 3rd, only 2 goals behind Valmiera in 2nd. Can we keep it up? The title is well beyond us right now as RFS are storming to the title on 46 points at the half way stage.


Next Update: July 2024

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July 2024 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

28th July 2024


When I'm about to tell you that things are going ridiculously well, then you'd probably think I've got a win or two! You wouldn't be wrong, but you are wrong at the same time! We are absolutely flying and wins are just pouring in. We've had our first unbeaten month and we've kicked off the domestic cup competition. The prestigious ‘Viensviens Latvijas Kauss Futbola’ which loosely translates at the ‘Latvian Football Cup’. Happy days are here to stay hopefully. 



2nd July | RFS | Home | Win | Optibet Virsliga

WOW. WOW. WOW. What a ridiculous game of football, and what a result for the club! We rode our luck, but we were given a miracle at the end of the game as you can see from the graphic below. 2-0 down in just 22 minutes, before Maslovs weaved inside and fired a low shot past the keeper to pull one back. We levelled it up deep into the 2nd half thanks to Pulis. He wasn't finished there though. 2 minutes later they took the lead once again and I thought that was that. 7 minutes were added on, and Pulis took that to his advantage. He scored in the 93rd minute before towering a header down into the bottom corner to complete his hattrick and give us the win! CRAZY.


13th July | Grobinas | Away | Win | Viensviens Latvija Kauss Futbola

We've kicked off the domestic trophy with a lovely 2-0 win over last years relegated side Grobinas. Right winger Jadson did what he does best by dribbling past a couple of defenders and planting one in the top corner. We confirmed the result with an 89th minute goal from center back Vejkrigers. An easy passage to the 5th Round of the Cup.


20th July | Super Nova | Home | Win | Optibet Virsliga
The big derby game (at least I've dubbed it that) has been and gone, and once again we've come out on top! I definitely add extra importance to this one and put that onto my players too! A 4-0 demolition of them was all I wanted! Maslovs put us ahead in the first half, before second half goals from Davidenkovs, Daugavietis & Zengis. Brilliant performance.


27th July | Spartaks Jurmala | Away | Optibet Virsliga

We were going for a full month of wins for the first time, but we couldn't quite get over the line. We had the dream start through Rubenis powering through on goal and slotting it under the keeper to give us the lead. They equalised just before the break, but we went in the happier of the teams as Belovs had scored in the 2nd minute of injury time. We couldn't hold them off in the second half as they pushed and pushed and got a deserved equaliser. A point was fair.


League Table:

We've risen another couple of places and have emerged as one of the better teams in the league as of now. We're in 2nd, only 11 points off the title spot which RFS occupy. We have 36 points from our 21 games which is way more than we finished with last year already. The gaps are starting to open between the positions now but its still close with the top 4 or 5. Can we pull away and stay in 2nd, or can we even challenge RFS? Unlikely but you never know.



Next Update | August 2024

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August 2024 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

30th August 2024


Welcome back to Latvia where I've got a couple of things to get you updated on. Firstly the board came to me and asked me what I thought about them extending my contract. My initial reaction was of course to agree as I've got rake in that money somehow. They offered me the contract the next day and I've extended my stay in Jelgava until the end of 2025. It' a lovely feeling knowing that they want me for another year so I've obviously done something right.



The second bit of housekeeping that I failed to update you on last month was the fact I have a new signing at the club. I'd like you to welcome Latvian Ivans Patrikejevs. He's a young 18 year old defensive midfielder with all the attributes to go on and be a decent player in this league. I'm hoping he can turn into something special for me pretty quickly.





4th August | Liepaja | Away | Win | Optibet Virsliga

What a start to the new month as put on a spectacle for the neturals. It had everything. Goals galore, and a sending off. We were 4-0 up within the first 36 minutes with goals from Rubenis (2), Arsauskis & Davidenkovs! The latters was a thunderous strike from distance which flew into the top bins. Unfortunately we had a man sent off in that time. Patrikejevs went in late on their central midfielder and he deserved his straight red. They pulled 2 back either side of the break, but we went on and scored a 5th thanks to Arsauskis again. A late consolation for them meant it ended 5-3.


10th August | Valmiera | Home | Defeat | Optibet Virsliga

Now this was a very good game between two decent sides. Both played some wonderful football but we were just on the wrong end of the result. Either side could've won it and the other team wouldn't have complained. We went ahead through superstar Jadson. He's a quality player. The lead only lasted 2 minutes, as they equalised and then received a penalty 8 minutes later. Not to be this time.


17th August | Valmiera | Home | Win | Latvian Football Cup

The cup rolled around again, and we had the chance to enact revenge on Valmiera who had just beaten us in the previous game. Within 6 minutes we had taken the lead as Davidenkovs placed a lovely finish round the keeper. They equalised in the 37th minute with a fantastic team goal, but we still went in the happier of the two teams. We managed to score twice more before the break with Jadson popping up with one, and Davidenkovs netting another. We held firm quite well until they pulled another back with 14 left. An onslaught from the visitors meant it was nervy but we're through to the Semi-Finals.


24th August | Auda | Away | Defeat | Optibet Virsliga

We were awful. Not much else to say in this one, but Auda are beginning to be that team who frustrate me every time we play them. They have the upper hand against me that's for sure. A 3-1 defeat, and we move on.


30th August | Riga | Home | Win | Optibet Virsliga

I'm absolutely loving the fact we are getting the better of a big team like Riga every time now. Don't get me wrong, we weren't at our best but we played well enough to deserve the win. Two late goals, firstly from Peilans and then the usual penalty from Rubenis meant that we gained all 3 points to round out August. Fantastic.



We're still in that 2nd spot, but miles behind RFS to cause any danger of challenging them for the league title. That seems to be all wrapped up now. Anyway, it' an absolute battle for the top 4, as there is a 3 point gap that separates 2nd from 6th. It could go anyway, and we'll have to be at our best to stay here. We have collected 42 points from 25 games, and sit above Valmiera on goal difference. Could that factor into final standings at the end of the season?


Next Update | September 2024

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September 2024 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

28th September 2024



BIG NEWS HERE IN JELGAVA, LATVIA! THE CLUB HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY A NEW OWNER! The new owner, Raimonds Muiznieks has already put a little bit of money into the club, but nothing monumental. Still, it's progress and the plus side being, I've still got a job as they're impressed with me. A nice piece of news to wake up to one morning! 





5th September | RFS | Home | Viensviens Latijva Kauss Futbola Semi-Final | Win

WE'RE THROUGH TO THE FINAL! When the draw came out, I had a bad feeling about this one, but we were magnificent. We went behind in the 27th, but a solo wonder strike from Arsauskis put us back on level terms. It was the new defensive midfielder Patrikejevs who put us ahead just before the break to give us the lead at half time. An early equaliser from RFS tied it up, but we never stopped attacking from that moment. Arsauskis scored a header in the 83rd and Rubenis popped up in the 93rd to seal the win. Onto the Final we go where we face non league side Kengaroos


14th September | METTA | Home | Win | Optibet Virsliga

We followed the cup heroics up with a solid 2-1 victory over METTA. Arsauskis the hero as he popped up twice to complete the comeback after being 1-0 down in the first half. Arsauskis was fantastic, and scored a lovely header before a drilled effort from just inside the box. 3 points.


18th September | RFS | Home | Defeat | Optibet Virsliga

The first of two games in a row against the title chasers, and the second of three games against them this month. We took the lead nice and early through Arsauskis once again, but they were level 4 minutes later. A late penalty decision that was a little contentious gave them the chance to claim all 3 points. They converted and went home with the spoils. Wasn't happy with the ref on this one, but we move on.


21st September | RFS | Away | Defeat | Optibet Virsliga

We lost this one, and we weren't good enough. An away tie against them is always difficult but one with 10 men for 30 minutes is even harder. I'm just going to move on from this. They deserved the win.


25th September | Daugavpils | Away | Draw | Optibet Virsliga

This game has annoyed me. They are struggling in the league this year and I fully expected us to beat them. They went ahead after racing through on goal beating my back line and finding the back of the net. We rallied quickly though and were back on level terms thanks to Vejkrigers who thumped a header in from a beautiful cross. It stayed that way and petered out in the second half. Not good enough.


28th September | Spartaks Jurmala | Home | Win | Optibet Virsliga

We end the month of. a very good note, and a professional solid performance. 2-0 the final score in a game where the opposition didn't really cause us to move bother. Rubenis put us ahead early doors with a lovely curled finish as he cut in from the left. Belovs then fired another in 2 minutes later. 3 points to end the month.


League Table:

First of all, a massive congratulations to RFS who have been crowned Champions of the Optibet Virsliga. They have comfortably stormed to the title with plenty of games left, and they currently have a 21 point gap over second place Riga. We're down in 3rd sat on the same points as Valmiera and 2 points back from Riga. Can we get back up to 2nd? It's going to be tough, but we'll give it a go.



Next Update | October 2024

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October 2024 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

30th October 2024


We're nearing the end of our first full season here in Latvia, and things are still going pretty well. I've confirmed a few signings that will join us at the start of next pre-season. I thought it was important to get a few deals done early in order to not get rushed into any signings near the end of the window. I'll introduce you to them during my Pre-Season 2025 round up post. 


I've started my next coaching badge which is the Continental C License. The board have been really good and always allowed me to start the next one after successfully completing the previous one. Can't argue with that can you!

Anyway this month has been fantastic and you'll see why soon enough!


5th October | Super Nova | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

A fantastic start to the month, but a game that was a little bit close for comfort. We're easily the better team in this match up but we weren't at our best I'm afraid. We went 2-0 ahead thanks to goals from Davidenkovs & Patrikejevs. They went on the offensive after after the break, and got back on level terms deservedly so, but we fought back and stole a winner in the 73rd minute through Davidenkovs once again. A lucky, but much needed 3 points.


19th October | Liepaja | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

Another game where we were the clear favourites, but we couldn't get over the line. That man Davidenkovs put us ahead with a fine volley from inside the area, but 3 minutes later they were level after we switched off. We pushed and pushed for the winner, but nothing came close. Frustrating to lose points at this stage.


26th October | Riga | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

WHAT. A. GAME. It had so many goals and if you'd had heard we were 3-0 down to come back to win, you'd have been like WHAT. We did just that. 3-0 down and not playing well inside 15 minutes. That's game over most times isn't it? Not today. Rubenis got us the first back with a clinical pacey counter attack. Jadson got another back just after the break with a back post tap in, before Rubenis popped up again for his second 6 minutes later. 3-3 and we were on top now. Pushing for another goal time was ticking away before substitute Pulis came on and darted past the defence to fire home in the last minute of injury time! SCENES!!!!



30th October | Valmiera | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Defeat

I'm giving the lads a pass on this one. The efforts that went into the last game to come back must've taken it out of them. A small squad so rotation is an option really. We didn't play well in this one and we lost. Ultimately it could give them 2nd place as we fall further behind them. Down side is Deklavs got a straight red meaning he's banned for the remaining 2 games (I think).


League Table:

We've dropped down to 4th in the league, and now sit 5 points off Valmiera in 2nd place. With 2 games to go it's unlikely we'll knock them off their spot, but 3rd position is up for grabs. 2 points behind Riga. You'll also see that we have already qualified for the European Conference League due to us winning the Latvian Football Cup (see below).


Viensviens Latijvas Kauss Futbola

The final was upon us and we were the overwhelming favourites to lift the cup as we were up against non league side Kengaroos. We showed them why we were favourites and put them to the sword in a 4-0 victory that saw us lift the trophy! Davidenkovs hit a first half hattrick and showed why he is up there as one of the best strikers in the league. Rubenis also got a first half goal and that was that. The game was over in the first half. They rarely threatened us! 

My first trophy of the save and we're off and running now!


Next Update | End of Season Update


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End of Season Update | FS Jelgava | Latvia

30th October 2024



That's it, we've done it. We've made it to the end of our first full season in charge of this wonderful club in Latvia. We've outperformed our expectations and will continue to build for the future. We've had a new owner come in, we've won a trophy and completed many coaching badges already! It's been a pretty ideal first season. 

In this post I'll bring you the last 2 games of the season, the final league table and player stats from this season including any awards for this season. Thanks for sticking around this season and I look forward to updating you on next year already!


2nd November | Auda | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

I LOVE this result for two reasons. First of all, it's a good solid win, and secondly it's against my bogey team Auda. It was definitely very even and could've gone either way. In the 75th minute Rubenis got free down the right, played a one two with Davidenkovs and found the back of the net. The only bit of quality in the game but one that was massive in the outcome!


10th November | METTA | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

We end the season with a little winning streak. A very comfortable win on the final day sees us end the season in good spirits. Davidenkovs netted first in the 14th minute before we had to wait until the 85th for Deklavs (turns out he wasn't suspended) to head home a second. Easy as that.


League Table:

WOW! I didn't expect to finish in 3rd in my first full season, especially as the media had us down as finishing bottom, and comfortably bottom at that. At the start of this month Valmiera were in 2nd spot and had a 5 point gap. They couldn't win any of their games this month and as a result drop below ourselves and Riga. It was close between the 3 of us all season, and goal difference was the only thing that could separate us after 36 games. We had identical records! Crazy! Europe here we come!


Player Stats:

1. Helmuts Saulitis | GK | 40

2. Oskars Rubenis | AML/R | 36

3. Aleksejs Belovs | DM | 33


1. Oskars Rubenis | AML/R | 18

2. Aleksejs Davidenkovs | 17

3. Roberts Arsauskis | 11

1. Oskars Rubenis | AML/R | 11

2. Yehor Smirnov | DL | 8

3. Antons Dresmanis | RB | 7

Average Rating:
1. Robert Arsauskis | ST | 7.00

2. Ivans Patrikejevs | 6.93

3. Oskars Rubenis | 6.92





Next Update | Pre-Season Round Up 2025

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Pre-Season Update | FS Jelgava | Latvia

13th March 2025

The post-season has finished, and we're ready to start a brand new season in the Optibet Virsliga! I've let a few of the fringe players go for free because they weren't going to get included in the registered squad due to registration rules. We can only have so many players and I've been busy in the transfer market in order to strengthen the squad. 
I've strengthened that much that the media now expect us to finish 3rd bottom ha! We'll surpass that again I'm sure, but it's nice to know we've moved up in their eyes. I'll introduce you to my new guys now.


Robert Zelmanis | CB | £37.5k | Super Nova

Mehdi Ouarti | AMR | £4.3k | RSD Jette (Belgium)

Jules Vanhaecke | ST | £10.5k | SV Oostkamp (Belgium)

Johan Sampaoli | DM | £6.5k | RUS Binche (Belgium)

Davis Strods | RB |Free | Spartaks Jurmala 

Ediae Precious | ST | Loan | Liepaja

Karlis Vitolins | CB | Free | Spartaks Jurmala


Of these new signings, I'm excited for Vanhaecke & Sampaoli to strut their stuff in the Optibet Virsliga! They are a cut above the rest of my squad so I'll be looking at them to lead the way this season. A lot of pressure for them.



A little pre-season tour of neighbouring Lithuania saw the squad improve their morale, their relationships, their teamwork and their tactic preparation! New players had to sing karaoke or perform a talent in ‘Newbie Night’ at the hotel. Great times were had. A winning pre-season always looks good on a fixture list too! Now onto the real stuff…


Next Update | March 2025

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March 2025 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

22nd March 2025


2025 is here and the new season as started! I'll toast a lovely pint of Tervetes with you and we'll get underway as quick as we can! No new signings came in between the friendlies and the start of the season, but I did start a new coaching badge which is good news moving forward. I'll post my manager profile below now so you can see how I've improved in the past year and a half.





14th March | Spartaks Jurmala | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

Now that is how you start a new season! A commanding 4-1 victory with pretty much everything going right fo us! Davidenkovs got us off to a flyer scoring his first of the season. They did equalise with a fantastic strike from the edge of the box. The second half kicked off and new signing Ouarti opened his account for the club with a fine finish. 2 minutes later Deklavs got carried away and lunged in on their striker receiving a straight red. The only downside. Maslovs came on from the bench and scored before Davidenkovs got his second in injury time. The perfect start.


18th March | Auda | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

We followed this fantastic victory up with a bore draw at home against Auda. Of course, Auda are that team that somehow always manage to get one over on us so a point isn't necessarily a bad thing. We had our chances, the best going to other new boy Vanhaecka, but he squandered the chance and hit it over the top when clean through.


21st March | Riga | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

Another bore draw, but this time I'm happier with it. Riga are obviously a quality team and finished above us last year in 2nd. A point against them means we don't fall further behind them as we push for the title this year. They edged this game and probably deserved the points, but I'm not going to say no to a point. Onwards we go.


League Table:

After 3 games, we sit in 4th but it's way to early to tell how it's going to end up. We have 5 points, and sit 2 points behind leaders RFS. I'm hoping that we can keep pace with them, and we've done that for the first month. New boys Grobinas are still winless at the bottom of the table.


Next Update | April 2025

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April 2025 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

28th April 2025


We sit here at the end of April, and the league campaign has seen us start off to an absolute flyer. Unforyuntately though, we've suffered a fair amount of injuries to our bigger name players. Vanhaecka was out with sprained ankle ligaments for 5 weeks, with other new striker Ediae Precious was out with a hamstring strain for 4 weeks. They haven't really had the time to impress yet which is frustrating. I want them in the starting line up, and I want them both scoring. Anyway, at least I have a Physio to assess them and keep me updated. At one point, that couldn't even happen.


I've also put the proof that I've started my Continental B License course which will last 6 months. I've rolled through them pretty quickly up to now and I'm sure the board will continue to fund them going forward. Can't beat a board that supports your future. 




4th April | Daugavpils | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

Well we left it late, but better late than never is the saying right? It was a game we didn't really have any right in winning, as we were really, really poor. We managed to escape down the right wing through Jadson, who switched it to the left, and continued his run to the far post where he latched onto a cross and volleyed home the winner! A great goal, but we got away with this one.


12th April | Grobinas | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

This was much more like it. A fantastic performance from start to finish. It did take until the first minute of injury time in the first half to take the lead. We could've and should've scored plenty more in that first half alone, but Davidenkovs solo strike was the difference at the break. He grabbed another with his head just after the break before left winger Ouarti found the net a little later on. We didn't let them trouble us at all which I did expect going into this one.


19th April | Tukums | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

This one was my first game against newly promoted side Tukums. We dominated this one just like the last game, but managed to put another goal away. We were 2-0 up before the 10th minute had hit, thanks to Davidenkovs & Ouarti. They are proving to be a great partnership. Smirnov slotted home a 3rd before a Rubenis penalty (first of the season) made it 4. A late consolation goal for Tukums made it 4-1, but I had made a lot of subs at this point. 


23rd April | RFS | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

Usually, I'd be quite happy with a point against RFS, but this time we deserved to take all 3 home with us! We had a 2-0 lead thanks to goals from Precious & Davidenkovs! Precious with his first goal since coming back from his injury so that was nice to see. We were in total control until we let them back into it in the 88th minute. A man came in free at the back post to head home. I was begging the ref to blow his whistle, but in the 96th minute a through ball found it's way to the striker who finished easily past Saulitis. Damn.


26th April | Liepaja | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

Not the way I wanted to finish the month, in a game that we should be winning! We're the better team here but couldn't find the back of the net. We had enough chances in this game but just didn't take any of them. Liepaja did have the best chance of the game right at the death, but Saulitis came through and produced a wonderful save to deny them 1 on 1. 


League Table:

We're 8 games into this league, and we're sitting in 2nd spot right now. It's stupidly close once again as there is a 1 point gap from 2nd to 5th. Anyone seems to be able to beat anyone so it makes it hard to get a run of good form together. Riga are leading the way right now and are 4 points ahead of us. We'll chase them down though. I'm sure of it!


Next Update | May 2025

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This looks to be an interesting save and it seems you've started off well, always fun when you join a club that has little to no staff, I know that one well from my current save where several of my former teams have had either no staff, no players or both, I find it makes those early days all the more exciting as you just don't know how things will turn out. 

15 years ago
3 months ago

@Zebramanii, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Gives me more motivation to continue! Yeah, the lesser known teams are always the most fun in my opinion. I often go off the beaten track first! The lack of an U18s manager is really starting to become a drag, as it increase the number of matches I have to take control of. I'm still searching for someone to take the role. 




May 2025 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

24th May 2025


Welcome back, to what may be the busiest month of football I've ever taken charge of. We had no less than 9 games this month, which is laughable when you consider next month I have a singular game. Are the schedulers having a laugh at our expense? Probably, but not much we can do about it. I'll quickly get on with the results then, as that's what you're here to see right?



2nd May | Valmiera | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Defeat

There we have it, our first defeat of the season and a deserved one it was. We didn't show up which was disappointing to see. When you don't perform against a team like Valmiera, they punish you. Luckily for us, they didn't have their shooting boots on and only managed to put one of their many, many chances away. Don't let the scoreline fool you though, they were clearly the better team.


4th May | Valmiera | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

Much better today, although still not at our best. We travelled to Valmiera this time, and managed to secure all 3 points to take home with us. It was an early goal that ended up being the winner. Davidenkovs got on the end of a delightful through ball after a move that had no less than 12 passes in it. A lovely team goal, with a confident finish to round it off. 3 big points.


7th May | Spartaks Jurmala | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

Nothing special here, but a solid point on our travels again. We took the lead through winger/striker Vanhaecke who rounded the keeper and plopped it into the empty net. They came back and went ahead through a brace from Akinbule either side of half time. We went a bit more attacking to try and salvage a point or possibly all 3, and it paid off when Precious scored a wonderful strike from distance to level it. Rubenis then received his marching orders for a late tackle.


10th May | Auda | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

YES! Finally we get a good result against our foes Auda. They've caused us all kinds of issues over the last year or two. They did take the lead leading me to thinking we were in for a shocker once again.  Davidenkovs then scored a leveller, before Arsauskis put us ahead just before the break. The former got his second of the game with his head to give us a 2 goal cushion. We did let them back into it, but saw the game out quite comfortably to give us a huge 3 points.


13th May | Riga | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

Another win against a very good team in Riga. A tight game that could've gone either way, but we were on the receiving end of the 3 points. Fantastic to come away from this one with the win. Patrikejevs got the sole goal when he found an inch of space in the box and fired into the bottom corner. Get in!


15th May | Grobinas | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

A game we should win, and a game we do win! We were easily the better team, which shows how far we've come in the short time I've been here. We were fighting it out for survival in my first half season in charge. Anyway,  they took the lead before we took over the game. Precious got us level with a side foot round the keeper, before the normal Rubenis penalty put us ahead. Davidenkovs got one to addy to his personal tally to give us a comfortable 3-1 win.


18th May | Daugavpils | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

We continue our fantastic run of form with a demolition of Daugavpils! We were in control for the whole game and were rarely troubled. A solid performance at the back led to us being able to be more attacking. Vejkrigers put us ahead early doors, before the strike partnership for today Precious & Arsauskis scored 2 late goals to make the result match the performance. We're on a little roll atm.


21st May | Tukums | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

Yes, it's another game we should be winning, but to put in a performance of this nature is always pleasing! A 6-2 battering over a Tukums side who are struggling down the bottom. A brace from Arsauskis who's on a bit of form at the moment, with a debut goal for Zelmanis from CB. Vanhaecke, Maslovs & Precious all got on the scoresheet as well. 


24th May | RFS | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

A huge game with implications that would impact the top of the league! RFS are multiple time winners of the league, so to beat them is some performance. We took the lead when Rubenis was hacked down in the box, before he confidently scored it. I thought we had thrown the win away when they had a penalty themselves in the 80th minute, but Davidenkovs had other ideas. He rose highest from a last minute corner and battered his header past the keeper. No chance for him. A huge win!


League Table:

WE ARE TOP OF THE TABLE! For the first time of my tenure in charge! What a feeling, but the hard part is trying to stay here so we're top at the end of the season. We have a 1 point lead over Riga who are in 2nd, and a 4 point gap to RFS & Valmiera. It's a close league once again, but we're easily in the top 4 teams now which is always good. Can we stay top?


Next Post | June 2025

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June 2025 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

22nd June 2025


How do we go from having 8 games in a month, to one singular game. I've no idea, but that's what happened. I'm thinking there was a little mid-season break at some point, not that I fully realized. Anyway, there isn't a lot to bring you up to date on club wise because not a lot has happened this month. I'll get the game out the way and we'll move on to July shall we?


21st June | Liepaja | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Defeat

It's not the result I was looking for at all, but that's football. We'd been on one hell of a run results wise so it was bound to come to an end eventually. I am surprised it was against a team like Liepaja but hey ho. We did take the lead through centre back Zelmanis from a corner, but we were only ahead for 2 minutes. They equalised. Until the end of the game it was fairly contested with few chances for both teams. They took one in the 86th minute which gave them the 3 points. Oh well.


League Table:

We've dropped a place due to that loss, but only on goal difference. Riga now occupy that top spot and RFS have closed the gap behind us to 1 point. It's getting tight at the top and it's going to be one hell of a second half of the season. We're up there, and we're in the battle so that's the good bit. 


Next Update | July 2025

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July 2025 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

1st August 2025


I haven't posted in a while, only because I was enjoying myself in the beautiful country of North Macedonia no my holidays! Yes, I know it's not the most heard of holiday destination, but it was hot, had a lovely quiet pool and stunning views. Oh and most importantly. lots of ice cold beer to get down. Can't beat that!

I'm back, and I've played out another month in charge of FS Jelgava in Latvia! We've had League games, Cup games and European travels! It's been a fun month that's for sure! 


3rd July | Spartaks Jurmala | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

A frustrating draw to start the month, but a point keeps them ticking over nicely which is what we need to keep doing. A Davidenkovs penalty saw us in the lead but only for 5 minutes. They took the lead in the 74th but a late Vejkrigers header saw us save a point late on. We should've probably lost this one but that's football once again. 


10th July | Havnar Boltfelag (Faroe Islands) | Home | Europa Conference League (1st Qualifying Round) | Win

We hosted our first European game this season, and put in one hell of a performance. A 7-0 thrashing of Faroe Island side Havnar Boltfelag. We were simply unstoppable. I'm not sure how good the Faroe Islands league is, but they were no match for us. Precious netted a fantastic hattrick with Vanhaecke getting a brace. Ouarti & Deklavs with the others. Onto the 2nd leg we go.


13th July | RFS | Away | Viensviens Latvijas Kauss Futbola (4th Round) | Defeat

The competition that we won last season came to a miserable end at the first stage this season. Crazy how football works. We had the hardest possible draw but that wouldn't usually stop me. We were 2-0 down at half-time and that was that really. A sending off for right winger Vanhaecke left it even more difficult. A goal by Davidenkovs gave us a fighting chance, but we didn't create much after that. We bow out.


17th July | Havnar Boltfelag | Away | European Conference League (1st Qualifying Round) | Win

We travelled to the Faroe Islands to complete the job and qualify for the next round. It wasn't a 7-0 battering again, but a good solid 3-1 victory is more than enough for me. Asauskis put us ahead beore Precious got a 2nd. Arsauskis then rounded the keeper to put us 3-0 up. 10-0 on aggregate before they got a consolation goal which sent their fans into chaos. A nice sight to see I guess. We're through.


20th July | Riga | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Defeat

AHH! This is a game that has annoyed me. We were the better team but somehow have come out with a defeat. Annoying! We were behind in the first half thanks to a rash challenge that led to a penalty. We equalised when Precious hit a thunderbolt from distance into the top bins. We then pushed and pushed, hit the bar, hit the post but nothing was going in. A counter attack saw them take the lead and that was that. 0 points.


24th July | Dinamo-Auto Tiraspol (Moldova) | Away | European Conference League (2nd Qualifying Round) | Win

The second Round of qualifying saw us travel to Moldova. It was a much tighter game than the first leg, with 2 sendings off! Smirnov received his second yellow just before the break and got his marching orders. We were the better team and were peppering their goal with shots, but nothing that tested the keeper too much. Zengis slotted a penalty home to give us the lead, before Kirkils got a straight red for a terrible tackle. Deserved. We held on with 9 men to gain a massive win on the road.


27th July | Auda | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

Once again we come away from a game with Auda with a less than perfect result. They just know how to play against us which is annoying me slightly. We hit the bar through Davidenkovs but other than that, we didn't provide much entertainment for the fans. A bad month of results league wise.


31st July | Dinamo-Auto Tiraspol | Home | European Conference League (2nd Qualifying Round) | Win

Extra time was needed to get us through to the next round of the European Conference League.  We extended our lead to a 3-0 on aggregate thanks to goals from Vitolins & Patrikejevs. They then went on the offensive and scored 2 quick goals to put them one behind in the tie. They carried on pushing and we were all men back to try and defend our lead. They score late in the game to set up extra time. We took control of the game and scored twice more to send us through! Rubenis & Awlesu with the goals.


League Table:

We've dropped down to 4th in the league table, but that's understandable after the month we've had. We've been travelling around Europe midweek and the players look knackered. We're now 4 points behind RFS and Riga who are top and second respectively. We're 1 point behind Valmiera in 3rd. We'll be good though and I believe we'll keep on challenging for that top spot.


Next Update | August 2025


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August 2025 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

29th August 2025


We're getting down to the business end of the season. The part of the season where games become bigger, and the need to win becomes even larger! We're still in with a chance of the title, so I've been working the players harder in training, but making sure they are bonded as a team so that they will go to war for each other. It's important to all be in it together. 

I've stopped drinking the beer on the balcony each night, and instead sit and try and come up with the right tactic to win each game! I'm determined to win it this year, so I'm trying anything and everything in order to do just that.



3rd August | Daugavpils | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

My god, did we leave this late to get something out of the game. We were awful, but defended with everything we had. They were absolutely hammering the goal, with Saulitis coming up big with a number of huge stops he had no right in saving. They took the lead in the 32nd minute, and deservedly so. We then changed things up in the second half and tried to put the pressure on them. We left it late, but Maslovs cut inside on the left and curled one in past the keeper to earn us a point. 



7th August | Hapoel Be'er Sheva (Isreal) | Away | European Conference League (3rd Qualifying Round) | Defeat

The first time we've come up against a team I've heard of. They are much bigger than us in terms of stature, so it's no surprise we were beaten. We were beaten heavily which almost gives us no chance for the 2nd leg. Precious did get us a goal that may help, but I'm not too disappointed in the lads. Always going to be a toughie.


10th August | Grobinas | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

YES! Back on the winning train and by george, does it feel good! A typical Davidenkovs goal courtesy of his head gave us the lead. We immediately let them back in it though so we were level at the break. A last gasp attack saw Zelmanis race through on goal and slot home to give us a big 3 points.


14th August | Hapoel Be'er Sheva (Isreal) | Home | European Conference League (3rd Qualifying Round) | Win

I didn't expect this result at all, and I'm now gutted we let them score! We were so close to causing a massive upset. We let them extend their lead on aggregate in the 58th minute, but then we started playing! 2 goals in 2 minutes, from Vejkrigers and an own goal saw us close the gap. Vejkrigers added to his tally to make us only one behind but non matter what we tried, we couldn't get level. Unfortunately Awlesu got sent off leaving us in a bad position. I think we'd have done it if he hadn't. He's let us down.


23rd August | Tukums | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

Another win ticked off in the league as we look to push up that table. These are the games we need to be winning, and are expected to win! Vejkrigers continued his good run of goalscoring form as he played a lovely one two on the edge and fired home past the keeper to get us ahead early doors. We could've scored more but the keeper played excellently. A win is a win.


29th August | Valmiera | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

A fantastic win in a must win game! Valmiera are no slouches, and we've done brilliantly to beat them. A fortunate penalty in the 38th minute which was converted by Vanhaecke put us ahead, and whilst they played some good stuff, we were deserved leaders at the break. Precious then gave us an important 2-0 lead when he headed home. A huge win for the club!


League Table

Last time we checked in, we were 4 points off the top spot, but we've now closed that gap to 2! We just need to keep on winning games and I'm sure we'll be up there come the end of the season. Riga & RFS have both dropped points and that win against Valmiera could turn out to be massive. We're now 4 points ahead of them. 3 months left, and only the league football remains for us!


Next Update | September 2025

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7 months ago

RFS seems much more playable this season, this keeps the race open!


Very sad to lose like that in Conference League, just when you were really starting to believe in a miracle… Hopefully these games put at least some money into your finances.

15 years ago
3 months ago

@LorenzoSC | I appreciate you commenting mate, really helps motivate as I continue the journey! You're right RFS seem a bit more human this year and we're hoping to be right there to pounce on any mistake they make. The conference league was a welcome distraction from the league action and you're correct. It put just over £1m in the bank account. 




September 2025 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

27th September 2025


Squeaky Bum time here in the Optibet Virsliga. We've got 2 months of action remaining in the league after completing September. I'll bring you up to date with the results in just a second. 

Like I just said to Lorenzo above this section. The European Conference League run left us with just over £1m in the bank accounts. I tried to make the board invest that in training facilities and youth recruitment but they were having none of that. I'm not sure why though? Surely it makes sense to continue to grow and grow. Not to be sadly.




13th September | RFS | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Defeat

We nearly held on for a valuable draw but couldn't quite get over the line as they scored late in the second half to earn all 3 points. That being said, we did have our chances in that second half but didn't take any unfortunately. This could be a big game in the outcome of the league title.


17th September | Liepaja | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

A fantastic win against a team that has caused a few upsets this year. 2 goals in the first half from Zengis & Davidenkovs put us firmly in control of the game. They did manage to get one just before the break to make it a bit closer, but Vejkrigers calmly fired in a third in the 58th minute to regain all control. Not to be, as they made it 3-2 a few minutes later and it a scrappy remainder of the game followed. We held on for all 3 points.


20th September | Liepaja | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

I rotated the team due to playing a lot of games in quick succession, and it seemed to work nicely! A 3-1 victory over Liepaja once again and it was more comfortable than the last game. Vejkrigers netted a lovely brace of finishes with Ouarti getting one late on to seal the victory nicely.


24th September | Spartaks Jurmala | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

WOW, we were very lucky to get anything from this game. They dominated from start to finish but somehow they didn't come away with the victory. They took the lead in the 8th minute and how they didn't add to it I'll never know. We held on, and held on, and held on, before we got lucky with Precious breaking free of the defence and firing under the keeper to earn us a vital point.


27th September | Riga | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

This could be another massive point in the long term. It keeps us within touching distance of the top! We nearly got all 3 as well after Sampaoli scored a screamer from the edge. No one was saving it! A little lapse in concentration at the back led to them equalising but I can't be too hard on the lads. Riga are a good team.


League Table:

With 6 games to go in the league, we sit in 4th position! A gap of 5 points seperates us from RFS in 1st place and we still have to play them in what will be a huge, huge game. I believe in us and I'm hopeful a few teams will slip up and allow us to jump them! Come on the Jelgava Boys!

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October 2025 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

29th October 2025


Nervy times ahead as we now only have 2 games to play in the Optibet Virsligsa! I'm nervous for what's ahead as they are two massive games! We play RFS (1st) & Valmiera (2nd). Two games that could shape the clubs history in a massive way. We'll be up for it, that's for sure!

In personal news, I've started my last coaching badge: Continental A License which means I shouldn't find it hard to find a job whenever I leave here. It's quite impressive that I've managed to complete these all at one club! Go on the board!



4th October | Auda | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

A bore 0-0 draw to start this important month off. To be honest, it's always a good result against Auda as they seem to beat me most times. This game didn't have much in forms of excitement but it's another point to the total. Not a disastrous result.


18th October | Daugavpils | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

What a game this was for the neutral. It had 5 goals in the last 20 minutes where the result went back and forth but the match winner came in the 90th minute thanks to Vejkrigers who danced round 3 men and found the bottom corner. I may have whipped out the knee slide down the touchline. I earned myself a yellow card surely but I didn't care! Sampaoli, Davidenkovs & Precious with the other goals!


25th October | Tukums | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

This was just the game we needed at this stage. A nice comfortable game where we were in charge for the full 90. We never let them in the game, and thanks to a goal just before the break from Ouarti we were in front. Davidenkovs managed to stretch the lead and make the result all that more satisfying.


29th October | Grobinas | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Win

Our one and only home game this month and what a game it was. Grobinas are stuck rooted to the bottom of the table and they aren't that good. Maslovs & Vanhaecke both got themselves a brace with a goal in either half. Precious & Smirnov with the others in the first half. We were brilliant but the 3 points were the most important thing here.


League Table:

2 games to go in the league, and we are still in with a shot! An unbeaten month certainly helped our cause! 3 points behind RFS with a game to play against them so it's still in our hands. 2 WINS ARE NEEDED!

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End of Season 2025 | FS Jelgava | Latvia

9th October 2025

We've made it! The end of the 2025 season is here and I've got a few things to update you on! 

- Final 2 Games of the Season (RFS & Valmiera)
- League Table
- End of Season Player Stats



1st November | RFS | Home | Optibet Virsliga | Draw

An intense game ended with a 1-1 draw between two teams battling it out for the title. If RFS had won, they would've claimed the title, but we stopped that from happening on the day. They took the lead in the 1st half, but we didn't panic. We reset and we went at them in the second half. Precious popped up at the back post and tapped home a lovely cross to draw us level! With no team wanting to make a mistake, the game sort of petered out after a midfield battle. A valuable point sees us still in with a shot on the last day…


9th November | Valmiera | Away | Optibet Virsliga | Win

WOW! What the actual F**K has gone on here! We needed a big win to give us a chance as we needed to flip the goal difference, and by George did we get a big win! A 7-1 demolition of Valmiera who were in top spot going into the day. Early goals from Vanhaecke & Precious saw us take an early 2-0 lead. Things got worse for them as Precious was taken out last man and they received a straight red. We made them pay as we extended our lead to 6-0 by the 33rd minute with goals from Precious (2), Vejkrigers & Smirnov. I was ecstatic and the table was looking good at this stage. They pulled one back but we were in full control. Precious got his 4th of the game in the 91st minute to put the result on ice. Had we won the league?


League Table:
YOU BETTER BELIEVE WE HAD WON THE LEAGUE! A massive last day victory over Valmiera ensured we ended the season on top thanks to a better goal difference. 1st-3rd all finished on 72 points and 4th finished with 71. What a season that was for the league. I can't quite believe that final days goings on. What an experience. My first league title, and that was Latvia completed! Up the Jelgava!


Thanks to the league win, the board came to me and asked if the club should go to a Professional outfit, which I agreed to. It doesn't matter to me as I'll be taking my leave shortly to find my next club. Nothing else for me to accomplish here in Latvia. I've also entered the Latvian Hall of Fame somehow. I've only won 2 competitions here in my 3 years in charge, but I'll take it I guess.


Player Stats:


1. Helmuts Saulitis | GK | 38

2. Karlis Vitolins | CB | 36

3. Johan Sampaoli | DM | 33 (4)


1. Ediae Precious | ST | 20

2. Aleksejs Davidenkovs | ST |17

3. Davis Vejkrigers | CB | 10

1. Jules Vanhaecke | AML/R | 22

2. Yehor Smirnov | DL | 7

3. Jadson| AMR | 6

Average Rating:
1. Jules Vanhaecke | AML/R | 7.09

2. Helmuts Saulitis | GK | 7.08

3. Ediae Precious | ST | 7.06


And with that, I guess I'm done in Latvia. It's time to bid my farewells to FS Jelgava. I'll be forever thankful for them giving me my first chance in football management and I'm sure they'll be delighted to have won the league title for the first time in their history. They've also been on a mini European adventure during my tenure and the club seems to be in a really good place going forward. 

Peace out Latvia.

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