Matchday Meltdown
4 months ago
6 days ago

The Leonardo DiCaprio Challenge is a challenge where i must not have anyone over the age of 25 in my club just like Leo does with his gf's in real life.

The team we are managing is the appropriately named Young Boys FD playing in the 4 tier of danish football. 


This is a running log of my seasons as the manager of Young Boys FD in Denmark. 


I have a youtube channel which has videos of the seasons if you wish to see how the games played out 




Started off getting rid of the players over 25 which included the club captain (who was the best player) and our only keeper.


Brought in some young talent but couldnt secure any good loans, was hoping for around a mid table finish even though we were predicted to finish around 4th


Had a horrible time with the team dynamics and was nearly fired on several occasions:


Luckily was able to keep my job and finished the preliminary phase agonisongly close to the promotion group:


The relegation group was fine as we came away one spot above the relegated teams but were never in trouble of being relegated:


Awarded a new contract for the next season:


The finances of the club are woeful going into the second season (have a 10k per month loan to pay off):


If you want to see the full breakdown of the season make sure to watch these videos as i have all of season 1 in them and ive tried to make it at least a bit funny!!!



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